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(2020 VW Vento Price and Specs | Gallery)The Volkswagen Vento is a B-segment sedan that competes against

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would’ve noticed by now that it’s very difficult to find one that’s not pained in white

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and powder coatings, revealed that the most popular automotive colour in the world is none other than white

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wireless charger, and a dual-tone interior.Among the colour choices offered for the HR-V, Platinum White

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Vento for the now-discontinued Jetta.And that is not a bad thing either, as the Volkswagen Vento is

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Vento galleryThe Volkswagen Vento is the sole turbocharged model in this comparison.Although some may

The Volkswagen Arteon is a Golf R with a boot, estimated prices: RM290k – RM310k

available - Manganese Grey, Deep Black, Reflex Silver, Romance Red, Urano Grey, Turmeric Yellow, Oryx White

Spied: 2020 Nissan Almera in white, spotted again in Putrajaya!

closer look at it to determine which variant we’re looking at.But what caught our eyes is the white

More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is ushering in this Chinese New Year with special savings on

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2020 VW Arteon, Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace to make Malaysian debut on Aug 12!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is another oversight.When equipped with the 1.2-litre TSI engine, the Volkswagen

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yearsVolkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) today announced the launch of its insurance programme, the Volkswagen

What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

CapturSubaru Subaru XVToyota Toyota Yaris Toyota Vios Toyota Innova Toyota Rush Toyota FortunerVolkswagen Volkswagen

Pay RM 199 at Volkswagen’s Shopee store to receive up to RM 14k worth of rewards

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) launched their special 7.7 mid-year online sale.

Car exhaust systems are getting stolen to turn into white gold rings

According to PDRM, the parts are stripped down to later turn into white gold and sold as jewellery.Head

VW teases 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has been on sale here since 2017, and it desperately needs a facelift,

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A couple of months ago, Volkswagen Malaysia was busy with the launch of the Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

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The Polo was the oldest model in Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s (VPCM) line-up and while

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Credits: Rushlane, OverdriveWith news of the Volkswagen Vento finally discontinued in Malaysia out of

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However, other rivals such as the Mazda 2 Sedan (RM 76,670 – RM 94,670), and Volkswagen Vento (

Volkswagen Vento discontinued in Malaysia, what will replace it?

Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

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Enter the Volkswagen Polo.

Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

(2016 Volkswagen Vento Gallery | Specifications | Full Review)Volkswagen VentoEnter the Volkswagen Vento

New 2020 Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TSI facelift - lower price at RM 189,012, less power, but more features

Volkswagen Passengers Car Malaysia rolls out the new facelift 2020 Volkswagen Passat, priced at RM 189,012

Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased to announce a reduction on the prices of its models

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

Fortuner Toyota Hilux (locally-assembled but dont qualify, commercial vehicle) Toyota HiaceVolkswagen Volkswagen

New Platinum White Pearl colour for Honda Civic and Honda BR-V

Honda Malaysia has introduced a brand-new Platinum White Pearl colour option to the 2020 Honda Civic

B-segment sedan resale values: City and Vios lead, but Almera is worse than Vento?

Before it was the Vento, it was called the Polo SedanStalwarts of the B-segment sedan scene - the Toyota

How the 7-seater Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace makes sense in Malaysian market

seater Tiguan Allspace though, it would have a competitive edge over the popular SUV models here.The Volkswagen

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What's the procedure to cancel booking of vitara brezza?

Planning to buy car but changed mind later on for buying other manufacturer car or even postponing the buying decision. Know Cancellation Charges on cancelling the booking Cancellation Charges There could be one to many reasons for cancellation of booking. We are not going into debate - » is it legal for dealers to take cancellation charges (as car is still in there stock) or » why to pay cancellation when car is not registered or » is the car custom built to pay cancellation charges or any other reasons, as we are firm on our view as mentioned in the last para of this article post. How to Safeguard against Dubious Cancellation Policy But - Its very important to check for Booking Cancellation Terms and Policy in Written (before making booking payment - Even if you are convinced to buy a car). What is the booking cancellation charges and there terms on it. What if the dealer delays in your delivery, or color not available or say finance application does not gets approved or been charged higher interest rates or better discount offered by competition dealer. Ensure to get this in writing before making a booking with them. Verbal commitments are least to get honored - in case of any dispute later on. Never go in for a booking - wherein a line or clause mentioned that "In case of cancellation, cancellation charges will be applicable". Ensure to have the amount clearly mentioned against it. Else, dealer may even charge you Rs. 10,000 on worse note in name of cancellation charges. There have been multiple instances - wherein cancellation charges are waived - due to clear terms in black and white with dealer and 100% booking amount is refunded. Below are Cancellation Charges which are deducted from Booking Amount » Volkswagen Cars, General Motors, Ford, Skoda, Renault, Nissan Cars - Rs. 3500 - 10,000 ,(Rs. 10,000 for Cars like Endeavour, X Trail, Skoda Superb. Rs. 5000 for Vento, Fiesta, Terrano, Scala etc and lesser for hatch cars) » Honda,Toyota - Rs. 2500 - Rs. 5000 » Tata Motors, Mahindra - Rs. 2500 - Rs. 3000 » Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, - Rs. 2000 - Rs. 2500 (Swift to Sx4, Hyundai Eon to I20 to Verna) Note: Above are General Cancellation Charges on Average There been certain queries which may come up - like if car is Invoiced or Billed - dealer is not cancelling the booking - as thats shown as sold. Yes - its possible to cancel the car, even its invoiced. Though dealer will create a lot of hue & cry that invoice or billed car can not be cancelled. But - if registration is not done - its much possible to cancel the booking. One may be require to take Manufacturer in Loop or take a legal view - but as long as car is not registered - its much possible to cancel the delivery. For Insurance - if a policy is issued can well be treated null and void - if car is not delivered or not registered. However - if the car papers are sent for Registration - with a number been allotted - in most likely scenario - dealer will not cancel the booking or may forfeit a hefty sum in event of cancellation - as car will treated as registered. Are Cancellation Charges Supposed to be Payable MyCarHelpline View on Booking Cancellation Charges,: As long as Vehicle is not Delivered and Papers not sent for Registration. No Customer should pay in Cancellation Charges. Remember - Booking Amount is not a Contract of Sale. Booking only marks an Intent to Purchase Vehicle. Contract of Sale happens only when customer makes in 100% Payment with Vehicle Invoiced A Manufacturer or Dealer is not making any Custom Built Cars. Its a Standard Vehicle which will find another buyer. Have you ever Heard Dealer Paying 'Cancellation Charges' to customer - in event of Color not available or Model Variant not available. Then why is the Customer been asked to pay in Cancellation Charges. Source: ,Cancellation Charges

If you want to give me a piece of advice right now, what would you give? I am going through a very tough life. Everything seems hopeless.

I will tell you a small story. Once upon a time there was a man. when he was six years old, his father passed away leaving him to cook and care for his siblings. In seventh grade, he dropped out of school and left home to go work as a farmhand. Already turning into a tough cookie. At 16, he faked his age to enlist in the United States army. After being honorably discharged a year later, he got hired by the railway as a laborer. However, he got fired for fighting with a coworker. While he worked for the railway, he studied law--until he ruined his legal career by getting into another fight. He was forced to move back in with his mom and get a job selling life insurance. And guess what? He got fired for insubordination. But this guy wouldn't give up. In 1920, he founded a ferry boat company. Later, he tried cashing in his ferry boat business to create a lamp manufacturing company only to find out that another company already sold a better version of his lamp. Poor guy couldn't catch a break. It wasn't until age 40 that he began selling chicken dishes in a service station. As he began to advertise his food, an argument with a competitor resulted in a deadly shootout. Four years later, he bought a motel which burned to the ground along with his restaurant. Yet this determined man rebuilt and ran a new motel until World War II forced him to close it down. Following the war, he tried to franchise his restaurant. His recipe was rejected 1,009 times before anyone accepted it. Sander's "secret recipe" was coined "Kentucky Fried Chicken", and quickly became a hit. However, the booming restaurant was crippled when an interstate opened nearby so Sanders sold it and pursued his dream of spreading KFC franchises & hiring ,KFC workers, all across the country. After years of failures and misfortunes, Sanders finally hit it big. KFC expanded internationally and he sold the company for two million dollars ($15.3 million today). Even today, Sanders remains central in KFC's branding and his face still appears in their logo. His goatee, white suit and western string tie continue to symbolize delicious Hey fried chicken all over the world. If you're overwhelmed by rejection or discouraged by setbacks, remember the story of Colonel Harland Sanders. Fired from multiple jobs, ruined his legal career, was set back by the Great Depression, fires and World War II, yet still created one of the largest fast food chains in the world. Sanders wouldn't let anything or anyone defeat him. I am telling this story because it was the best story of success after lot of failures. But only one in one crores people will achieve this kind of success. But remaining people after failure they will just leave trying. When I am in tenth class when I got less marks and got insulted I felt life is going lot harder for me. When I passed 12th and when I got 90% I thought everything in my life is going well. When I got internship in good company I thought everything going well. And when I am not placed in campus placements again I thought everything in my life is not going well. Actually it is not about situation, it is all about time. When I got maruthi 800,I dreamt about Volkswagen vento, when I got Suzuki Dzire, I am dreaming about fortuner. ,This is life we will not see what we have, we will only look what we didn't have. What I am trying to say is don't feel hopeless or don't feel you have very tough life, the real tough life is out there on roads. The person who asked this question know English and he is writing from smartphone or laptop. There are people who don't know all these. And lastly, whenever you felt hopeless. Just stay calm and don't talk more and when you talk, talk with more clarity and think twice when you talk. ,Let the time pass, everything gets right, All you have to do is don't get discouraged. THANK YOU. Rock on

Why are Maruti Suzuki cars often ridiculed as tin cans? Is it a false belief that they make the weakest cars? How safe are cars like Dzire and Baleno?

**DISCLAIMER: Maruti Fanboys don’t read this answer!** Majority of the MARUTI cars are just running piece of tins! They are taking the Indian market for granted. It’s not that Maruti cars have always been bad ,cars like SX4 were certainly a gem. But their new cars are nothing less than a can , but I also have to give it to their marketing team that it has marketed the ridiculous HEARTECT as ,safe,. Here’s the advertisement video: Saw the part where it was mentioned ,HEARTECT PLATFORM :The Safe Platform, ,JOKE😆 ,the next tagline was ,Hum rakhte hain aapka khayal*”, (Translation: We care for you), a bigger joke , Maruti indeed cares about us in terms of ,mileage ,,but what the heck will we do of mileage if our life is not safe. It is not that MARUTI don’t have the technology of making safe cars . The Indian spec S-Presso has scored ,0 ,in the GNcap . Whereas the S-Presso sold in SOUTH AFRICA is **safer **then the Indian one even though the SOUTH AFRICAN model is manufactured in ,INDIA itself! .,Don’t believe me ? See this : Suzuki S-Presso Safety: Is South African Version Better Than Indian Car? I know that now many fanboys will come and say that ,*MARUTI cars give mileage .* But it is not necessary that for mileage you need to sacrifice safety! TATA NEXON -5star rated compact SUV and has the highest claimed mileage of 22.4kmpl . Some owners have also got ,28–29kmpl! ,though it’s very rare but still.., (Read this answer for reference : Ravi Varma's answer to Why does Tata Nexon get so much praise online even when it provides not so good mileage? ,Ravi Varma's answer to Why does Tata Nexon get so much praise online even when it provides not so good mileage?,) TATA ALTROZ -5star rated hatchback and has the claimed mileage of 25.11kmpl! Statement of a MS official : “,For Maruti Suzuki, as a market leader, ,safety is a top priority, and we are fully committed towards enhancing the safety of our products and making consumers aware about the same.” Safety is MS’s top priority only while giving press-conferences and interviews and not during the implementation. When KWID ,CELERIO ,EECO & SCORPIO performed poorly in the GLOBAL NCAP ,then the statements of the companies were recorded: Renault : ,”As a customer-focused company, Renault fully supports this initiative and we are already future-ready in terms of technology, design and engineering for enhanced safety for all our vehicles. Indian Government has announced that the crash test regulation for the existing cars will come into effect in 2019 and for the new cars in 2017. Renault is committed to comply with these timelines". MS : “,All our products are safe. They meet the safety standards of India and in most cases, exceed them. The tests by global NCAP are conducted at speeds that are higher than those prescribed by the regulatory authorities not only in India but in Europe and USA. The results of Global NCAP have to be seen in that perspective.,” MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA: ,"All Mahindra Automotive products are developed and manufactured to meet or exceed the safety standards set in India for a safe driving experience. In fact, many models exceed the expected regulations of 2019. The star rating as released by Global NCAP (GNCAP) in the latest crash test was conducted on non-airbags variant of the Scorpio. Typically, in any star rating process, non-airbag variants do not perform well on safety standards." Where on one hand RENAULT openly supported this initiative . M&M and MS silently condemned it . But at least, M&M improved it’s safety take XUV300 for an example. When XUV300 & ALTROZ scored 5 star rating , ,David Ward, CEO and President of Global New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) urged other manufacturers to produce 5-star safety rated cars in India. The manufacturers that were challenged by Mr. Ward include Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Toyota Kirloskar Motor and even Volkswagen India. However, Maruti Suzuki, which currently has only one car(VITARA BREZZA) with a 4-star safety rating as of now, has confirmed that it will not be sending its cars to be crash tested by Global NCAP. The above para is an excerpt from: ,Maruti Suzuki Will Not Send Its Cars For Global NCAP Crash Tests What better can be expected from a brand who doesn’t even want their cars to be crash-tested. Being the biggest automaker in India, it does not suit Maruti to get defamed for producing cars with poor safety standards. Such reports can tarnish the reputation of any carmaker. The embarrassment is faced only when Global NCAP declares its result. For reference, let’s tell you that crash testing under Global NCAP is not mandatory in India. Hence, Maruti Suzuki avoids sending its cars for crash testing by foreign agencies. One of my maternal uncle have a 2018 BALENO (he didn’t bought it ,it was gifted to him from his company) he is also a keen car enthusiast and has driven several cars ranging from entry level to luxury cars . His 1st car was a 2009 BLACK ALTO and after that he also had 2–3 WagonR ,even today he own 3–4 cars (including BALENO) ,out of all the cars which he has owned or drove ,BALENO is the worst . Even a gentle push from a bicycle causes a dent at its bumper. During 2009–10 I used to have a white swift ,one night a truck came and got touched on it’s front left side and boom that part was vanished just by a minor touch😂. Moreover, those days are gone when MSIL used to have low maintenance ,now their new products also have the same or slightly less maintenance as the competition. Rubbish statement by Maruti chief :More safety features in cars will mean less road safety, says RC BHARGAVA: ,More safety features in cars will mean less road safety, says Maruti chief I know that even after putting the disclaimer now many fanboys will come and say that MS’s cars have **crumple zones** and therefore they deform so easily . So according to them are VW cars or TATA or MAHINDRA cars not safe? This is the pic of a VENTO sliding under DUSTER In such sort of an accident I can bet that a Maruti or NEXA car would have became ,papad. Also what’s the point of having such weak so called crumple zones if your car gets regular dents by minor pushes🤷‍♂️ A must read for those who are thinking of giving the excuse of crumple zones, :,Few years back there was a study conducted by ford employees in Chennai when they stripped down a Ford Figo & Suzuki Swift. And guess what, there were NO crumple zones in Swift. Again saying it’s not that all MSIL cars unsafe but ,majority ,of them are! ~,Shrayesh **JAI HIND🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️**

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I prefer ,Honda City, Since, The 2020 All New Honda City has been dispatched in India. A fifth era for the City, it is being offered in three trims that incorporate V, VX and ZX. There are five tones including brilliant red metallic, platinum pearl white, present day steel metallic, brilliant earthy colored metallic and lunar silver metallic. The costs range from Rs 10.89 lakh to Rs 14.64 lakh (all costs, ex-display area, Delhi). Highlight insightful, the All New City is outfitted with another full LED light bundle, path watch help camera, environment control, sunroof, 8.0-inchtouchscreen infotainment framework with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and tallness change driver seat. All forms get three-point safety belts, head rest for second line center traveler, ISOFIX kid seat mounting focuses, double front airbags and ABS with EBD. The top-spec ZX variation gets six airbags. There are two motor alternatives for this fifth era Honda City. The 1.5-liter I-VTEC DOHC petroleum motor produces 119bhp/145Nm and can be had with a six-speed manual or a CVT. The diesel motor is Honda's 1.5-liter I-DTEC unit delivering 98bhp/200Nm of force and mated to a six-speed manual as it were. The petroleum MT returns an eco-friendliness of 17.8kmpl, while the CVT returns 18.4kmpl. The diesel MT returns an eco-friendliness of 24.1kmpl. Read more While the Volkswagen , The Volkswagen Vento has gotten a midlife update with new arrangement of restorative and highlight overhauls. The new Vento is presently accessible in streak red shading choice, notwithstanding the current shading alternatives like the nightfall red, reflex silver treats white, carbon steel, lapiz blue and toffee earthy colored. Outside changes, which are generally critical for the vehicle include another grille, new front and back guards and a refreshed plan for the combination wheels. The Volkswagen Vento gets another GT Line version that includes a dark rooftop, GT Line side foil and bumper identification, dark ORVM cap and a back spoiler. The lodge stays pretty much unaltered and on best in class models, you get touchscreen infotainment framework, environment control, double front airbags, ABS with EBD and an all-dark shading plan. It gets Volkswagen Connect, an availability suite that highlights trip tracker, trip sharing, driver conduct and measurement following, fuel cost observing and administration breakdown implication to the vendor. The Volkswagen Vento is being offered with a 1.6-liter petroleum motor creating 103bhp/153Nm just as a 1.5-liter diesel that produces 108bhp/250Nm. The 1.6-liter motor is just offered with a five-speed manual while the diesel can likewise be had with a seven-speed DSG. You additionally get a 1.2-liter super petroleum creating 103bhp/175Nm. This motor is mated to the seven-speed DSG. Read more

What are some of the best photos that describe various states of India and how?

This is going to be a long answer. So, sit back and enjoy the ride! Let me take you on a ride to my beloved ,Maharashtra, (literally means Great Nation). Maharashtra is one of the wealthiest and the most developed states in India. It is India's and also the world's second-most populous sub-national entity having over 110 million inhabitants (comparable to Mexico). Food Misal Paav , A spicy curry usually made of sprouted moth beans (matki) and topped with sev (Indian noodles). ,Yum!, Vada Paav, Distant cousin of Burgers, this cheap yet delicious street food is native to Maharashtra and originated from Mumbai! Paav Bhaji, Another native Maharashtrian fast food originated from Mumbai and now has become popular all over India Kolhapuri Mutton Rassa (Kolhapur's Mutton Gravy), ,Ah! This is heaven! , Coming to Maharashtra and not having ,ultra spicy ,Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhra Rassa (Kolhapur's Red Gravy-White Gravy) is a sin! Pithla Bhakri, Now this is a typical Maharashtrian food dish made from chick pea flour and eaten along with Bhakri (thick Indian bread) and is widely eaten across villages and towns of the state. Festival Foods, Ukdiche Modak (Steamed Modak), A very similar food to Momos but with a twist- they are sweet! A food as a part of religious offering to Ganesha! Diwali Faral (Diwali Snacks), A lot of different snacks that a Maharashtrian eats during Diwali festival! ,A divine combination of sweet and spicy snacks, indeed!, Puran Poli, ,How can one forget Puran Poli? , A traditional stuffed sweet flatbread with a spoonful of ghee which is served during almost all festivals in Maharashtra. Festivals Ganesha Festival, Mumbai's ,Lalbaug cha Raja ,Ganesha Pune's Iconic ,Dhol Pathak ,(Drum troupes) Gudhi Padwa, Celebrated as Marathi (,people native to Maharashtra), New Year! ,Another awesome thing about Gudi Padwa Celebration March:, Diwali Pola, A bull-worshiping festival celebrated by farmers in Maharashtra. Khandoba Festival, A six-day festival, from the first to sixth lunar day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu month of Margashirsha, in honour of ,Khandoba ,(Hindu God) is celebrated at Jejuri, to commemorate the fight with demons Mani-Malla. ,Note: This is different from Holi!, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Nature Maharashtra is one of the few states in India which has amazing natural resources bestowed upon by mother nature. Beautiful Konkan , Breathtaking Sahyadri Mountain Range, ,Bhandardara Falls, ,Mahabaleshwar, ,Lonar, Lake The Lonar crater is the ,world's only salt water lake, in basaltic rock, believed to have been caused by a meteorite hitting Earth around 52,000 years ago. ,History Now, Maharashtra has been known as land of warriors and thus, it has a great history behind it. The antiquity of this region can be traced to approximately the 4th century BC. Forts, Magnificent forts built by the great King Shivaji ,Shanivar wada ,(built by great Peshwas) Caves, ,Ajanta Caves ,(UNESCO World Heritage Site) ,Elephanta Caves ,(UNESCO World Heritage Site) Mughal Monuments , ,Bibi ka Maqbara ,(Tomb of the Lady) is strikingly similar structure to Taj Mahal which was commissioned by the sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in the late 17th century in the memory of his first wife, Dilras Banu Begum. ,No, this not Taj Mahal!, ,Tomb of Salabat Khan ,(AKA Chand Bibi Mahal) Chand Bibi was an Indian Muslim woman warrior who acted as the Regent of Ahmednagar. She is best known for defending Ahmednagar against the Mughal forces of, Emperor Akbar,. ,Tomb of Aurangzeb ,(Great Mughal Emperor) British Colonial Architecture, ,Gateway of India, ,Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus, (formerly, Victoria Terminus) (UNESCO World Heritage Site) ,Bombay Municipal Corporation, (BMC) Educational Institutes, ,Fergusson College, Pune , Founded in 1885 by the Deccan Education Society and Fergusson College was the first privately governed college in India. ,College of Engineering, Pune, Established in 1854, it is one of the oldest engineering college in Asia, after IIT Roorkee. ,University of Mumbai, Others Zero Mile Stone, Nagpur, A monument locating the geographical center of colonial India in the city of Nagpur. The Zero Mile Stone was erected by the British who used this point to measure all the distances. ,(Credits for the information: ,Kaustubh Mulay, in the comments.), Modern Maharashtra, Maharashtra has always been a land of opportunity. Being one of the most developed and richest states in India. Maharashtra possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure. Infrastructure, ,Mumbai , The financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India! ,Bombay Stock Exchange (Oldest in Asia), ,Mumbai Sea Link , ,Mumbai International Airport New Terminal, ,Mumbai Metro, ,Mumbai Mono Rail, ,Mumbai-Pune Expressway, India's first high-speed expressway. ,Eastern Freeway, Mumbai, ,Phoenix Market City, Mumbai, Largest shopping mall in Maharashtra and second largest in India! ,Windmill Farm, Dhule, ,Tarapur Nuclear Reactor, ,Homi Bhabha Atomic Research Center, ,Bombay High Oil Refinery , ,Pune: IT Hub of Maharashtra, Infosys, Pune ,Pune: Home of India's Supercomputers, India's PARAM series of supercomputers are designed and built in C-DAC Pune. ,PARAM Yuva ,(Yuva II records highest 524 TFLOPS), ,Pune: Automobile Manufacturing Hub of Maharashtra, Volkswagen Vento is made entirely in Volkswagen Pune Plant Housing, ,Lavasa, Pune, ,Imperial Towers, Mumbai, Tallest residential building in India! ,Antilla, It is deemed to be the World's second most expensive residential property! ,Amanora Towers, Pune, ,World One, Mumbai, World's upcoming super-tallest residential complex! People Great King Shivaji Maharaj, ,B.R. Ambedkar, Independent India's first law minister and the principal architect of the Constitution of India. ,Shri Balasaheb Thackeray, ,Anna Hazare, ,Baba Amte, Social activist known particularly for his work for the rehabilitation and empowerment of poor people suffering from ,leprosy,. ,Vikram Pandit, Former chief executive of ,Citigroup ,who saved Citi. ,Vijay Bhatkar, Architect of India's PARAM series supercomputers. Lata Mangeshkar, Legendary Bollywood singer ,Madhuri Dixit, Beauty queen of Bollywood ,Superstar Rajnikanth, ,Yes! Superstar Rajnikanth is marathi. His name is ,Shivajirao Gaikwad., ,Zaheer Khan, ,Ajinkya Rahane, ,Sunil Gavaskar, ,Little Master!, ,Finally, ,The God of Cricket! Sachin Tendulkar, ,No words required for this man!, , , Bollywood Did you really think that I missed Bollywood? Maharashtra ,is home to one of the biggest film industries in the world, Bollywood! ,Marathi Film Industry, Apart from Bollywood (which is mainly based in Mumbai), Mumbai and Pune take pride in being a host to Marathi Film Industry! Marathi film industry is the oldest and a pioneer film industry in India. The first Marathi movie released in India was Shree Pundalik by Dadasaheb Torne in 1912. ,Maharashtra certainly is a Maha Rashtra (Great Nation) and one should visit this magnificent land of warriors and saints once in life. ,*Disclaimer: All images belong to their respective owners. I do not intend to infringe any copyright laws., *,Suggestions are welcome! Edit 1: Thank you ,Anita Marathe,, ,Aditya Sapate,, ,Harshal Shailendra Gurav हर्षल शैलेंद्र गुरव,, ,Prasad Kambli,, ,User-9953425479814050678,, ,Prashant Ghuge,, ,Sheetal Patel,, ,Srinivas Borgaonkar, for promoting it!

If Volkswagen Polo is so much loved by its owners in India, why its sales numbers are so less?

Only king (vw owners) can afford a white elephant (polo/vento) in their garage

Which car is best, Volkswagen Vento or Tata Nexon?

Vento is a Lux.Sedan And Tata Nexon is a Compact suv Both Are Different Segments. Volkswagen Vento is a Solidly Built car with Powerful Drivetrain In Both Petrol and Diesel. on Other hand Tata Nexon is cheaper to buy, pros - Built quality,fuel economical engines, Futuristic cabin , safety 5 star rating. Tata cars are cheaper to maintain than VW. VW service cost is also on higher side, spare parts are also very expensive and not available in rural areas.Tata is an Indian brand so parts is easliy available in rural areas also. if you want to enjoy Driving pleasure, can afford its exp. services then go for VW you will really love its handling and performance , looks are great also it does stand out in crowd looks very premium specially in candy white colour and Titanium Beige (best). if You wanna Buy a Economical , Solid car with good ground clearance go for Tata Nexon. Ecosport is also an Good option bcoz of it Offer you at same price point. and it doesnt feel underpowered as Nexon 1.2l engines. Choose wisely : )

Volkswagen Vento TSI vs Skoda Rapid TSI, which BS6 car is better?

Hello there. Great question, this one. The Vento and Rapid are the same cars through and through. Same platforms, engines, transmissions. But what’s different? The packaging and pricing. These are the two things that would help decide which car suits your requirements better. Here’s what: 1. ,Pricing, The Vento and Rapid work with different prices, just like every other pair of similar cars in the market. The Rapid has a huge benefit in the lower variants while the Vento gets the benefits towards the higher variants (as of July 2020). Knowing VW, this could change anytime. 2. ,Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, A huge differences between the two cars is the Android Auto / Apple CarPlay touchscreen infotainment system. The Vento gets it, in a very clean, very no non-sense head unit. But the Rapid gets an android based system that looks very after-market. 3. ,After-sales, Between Volkswagen and Škoda, market confidence is better when it comes to Volkswagen’s dealership distribution and service touchpoints when compared to Škoda’s mostly single-dealer network in most cities. 4. ,Resale, With maintenance confidence better in Volkswagen, the resale-ability gets an advantage too. While depreciation, in general, is high for Volkswagen and Skoda, the Vento could go for a better price when compared to the Rapid. Having said that, if you’re looking to own ANY car for 7+ years, do not think too much about depreciation and potential resale value. 5. Colours and variants, The Rapid comes with a strange combination of variants and colours availability with those specific variants. For ex., the MonteCarlo variant comes only in Red, White. The Onyx variant comes only in Blue, White. The Vento has a more standardized approach to the colours and variants. Hope this helps. Information from:

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