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Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

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volkswagen vento sizevolkswagen vento sizevolkswagen vento size
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Volkswagen Vento is an excellent bet in the mid size segment.

Volkswagen Vento 1.6 (Livingston, Price: £800): Make Volkswagen Model Jetta Colour Blue Year 1994 Engine size 1... http://bit.ly/aOscB0

Race in mid size sedan segment hots up! Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid upgraded. Watch only on Awaaz Overdrive. Sat 1:30pm & 10pm

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Volkswagen Vento ranked highest in the mid size segment in the recently declared J D Power 2015 APPEAL Study .... https://t.co/yokxcjSjFe

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Can 3 people sit comfortably in the rear seat of Skoda Rapid?

I have owned Skoda Rapid for 3 years and Volkswagen Vento for six months. I also have a joint family with two kids and parents staying with us most of the time. So I am qualified to answer this. Now coming to the answer, the middle seat is not so comfortable. It may be okay for maximum a teenager. And certainly okay for a child. For a full sized adult for a long journey, it is not very comfortable for two reasons: The channel on the rear seat at the centre is way too protruding and you would need to split your legs on the either side of the channel The cushioning on the rear central seat is lesser and stiffer, making it lesser comfortable Comparing with Swift Dzire or Tata Zest also, the middle rear seat is lesser comfortable

What will the repairing cost of a Volkswagen Vento be (there is a hole in the front bumper and there's nothing other than that. location: Chennai)?

If you go to company’s workshop it will cost around ₹4–5 k approx but all depends on the size of hole in bumper.

Why did Maruti Suzuki launch SX4 and suddenly close its production?

Before writing about the question, I would like to share a little known fact from 2007 coming to the Indian automobile market. It is that Maruti Suzuki were the leaders in whichever segment they used to operate back then barring the C-segment or in simple terms the mid-size sedan segment. This was because the Baleno was unnecessarily dragged forward and was obviously feeling to look dated in the face of growing competition. Maruti Suzuki on the other hand were on a roll with the runaway success of the Swift. Hence it made sense for them to wipe out the deficit that existed in the mid-size sedan space with a new and modern offering. This gave birth to one of the most fun to drive sedans ever to be launched in our market in the form of the SX4. It was one plucked right from the international markets and looked contemporary as well as classy. In fact, I still drool over the fact that it has SUV like design cues on the front, which made it a unique product in our market. The cross version of the SX4 was also slowly gaining recognition in the tough US market, so it was safe to say that the game was playing in the hands of Maruti Suzuki during the initial months of the SX4. Coming to the competition, the Honda City was the undisputed king of it and the Ford Fiesta had just managed to replicate the success of the josh machine. In addition to that, there was the capable but underrated Chevrolet Aveo and the affordable Hyundai Verna. This meant that the SX4 had its task cut out in order to emerge at the top of the segment. Did it manage to do that? Well yes and no. Yes in the sense the car found a lot of initial demand owing to the freshness it offered in a pretty much bland segment. The SX4 was absolute value for money at that time, getting features such as ABS, dual airbags, integrated stereo, steering mounted audio controls and 16-inch alloy wheels in a package costing less than Rs.8 lakhs! Keeping all that in hold, the SX4 didn't quite dispatch the Honda City in terms of sales and was in competition with the Ford Fiesta instead for the second spot. This could be due to drawbacks such as the car offering less rear seat space and lesser mileage figures as compared to most of its competition. Despite all that, the car kept going steady for some time which further inspired confidence amongst those associated with Maruti Suzuki. Sales crossed the one lakh unit mark in a span of 22 months to be precise, which in many ways is a pretty impressive start for the SX4. But the emergence of competitors from the period between 2008-2012 left the SX4 in an intense swordfight, in which it emerged as second best. Those include the Fiat Linea, Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid hinting at the fact that the segment had upgraded back then and by good measure. The launch of the new City in 2008 and the duo of the Hyundai Verna and Ford global Fiesta in 2011 meant that the SX4 became an outdated product just four years after it was introduced here. In fact, the market back then, particularly this segment had revolved to such an extent that Maruti Suzuki were offering heavy discounts at the time when most of its rivals were counting down their demand to supply ratio. A couple of years after enduring losses from it, Maruti Suzuki finally pulled the plug on the SX4 in early 2014 as I can remember. This was also to make way for their then secret project, which went on to be known as the Ciaz. The Ciaz still remains although the segment has taken a drastic dip in sales due to the emergence of a few flexible ones in comparison. As for the SX4, it is still being used in rally circuits across the country, which is a big proof of both its performance and reliability. It has also not completely vanished from our roads, with a few well maintained examples of it still seen running with as much gusto as earlier. Anyways, the SX4 was an outstanding attempt from Maruti Suzuki to get a grip on the mid-size sedan space here back then, which in return did not deliver on the expected lines. Picture Credits: BS Motoring, Concept Cars and Quikr India. Thank you.

Which is the safest mid-size car in India?

Skoda rapid,Volkswagen Vento and Volkswagen ameo.Their build quality is top notch and also provides basic safety features like air bags and abs as standard and they provide better stability at high speed

Which is the best sedan car in India, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, or Suzuki Ciaz?

The names of the cars you have mentioned are pretty damn solid in almost every aspect. But each one of them have their plus and minuses. But let me tell you something at the beginning, The Vento and the Rapid are exactly same cars except their badges. Also If you are looking for a mid size premium car you should also see the Honda City. So what I am going to do is tell you how these cars perform on different parameters. Let’s get started, Looks. Although this is very subjective there is no denying the fact that the Verna looks the most vibrant and young. It is really good looking. It has a strong street presence. The Vento is a car which will appeal to the guy who probably works in a MNC, goes to the office well dressed and likes everything in right amounts. He prefers coffee over chai. The Vento was launched a long time ago in India and it still manages to look good even after all these years with minor changes. The Rapid looks more or less the same. Then there is the Ciaz. This car looks very premium but is more of an old man’s car. I think it is like the HM Contessa. The Inside Experience. Now let me get it straight, if you want some proper back seat experience you better be off with the Japanese nibba. It has the best rear seat comfort out there, Massive legroom, rear sun blinds, all this makes you feel quite luxurious. But things are not quite as good at the front yes the materials used are good but there are hard plastics and the design does not feel as good as the Verna’s. Audio quality from the stereo is decent and the touchscreen interface is also smooth. Up next is the Verna. Verna has the best interior design here. It looks really appealing and the quality of the materials is top class. Rear seat wise tho it may not be as comfortable as the Ciaz but definitely is very good on long drives. The sunroof makes things quite airy. Audio quality is phenomenal as it gets one from the Arkamy’s and also gets a 3D surround effect . Punjabi songs sound quite lit in it. The touch screen is also quite nice. Next up the German twins, Vento and Rapid. Both have identical interiors. And they are properly built. They feel solid and built to last. Close the door and it makes the proper thud. Audio quality is quite nice and the infotainment is decent. The design could have been better tho. Driveability and Performance. Straight away here. If you are going for the top model diesel , The Verna is the one. 126 bhp and 260 nms is more than enough to make you smile. 0–100 kmph comes in 10 secs flat. The petrol mill is also quite punchy and makes 123 horses and 153 nms. It does 0–100 kmph in 10.5 secs. The Rapid and the Vento are also really good in terms of performance. If you are looking for the petrol go for the 1.2 which makes 103 horses and 175 nms. The brilliancy here is of the 7 speed DSG auto gearbox. 0–100 kmph in 11 secs flat. The Ciaz here is not that good in diese engines department. It has that 89 hp and 200 nms diesel engines. The 1.5 petrol is quite nice and does 0–100 in 11 secs flat. it makes 103 horses and 138 nms. But if you really want a petrol sedan go for the Honda city hands down. In terms of Handling , the vento is really up there at the top. It feels rock solid even at speeds of upto 185 kmph. Steering is good and it’s an ebjoyable car. Looks like the MNC nibba loves driving!! Ride is also quite nice. The new Korean nibba is also very good at handling in it’s new generation. Steering has a good response and feel to it.The weight of the car keeps it quite planted at high speeds. Also the ride is the best here. Really. The Ciaz has the perfect balance of two. The ride is really very nice but the handling is not all that fun loving. And although its planted, its not as confidence inspiring as the contenders. Effeciencies; Ciaz- petrol-21.5 and diesel 28.00 kmpl Verna - petrol 16 and 1.4- 24 kmpl and 1.6- 23 kmpl Vento- petrol- 15.8 kmpl and diesel-22.14 kmpl Safety. No doubt that the Verna and the Vento are the safest here. Vento being a VW is tank like and the Verna is right up there. The Verna offers 6 airbags in it’s top trim along with a host of other safety features. While all the other cars offer 2 airbags and ABS and EBD. The ciaz here is not that solidly built but its safe . Verdict . Pricing Suzuki Ciaz : 8.20 lacs-11.38 lacs Hyundai Verna; 8.09- 14.03 lacs VW Vento; 8.63- 14.32 lacs Skoda Rapid- 9–14.26 lacs. Suzuki Ciaz; A no nonsense premuim car which is not the best but makes a strong case for itself with bullet proof reliability and after sales service. Low maintenance. Hyundai Verna; Probably the champion here with excellent appeal, strong performance an premium feel. Low Maintenance. VW Vento and Skoda Rapide; A typical German car with a fuss free character. Strong in every area except let down by high maintenance. All these cars are really very good and offer high degrees of sophistication. It really boils down to one’s personal needs on which one to buy. Drive fast, Drive sensibly, Drive Safe. Hope it helps!!!

Which is the best diesel automatic sedan in India?

If you are looking for a compact sedan then go for Volkswagen Ameo/Ford Aspire, Mid size sedan - Hyndai verna 1.6 L/Volkswagen Vento, Full size sedan then perhaps skoda Octavia/Hyundai Elantra.

What are the top 5 Indian cars (sedan/SUV) one should consider buying in 10–12 lakhs ex-showroom price range?

At this price point you will get few mid size sedan and compact SUVs. Sedans: 1.Honda City 2.Hyundai Verna 3.Suzuki Ciaz 4. Volkswagen Vento 5. Skoda Rapid SUVs Hyundai Creta Maruti Suzuki Brezza Renault Captur Ford Ecosport Honda WR-V Renault Duster Nissan TerranoTerrain Suzuki S-Cross (It's a crossover but you can still consider)

How good is a Fiat Linea car?

The Linea was a car that was very much slated to take forward Fiat's India operations here for the future. The Italian manufacturer did roll out the Palio Stile earlier which indicated that an India revamp set to happen on behalf of them. Here, the Linea was a step in the next level in terms of how good a product it was. As for me, the Linea was a sedan which was ahead of its time. It was famous back then for offering luxury sedan proportions and comfort at a price of a mid-size sedan. This had made it a very attractive alternative to the existing diesels back in the day. Honda had also launched the third generation of the City at around the same time of its launch, which did ignite healthy competition between the two products. Add to it there were also cars such as the Maruti Suzuki SX4, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Verna and Chevrolet Aveo as competition. The time between 2005-2012 here was the one for mid-size sedans, with plenty of interesting offerings being launched in that era. It all seemed good before the compact SUV craze started, one which I would not complain much about. Anyways, the Linea was also part of that mid-size sedan batch, with its official launch taking place in January 2009. In short, it was a solid, robust and spacious car which was almost well suited to our roads. But one thing that was missing in its earlier models was the performance, which was decent to say the least. The Linea was not as direct as say the original Fiat Palio but it made up for it by offering good levels of comfort and an attractive price tag. Fiat did bring the Linea T-Jet in late 2010 which did improve the performance stocks of the car but that didn't have much impact on its sales numbers. Launches such as the Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid and the Fluidic design inspired Hyundai Verna did affect sales of the Linea, which the latter never recovered from. While space and ride quality were still its trump card, the Linea started to look dated in the face of new competition and it was also not being helped by Fiat's poor dealer network across the country. In 2014, Fiat did manage to introduce the Linea but it looked a case of too little too late. Fiat themselves were struggling to keep up to the flow of the market, with an average of just about 600 cars being sold every month. The Linea did little to revive their operations and it was only a matter of time as to when they will seize their India operations. Coming to the Linea, it was a case of what could have been. This was because the Linea pretty much had the potential to become the leading mid-size sedan in its segment despite Fiat's woes in India. But the automaker never quite aligned to change themselves from the past and in turn paid the price for that. Nevertheless, the Linea is fondly remembered by enthusiasts and automotive community here for the package it offered and it will be a product that will not be forgotten soon. Picture Credits: Google. Thank you.

Which is best, Volkswagen Vento or Skoda Octavia?

Vento and Octavia are not of same class to compare Vento is mid size sedan and Octavia is premium class sedan. But both the cars are from VW family. Both have same build quality. Just to answer your question, Skoda Octavia is best.

Is it okay if I upgrade my Volkswagen Vento tyre size to 195/65/R15 from 185/60/R15?

Upgrade form 185/60 R15 to 195/65 R15 is ,definitely not recommended., The diameter change is 5% which will definitely damage your power train. You may upgrade it to 195/60 R15 as the change in diameter is 2% and change in width is 5.1%

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