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Volkswagen Vento discontinued in Malaysia, what will replace it?

Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

Volkswagen R presents a brand new logo

From now on, Volkswagen’s most powerful cars will bear a very different looking R.

Proton Persona – Does It Have What It Takes To Challenge The Competition?

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is another oversight.When equipped with the 1.2-litre TSI engine, the Volkswagen

Pay RM 199 at Volkswagen’s Shopee store to receive up to RM 14k worth of rewards

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) launched their special 7.7 mid-year online sale.

New 2020 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TSI facelift - lower price at RM 189,012, less power, but more features

Volkswagen Passengers Car Malaysia rolls out the new facelift 2020 Volkswagen Passat, priced at RM 189,012

Finally, VW Polo Mk5 discontinued, all-new Mk6 coming to Malaysia soon?

The Polo was the oldest model in Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s (VPCM) line-up and while

Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

(2016 Volkswagen Vento Gallery | Specifications | Full Review)Volkswagen VentoEnter the Volkswagen Vento

B-segment sedan resale values: City and Vios lead, but Almera is worse than Vento?

Before it was the Vento, it was called the Polo SedanStalwarts of the B-segment sedan scene - the Toyota

Review: 2020 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line - Worth paying more for a reskinned Passat?

Remember the Volkswagen Passat CC?

In Brief: Toyota Vios 2019 – Adding More Value

However, other rivals such as the Mazda 2 Sedan (RM 76,670 – RM 94,670), and Volkswagen Vento (

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VW teases 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has been on sale here since 2017, and it desperately needs a facelift,

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

Fortuner Toyota Hilux (locally-assembled but dont qualify, commercial vehicle) Toyota HiaceVolkswagen Volkswagen

Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased to announce a reduction on the prices of its models

Which B-segment sedan offers the best power-to-weight ratio?

Vento galleryThe Volkswagen Vento is the sole turbocharged model in this comparison.Although some may

In Brief: VW Vento – Still worth comparing against the Toyota Vios and Honda City?

(2020 VW Vento Price and Specs | Gallery)The Volkswagen Vento is a B-segment sedan that competes against

Spied: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift coming soon?

3/4 view of the facelifted Volkswagen Tiguan, shot by CocheSpias.Volkswagen Tiguan was launched here

More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is ushering in this Chinese New Year with special savings on

Spied: Volkswagen Virtus caught testing in India, Vento replacement for Malaysia?

Credits: Rushlane, OverdriveWith news of the Volkswagen Vento finally discontinued in Malaysia out of

2020 VW Arteon, Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace to make Malaysian debut on Aug 12!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

Review: Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TSI Elegance - Better to drive than the Camry?

If youre reading this, it probably means youre still open to the idea of D-segment sedans like the Volkswagen

Volkswagen Malaysia launches Beetle giveaway contest 

As part of the year-long celebration for the outgoing Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia

New 2020 Volkswagen Passat R-Line launched in Malaysia, from RM 203k

A couple of months ago, Volkswagen Malaysia was busy with the launch of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

New 2020 Volkswagen Passat – what’s new?

The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat facelift (B8 generation) made its local debut last week with less power

Quick Review: 2020 Volkswagen Arteon R-Line - Worthy rival to the 3 Series/C-Class?

Among the trio launched by Volkswagen Malaysia a couple of months ago was the 2020 Volkswagen Arteon

Honda Jazz vs Toyota Yaris vs Volkswagen Polo - which B-segment hatchback is for you?

Enter the Volkswagen Polo.

Review: Volkswagen Vento TSI – Turbocharged efficiency, but at a cost

Vento for the now-discontinued Jetta.And that is not a bad thing either, as the Volkswagen Vento is

The Volkswagen Arteon is a Golf R with a boot, estimated prices: RM290k – RM310k

Eight colours are available - Manganese Grey, Deep Black, Reflex Silver, Romance Red, Urano Grey, Turmeric

How the 7-seater Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace makes sense in Malaysian market

seater Tiguan Allspace though, it would have a competitive edge over the popular SUV models here.The Volkswagen

VW Announces VIP – Volkswagen Insurance Plan

yearsVolkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) today announced the launch of its insurance programme, the Volkswagen

What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

CapturSubaru Subaru XVToyota Toyota Yaris Toyota Vios Toyota Innova Toyota Rush Toyota FortunerVolkswagen Volkswagen

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volkswagen vento coloursvolkswagen vento coloursvolkswagen vento colours
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#Volkswagen Vento is available in 6 different colours.Candy White,Carbon Steel, Reflex Silver, Toffee Brown, Blue Silk & Titanium Beige. Book #Vento us at 80560 99499. #VolkswagenMadras #VWVento #VolkswagenVento #Chennai #CarAndBike360 https://t.co/OfpV1jM1cf

Volkswagen Vento Car Colours and Images - Ecardlr: http://t.co/6s4SEJfsvL

Volkswagen Vento Technical Specifications, Features, Colours and Variants #vc

Volkswagen Vento 2015 available colours http://t.co/p7G0daO3yn

2017 Volkswagen Vento With new 1 5L Diesel Engine New Colours Check.mp4: via @YouTube

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Which car is better: Honda City or Skoda Rapid?

Yes! Definitely if you are going for a diesel motor, Rapid is a much better buy due to following reasons, Build: Rapid has a much better build as compared to city, a robust build quality is the first thing you should look for while purchasing a car, six airbags can't do as better if the build quality is not good. Warranty for 4 years: Rapid offers a 4year warranty as compared to 2 year on other cars, peace of mind guaranteed, and it will also be extended to 5th and 6th year. DSG: Dsg at gearboxes are much more refined and fun to drive as compared to manual one of Honda city diesel, Torque: Rapid gives more torque than Honda city 250nm as compared to 200nm of city. So even of you are going for a manual version ( though I suggest Dsg one) rapid will be a better choice. Pleasure to drive and own: Just go and test-drive one you'll be sure that rapid will be a pleasure to own and drive. If you are going for a petrol motor than you can consider Honda city as it's engine refinement is too good for petrol. Here I would also like you to consider Volkswagen Vento as it's the same car as Rapid, and also comes from the same parent company. As have heard it's coming up with a 7year extended warranty plan. And Volkswagen will also give colour and corrosion warranty for 6 years. Thanks.

What are the problems of Volkswagen Vento?

VW cars are known for good build. Few “issues" though 1) Products are expensive. If I remember, the VW Polo was 50k more expensive than the corresponding Maruti of the same trim and category 2) For that money, they dont really offer you the best product. For example, the Polo lower trims come with a 3 cylinder engine and the higher TSI comes with 4 cylinder. The corresponding Maruti caomes witha 4 cylinder. Not much of an issue till you actually get in the car and realise its so damn noisy. I asked the RM whether the test car was a diesel several times before he explained me this 3) They dont offer too many options-the Polo for example, is offered in limited colour options, none of them metallic. They are literally telling you to spend more for a better car! 4) Parts are expensive and difficult to get. If you do have an accident or in case of normal parts failure, you are dependant on the service centre and their prices 5) You cant service the car at any mechanic. If you do, the service centre will likely deny warranty. With other brands, you can potentially service (such as unscheduled oil changes for better performance) at a local shop and the service guys know this but turn a blind eye. Not so with VW. The dialogue he used was "we will tell you when the oil needs changing" which effectively means "change it everytime we tell you" 6) Aftermarket fitting is an issue. For example, Maruti literally sels the garnish (frame) required for aftermarket installation of a music system. And its cheap- 80 bucks. I was able to do an aftermarket install that looks almost equal to factory. VW is notorious for embedding codes into their cars that prevent aftermarket parts from working 7) Finally, lemons do exist and in all brands. If you start having issues with a new car like had and fall out with the ASC, you cant get the car fixed outside with VW. In my case, I could boldly challenge the ASC that if anything else fails, I will go to a local mechanic and dissuade every contact from every buying a Maruti. Even if it was just a rant, it made them fix the issue and quickly- they replaced the compressor within a day I admire VW for their build but hate their attitude i.e. throw more money on the table to buy a better product or buy a subpar product. In this regard, I found Toyota to be much better. They offer you limited trims and their interiors feel cheap but their cars almost never ever break down or lack quality and they offer every possible accessory in the MRP of the car

Volkswagen Vento TSI vs Skoda Rapid TSI, which BS6 car is better?

Hello there. Great question, this one. The Vento and Rapid are the same cars through and through. Same platforms, engines, transmissions. But what’s different? The packaging and pricing. These are the two things that would help decide which car suits your requirements better. Here’s what: 1. ,Pricing, The Vento and Rapid work with different prices, just like every other pair of similar cars in the market. The Rapid has a huge benefit in the lower variants while the Vento gets the benefits towards the higher variants (as of July 2020). Knowing VW, this could change anytime. 2. ,Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, A huge differences between the two cars is the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay touchscreen infotainment system. The Vento gets it, in a very clean, very no non-sense head unit. But the Rapid gets an android based system that looks very after-market. 3. ,After-sales, Between Volkswagen and Škoda, market confidence is better when it comes to Volkswagen’s dealership distribution and service touchpoints when compared to Škoda’s mostly single-dealer network in most cities. 4. ,Resale, With maintenance confidence better in Volkswagen, the resale-ability gets an advantage too. While depreciation, in general, is high for Volkswagen and Skoda, the Vento could go for a better price when compared to the Rapid. Having said that, if you’re looking to own ANY car for 7+ years, do not think too much about depreciation and potential resale value. 5. Colours and variants, The Rapid comes with a strange combination of variants and colours availability with those specific variants. For ex., the MonteCarlo variant comes only in Red, White. The Onyx variant comes only in Blue, White. The Vento has a more standardized approach to the colours and variants. Hope this helps. Information from:

Which car should I buy, Honda City 2017 or Hyundai Verna 2017, both in petrol manual variants?

Both the cars from Honda and Hyundai are one of their most selling cars. Let us compare the Honda City VX (O) MT Petrol and the Hyundai Verna 1.6 VTVT SX(O). Price: Ex-showroom price of City is 11.7 L and price of Verna is 11.35 L. Honda City: Hyundai Verna: Seating Capacity in both the cars is 5. Hyundai Verna: Honda City: Engines: Both are powered with 1.5L petrol engines. Honda City gives 117 bhp at 6600 RPM while the Verna gives 121 bhp at 6400 RPM. So, there is not much difference in producing power among the two. Mileage: Both the cars can give 17 kmpl as claimed by their makes. So no differences here. Both have manual type gear transmission but the no. of gears in City is 5 while the no. of gears in Verna is 6. So, one can have a smoother ride in Verna at higher speeds, mostly above 120 kmph. Below 120 kmph, the ride quality will be mostly equal. Safety: Honda City has 2 airbags while the Hyundai Verna has 6 airbags, which includes the rear row as well. Here, Hyundai is much more ahead than City as it offers such safety at a reasonable price. In braking and traction, both has same features. They have ABS and EBD. Comfort: Both the cars have automatic climate control air conditioners, keyless start/stop button and rear parking sensors with reverse camera. While the Honda City features cruise control and contains rear AC vents, these are missing in Hyundai Verna. Exterior: Both the cars have roof mounted antenna, body coloured bumpers and chrome finish exhaust pipe. While the Honda City gives electrically adjustable sunroof in its latest model, this is not available in case of Hyundai Verna. Lights: Both cars have conventional tail lamps. Honda City has conventional headlamps while the Verna comes with Projector Headlamps. Instrumentation: Instrument Cluster: Both cars have analog instrument clusters. Trip meter: Honda City features 2 trip meters while the Hyundai Verna features 1 trip meter. Gear Indicator: This is available in Verna while the City has no gear indicator. Instantaneous Consumption: This feature is available in Honda City only, while it is not available in Verna. Some other common features are average fuel consumption,average speed, distance to empty, digital clock, low fuel level warning and door ajar warning. Hyundai Verna: Honda City: Entertainment: Both car features Integrated Music System, GPS Navigation System, LCD Display, Bluetooth Compatibility, Steering Mounted Controls. While City gets 4 speakers, Verna gets 2 extra speakers i.e., 6 speakers. Both the cars here misses voice command feature. Ground Clearance: It is same for both i.e., 165mm. Bootspace is more in case of Honda City. This means you have more space in Honda City for luggage than in Verna. These are some differences and similarities which I found. You will get more information on visiting showrooms. Best thing will be going for test drives of both the vehicles and then decide. For more information, click on this: Compare Honda City [2014-2017] vs Hyundai Verna [2015-2017] Some other competitors of these two are: Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Alpha 1.3 Hybrid Skoda Rapid Ambition 1.5 TDi AT Volkswagen Vento Highline 1.2 AT Petrol Hope this helps. Thank You!

How strong is S-cross compared to Vento? I drive a Polo and looking for an upgrade. Shortlisted to S-cross (for low cost maintenance and service network) and Vento TSI (Strong German Built and confidence a VW car gives)

Considering your question I guess you are aware with the technicality of both vehicles. I would strongly suggest you to go with Volkswagen Vento TSI. S-Cross offers value for money and a peace of mind in owning the vehicle. But you will compromise with build quality and furthermore safety features. S-Cross is bit undepowered in terms of engine capacity. Maruti Suzuki can't provide the sheer build quality,paint quality and panel rigidness which Volkswagen can. There are lot of complains in Baleno of colours fading the shine in 6 months of ownership. Volkswagen generally doesn't changes the overall looks of cars in their facelifts or generation Update, so even after 5 years of owning the vehicle you will not feel that design is outdated or else. Hope this helps for you.

Which car is best, Volkswagen Vento or Tata Nexon?

Vento is a Lux.Sedan And Tata Nexon is a Compact suv Both Are Different Segments. Volkswagen Vento is a Solidly Built car with Powerful Drivetrain In Both Petrol and Diesel. on Other hand Tata Nexon is cheaper to buy, pros - Built quality,fuel economical engines, Futuristic cabin , safety 5 star rating. Tata cars are cheaper to maintain than VW. VW service cost is also on higher side, spare parts are also very expensive and not available in rural areas.Tata is an Indian brand so parts is easliy available in rural areas also. if you want to enjoy Driving pleasure, can afford its exp. services then go for VW you will really love its handling and performance , looks are great also it does stand out in crowd looks very premium specially in candy white colour and Titanium Beige (best). if You wanna Buy a Economical , Solid car with good ground clearance go for Tata Nexon. Ecosport is also an Good option bcoz of it Offer you at same price point. and it doesnt feel underpowered as Nexon 1.2l engines. Choose wisely : )

Do German cars genuinely have superior build quality or is it hype?

Yes, German cars do really have a great build quality,. Recently, we’ve bought the VW Vento 1.5L TDI(Turbocharged Diesel Ignition) which has the 7 Speed DSG(Direct Shift Gearbox). When we went to the VW showroom, my Dad asked the same question to the person who was displaying us the Vento. On listening to the question, he suddenly became silent. He turned back and opened the door next to the driver’s seat of that car. He climbed up on the hand rest bar which is attached to the door(this bar also has the button to control the window openings.) We were thinking like, “WTF! IS THIS DUDE DOING?” After being like this in the puzzled state of mind for a while, we were completely astonished to see that, the guy who had climbed that hand rest bar, took the support of the door and the car’s roof, and, literally started dancing and jumping hard on that hand rest bar! That guy was a great fatso and had a big “D” on his stomach if observed from side view and a big “ellipse” if seen from the front view. His weight might naturally be on the higher side…. Still, nothing happened to that door. After dancing and oscillating his ellipse, he jumped down on the floor, and after talking for a while, ,smashed the door very very hard against the body of the car in order to close it., The door closing sound literally echoed into the entire showroom, still, nothing happened. That was a first amazing impression created on us, by the Vento. Me and my Dad, we even took the car for a test drive. We live in Pune, so Dad decided to take the car on the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway for the test drive. We were also accomopnied by that great fatso, who danced pretty well and slayed everyone :P No doubt about the car’s performance out there! Its engine is utterly butterly smooth. Even the gear box is great. 7 Speed Direct Shift Gearbox, is an automatic power transmission gearbox. In this gear box, there are two clutches which come into action alternately and are efficient and excellent at delivering your engine power to the drive train. Among all such existing DSGs, the fastest and the best shifting DSG is the one which VW has developed. I tried my hand at that. If you love adrenaline rush, there is a mode in this DSG called as, “the Sports Mode”. I won’t tell you exactly what kind of thrill that is :P But once, you yourself try it out, in any 7 speed DSG VW car, when you have less number of vehicles on the road. But, be very very alert while driving the car, in the Sports Mode. You will definitely feel as if you are a racer, driving a race car in a championship! Then, my Dad took my place and started driving the car. Instantly, it put a smile on my Dad’s face, as he realised that the car’s beauty lies in the looks, but its performance adorns that beauty very well! Usually the test drive cars have a bit rough engines, as the cars are usually used by many customers earlier, but not such dissappointing case with the Vento. My Dad decided to test the top speed of the car, and you won’t imagine……. We almost touched 160km/h! Now you must be thinking that, we must have realised few vibrations from the engine and the other body parts of the car, and you also must be thinking this caused a discomfort and all… Frankly my friend, if you were there sitting with us, inside the car, at that moment, you wouldn’t even realise that you’re going at almost 160km/h. The car remained firm on the road, battling against the fierce winds, and was very very stable, even though riding at such a high speed!( Please note that this high speed phase only existed for a minute or two, just to test the car’s stability and performance at such high speed. We weren’t continiously driving at this speed, at all.) As soon as the test drive was done, when we came back to the showroom, me and my Dad, we roughly had finalised the choice for Vento among the drafted choice list, and within few weeks we welcomed the “Toffee Brown” coloured Vento which came vrooming at our residence. Well, there’s alot to praise about the beauty which Germans have put into their engineering, beacuse of which we get to drive fantastic products like the Vento! We are extremely happy and satisfied with our purchase! If you ever wish to buy a new car, I would recommend you, do take a test drive of the VW Vento, or its younger sibling, the VW Ameo. Both of the cars have the 7 Speed DSG equipped on them. And yes, do not forget to test the “Sports Mode” Love you Volkswagen… Cheers! :D

With Rs.10L to Rs. 12L, which sedan (preferably automatic) should I buy?

There are ciaz, Skoda rapid, Volkswagen vento, Honda city and Hyundai Verna in sedan segment. I would like to buy a Honda city as it is good in mileage , good service from Honda ,decent specs and less spare prices.It has scored 5star rating in crash test too. Let me describe about this car . The interiors of this car are spacious with light coloured upholstery adding a further sense of space. It has a 1.5litre engine which is powerful and precise.Designs are good. It has a decent boot space.We would not get any negative feedbacks from our family circle and friends.And the last thing is it is the top selling sedan now.This is a suggestion from me .Consult with experts and choose wisely. With regards Thiruvenkataramkumar

Which is the best color in ciaz?

Hey, As wonderful as the sedan is, according to me 2 colours, metallic silver and metallic brown suits best on Ciaz. I mean look at this beauty As I was shooting the video, I found it really intimidating, I've even spoken about it in the video. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz definitely launched some amazing colours and I have seen many of them. Actually a friend mine loves to get his car wrapped, he got his Ciaz wrapped in Red (imagine red Volkswagen Vento) but according to me Ciaz didn't carry that colou well. He even got matte black wrapped and that l loved that. Originally I think, as I wrote in the beginning also, metallic silver and metallic brown look really fantastic on Ciaz. If you're thinking to get the car wrapped then maybe go for a dual-tone kind of colour as Hyundai has launched in many of it's cars. Like the top maybe black while the body can be grey. Or you can choose a colour according to the person who has to drive the car. Hope it helps.

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