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ŠKODA @SkodaIndia VW @VolkswagenIndia achieved yet another milestone with the export of its 500,000th car manufactured in #India. The milestone vehicle is a white #Volkswagen #Vento manufactured at the #Pune plant and will be exported to #Mexico from #Mumbai via @VWGroup https://t.co/CN9Un8TEOI

India Made Volkswagen Vento is the Third Largest Selling Car in Mexico -- #Vento #Polo #Volkswagen #sedan #bestcar https://t.co/NXxCEt8Zwq

Site re-cap – ‘On your side’ – Polo-based Volkswagen Vento announced for Mexico: http://t.co/bGX4hdtqMj

Volkswagen Vento of Indian manufacture to be sold in Mexico: Taking on the trailing stride in its favor, Volks... http://t.co/lZfsBKJowK

1 Lakh Volkswagen Vento Exported from India to Mexico: Within just two years of its launch, Volkswagen has exp... http://t.co/5A1GLqJBXU

India made Volkswagen Vento becomes 3rd highest selling car in Mexico via @FinancialXpress

A red #Volkswagen Vento becoms 1,00,000th car to be shipped to Mexico by Volkswagen India http://t.co/jIhu8WyyAK

1,00,000th Volkswagen Vento shipped to Mexico: The Vento is the highest-selling Volkswagen in the North Americ... http://t.co/fIA1ldcf28

Volkswagen Vento becomes the 1,00000th car to be exported from India for Mexico: Volkswagen In... #VW #jetta #car

@DougDeMuro Go to Mexico City, you'll get to enjoy the German engineering that was put into the Volkswagen Vento.

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How much of a hassle is it to have a foreign car in the US? I plan on bringing a car to the US which is a Volkswagen Vento (I don't think this model exists in the US). How much of a hassle would it be in terms of car maintenance?

It available in Mexico. As such it won't need many American standards. There will be no real parts backup. It looks like a booted Polo which is not sold in America. You are looking at a world of pain. No warranty, no service, no spares and the INSURANCE will make your nose bleed. Volkswagen Vento - Wikipedia

What are the most popular car brands in your country?

MotorPasión, a popular car magazine in Mexico, publish yearly (and monthly sometimes) a list of the most purchased cars in the country. I gathered and merged information from this online magazine regarding to auto sales from 2013 to 2016 and here are the results. List of most popular of cars from 2013 to 2016 in Mexico Chevrolet Aveo Saloon Volkswagen Jetta MK4.5 (Jetta Clasico) Nissan Versa Saloon Nissan Sentra B13 (Yes, the one from 1992. But brand new) Volkswagen Jetta (Current version according to year, same as worldwide) Daewoo Spark (Sold as Chevrolet Spark) Nissan Sentra B17 Nissan Tiida Saloon Honda CRV Nissan March Volkswagen Vento (As Vento from India, not European Jetta) Images Aveo VW Jetta Clasico Nissan Tsuru (B13) Despite the popularity of cheap-made cars, Mexico has presence of 50 car brands according to Wikipedia. Including sports & premium like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and Tesla; it is hard to see them in a daily basis though. References Top 15, los autos más vendidos del 2013 en México Los 10 autos más vendidos en México: enero - noviembre 2014 ¡Hagan sus apuestas! ¿Cuáles fueron los diez autos más vendidos en México durante abril 2015? Estos son los 25 autos más vendidos en México durante la primera mitad del 2016 Anexo:Marcas y modelos de automóviles con presencia en México - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

How does Volkswagen name their cars?

Volkswagen currently likes to name its passenger car model range after winds, or sexy-sounding names for wind. Marketing people pluck these things from obscurity so before you start bantering the names around, it might be a good idea to know what they mean. Here are some of those names explained: Polo - ,Named after the northern Polar wind. Golf - ,From German) Gulf stream. A warm ocean current running along the Gulf of Mexico and the North American eastern coastline, running at around 35 degrees North latitude until it reaches the southern end of the English Channel. A branch of the current passes by the Iceland on the way to Spitzbergen. Jetta - ,The Jetstream. An upper-tropospheric band of winds in the sub-tropic to middle latitudes. Frequently used in aviation to gain significant ground speed. Vento - ,Italian for wind. Passat - ,A significant trade wind (German). A constant, perennial wind in the sub-tropics on both sides of the equator. The wind reaches to an altitude of about 2km, above which forms an inversion leading to the formation of cumulus clouds. The Passat is part of a global circulation system, especially evident above the oceans. Source- ,http://members.iinet.net.au/~felsche/Bernd/trivia/vwcars.html,

Which is the most successful European car company in India?

Reuters VW has to sell the India-made Vento (shown) in 32 other markets to keep its Pune factory operating at breakeven. When Volkswagen reported group vehicle sales in India had more than doubled in 2011, vaulting over the 100,000 mark, it looked as if everything was going according to the carmaker's meticulous plan to seize global vehicle sales leadership within a single decade. India was one of the few glaring white spots left on Volkswagen's map of the world, and amid all the euphoria surrounding developing economies at the time, analysts at Booz & Company predicted the country would overtake Germany to become the world’s fourth-largest auto market by 2015 with a volume of more than 5 million vehicles. On schedule, Volkswagen added a third shift to a new factory in Pune by April 2011, churning out VW Vento and Skoda Rapid sedans specifically designed to meet the tastes of Indian car buyers. The full-scale manufacturing plant opened two years earlier after completion in record time. At 580 million euros, the plant represented the single-biggest investment by a German company in India. Since almost three-quarters of new car sales in India are bought with loans, an unusually high financing level much more common to mature markets, Volkswagen gained approval from authorities to begin offering customers tailored financing packages as well. By leveraging its global scale, diverse product range and decades-long experience in emerging markets such as China and Brazil, the group seemed well on its way toward establishing itself as a major player on the Indian subcontinent, quickly catching up to rivals such as Toyota and Honda, which already enjoyed a big head start. Fast forward to today and VW Group serves as a warning to other European carmakers, such as PSA/Peugeot-Citroen, which are considering another foray into India. The market shrank last year by 8 percent to 2.55 million vehicles, returning to the level of 2011, after interest rates on car loans soared to about 12 percent in the midst of a currency crisis. Sales of VW brand and Skoda cars have fallen even more drastically. VW Group’s share has dwindled and the automaker has quietly shelved overly ambitious targets after management misjudged political risks, muddled its brand strategy and botched both its model and powertrain lineups. “We want to be a significant player in the Indian market, too. However, our focus is not on mere market share,” said Mahesh Kodumudi, head of VW Group India, in an e-mailed reply to questions from ,Automotive News Europe,. Part of the problem for European automakers is their inability to lower their manufacturing costs through economies of scale. With Maruti Suzuki capturing 44 percent of the market and Hyundai another 16 percent, the remaining dozen or so car brands are competing for a little more than one-third of the market. Subtract the premium players and that leaves about 800,000 unit sales that are split 12 ways. The bulk of that volume is in the extremely cost-competitive small and minicar segments. “That’s a very small, very fragmented pie that is being divided up. So if the market becomes sluggish then earnings will be very badly hit,” said Mohit Arora, executive director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific. “I don’t think many of the European or even American manufacturers in India are profitable at this time.” In an attempt to gain scale, carmakers are forced to turn their Indian plants into export hubs. VW, for example, now sells the Vento in 32 other markets, such as Mexico, just to keep the plant operating at about 75 percent capacity utilization, a level generally seen as needed for a factory to break even. Roughly half of all production out of VW’s Pune plant is destined for overseas markets this year. Another problem is the unique difficulties and pitfalls associated with running a business in India, a country whose recent rapid growth masked deep-seated structural problems in the broader economy and the transport sector more specifically. Home to 1.2 billion people and Asia’s third-largest economy, India has long been regarded by carmakers as the next China because of the emergence of its overwhelmingly young and educated middle class. While the country’s untapped potential is massive with about 20 cars per 1,000 people – less than half the level of China – poverty remains rampant. India’s per capita income rivals parts of sub-Saharan Africa and one-third of the world’s poor live in the country. Fuel costs remain a major concern, leading to the widespread popularity of thrifty diesels and minicars. Road building can’t keep pace with car sales, poor surfaces and traffic conditions require dealers to maintain a robust spare parts and service network, and congestion effectively serves as a natural bottleneck for demand. “The country’s infrastructure needs are massive,” the World Bank said in a report. Because so few people own cars, tastes have yet to mature, which makes it difficult to predict the behavior of Indian car buyers. It’s easier to make a splash with a single model like the Duster. India’s own Tata Motors got it horribly wrong when it made a huge bet that families traveling on the back of a single scooter would happily trade in their two-wheeler for the comfort of a car if they could just afford one. Tata’s visionary answer, the Nano, flopped as buyers feared the stigma attached to a vehicle marketed as the “world’s cheapest car.” Business unfriendly Carmakers complain that much of the difficulty stems from India’s own inflexible bureaucracy, chronic lack of supply-side reforms, numerous tariffs and a government resorting to whatever means necessary to boost tax revenue. A study published by the McKinsey consultancy in February, for example, criticized India’s complex and archaic regulations, “balkanized” tax regime, and web of at least 43 national laws and many more state laws governing labor conditions. “India’s manufacturing sector is characterized by a glut of sub-scale, low-productivity enterprises,” McKinsey concluded. Companies with more than 100 employees on their payrolls need to obtain government approval for layoffs, which encourages the harmful creation of a two-tier work force that sparks social tensions between permanent staff and their lower paid contract brethren. “India loses more days every year as a result of strikes and lockouts than any other country,” employer association AIOE wrote in a study published in 2012. Only weeks later, fresh clashes at a Maruti Suzuki plant claimed the life of an HR official, the fourth auto industry manager to die at the hands of his own employees since 2008. ‘Nothing to offer’ While Volkswagen enjoyed an initial boom thanks to the Vento and Rapid, growth began to stall in 2012 after management failed to spot a key trend that emerged due to changes in the regulatory environment. To reduce traffic on congested roads and gain control of widening fiscal and trade deficits by cutting down on subsidies and crude oil imports, the Indian government lowered excise duties for vehicles shorter than 4 meters and equipped with small engines. Carmakers such as Maruti Suzuki picked up on that, launching the popular Dzire notchback. “After the change in the regulatory environment, the two fastest-growing segments in the Indian car market are sedans and SUVs below 4 meters and we currently have nothing to offer,” a VW source said. While other import brands are already succeeding with their sub-4 meter cars, such as the Honda Amaze sedan and Ford EcoSport SUV, Wolfsburg could only muster up the Taigun SUV study at the Delhi auto show earlier this year. Worse, VW has been slow to offer a competitive diesel. Only with the July launch of the refreshed Polo hatchback did VW start offering a 1.5-liter turbo-diesel specially designed to fulfill Indian excise tax requirements. VW just announced it would soon start building the motor in Pune in order to avoid incurring import duties. As a result the Polo is the only car in VW’s range that receives the lowest possible excise duty of 8 percent. Unfortunately for Volkswagen, hatchbacks are not in fashion. The slightly longer, Polo-derived Vento sedan, by comparison, is slapped with a 20 percent charge, a huge difference for cost-sensitive Indian car buyers. Of course, demand could swing in the other direction should Delhi decide to reduce the gap in preferential tax treatment. “To enhance our presence in the Indian market, we would need a wider portfolio of products,” Kodumudi said. “Volkswagen is considering options for new models in these segments [of sub-4 meter sedans and SUVs], but no decisions have been taken so far.” Sacrificing Skoda VW Group made matters worse by also willingly sacrificing Skoda volumes to align its brand strategy in India with the rest of the world, where its flagship VWs are more upmarket than those of the group’s Czech marque. In India, however, Skoda is seen as an aspirational brand that has a premium cachet dating back to its launch in 2001. The effort to reposition it below VW did not go over well with Skoda customers and sales of the brand in India have suffered. “You may have a strategy that you can eloquently explain to an investment community, but the man on the street believes Volkswagen is out here to kill Skoda as a brand,” said an India-based analyst who asked to remain anonymous. In the end, the automaker ended up with some VW models that were priced at a premium to Skoda, and others that were priced at a discount, which confused customers, analysts said. VW was forced to lower its targets for India, aiming for a market share in the high single-digit percentage range across all brands instead of the double-digit share it previously hoped for. “Back in 2009 when Pune went on stream, there was a phase of euphoria surrounding emerging markets such as India. But the economy and overall business conditions developed much differently than the assumptions made at the time, so we had to adjust our targets,” the VW source said. VW is not the only European carmaker to experience difficulty breaking into the Indian market. Fiat allied with Tata, building and selling cars via a joint venture until deciding to set up a network of exclusive showrooms with the goal of reaching 150 dealerships by the end of this year. But service problems and a product range consisting currently of just two models have limited its growth. Given the crowded state of the market, IHS Automotive analyst Anil Sharma recommends that France’s PSA avoid the high entry barriers in the volume segment by returning to India using its upmarket DS brand as an alternative to the more mainstream Germans. ‘Good days are ahead’ Overall, the outlook for car sales in India is brightening, even for VW Group. Gujarat’s pro-growth minister was swept to power in national elections after promising that “good days are ahead,” handing his party the first absolute majority in decades. “The landslide election victory by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, combined with governor Raghuram Rajan at the helm of [Indian central bank] RBI, is a potential game-changer for India,” Japanese brokerage Nomura said. “It is not an exaggeration to expect India to stand out as the biggest EM [emerging market] turnaround story in the next five years.” India’s carmakers are also happy, calling budget proposals by the new Modi government “the right message to foreign investors.” Auto sales rose in May for the first time in more than 15 months, according to Indian vehicle association SIAM, helped by an extension of the cut in the excise duty for cars until December 2014. The changes also offer an opportunity for Europe’s carmakers, since the government is looking to strengthen outdated safety rules. India has the highest overall number of reported road deaths in the world and roughly one out of every 3.5 accidents results in a fatality as most cars lack basic safety features such as antilock brakes. The Volkswagen Polo is the first car in its class to offer airbags as standard equipment in all trim lines. “If some of those safety norms were to come, the European manufacturers could find a more even ground to play on,” J.D. Power’s Arora said. With the government no longer acting as a key part of the problem and instead becoming a part of the solution, it is now up to Europe’s carmakers to execute on their India strategies.

We pronounce Volkswagen as “folkswagen,” so why not Vento as “fento”?

The word Volkswagen is a German word meaning Peoples Car(Volks - Peoples & Wagen - Car. The case with word Vento is not likewise. The word Vento means 'wind' in both Italian and Portuguese. P.S - Its called Vento only in some specific markets like India, Malaysia and Mexico. In other countries its called as Polo. Thankyou.

What are some of the best photos that describe various states of India and how?

This is going to be a long answer. So, sit back and enjoy the ride! Let me take you on a ride to my beloved ,Maharashtra, (literally means Great Nation). Maharashtra is one of the wealthiest and the most developed states in India. It is India's and also the world's second-most populous sub-national entity having over 110 million inhabitants (comparable to Mexico). Food Misal Paav , A spicy curry usually made of sprouted moth beans (matki) and topped with sev (Indian noodles). ,Yum!, Vada Paav, Distant cousin of Burgers, this cheap yet delicious street food is native to Maharashtra and originated from Mumbai! Paav Bhaji, Another native Maharashtrian fast food originated from Mumbai and now has become popular all over India Kolhapuri Mutton Rassa (Kolhapur's Mutton Gravy), ,Ah! This is heaven! , Coming to Maharashtra and not having ,ultra spicy ,Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhra Rassa (Kolhapur's Red Gravy-White Gravy) is a sin! Pithla Bhakri, Now this is a typical Maharashtrian food dish made from chick pea flour and eaten along with Bhakri (thick Indian bread) and is widely eaten across villages and towns of the state. Festival Foods, Ukdiche Modak (Steamed Modak), A very similar food to Momos but with a twist- they are sweet! A food as a part of religious offering to Ganesha! Diwali Faral (Diwali Snacks), A lot of different snacks that a Maharashtrian eats during Diwali festival! ,A divine combination of sweet and spicy snacks, indeed!, Puran Poli, ,How can one forget Puran Poli? , A traditional stuffed sweet flatbread with a spoonful of ghee which is served during almost all festivals in Maharashtra. Festivals Ganesha Festival, Mumbai's ,Lalbaug cha Raja ,Ganesha Pune's Iconic ,Dhol Pathak ,(Drum troupes) Gudhi Padwa, Celebrated as Marathi (,people native to Maharashtra), New Year! ,Another awesome thing about Gudi Padwa Celebration March:, Diwali Pola, A bull-worshiping festival celebrated by farmers in Maharashtra. Khandoba Festival, A six-day festival, from the first to sixth lunar day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month of Margashirsha, in honour of ,Khandoba ,(Hindu God) is celebrated at Jejuri, to commemorate the fight with demons Mani-Malla. ,Note: This is different from Holi!, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Nature Maharashtra is one of the few states in India which has amazing natural resources bestowed upon by mother nature. Beautiful Konkan , Breathtaking Sahyadri Mountain Range, ,Bhandardara Falls, ,Mahabaleshwar, ,Lonar, Lake The Lonar crater is the ,world's only salt water lake, in basaltic rock, believed to have been caused by a meteorite hitting Earth around 52,000 years ago. ,History Now, Maharashtra has been known as land of warriors and thus, it has a great history behind it. The antiquity of this region can be traced to approximately the 4th century BC. Forts, Magnificent forts built by the great King Shivaji ,Shanivar wada ,(built by great Peshwas) Caves, ,Ajanta Caves ,(UNESCO World Heritage Site) ,Elephanta Caves ,(UNESCO World Heritage Site) Mughal Monuments , ,Bibi ka Maqbara ,(Tomb of the Lady) is strikingly similar structure to Taj Mahal which was commissioned by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the late 17th century in the memory of his first wife, Dilras Banu Begum. ,No, this not Taj Mahal!, ,Tomb of Salabat Khan ,(AKA Chand Bibi Mahal) Chand Bibi was an Indian Muslim woman warrior who acted as the Regent of Ahmednagar. She is best known for defending Ahmednagar against the Mughal forces of, Emperor Akbar,. ,Tomb of Aurangzeb ,(Great Mughal Emperor) British Colonial Architecture, ,Gateway of India, ,Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, (formerly, Victoria Terminus) (UNESCO World Heritage Site) ,Bombay Municipal Corporation, (BMC) Educational Institutes, ,Fergusson College, Pune , Founded in 1885 by the Deccan Education Society and Fergusson College was the first privately governed college in India. ,College of Engineering, Pune, Established in 1854, it is one of the oldest engineering college in Asia, after IIT Roorkee. ,University of Mumbai, Others Zero Mile Stone, Nagpur, A monument locating the geographical center of colonial India in the city of Nagpur. The Zero Mile Stone was erected by the British who used this point to measure all the distances. ,(Credits for the information: ,Kaustubh Mulay, in the comments.), Modern Maharashtra, Maharashtra has always been a land of opportunity. Being one of the most developed and richest states in India. Maharashtra possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure. Infrastructure, ,Mumbai , The financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India! ,Bombay Stock Exchange (Oldest in Asia), ,Mumbai Sea Link , ,Mumbai International Airport New Terminal, ,Mumbai Metro, ,Mumbai Mono Rail, ,Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India's first high-speed expressway. ,Eastern Freeway, Mumbai, ,Phoenix Market City, Mumbai, Largest shopping mall in Maharashtra and second largest in India! ,Windmill Farm, Dhule, ,Tarapur Nuclear Reactor, ,Homi Bhabha Atomic Research Center, ,Bombay High Oil Refinery , ,Pune: IT Hub of Maharashtra, Infosys, Pune ,Pune: Home of India's Supercomputers, India's PARAM series of supercomputers are designed and built in C-DAC Pune. ,PARAM Yuva ,(Yuva II records highest 524 TFLOPS), ,Pune: Automobile Manufacturing Hub of Maharashtra, Volkswagen Vento is made entirely in Volkswagen Pune Plant Housing, ,Lavasa, Pune, ,Imperial Towers, Mumbai, Tallest residential building in India! ,Antilla, It is deemed to be the World's second most expensive residential property! ,Amanora Towers, Pune, ,World One, Mumbai, World's upcoming super-tallest residential complex! People Great King Shivaji Maharaj, ,B.R. Ambedkar, Independent India's first law minister and the principal architect of the Constitution of India. ,Shri Balasaheb Thackeray, ,Anna Hazare, ,Baba Amte, Social activist known particularly for his work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from ,leprosy,. ,Vikram Pandit, Former chief executive of ,Citigroup ,who saved Citi. ,Vijay Bhatkar, Architect of India's PARAM series supercomputers. Lata Mangeshkar, Legendary Bollywood singer ,Madhuri Dixit, Beauty queen of Bollywood ,Superstar Rajnikanth, ,Yes! Superstar Rajnikanth is marathi. His name is ,Shivajirao Gaikwad., ,Zaheer Khan, ,Ajinkya Rahane, ,Sunil Gavaskar, ,Little Master!, ,Finally, ,The God of Cricket! Sachin Tendulkar, ,No words required for this man!, , , Bollywood Did you really think that I missed Bollywood? Maharashtra ,is home to one of the biggest film industries in the world, Bollywood! ,Marathi Film Industry, Apart from Bollywood (which is mainly based in Mumbai), Mumbai and Pune take pride in being a host to Marathi Film Industry! Marathi film industry is the oldest and a pioneer film industry in India. The first Marathi movie released in India was Shree Pundalik by Dadasaheb Torne in 1912. ,Maharashtra certainly is a Maha Rashtra (Great Nation) and one should visit this magnificent land of warriors and saints once in life. ,*Disclaimer: All images belong to their respective owners. I do not intend to infringe any copyright laws., *,Suggestions are welcome! Edit 1: Thank you ,Anita Marathe,, ,Aditya Sapate,, ,Harshal Shailendra Gurav हर्षल शैलेंद्र गुरव,, ,Prasad Kambli,, ,User-9953425479814050678,, ,Prashant Ghuge,, ,Sheetal Patel,, ,Srinivas Borgaonkar, for promoting it!

Are police cars faster than normal cars?

I think it really depends on the country, I'll talk about my country, México. The answer is a little more complicated than yes or no. Some police officers use Nissan Tsuru cars in certain areas, even one time I outran a cop myself, I drive a Suzuki Swift Sport 2017. But, the standard cop car here in Mexico is the Dodge Charger, and it also gets modified by the government with a supercharger I think, what I know is that it gets modified and never, even in my dreams, I would never outrun a Dodge Charger Here in Mexico City the most common cars are pretty “old ones” or very very cheap cars, things like Volkswagen Gol, Polo, Vento and Golf (you can also find Golf GTI from 2005–2010) Chevrolet Beat, Spark, Cavalier and Aveo, also some Nissan Tiida, Versa, Sentra and March (last gen), from Ford you can see a lot of Fiesta and Focus with some RS and ST variants here and there, throw some Mazda 2, 3 and Cx5 and you have Mexico City cars, also Suzuki is ricing popularity here, so is common to see a lot of Ignis, Ciaz, Swift, Swift Boosterjet and Boosterjet Sport lying around. as you can see, the police Chargers still gets on top. The problem with car chases here in México City is that the tunning scene is quite popular here and people tends to rice their Sparks and Taurus but other people tend to really really overpower their Mazda 3 or old Golf GTIs so police started having trouble catching them. Also in Federal Roads is “common” (as common it can be of course) see some Audi A4 or even R8, Camaro, other Chargers, Mustangs, Volvo cars, one time I saw a Honda Civic TypeR. with those cars, the police has trouble catching them, specially really early in the morning (2, 3 am) when the city is empty, that's why the government has formed a special task of policemen that specializes in car chases equipping them with Nissan GT-R cars, with that machines, I doubt anyone can outrun then

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    What is the Driven Wheels of Volkswagen Vento?


    Here are the Driven Wheels and variants of Volkswagen Vento:

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    Is Volkswagen Vento available in Euro NCAP Rating?


    No, Volkswagen Vento isn't available in Euro NCAP Rating.

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