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volkswagen vento alterationvolkswagen vento alterationvolkswagen vento alteration
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Are we in the era of buying rebadged cars in India?

For some instants it’s true, and it’s happening for a very long time. Hope you'll read till the end. For some reason, it is beneficial for both the manufactures and for customers.Let's first consider this- Advantages To reduce new model development and manufacturing costs. It is much cheaper to retool manufacturing equipment for minor styling modifications rather than invest in new machinery required for the production of an entirely new car. A new model costs around INR 500-800 crore to develop, whereas retooling costs a fraction that, at around 20 crores. Because of which they can keep there cars prices cheap. Which is beneficial for customers. Few Examples of badged engineering- 1.Tata Indica and CityRover - ,Tata Indica was sold in Britain at one stage, between 2003 and 2005? Fact of the matter was it was marketed and sold as the CityRover under the Rover brand in the UK. 2.Daewoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark The next example of badge engineering seen in our country is that of the Daweoo Matiz and Chevrolet Spark. The car was first seen in India under the Daewoo badge, till GM took over the Korean company in 2002. But the car is still sold in India as the Chevrolet Spark, GM's version of the second-generation Matiz. While we think the car looked best in its first generation as a Daewoo with those cute round headlamps, the Spark remains a fighting contender as an entry-level hatchback option in our country. 3.,Dacia/Renault Logan and Mahindra Verito In 2005, Renault partnered with Mahindra & Mahindra, and launched the Mahindra-Renault Logan in 2007. The staid sedan failed to impress Indian buyers, however. When the joint venture between Renault and Mahindra ended in 2010, Mahindra retained selling rights for the Logan and continued to produce the car under the new name of the Mahindra Verito, with minor styling alterations. Mahindra sells a notchback version of the Verito too, the Verito Vibe. 4. Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento Skoda and Volkswagen share a rather weird badge engineering relationship in India. The Rapid actually starts off cheaper than the Vento, but top-end models of the Rapid are more expensive than the Vento's. Volkswagen isn't doing well at the moment in the country, could poor separation of identities be one of the reasons? Because even lower priced variants of the Rapid get more features, and are better looking (the Black Package spruces up the Rapid's looks greatly) than the relatively bland Vento. Case in point: the Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI Elegance Black Package is available at INR 11,68,098 on-road in Delhi, while the less attractive Highline Diesel Vento is surprisingly priced higher at INR 12,22,751 with less standard features and equipment. 5. Subaru Forester and Chevrolet Forester Spotting this vehicle when it was being sold in the country between 2004 and 2007 was rare enough - you just don't see them any more. The Chevrolet Forester, as the Subaru Forester was rebadged in India, was actually a vehicle that could have suited our country really well, with its impressive performance, rugged build and high ground clearance. But Chevrolet messed things up for the car in the country by overpricing it and marketing it poorly, and by the time buyers became aware of its Subaru roots, it was unfortunately already too late for the slow-selling Forester. 6. Fiat 1100 D and Premier Padmini The popular Premier Padmini another classic badge engineered Indian automobile. The car was based on the Fiat 1100, and was produced between 1964 and 2000. The ‘Fiat' as it was colloquially known, was initially marketed at the Fiat 1100 Delight, till it was sold as the Premier Padmini from 1973. When production finally ended in 2000, only the 137D was being manufactured, because of slow sales mainly owing to the advent of Maruti Suzuki's more modern and fuel efficient offerings for the country. 7.Morris Oxford and Hindustan Ambassador The Grand Old Lady of Indian motoring was originally a British design, that of the Morris Oxford Series III which was made between 1956 and 1959 in the UK. Badge engineering goes back a long way, even in our own country. The Ambassador went through a number of design iterations during its production run between 1958 to 2014 in India, but the basic original shape of the Morris Oxford continued through its entire life cycle. 8.,Dacia Lodgy, as ,Renault Lodgy 9. Maruti 800- Maruti 800 is a small city car that was manufactured by Maruti Suzuki in India from 1983 to 18 January 2013. The first generation (SS80) was based on the 1979 Suzuki Fronte and had an 800 cc F8B engine, hence the moniker. Widely regarded as the most influential automobile in India, about 2.87 million 800s were produced during its course of which 2.66 million were sold in India itself. From 1984 until replaced in 1986, the four-door SS80 Fronte was built in India by Maruti as the "800". 10.,Wuling Hongguang as Chevrolet enjoy, - This was a ,compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle, (,MPV,) produced since September 2010 by ,SAIC-GM-Wuling,,the joint venture of ,Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation,, ,Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co, and ,GM China,. Between 2013 and 2017 it was marketed as ,Chevrolet Enjoy, in India by ,GM India 11. Maruti Baleno as Toyota Glanza- Please read my this answer. ,Alok Sharmah's answer to Will you prefer the Toyota Glanza over Maruti Suzuki Baleno? 12. MG Hector- Baojun 530,Wuling Almaz, MG Hector,Chevy Captiva. These are exact same vehicle except different logos and some cosmetic bits. Thanks for reading this far. Please drop a upvote. This will motivate me to write such long answers in the future. Thanks again. ~Alok~

Have you seen anyone rising from the very bottom?

ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS GROWING UP. ,This can be a long answer but I promise it’s worth the read. For his sake, I will keep his identity anonymous but for my pleasure, lets call him Tony Stark for the rest of this answer ;) Tony Stark lived with his parents and an elder brother and were leading a happy lower-middle class lifestyle. Tony was a very talented cricket player and his brother was aspiring to finish in Bachelors in Engineering. Everything seemed to be going well and the family was grateful for their share of happiness. Then one day, his dad suddenly had to be rushed to the hospital. Tony was at school at the time and his brother was out in college. He was called to the principal’s office and was told his father has been diagnosed with a medical condition and will be bed-ridden due to paralysis; the sole bread winner of the family couldn’t offer any financial aid to the family. I have watched him, deal with anxiety and depression because of this news, will himself out of this dark state of mind and mature into taking responsibility of his life and his family. The two brothers stepped up to take command of the reins. I will fast forward the years of PLANNING, EXECUTION, CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE that the brother’s braved (Trust me, this was the secret of their current success). Today, almost 7 years later, both the brother’s are in Merchant Navy working with prestigious shipping companies and earning their family all the comforts of the world. The elder brother, finished his engineering, decided to go into Merchant Navy and worked really hard to earn the level of success he is currently enjoying. He altered his life goals to fit the situation of his life. His younger brother, Tony, finished school, dropped the idea of pursuing cricket and followed in his brother’s footsteps and with the help of his guidance, was able to excel in his career in Merchant Navy as well. (All the while, their dad had been bed-ridden, and has recently been able to overcome paralysis about 3–4 months back) If we try to define their situation monetarily, the family who owned a 1-bedroom apartment, with one scooty parked under their home in Shakurpur Basti, now owns a Villa in Gurgaon where they live as a joint family with a Toyota Fortuner (7 seater SUV) and a Volkswagen Vento (5 seater Sedan). Along with this, they own additional real estate in Gurgaon and have rental income through that as well. I am extremely happy and proud to the way my friend has risen in life and he sets a great example for what hardwork, consisitency and patience can achieve. FUN FACT: I was at Tony’s house in Gurgaon recently and he was playing with his nephew (his elder brother’s son). I heard Tony tell him, “yeh jo tum itni masti kar rahe ho na, tumne humara haal nahi dekha tha 5 saal pehle. Beta rehe na pate tum.” (Translation: All this fun that you’re having now, you don’t where we were 5 years ago. You couldn’t have survived in those conditions). It was truly amazing to think that they had gone through such hardships, but this little kid, who was born after they had achieved all of this, will never know what went into achieving all of it!

Which is the best Indian hatchback in 2015 for cheap after sales and maintenance in between Swift, Elite i20, VW Polo, Ritz, and Grand i20?

Since your major priorities are regarding cheap after sales and maintenance, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai are the best bet. They happen to be the best in the business in these areas! Just to explain how do the automotive companies fare in terms of the overall after sales and maintenance department, continue reading. Maruti Suzuki:, This car company has been the winner in the Indian automotive market as far as sales, after sales, reliability, customer satisfaction and lower maintenance costs are considered. The major reason being the superb collaboration between Maruti which was initially a PSU (Public Sector Overtaking) which blended itself with the genius of the Japanese giant Suzuki. The result, Maruti 800 and the endless small cars that followed all the way leading to the latest generation Swift, all best selling cars in India. The primary reason the JV (Joint Venture) ticked the right boxes was the expertise of the Suzuki engineers to manufacture perfect engines for a small family car and the cost consciousness approach led by the Maruti division. It thus, comes as no surprise that despite the entry of other foreign car manufacturers in India, Maruti still leads the car sales, after sales services and lower cost of maintenance. Just have a go at this link below to get an insight about the sales of Maruti Suzuki cars in India. Link: ,Autocar India passionately and relentlessly brings you the hottest automotive news and the most comprehensive reviews, first! Image: The Maruti Suzuki Swift (Image courtesy: Google) Its year over year sales have increased by 9.3% despite the slowdown in the auto sector, which is a big feat in itself. And the best selling cars from its portfolio are the Alto 800, Swift and Swift Dzire that occupy the top three places for nearly every month of car sales in India. Check the following link. Link: ,Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Maruti Udyog Ltd Best Selling Car Maruti True Value Maruti Udyog Image: Maruti Suzuki Ritz (image courtesy: Google) Hyundai:, The Korean carmaker entered the foray of the Indian car market with the launch of the Santro and the Accent way back around 1999 and has never looked back since then toppling the homegrown companies like TATA motors and Mahindra and Mahindra to secure the next best spot after Maruti Suzuki India. Its flair for making cars that are usually termed as 'bang for the buck' hold true to its DNA even today. There is no possible car maker in India that has spoilt customers with endless equipment list and car variants as Hyundai. Image: Hyundai Elite i20 (Image courtesy: Google) Building confidently on the values of customer satisfaction, it has firmly made its presence in the Indian car market dominant. Again, no surprises here, after Maruti Suzuki cars, there are cars that come from the Hyundai camp that have gained the trust of the Indian customer. The result; the Eon, Grand i10, Elite i20 and even the compact sedan Xcent sell like hot cakes. Take a loser look and you'll notice these cars are rivals for the Maruti Suzuki car in these specific categories and guess what, Maruti hasn't faced a stiffer competition from any other car manufacturer than Hyundai in India. Image: Grand i10 (Image courtesy: Google) With aggressive pricing, better service centres, low maintenance, strong reliability and good resale value combined with radical styling than the competition, these cars have become the second best alternatives for the Maruti Suzuki cars. A market share of nearly 15% , just in the past decade! speaks for company! Link: ,Indian Car Sales Analysis : January, 2015 Volkswagen:, The German marquee has been well known in the world for its typical German attributes like excellent engineering and attention to detail along with premium brand status. However, in a market like India, that is cost conscious and where people look for cars with better mileage than those that have better driving appeal, it hasn't quite taken a good start. Not to say that the cars are not well engineered, but the premium price tag, costlier spares, relatively poor after sales service and low resale value have added to its woes. Image: VW Polo (Image courtesy: Google) The Polo and the Vento are the bread winners for the VW group but they haven't quite performed as per the expectations that the company wanted them to. The result is paltry sales as compared to the competition which has invariably resulted in VW altering their strategy for the Indian market. Additionally,the Skoda group that comes under the VW AG has faced similar music. The after sales services are among the worst in the country and the insanely pricey spares have further aggregated the problem. (VW pulled the plug for the Fabia due to its poor performance!) Link: ,Skoda and Volkswagen admit to poor after sales in India, working to improve it Link: ,Skoda Auto revamps India management to script turnaround in sales - The Economic Times Conclusion:, From the above description, its quite clear that VW loses out of the game straight away even though the Polo and Vento are really capable cars. The price, spares and service along with the overall maintenance are northwards as compared to the other cars that you've mentioned. If strong engineering and good drivability are your top priorities (over everything else!) then this is the option to go for. Rest assured, don't bother it as an option. Go for the Maruti Suzuki Swift/Ritz if,: Bland and subtle looks is of the least concern for you. (The 'K' type boot lid design of the Ritz hatch is non appealing for many!) High reliability. The best possible after sales service in any nook and cranny of India. (for additional info, check back to one of my other answers about why Maruti Suzuki has the greatest share in the Indian market) Cheapest spares and low overall maintenance. Link: http://auto.ndtv.com/news/maruti-suzuki-tops-customer-satisfaction-with-dealer-service-jd-power-asia-pacific-686514 Go for the Grand i10/ Elite i20 if,: You want the most bang for the buck. (it'll pamper you with endless equipment and feature list for a relatively low price) The after sales service and overall maintenance is second to just the Maruti Suzuki cars, but in the broader picture, this should't be much of a concern. (I have personally been a Hyundai Santro owner over the past decade and have seriously faced no issues whatsoever) The benefits for upgrading the cars of the Hyundai camp are enormous. (We sold our 10 year old Santro to Hyundai for 1 lakh INR, which we were expecting it to sell around 50K!) Radical styling doesn't turn you off. Additional tip:, For daily city commute, i would definitely recommend the petrol variants since they are better in the long run. The price difference has arrowed down to just a minuscule! and petrol powered cars are making a comeback! (Diesel motors are costly plus they wear out significantly and are best suitable for higher daily commutes). But as far as the mentioned issues of cheap after sales and maintenance are concerned, you won't in any possible way go wrong with the cars from Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai. Remember, the overall company portfolio gives a far better picture of the car than the car itself. This is the reason, there's not much of a difference in after sales and maintenance value between cars from the same camp. So expect similar figure and statistics in terms of after sales and maintenance for the Swift and Ritz or the Grand i10 and the Elite i20. In simple terms, select the cars according to your priority: budget, space, styling, mileage etc. since the other main issues are hopefully sorted out in this answer! Hope this helps!

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