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volkswagen vento carvolkswagen vento carvolkswagen vento car
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CMF BANK SAVE & SMILE PROMO SEASON 2 1st Prize: Volkswagen Vento Car 2nd Prize: Deep Freezer 3rd Prize: Gas Cooker https://t.co/Hbfji2eXVx

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Volkswagen Vento - Car For All Seasons, Delight For The Indian Customers .. #VWVento #VolkswagenVento #Volkswagen #VolkswagenIndia https://t.co/L36VUIHmSi

Hurry Volkswagen Vento Car is on Auction: Volkswagen Vento a most desiring four wheeler worldwide that not only ... http://t.co/8UYOTWEf

A government of Maharashtra's Officer of the Rank of an CEO attached to the "Zopadpatti Punarvasan Pradhan Kiran" who very arrogantly refused to give his name and whose White coloured Volkswagen Vento car was parked in a no parking zone whilst the CEO went to @NaturesBasket

Buy New Volkswagen Vento Car in Indore #indore

I posted 57 photos on Facebook in the album "Launch of VolksWagen - Vento car by Natura" http://fb.me/yw90zSEx

@CarWale @MichelinIndia @SchutzenIN 3) Lap Time For Volkswagen Vento Race Car Was 1 minute 58.30 Seconds #CWTrackDayContest #CarWale @angeleyess4uin @Gopal29 @itzmevij @mysterioussu @prashantDocean

I have been driving #Volkswagen Vento car from past 8 years and the odometer reading is 1 lac today. I could not stop myself from writing this post. #Volkswagen is no doubt bestest of all automobile companies, safest of all, smoothest of all, toughest of all, loveliest of all.

Launch of VolksWagen - Vento car done by Natura in Delhi on 6th of July. http://fb.me/CVYkYdge

volkswagen vento car Q&A Review

Which is the perfect mid segment car: the Honda City (petrol) or the Volkswagen Vento (diesel)?

First you need to narrow down on what your requirement is. Either petrol or diesel. Its not justified to compare a diesel to a petrol car as price difference is pretty high. If the daily running is more than 50kms, then one should definitely go for a diesel car as it return better mileage and diesel is also cheaper than petrol. However, diesel cars have high initial price and maintenance is also expensive. So first decide between petrol and diesel. Coming down to city and vento, city being a Japanese car is well reputed for reliability. City is also a proven product in India and its performance is well known. Vento on the other hand, coming from a German stable is well known for better looks, better engineering and moreover better safety. However, their dealer network is not too strong and neither have complete expertise in handling the product. But vento is always more fun to drive. So each car has its pros and cons which I have tried to list down. For me its vento for the fun to drive!!!

What is the best car battery for Volkswagen Vento petrol model?

Go for Amaron brand. Find out the CCA . Cold cranking amps and the AH. Ampere hours. Suitable for the Vento which is the same as the Skoda Rapid. Go to the battery shop and find out, then compare with the service centre vis a vis specifications. Verify with UK websites before deciding. Invest in a 20 amp battery charger and after the first year, charge the battery once or twice a month, until the green light shows on the charger. This way the battery will last for at least 9 years. Do remember to check the distilled water level in each cell, and add when required, maintenance free batteries also need topping up once a year or so. First check the amps and CCA. For the 12 volt battery. They are all 12 volt these days. Higher the CCA the easier it will be to start. As general maintenance, change the oil and filter at 10,000 kms using 5w 30 fully synthetic oil. Add a bit extra, say 300 ml, as the filter will absorb about that much. Clean the plugs at 15,000kms, air filter every 5,000kms. Clean the throttle body, MAF sensor and IAC at 30,000. Replace the fuel filter at 30,000. Rotate tyres at 10,000. As follows, FL to RL, RL to FR, FR to RR, RR to FL. Remember to use a torque wrench and the correct torque of no more than 110nm, on the wheel nuts. Wash the insides of the wheels before fitting to get rid of brake dust. Keep all pressures at 40 psi. All five tyres. Get into neutral before braking, anticipate stops and your brakes and tyres will last for at least 50,000 kms.

Which is the best sedan car in India, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, or Suzuki Ciaz?

The names of the cars you have mentioned are pretty damn solid in almost every aspect. But each one of them have their plus and minuses. But let me tell you something at the beginning, The Vento and the Rapid are exactly same cars except their badges. Also If you are looking for a mid size premium car you should also see the Honda City. So what I am going to do is tell you how these cars perform on different parameters. Let’s get started, Looks. Although this is very subjective there is no denying the fact that the Verna looks the most vibrant and young. It is really good looking. It has a strong street presence. The Vento is a car which will appeal to the guy who probably works in a MNC, goes to the office well dressed and likes everything in right amounts. He prefers coffee over chai. The Vento was launched a long time ago in India and it still manages to look good even after all these years with minor changes. The Rapid looks more or less the same. Then there is the Ciaz. This car looks very premium but is more of an old man’s car. I think it is like the HM Contessa. The Inside Experience. Now let me get it straight, if you want some proper back seat experience you better be off with the Japanese nibba. It has the best rear seat comfort out there, Massive legroom, rear sun blinds, all this makes you feel quite luxurious. But things are not quite as good at the front yes the materials used are good but there are hard plastics and the design does not feel as good as the Verna’s. Audio quality from the stereo is decent and the touchscreen interface is also smooth. Up next is the Verna. Verna has the best interior design here. It looks really appealing and the quality of the materials is top class. Rear seat wise tho it may not be as comfortable as the Ciaz but definitely is very good on long drives. The sunroof makes things quite airy. Audio quality is phenomenal as it gets one from the Arkamy’s and also gets a 3D surround effect . Punjabi songs sound quite lit in it. The touch screen is also quite nice. Next up the German twins, Vento and Rapid. Both have identical interiors. And they are properly built. They feel solid and built to last. Close the door and it makes the proper thud. Audio quality is quite nice and the infotainment is decent. The design could have been better tho. Driveability and Performance. Straight away here. If you are going for the top model diesel , The Verna is the one. 126 bhp and 260 nms is more than enough to make you smile. 0–100 kmph comes in 10 secs flat. The petrol mill is also quite punchy and makes 123 horses and 153 nms. It does 0–100 kmph in 10.5 secs. The Rapid and the Vento are also really good in terms of performance. If you are looking for the petrol go for the 1.2 which makes 103 horses and 175 nms. The brilliancy here is of the 7 speed DSG auto gearbox. 0–100 kmph in 11 secs flat. The Ciaz here is not that good in diese engines department. It has that 89 hp and 200 nms diesel engines. The 1.5 petrol is quite nice and does 0–100 in 11 secs flat. it makes 103 horses and 138 nms. But if you really want a petrol sedan go for the Honda city hands down. In terms of Handling , the vento is really up there at the top. It feels rock solid even at speeds of upto 185 kmph. Steering is good and it’s an ebjoyable car. Looks like the MNC nibba loves driving!! Ride is also quite nice. The new Korean nibba is also very good at handling in it’s new generation. Steering has a good response and feel to it.The weight of the car keeps it quite planted at high speeds. Also the ride is the best here. Really. The Ciaz has the perfect balance of two. The ride is really very nice but the handling is not all that fun loving. And although its planted, its not as confidence inspiring as the contenders. Effeciencies; Ciaz- petrol-21.5 and diesel 28.00 kmpl Verna - petrol 16 and 1.4- 24 kmpl and 1.6- 23 kmpl Vento- petrol- 15.8 kmpl and diesel-22.14 kmpl Safety. No doubt that the Verna and the Vento are the safest here. Vento being a VW is tank like and the Verna is right up there. The Verna offers 6 airbags in it’s top trim along with a host of other safety features. While all the other cars offer 2 airbags and ABS and EBD. The ciaz here is not that solidly built but its safe . Verdict . Pricing Suzuki Ciaz : 8.20 lacs-11.38 lacs Hyundai Verna; 8.09- 14.03 lacs VW Vento; 8.63- 14.32 lacs Skoda Rapid- 9–14.26 lacs. Suzuki Ciaz; A no nonsense premuim car which is not the best but makes a strong case for itself with bullet proof reliability and after sales service. Low maintenance. Hyundai Verna; Probably the champion here with excellent appeal, strong performance an premium feel. Low Maintenance. VW Vento and Skoda Rapide; A typical German car with a fuss free character. Strong in every area except let down by high maintenance. All these cars are really very good and offer high degrees of sophistication. It really boils down to one’s personal needs on which one to buy. Drive fast, Drive sensibly, Drive Safe. Hope it helps!!!

Which car is best one between Hyundai Creta, Honda City, Nissan Terrano and Volkswagen Vento?

Hyundai creta is a fantastic looking SUV segment car. Interior of this car has premium looks and design. performance of this car is good mileage of this car goes up to 21.4 kmph. It comes with powerful engine. It is a very good option in SUV segment car. After Sales service of this car is good. This car has strong resale value. Volkswagen is an amazing looking Sedan segment car. this car has class interior looks and design. Overall look of this car is classy and luxurious. this car has good performance and it comes with good power engine. this car has solid body and material used in this car is strong. It has great build quality and it offers standard safety features. If you are from Delhi Mumbai Faridabad gurugram Noida pune bangalore , then you can book your next car using Ackodrive . They offer the best deals and also you can get instant one day loan approval. This will save you a lot of time and money. Go ahead and book your next new car using Ackodrive and get the best price.

I like the Volkswagen Vento/Skoda's rapid, solidly built, powerful diesel engines and their classy look. Are these cars really costly to maintain? After-sales reviews are bad on most websites, especially Skoda in India. Is this really true?

I really don't know how to answer this in any direct way I've had nearly five years of experience with a Japanese one German and one Korean car maker in the same period and believe me the build quality and offering of all three are very different. Whenever you buy a car from any reputed jap manufacturer be certain of the most cost effective and dependable also a vehicle that holds its resale value quite well these are some basics and with a Korean you can only expect a lot of features at fraction of cost but moderate dependability but due to their way of upgrading and marketting their products globally their vehicles don't hold their value so well but it's better than German and European manufacturers. Now when we talk about German manufacturers like VW (as they own Skoda it's one and the same thing) you can expect top notch quality standards not just the regular plastic rubber and paint stuff but also the safety and aesthetics have a very European feel to it which most consider classy and for that yes we pay a premium but then it's all worth it if you still get a smile when you grab the wheel after three years of the same car and always feel you're driving a premium car. Without the squeaky noices you'd get from any of your Hyundai or Maruti after a very early period of ownership . Even the service intervals are longer in these brands therefore if you value efficiency and productivity you'd be more happy paying the German brands premium.

I'm buying my first car: a Volkswagen Vento (facelift 2015) manual. Should I go for petrol or diesel?

Going by your requirement: A diesel is mostly useful if you do lots of highway run and fuel economy is very important. None of these should be a concern for you as ypu said. Also since you will use it for 2 years only, you should not opt for the pricier diesel. In city, petrol will be very convenient and refinement will make you feel good while driving on low RPM.

Which car is best, Volkswagen Vento or Tata Nexon?

Vento is a Lux.Sedan And Tata Nexon is a Compact suv Both Are Different Segments. Volkswagen Vento is a Solidly Built car with Powerful Drivetrain In Both Petrol and Diesel. on Other hand Tata Nexon is cheaper to buy, pros - Built quality,fuel economical engines, Futuristic cabin , safety 5 star rating. Tata cars are cheaper to maintain than VW. VW service cost is also on higher side, spare parts are also very expensive and not available in rural areas.Tata is an Indian brand so parts is easliy available in rural areas also. if you want to enjoy Driving pleasure, can afford its exp. services then go for VW you will really love its handling and performance , looks are great also it does stand out in crowd looks very premium specially in candy white colour and Titanium Beige (best). if You wanna Buy a Economical , Solid car with good ground clearance go for Tata Nexon. Ecosport is also an Good option bcoz of it Offer you at same price point. and it doesnt feel underpowered as Nexon 1.2l engines. Choose wisely : )

Which one is better: New Skoda Rapid or VW Vento?

As far as the diesel variants are concerned both the cars offer similar equipment but SKODA offers it at a lower price tag When it comes to petrol options VW does offer 1.2 TSI as additional variant other than 1.6 MPI If you want petrol automatic than Vento has an edge over Rapid due to TSI and DSG combination. As far as after sales support is concerned both the cars now come with 4 year warranty and 4 years cost of ownership is nearly 30000 Infact both cars are same except having different bonnet,bumpers,tailgate and illumination.When you get behind the wheel you realize that it's the pretty same thing under different packing.

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    Is Volkswagen Vento available in Auto Headlamps?


    No, Volkswagen Vento isn't available in Auto Headlamps.

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    What is the Electronic Stability Control(ESC) of Volkswagen Vento?


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