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Dated - yes, lacking in features - yes; no diesel option either, the Volkswagen Vento doesn't have much to offer when compared to modern rivals but this German sedan does have a lot to offer when it comes to driving feel & build quality, it also has a terrific turbo petrol engine https://t.co/CfOSxFrhyz

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Just heard the most bizarre ad ever: Boy: Do you love me? G: Why should I? B: Because I have a Volkswagen Vento *some features* G: I love u.

Volkswagen Vento Car Price and Features: Volkswagen, Europe’s largest car maker launched it’s much awaited entry l... http://bit.ly/bqlPp5

volkswagen vento features Q&A Review

Does the Volkswagen Vento Highline and Highline Plus automatic petrol versions have a hill assist or a hill hold feature? Can anyone give me an idea about the maintenance costs of a Vento?

Yes Automatics of Vento has hill hold assist feature. Its a known fact that VW cars are not pocket friendly and Vento is no different. Maintenance cost could be around ₹12000 per year. That is without replacement of parts like brake pads and other cosumables.

Which one is better and why, the Hyundai Verna, Honda City, or Volkswagen Vento (top models)?

Definitely Honda City out of these three. The reason is Honda parts are now easily available and are cheaper in comparison to Hyundai and Volkswagen. Moreover, the after sales costs like service and insurance are cheaper than the other two. In terms of costs: Honda City<Verna<Vento. Features and looks wise, the new Verna is truly unbeatable. Choice is yours.

What are some hidden features in the 2013 Volkswagen Vento Petrol highline?

Mainly all the version of vento have same hidden features. So there is nothing specific about vento higline or rapid elegance. 1. You can close and open windows with remote. 2. Anti pich windows. 3. Car never gets locked from inside. 4. You can take wipers to service position. 5. Speaker sound increses as car speed increases. 6. Muting sound will pause the music. 7. You can set boot in three condition auto open, auto close, neutral 8. Car is really easy to servicng you can do it at your home this is main feture thats why vw and skodas are famous for taxis. 9. Electronic steering. 10. Car have cross bars all over its body, it is important feature. 11. Last one is that you can retrofit comeponent to get extra features. Its one of the best selling car in the world (polo+ polo sedan+ bora +fabia+rapid india+ rapid internation+ seat ****) 12.There are lot more hudden fetures which are locked by manufacturer coz if hrovide all these feture in vento people will not buy jetta.so you can buy vcds cable or vag com ross tech and unlock these features.

Which one is better: New Skoda Rapid or VW Vento?

It’s like choosing for two medicines of same formula from different companies, which would give you same results. Since skoda being a part of vw group in india, it manufactures the same cars from diifferent brands. Volkswagen despite being a late entrant in the market does not suffer from any serious setback since, it is without doubt a more renowned and well-known brand in comparison to Skoda. But you should choose by deciding the exteriors you like from both of them. See the on-road price. Both have different multimedia features at different variants. Thus personally I would prefer VW , for its higher re-sell value than rapid. Good luck.

What are the problems of Volkswagen Vento?

We had a vento in our family so i will point out few points which i feel are not good 1- Its interior is very outdated. 2- Its maintainance is on expensive side 3-The middle pessenger in second row will not be comfortable because of that huge transmission tunnel. 4- It lacks features which are being offered even in cars of lower segment. 5- It has some lag of 2 second when you accelerate it. Appart from these few problems Vento was amazing car very safe, stable at high speeds, no body roll at all, very furious acceleration.

What are all of the features missing in the Volkswagen Vento?

Vento is one of the best car in its segment which delivers great performance. The overall performance of vento justifies its pricing but lacks in features provided by other cars of the segment. The new version with an old external design is a bit disappointing. There are many features which it lacks as: Lack of sunroof, projector headlamps, integrated antenna, engine start/stop button, navigation system and rear camera.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

Volkswagen Vento. Eyes closed. Firstly, The latest gen Vento has a lot of bling to it, if features is what you're looking out for. Plus the VWAG cars have a LOT of aftermarket options to suit to your liking. Secondly, VW owns 10 companies such as Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley, Man, Ducati etc and believe it or not there's a lot of parts sharing in the VAG group. I own a Vento and a Polo too. Both TSI 7DSG and the TSI engines are manufactured by audi. That can only mean good. Thirdly, TSI engine and DSG (Dual Clutch Gearbox) are the latest technology you can get in today's market. The Honda City is far behind compared to Vento in terms of drive ability, refinement and quality standards. Fourthly, if you're thinking of a diesel let me tell you Europeans make the best diesels. I've driven the Homda City diesel and it is highly underpowered and begs for more power. You'll not only get bored but will not feel like driving it. Lastly, reliability and maintenance is a question many people raise against VWAG cars. Let me tell you that VWAG cars need servicing just once a year which doesn't cost more than 6-10k for VW and Skoda. Honda will need servicing more than once a year and costs equivalent if not more. Yes. 1.75L kms and still going stronger than a brand new Japanese vehicle. Finally, think about it. If you were sitting in a Honda and the Vento passes by. Would you even once feel that you should've been in that car? Think with your heart too. For the head I can help you out. P.S. - I'm not affiliated with Honda or Volkswagen in anyway except have been a customer to both and I speak from my knowledge and experience only.

What are the differences in Volkswagen Vento trendline, comfortline and highline models? I'm planning to buy a pre-owned car and wanted to understand the car features differences in these three models.

Check this link for complete details about differences in the variants. Specifications of the Volkswagen Vento | Volkswagen India Hope it answers your queries!

Which is better, the Volkswagen Vento petrol or Honda City petrol?

The Volkswagen Vento is offered in multiple Petrol engine options. The 1.6L Manual and the 1.2L TSi Automatic which also powers the Volkswagen Polo GT TSi. On the other hand the Honda City is powered by Honda’s 1.5L i-vtec engine which has been constantly updated and worked upon throughout these years almost perfecting it. Now, if you want a car with manual transmission the city beats Vento hands down owing to the just average performance of the 1.6 MPi, moreover in terms of reliability, fun to drive factor and refinement, HCI is miles ahead than VW when it comes to Petrol manuals. The game changes, when it comes to Automatic. Where Honda uses the same engine mating it to a CVT box, VW decided to plonk in its 1.2L TSi with a 7 Speed DSG Gearbox. Now, a turbocharged petrol engine with a DSG box is obviously way more fun when compared to driving and old school CVT plagued with the rubber band effect. Be it the urban commute or highway runs, the TSi mated to the DSG beats the City hands down. Now, in terms of ride and handling too Vento is an extremely well engineered product and has excellent dynamics. It's quite a lot of fun to throw around the corners whereas even though City too is well balanced, the stock tyres kills the experience and it cries for a sufficient upgrade. Yes, Honda has indeed introduced the new 16 inches Alloys with better rubber but it comes only in the top end variants which to be honest is quite expensive. On that note in terms of equipment and space, it's the City which scores but when it comes to build and interior quality, it's no where close to Vento. Honda owing to customer’s demand and still lead the segment, filled the City with features to the brim but unfortunately compromised in quality whereas VW equipped the Vento with all the necessary bells and whistle retaining it's quality. In terms of pricing to the VW vento is cheaper than city by quite a bit and is a much better vehicle. The running costs of VW is a little high when compared to Honda but if you're an Auto enthusiast and looking for an Auto Petrol nothing beats a Vento. If you're looking for a MT then City is the best pick.

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