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What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

CapturSubaru Subaru XVToyota Toyota Yaris Toyota Vios Toyota Innova Toyota Rush Toyota FortunerVolkswagen Volkswagen

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

Fortuner Toyota Hilux (locally-assembled but dont qualify, commercial vehicle) Toyota HiaceVolkswagen Volkswagen

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The complete and awesome auto-detailing solutions, only at Detailing Devils! We are all about making your ride look great! Just like this Volkswagen Vento. Contact + 91 9555695695 / 07711007979 Map: #ceramiccoating #Volkswagen #vento https://t.co/Mmh9i9mTxo

#Volkswagen #Vento facelift has been spotted testing. More details about the car here: http://t.co/nbyMqoB28a

You saw Volkswagen Vento's talking ad, how about Live Digital video ad in a Newspaper - here it is from AXA - http://bit.ly/9qyoAw

#VWPP Its all about Volkswagen vento talk, all around the IPL!!

I haven't really wrote about Vento, but she's a car. The best car. She is 1997 Volkswagen Vento CL, turning 22 this year like I did. She's like a sister on car form to be honest!

Come to think about it, The Maruti Swift Dzire & Volkswagen Vento just have an added boot(ay) & are the Kardashians of cars. Cardashian! Bye

Times of india : oh god i wondered who is reading paper out loudly , its paper it self about volkswagen vento Awsome idea.

We are offering the best inforation about new Volkswagen Vento car price and its features. You can get ... http://t.co/rIUIAp3F

Whole India is talking about this Ad, truly innovative!! - Volkswagen Vento Talking Newspaper Ad via @youtube

Feel the LOVE. Know more about Features and Specifications of the Brand New Volkswagen Vento. #volkswagen #vento... http://t.co/SMIrkoCdQ5

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Which Sedan is better among Hyundai Verna, Honda City, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, Maruti Ciaz, Toyota Yaris on Indian roads?

All the above cars are sedans but perform very different roles in the roads. anyway, it depends on one’s requirement. speaking of indian roads, mileage plays a very important role. mileage wise, hyundai verna delivers the best. it gives about 21–24 kmpl which is followed by maruti ciaz (20–24 kmpl), skoda rapid (19–20 kmpl), volkswagen vento (18–19 kmpl), toyota yaris (17–18 kmpl) and honda city (17–18 kmpl). (note: ciaz MT gives about 28 kmpl) safety wise, CITY, VENTO, RAPID AND VERNA scored 5 stars while the rest scored 4 stars. for long drive and comfort, one can go for verna, city, ciaz and yaris since it provides best features and comfort. if speed maters the most, vento and rapid gives the best of all. price wise, ciaz is more affordable and the cost of maintenance is cheaper than the rest of the cars. so, it all lies with the customer requirements at the end since all of the above cars are one of the best sedans in the market.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

Volkswagen Vento. Eyes closed. Firstly, The latest gen Vento has a lot of bling to it, if features is what you're looking out for. Plus the VWAG cars have a LOT of aftermarket options to suit to your liking. Secondly, VW owns 10 companies such as Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley, Man, Ducati etc and believe it or not there's a lot of parts sharing in the VAG group. I own a Vento and a Polo too. Both TSI 7DSG and the TSI engines are manufactured by audi. That can only mean good. Thirdly, TSI engine and DSG (Dual Clutch Gearbox) are the latest technology you can get in today's market. The Honda City is far behind compared to Vento in terms of drive ability, refinement and quality standards. Fourthly, if you're thinking of a diesel let me tell you Europeans make the best diesels. I've driven the Homda City diesel and it is highly underpowered and begs for more power. You'll not only get bored but will not feel like driving it. Lastly, reliability and maintenance is a question many people raise against VWAG cars. Let me tell you that VWAG cars need servicing just once a year which doesn't cost more than 6-10k for VW and Skoda. Honda will need servicing more than once a year and costs equivalent if not more. Yes. 1.75L kms and still going stronger than a brand new Japanese vehicle. Finally, think about it. If you were sitting in a Honda and the Vento passes by. Would you even once feel that you should've been in that car? Think with your heart too. For the head I can help you out. P.S. - I'm not affiliated with Honda or Volkswagen in anyway except have been a customer to both and I speak from my knowledge and experience only.

What's your opinion about the Volkswagen Vento?

Excellent build and IMO the best looking sedan in the segment.Rock steady at high speeds. Good powerful engines and a best in class automatic gearbox. However I find it to be overpriced for what it offers

What is it about the Volkswagen Vento I love so much?

Congratulations on being a proud Vento owner. Easily the most well built and premium sedan in its segment. The suspension setup on this vehicle is incredible! It derives its underpinnings and road manners from its more premium siblings (like Audi). The quality and functionality that you get at the price is phenomenal. Have driven mine close to 2800kms in just two months of owning it. The way Vento glides on the tarmac is something only a true enthusiast can relate to. Enjoy your ride. Cheers!

How much does it cost to maintain a Volkswagen Vento in India?

My father owns a Vento TDI Highline for the past two and a half years. It's recommended service interval is 15000 kms or 1 year, whichever happens earlier. Each service sets you back by about Rs 9000-10000. Being a Volkswagen, spare parts come at a premium when you compare it to parts from companies like Maruti or Hyundai. Due to it's superior build quality most parts last longer than you would expect them to. And we didn't get any free service. They just waived the labour charges from the first service.

Is it OK to buy a Volkswagen Vento Automatic Diesel after the emission scandal? I am an Indian customer.

You could be safe, considering it was the 2.0L engine that is the one with the defeat device. The Vento has a 1.5L mill. While it may still be a potential pollution threat, you do not have anything to worry about. Volkswagen has not yet shared the details for the affected engines for the Indian market.

Does the Volkswagen Vento Highline and Highline Plus automatic petrol versions have a hill assist or a hill hold feature? Can anyone give me an idea about the maintenance costs of a Vento?

Yes Automatics of Vento has hill hold assist feature. Its a known fact that VW cars are not pocket friendly and Vento is no different. Maintenance cost could be around ₹12000 per year. That is without replacement of parts like brake pads and other cosumables.

What is your feedback about the Volkswagen Vento Automatic Petrol?

Have owned a Vento TSI DSG for close to two months now. 1600+ kms on the odo. And everytime I take her out for a drive I end up driving her way farther than intended. That’s the joy of owning this machine. In moderate traffic expect an efficiency of 10–12kmpl. In bad traffic 5–8. Returned a pretty impressive 18Kmpl during Jaipur to Delhi highway drive. Fabulous suspension. Soaks up everything. Built solid like a gunship. Looks classy and way more expensive than it actually is. Really really quick and fun to drive. Gearshifts happen in milliseconds and you are ahead of the pack without even trying. So far so good. Great actually. Yet to experience the infamous VW service. But I am up for it. That’s her… So there you have it.

Is the VW Vento any good?

I own Vento TDI 1.5 AT DSG 2015 model as a second owner since past one year and previously owned Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI MT. In general i agree with all the points mentioned by people. Yes, it's maintenance cost is higher than its siblings in Maruti or Toyota or Hyundai. If you are a person whose use of car is just going from point A to B, and mostly drive in the city then don't bother about Vento or Rapid. These German machines are for those who are passionate about drive, safety, feel, and that comes at a slightly higher maintenance cost than Maruti and perhaps for some parts like Clutch plate and suspension, lasts shorter than its siblings. But otherwise, just make sure to use the right Engine Oil (5W40 fully synthetic, costing about 4000 to 4500 for 5L) and genuine replacement parts in every service. And for regular service, outide Authorised service station it costs about 8–9k every 15000 kms or 1 year whichever is earlier. If you are looking for an automatic, there is absolutely nothing that matches Vento DSG. It's even better than the DSG gearbox on Kia Seltos or MG Hector as per trusted reviews. Just the very point that Vento is my second car from the VW family back to back should say it all. I just love the quality, the attention to detail, the practicality, the safety. (2012 Indian model was sent to Asian NCap and it got full 5 stars. And there is absolutely no change in the body since then). I have faced two terrible accidents with fully loaded trucks: one was a side impact and another was a rear impact. Both were slow impacts (less than 10 km/h) butbhuge momentum. The cars (Skoda Rapid and VW Vento) survived extremely gracefully, causing not even a shock inside the cabin and minimal damage to the car as well. And both times my entire family including 2 young kids were inside Even the fuel economy in diesel is quite good. I get about 11–12 in city (Bangalore jams) and 18–20 on highways. The stability at high speeds, the pickup, handliy, cabin, engine, transmission: all are just top notch. To me this aspect of quality, safety handling is far more important than slightly higher maintenance costs. I know at least 3 cases of Baleno crashing sideways at slow speed and inspite of airbags opening the driver didn't survive. So you choose what you want. A great quality and safety or just a tin ka dabba which gives great mileage, great resale value but sort of guarantees fatalities in case of even smaller accidents.

How safe are Volkswagen cars?

Volkswagen makes good quality cars, of international standards, safest build among other car manufacturer's, Above is a famous pic of Volkswagen vento sandwhiched between two trucks, all the passangers were safe, moreover Volkswagen cars have a crumple zone, This crash is a perfect example of ,how crumple zones work during accidents,. The Vento in question may be a total-loss due to the impact it has taken, but the front and rear crumple zones of the car have done their job of absorbing the impact and deforming. This deformation is what prevents the force of the impact being transferred to the occupants of the vehicle. The other, great bit about all the VW cars is its solid body structure, that stays intact even during massive impacts, protecting its occupants. A solid/stable body structure or passenger compartment isolates the passengers from the crash. Along with seatbelts and airbags, a solid body structure is one of the reason why the passengers in the Vento escaped this crash without injury. A lot of car makers compromise on the body structures of the car by using lower strength metal, and lighter chassis designs. They do this to reduce the cost of the car (both to manufacture and sell), and to increase fuel efficiency. However, many automakers such as Volkswagen, Skoda, and Ford are known to build cars in India with strong and stable body structures that can protect passengers during big accidents I myself own a Volkswagen Ameo and it's make quality and driving dynamics are much better than other brands I own. Belive me safety is the first thing a buyer should look for while purchasing a car. As your life safety should not be compromised for a few more thousand rupees. Thanks.

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