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volkswagen vento gearvolkswagen vento gearvolkswagen vento gear
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VOLKSWAGEN-VENTO | GEAR BOX | AVAILABLE FOR SALE ENGINE & GEAR BOX ENGINE PARTS BODY PARTS SUSPENSION PARTS Contact: Sri Automotive Parts Private Limited, No.3, Avinashi Road, Opp.Haribhavanam Hotel, Goldwins, Coimbatore-641014. 81244 44443, 81241 96000 https://t.co/rLg4FHQwim

Gear up for the race weekend w/ Volkswagen Vento Cup Round 2 @ Kari Motor Speedway near Coimbatore! @VWmotorsportind http://t.co/XAEeCi5sQj

The new Volkswagen Vento is all about a solid build quality, a good ride, powerful engines and the best gear box in business. Check out our review here: https://t.co/eJtb6M22J1

@volkswagenindia Dear Sir/madam, Dissatisfied from service of my Volkswagen Vento highline 1.5 (d), engine no. CWX114050, chassis no.MEXG15600FT115857. PROBLEM - jerking issues while gear changes. Have sent the car to workshop multiple times still no solution. Please Help.

@Renuks please give me advice does Volkswagen vento dsg tdi is reliable car does dsg gear box sustainable in long term

Gear Up For Some Motorsport Action, Volkswagen Vento Cup Happening This Weekend #volkswagen #vento

@geekyranjit U can also check Volkswagen Vento..... It has auto in both petrol & diesel.... One of the best auto gear box in that segment.... Mileage for petrol auto is also around 13 to 15

@pragyavats Volkswagen Vento Gear Box Failre -Midle of Road. Imgne dis on Higwy wil be life threatng. Hlp Sprd Wrd http://t.co/0qZZY3mgra

NEW Volkswagen Vento Automatic - Gear Box Failure in 2 Mnths of Purchase in middle while driving - Very UNSAFE Car http://t.co/6LvsKTcovw

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist In gear acceleration (Top Speed Run ) - Volkswagen Vento

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Which one is better and why, the Hyundai Verna, Honda City, or Volkswagen Vento (top models)?

my personal favourite is Volkswagen's Vento. reason behind choosing vento is as follows. 1)offers Dsg gear box in both petrol n diesel , this gear box comes with higher end car such as Audi , BMW etc. 2)offers TDI engine in diesel n Tsi engine in petrol best in the worlds, this engines are global engines n this engines are used by every Volkswagen group ,(Audi ,Skoda etc.) 3)Volkswagen's vento is a global car. 4) offer better driveability , better driving pleasure. 5)safest car in this segment as compare to city , Verna.

I drive around 1200 km per month. Should I buy a diesel car or a petrol one?

The question that you have asked has two answers depending on two factors 1)How long are you planning to keep it? 2)And how do you drive? Usually in India in the C segment which consists of the cars which have from 1.2lt engines to 1.6-2lt engines. The difference between the petrol and the diesel model of those cars vary from 1lakh INR to 3lakh ,INR., So the first question How long are you gonna keep it if going by the fuel rates nearest to me in Bhopal Petrol 73.13Rs/lt Diesel 65.35Rs/lt So if you buy a diesel car and lets say that you took a Volkswagen Vento TDI(easiest to calculate because a thesis had to be written for my dad before buying it) In 1200km/month So the average mileage of the diesel that you should be getting is 20ishKMPL(That's what my dad gets by driving in a mixture of city and highway driving) So 1200km/month It should cost you 60lt of diesel which costs 3921Rs Now the petrol cars calculations Lets that thats the Volkswagen Vento TSI Manual Transmission In 1200km/month Average mileage should be 14.4KMPL So your 1200km will cost you 83.33lt of petrol which will cost 6914*Rs The price difference between these two cars is 1.05lakhRs So now the question that you are supposed to ask your self is How long are you gonna keep the car? Because if you want the diesel car to prove cheaper than the petrol car then you'll have to keep it for 8 months approximately for it to compensate for the extra 1.05lakhs you paid for the diesel engine and after that it will prove to be cheaper on your pocket. Now the second question This question can toss all of the above calculations in a big black hole. Are you an enthusiastic driver? If yes then don't go for the diesel because it isn't as sporty as the petrol and in higher gears the turbo lag will suck some of the punch out of your driving experience. So if you are a calm and a quite driver and you like to leave it in a gear and let the car drive itself, then go for the diesel because it is easier to drive, like way easier because diesel engines don't stall that easily. But the diesel variant of the same car will be as fast as the petrol one but a little bit more relaxing and it wont like to rev hard or rush around. And if you have a heavy big right foot made out of lead(like me :p) then go for the petrol and the petrol is a little bit more quieter and vibration free. Now it's up to you.

Why does Volkswagen-Vento has the tail lamp different on each side?

It's the same lamp on both sides. Just that one side has a rear fog lamp incorporated. If you slot the gear to Reverse, you'll find only lamp burning. Most European cars house a rear fog lamp in their tail lamp designs.

Which is better, New Verna or Vento?

Hello, talking straight forward, in our India there can be accidents in a fraction of second as road quality and sign boards are lacking in few states. India has most accidents in year ; considering this aspect we need some safer and well built cars with good punchy engines for showing off to our friends and amazing comfor for family trips. This demand can be full filled by only one car of two you mentioned for comparison, and that is Volkswagen Vento. DRIVING QUALITY & ENGINES:- We don’t care for looks of the car because our life is what Matters the most…so the Volkswagon Vento is a car that offers best driving quality and a variety of engines which are awesome and well refined. Also ,Vento has a flat-bottom steering wheel which has both reach and rack adjustments. Verna has a normal power steering with only reach adjustment but Vento comes with electronic speed sensitive steering. Both offer steering mounted controls. On paper Verna has powerful engines but it is the Vento with advantage of TSI & TDI /MPI engines with long lifespan and its engines are quickest through its gears. Vento shares its engines with one of its subsidiaries like Audi too.. now you can imagine its quality. Vento also offers a 7-speed DSG (dual shift gear) box. COMFORT:- So here Verna has a small compact room for passengers and so we don’t get good leg room or shoulder room and so Vento is a spacious car with good comfort especially for passengers at the rear. We feel a lot safe in Vento. Also Verna has higher window line and it gives less amount of outdoor view but Vento is a true German engineering marvel and so it is the true passenger and driver car. Tall people may get congested on Verna. BUILD QUALITY:- Germans have always been reputed for their build quality in cars and so this reputation is well maintained with our Vento which has all the safety features that a driver and passengers need. Verna does not offer much safety. Volkswagen doesn't compromise with safety for attracting customers…though Verna do have 6 airbags but then it's build quality is not quite good ; on the other hand vento needs only 2 airbags because it's build quality is engineering marvel. Vento uses a galvanized Steel body for safety and also has a side and front impact beams. Vento passes crash test with 4.5 stars out of 5 for child safety and 4.0 stars for adults. Whereas verna failed the UK crash test. Both cars have good dashboard quality with the one on Vento having scratch resistant plastic. CENTRAL LOCKING:- Verna has the central locking with remote and key. It also has a anti-theft system with alarm and engine immobiliser. Vento here is quite smart it has a central locking system with remote and key. It has a anti-theft system and an engine immobiliser. It also comes with memory lock function , this works like , as you lock your car with a remote or key and one of the door is open , then locks won’t get engaged, as you shut that door the car remembers that you wanted to lock the car and it will do it automatically. FEATURES,:- Vento might have 1 or 2 features less but verna has some cool features which we don't use very frequently also those features on verna are just for attracting customers to their side with compromising driving quality and build quality (cost-cutting). Both offer electronic interior rear view mirror with auto dimming function. Verna comes with 4 power windows, with 1 semi-automatic window that comes down with one tap but won’t go up. Rest 3 are manual. Vento comes with 4 fully automatic windows (front & rear) with one touch up & down. These 4 windows also have anti-pinch function so that no child or adult is at risk of hand injury. SAFETY:- Many carmakers ignore the strength of the material used to achieve better mileage and performance and ignore the safety aspect of the occupants. India is readying its version of crash test agency called Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP); this should ensure cars built in India is focused on the build quality rather than favourite features such as ABS, EBD or airbags. While these features are indeed safety options that are important too ,but the body or the shell of the cars need to be built of high-quality material as well. The verna does not have much attention to safety department it gets 6 airbags and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution). The car feels uncomfortable when above 100–110 km/hr. The vento offers a ton of safety features like TCS (Traction Control System) ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) plus they also offer Hill Hold control with Brake assist, also it has a very hard body shell so that passengers are safe inside. Vento also comes with a automatic fuel cut-off system during accident so that no fire takes place. Vento also has anti-roll over body stability. Overall car is sturdy at high speeds. STORAGE:- Verna has a boot of 465 Litres but Vento has slightly bigger one with 496 Litres. Vento has a cooled glovebox which is bigger than Verna. TYRES:- Verna has a R/16 inch alloy wheels with all disc brakes. Vento has a R/15 inch alloy wheels with 2 discs brakes at front and 2 drum brakes at rear. LOOKS:- Verna is hands down an eye-catching car and Vento just fades away in front of verna but its a small compact car from inside not too spacious. FUEL CAPACITY :- Vento : 55 Litres of fuel Verna : 43 Litres of fuel Vento offers 16 KM/L mileage in city & 21 on highway. Verna offers 18 KM/L mileage in city & 23 on highway. DATA AS PER, ,ARAI. 1 BEST THING OF BOTH CARS:- Verna:- It has the best refined engine and you don’t even feel a vibration in the cabin. Vento:- when an accident takes place the sensors in the engine compartment comes to action and it’s engine just settles down and it does not push the cabin and make it squeeze like a sandwich when a front impact takes place. The above picture shows a ,2014 ,Volkswagen Vento was smashed between 2 trucks. The owner of the car said "I was hit by the truck from behind and then with the increased momentum hit the truck in front". This was witnessed in a recent accident in Kerala where German engineering came to the rescue of the occupants of the Vento. Above picture shows how the ,2013 ,Hyundai Verna just squeezed despite of having just a single impact from backside. Hence the built quality is slightly improved for the newer 2018 verna. CONS:- Vento:- Low fuel efficiency Looks Plain interiors High on maintenance Verna:- Build quality not adequate Engine lifespan shorter than Vento Small/compact passenger cabin Window line higher VERDICT:- Choose Verna if you want features ; looks & slightly more airbags Choose Vento if you want safety ; performance ; comfort ; feature and true driving quality. Vento may give less mileage but it won’t be too expensive for your pocket. I suggest you to go for Vento…still you can surf for more reviews here on Quora. “Choose the car that helps you create great memories with”

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I would choose a VW Vento given an option. Positives: Revv free super refined TSI petrol engine Explosive Diesel engine Strong and sturdy build quality Dual clutch (DSG) gear box Ride and handling Feature packed fully loaded car Negatives: Noisy diesel engine Service may be a hit or miss

Which is better, the VW Vento TSI AT or the Toyota Yaris GAT?

Drivablity, - DSG is better than CVT gear box - Volkswagen Vento use DSG Gearbox , DSG shifts very smooth unlike manual and regular automatic transmissions. - ,Volkswagen Vento wins Build quality, - ,Ofcourse Volkswagen wins Engine durablity, - Toyoto is famous for reliable engine even after 1L km - ,Toyato Yaris wins Service cost, - Volkswagen service cost is high, ,Toyoto Yaris wins Both car is good if you are frequently using the car and want to spend less on service cost - Go for Toyoto Yaris cvt If you are riding more in city and convince to spend more on service cost Go for Volkswagen Vento TSI Any way still if you are still confusing Test drive both the car and decide. Hope this is helpful.

Is Hyundai Verna automatic a better option than Volkswagen Vento Automatic?

Hyundai is still using traditional auto gear shift mechanism in Verna while Volkswagen provides a DSG gearbox mechanism in Vento, which means dual clutch automatic gearshift. If you are slowing down the auto clutch holds the down gear well in advance and if you are accelerating the auto clutch holds the next gear up.

Is buying the Skoda Rapid Diesel AT a wise decision? What has been your experience with the Rapid?

It’s a very wise decision to own a Skoda Rapid Diesel Automatic. It’s perhaps the only good diesel automatic (apart from Volkswagen Vento, which is essentially the same car) available in 12–16 Lakhs price range in DSG/DCT, and is great for both city drive as well as highways. It’s a rock solid build car, reasonable service costs, long service intervals, but poor resale value. Mostly it is a trouble free car upto first 4–6 years of usage. After 3-4 years you’d need to change the battery, and clutch plate(only for manual transmission), suspension (depending on your driving conditions), and in 6th year you’ll spend a lot more. But overall, I’d prefer it over any other automatic transmission car (except VW Vento). I’ve driven possibly all kinds of automatics from Swift, Amaze, Creta, Skoda Rapid, VW Vento, Honda City, Hyundai i20, (AMT, CVT, Torque Convertors, DSG) but there is absolutely no better automatic transmission than DSG/DCT in the market even at significantly higher price point. The gear shifts are super fast with two clutches. And it comes with 7 speed transmissions. It also comes with manual mode (if you want to control the upshifts) and sports mode (if you want slower gear shifts). AMT will give you good fuel economy, but it’s not so smooth, plus you don’t get hill hold, which is a must, in my opinion, for any automatic. Honda City Petrol CVT (doesn’t come in diesel) or any other CVT is good mainly for city drive and on highways it just lags (you get a rubber band effect. I really missed the punch in bangalore-goa drive). And fuel economy of Honda City in congested Bangalore roads during office hours was pathetic at about 6-7 KM/L but on highway it was around 14 KM/L, while in the same condition and time, Volkswagen Vento TDI DSG or Skoda Rapid TDI DSG returned a fuel economy of 9.5–10.5 KM/L in city and about 18–18.5 KM/L in the highway. Vento or Rapid are mainly highway cars, but their automatics are good for city as well as highways. If you want to stick to Petrol Automatic, then you can go for Volkswagen Vento 1.2 TSI DSG. Sadly in Skoda Rapid, this engine and Transmission is not provided. Fuel economy would be around the same as Honda City CVT. Keep in mind that DSG will need replacement at around 1,25,000 KMs which will cost you around 2 Lakhs. But no clutch plate replacement every 30–40,000 KMs which is there in Manual Transmission I own a Volkswagen Vento TDI DSG and have driven about 6000 KMs (I bought a used Nov 2015 model) and using it for daily commute from Home->office in the most congested Bangalore roads and occasionally on highways. I also owned Skoda Rapid TDI (Manual) for 3 years before Vento. For Skoda, no complaints on service. In Bangalore, I used to go to Tafe Access and it was quite reasonable cost and very good experience for 3 years, after which I upgraded to Vento Automatic. Vento is essentially the same car, but I feel Vento’s suspension is better tuned for City drive and is more comfort oriented than Rapid, while at the same time, is costlier, both initially, as well as to maintain (service costs are 3–4K higher than Rapid of the same variant)

Which car is better to buy, a Volkswagen Vento or a Volkswagen Ameo?

You can decide on these two conditions, How tall are your backseat passengers, do they need above average leg room are they 6 foot + . If yes buy vento, if no ameo. How big a boot you need ? If you need a really massive boot buy vento or else buy ameo. Underneath both the cars are same, engineering wise and design wise. They also share the same engine/ gear box everything. Ameo is slightly smaller and lighter than the vento, so you might get better acceleration and mileage buying ameo.

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    Tell me the Chassis of Volkswagen Vento.


    The Chassis of the Volkswagen Vento are as follow:

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    How many height(mm) does Volkswagen Vento has?


    The height(mm) of Volkswagen Vento are 1465.

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    Does Volkswagen Vento has AUX?


    Yes, Volkswagen Vento has AUX, which are: 2018 Volkswagen Vento 1.2TSI Highline, 2018 Volkswagen V…

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