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volkswagen vento bhpvolkswagen vento bhpvolkswagen vento bhp
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Why does Volkswagen Polo car became so popular in India?

Volkswagen is a Car Manufacturer of Germany and sell it’s cars in India too. Although ,VW ,doesn’t sell cars like Hot fried ,Samosas, ,but some of their cars like ,Polo, Vento, and ,Ameo ,have gained popularity. In this answer, we are going to know about Polo and understand pointwise that ,“Why does Volkswagen Polo became so popular in India?” Unique Design Language :- ,Look at any other car out in your Apartment /Colony / Locality and look at the Volkswagen POLO . You will definitely understand what I'm trying to say . This car looks stunning , classy, premium all at the same time . Powerful Engine option:- ,This car has an amazing engine options like ,1.5 L, ,TDI Diesel ,producing 110 BHP and ,1.2 L TSI, ,Turbo Petrol ,producing 105 BHP ,( ,These figures are more than enough for a hatchback,),and these two engines are the most selling of the Polo… Automatic DSG gearbox :- ,It is the only car offering, DSG/DCT ,gearbox in their segment.. Tank like Build Quality:- ,Is there any Polo standing nearby you ? If yes then go near the bonnet of the car and punch it with momentum . What type of sound can you feel? Isn't that sound lovely ? Similarly if possible check the sound of the car while closing the door. ,Boom…, That's what I want to say….Like seriously, no other car is made like Polo. Amazing Driving feel :- ,Is there any Polo owner reading this answer ? If yes then Please let me know in comment section about your driving experience with your Polo. I'm saying that co'z it is one of the best feeling car to drive, and having an amazing steering response.. High Quality but Classy Interiors :- ,The interiors of this car are not very modern but design is Robust and classy and at the same time High quality materials are used for interior….. These were my reasons for Volkswagen Polo being popular in India. Note :- ,Any Suggestions, Experience, Edits are Most Welcome……

Is Ciaz really underpowered?

Yes, it was underpowered. But the new facelift isn’t. Now, it gets a 1.5L K15 petrol engine which can produce maximum power of 103 bhp and maximum torque of 138 Nm. It now competes well with its rivals like Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento. The diesel engine is 1.3L DDiS 200 Multijet Diesel engine which produces maximum power of 89 bhp and maximum torque of 200 Nm. This also doesn’t feel underpowered due to its light weight but still lags under 2000 RPM. Hope this helps. Thank You!!

Which is the best sedan car in India, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, or Suzuki Ciaz?

The names of the cars you have mentioned are pretty damn solid in almost every aspect. But each one of them have their plus and minuses. But let me tell you something at the beginning, The Vento and the Rapid are exactly same cars except their badges. Also If you are looking for a mid size premium car you should also see the Honda City. So what I am going to do is tell you how these cars perform on different parameters. Let’s get started, Looks. Although this is very subjective there is no denying the fact that the Verna looks the most vibrant and young. It is really good looking. It has a strong street presence. The Vento is a car which will appeal to the guy who probably works in a MNC, goes to the office well dressed and likes everything in right amounts. He prefers coffee over chai. The Vento was launched a long time ago in India and it still manages to look good even after all these years with minor changes. The Rapid looks more or less the same. Then there is the Ciaz. This car looks very premium but is more of an old man’s car. I think it is like the HM Contessa. The Inside Experience. Now let me get it straight, if you want some proper back seat experience you better be off with the Japanese nibba. It has the best rear seat comfort out there, Massive legroom, rear sun blinds, all this makes you feel quite luxurious. But things are not quite as good at the front yes the materials used are good but there are hard plastics and the design does not feel as good as the Verna’s. Audio quality from the stereo is decent and the touchscreen interface is also smooth. Up next is the Verna. Verna has the best interior design here. It looks really appealing and the quality of the materials is top class. Rear seat wise tho it may not be as comfortable as the Ciaz but definitely is very good on long drives. The sunroof makes things quite airy. Audio quality is phenomenal as it gets one from the Arkamy’s and also gets a 3D surround effect . Punjabi songs sound quite lit in it. The touch screen is also quite nice. Next up the German twins, Vento and Rapid. Both have identical interiors. And they are properly built. They feel solid and built to last. Close the door and it makes the proper thud. Audio quality is quite nice and the infotainment is decent. The design could have been better tho. Driveability and Performance. Straight away here. If you are going for the top model diesel , The Verna is the one. 126 bhp and 260 nms is more than enough to make you smile. 0–100 kmph comes in 10 secs flat. The petrol mill is also quite punchy and makes 123 horses and 153 nms. It does 0–100 kmph in 10.5 secs. The Rapid and the Vento are also really good in terms of performance. If you are looking for the petrol go for the 1.2 which makes 103 horses and 175 nms. The brilliancy here is of the 7 speed DSG auto gearbox. 0–100 kmph in 11 secs flat. The Ciaz here is not that good in diese engines department. It has that 89 hp and 200 nms diesel engines. The 1.5 petrol is quite nice and does 0–100 in 11 secs flat. it makes 103 horses and 138 nms. But if you really want a petrol sedan go for the Honda city hands down. In terms of Handling , the vento is really up there at the top. It feels rock solid even at speeds of upto 185 kmph. Steering is good and it’s an ebjoyable car. Looks like the MNC nibba loves driving!! Ride is also quite nice. The new Korean nibba is also very good at handling in it’s new generation. Steering has a good response and feel to it.The weight of the car keeps it quite planted at high speeds. Also the ride is the best here. Really. The Ciaz has the perfect balance of two. The ride is really very nice but the handling is not all that fun loving. And although its planted, its not as confidence inspiring as the contenders. Effeciencies; Ciaz- petrol-21.5 and diesel 28.00 kmpl Verna - petrol 16 and 1.4- 24 kmpl and 1.6- 23 kmpl Vento- petrol- 15.8 kmpl and diesel-22.14 kmpl Safety. No doubt that the Verna and the Vento are the safest here. Vento being a VW is tank like and the Verna is right up there. The Verna offers 6 airbags in it’s top trim along with a host of other safety features. While all the other cars offer 2 airbags and ABS and EBD. The ciaz here is not that solidly built but its safe . Verdict . Pricing Suzuki Ciaz : 8.20 lacs-11.38 lacs Hyundai Verna; 8.09- 14.03 lacs VW Vento; 8.63- 14.32 lacs Skoda Rapid- 9–14.26 lacs. Suzuki Ciaz; A no nonsense premuim car which is not the best but makes a strong case for itself with bullet proof reliability and after sales service. Low maintenance. Hyundai Verna; Probably the champion here with excellent appeal, strong performance an premium feel. Low Maintenance. VW Vento and Skoda Rapide; A typical German car with a fuss free character. Strong in every area except let down by high maintenance. All these cars are really very good and offer high degrees of sophistication. It really boils down to one’s personal needs on which one to buy. Drive fast, Drive sensibly, Drive Safe. Hope it helps!!!

What are the best sedan cars within 14 lakhs Rs?

Thanks for A2A.. 1. Take a look on new Volkswagen Vento. Pure German Engineering, Solid build quality, punchy engine(105 BHP), excellent DSG automatic gearbox(7 speed dual clutch ), safety as standard, Excellent ride & handling package, overall best in class. 2. Renault Duster - not too good engine, poor interiors, specious cabin, good at off road capabilities, easily absorbs pa-tholes. 3. Ford Ecosport - well if you want anything from a car, then this is the best choice. overall good engine(3 engine options diesel - 90bhp, 2 petrol 1.5L - 100hp, 1.0L eco boost around 125 bhp.), safety , quality interiors, plenty features, whether you are on highway, off road, city it can handle very well. here is a link to explore the New Ecosport - ,Have you seen the EcoSport?,

Can I retrofit fog lamps and touchscreen infotainment system for Skoda Rapid Rider BS 6 variant? If yes, what's the approx cost?

If you want OEM system which is installed in top variant of Skoda Rapid or Volkswagen Vento, from Skoda/VW Showroom it will cost you approx 40,000-45,000/- which is Harman Brand. However if you want the system shipped with VW/Skoda in China (as claimed by him, not verified, it is not Harman Brand, but Desay Brand) then you can contact this guy called Shalinder Choudhary (Delhi) who can ship the product anywhere in India for Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento/Polo. I have heard good reviews on team-bhp for the same but no first hand experience. This would cost you around 20K (R-340G Plus model which comes with Android Audio and Apple Car play and touchscreen) including Rear Camera and canbus. You can install Pioneer Brand after market fitment with Canbus which is sold separately, to make your steering mounted audio controls work. But in terms of looks, it may not look as cohesive as the other two options, which is OEM fitment. If you want with Android Audio and Apple Car play, such a system would cost you around 35–45K including Canbus. Note that not all audio systems will work with Skoda/VW cars since they follow Canbus protocol, and Audio systems makers generally don't support Canbus out of the box. I would say, if you ever visit delhi, this Shalinder Choudhary guy is worth a try. He has a youtube channel as well. But if you want a no compromise, perfect system for shelling out extra 20k, get it done at Skoda Showroom/Authorised service center. At least in Bangalore, they do it. ——+ Now coming to Foglamps, it will spoil the beauty and design of the car. If you are okay with that, make sure you go for a reputed brand like Hella or Minda or Bosch. Make sure a proper cutout is also installed. Do remember that it will surely void the warranty of the electrical system. I have not seen anyone do that though. If you are planning to buy Skoda Rapid or Volkswagen Vento (any variant), make sure to replace the stock headlamps with Philips Xtreme vision H7 (same spec in wattage) which will give you 30% more lumens and it is a must if you want to drive on Highway at night. I did that on both my Rapid as well as Vento in the very beginning after taking it on highway just once. The stock headlamps are just not bright enough, even if with projector. If you really want all the features, go for the Ambition variant at least. You won't regret.

What makes Volkswagen Vento TDI engine so good?

TDI plays the game here, not only vento's engine sounds good in performance, also the polo's too. The thing is their TDI technology, which was developed by them during earlier days of commercial cars era. The valuable differences between polo and vento are their boot spaces and min. to max. level of increased bhp and torques. I'm pretty sure that, both are the good makes by VW since years. Thanks to the Volkswagen TDI technology and the same concept is being used in many of the makes of AUDI. They succeeded in Q variants (TDI). So, whenever you see the batch TDI under the bonnet, congrats, as a typical indian you're gonna rock on indian roads. Happy driving!!!…

Which one is better and why, the Hyundai Verna, Honda City, or Volkswagen Vento (top models)?

Compare Hyundai Verna vs Honda City [2014-2017] vs Volkswagen Vento [2014-2015] 1 2 3 The mentioned below features are according to above car numbers ,,,(1 2 3) Features; Length (mm); 1: 4440 2: 4440 3: 4384 Width (mm); 1: 1729 2; 1695 3; 1699 Height (mm); 1: 1475 2: 1495 3: 1466 Seating Capacity (Person); 1: 5 2: 5 3: 5 Displacement (cc); 1: 1591 2: 1498 3: 1197 Max Power (bhp@rpm); 1: 121 @ 6400 2: 99 @ 3600 3 : 103 @ 5000 Max Torque (Nm@rpm); 1: 151 @ 4850 2: 200 @ 1750 3: 175 @ 1500 Mileage (ARAI) (kmpl); 1: 17.4 2 : 26 3: 16.93 The best is Honda city with good power and milage

Is the new Skoda Rapid the most affordable 100+ BHP sedan?

No there are 3 more car Toyota Yaris 105bhb Ford aspire 100bhp Volkswagen vento 103bhp I think you should go for Ford aspire it has less service charges pocket friendly and good MIELAGE It's all in one car with good Safety and in good budget then all other you should go for it

Why did the Fiat Linea fail?

Fiat introduced the Linea to the Indian market during January 2009. It was set to be launched on Diwali 2008 but due to some unfortunate events here, it's launch was postponed to a couple of months. It was positioned to rival the likes of the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki SX4 and the Hyundai Verna in its segment. Despite the Linea having its price on the higher side, it's initial sales were good. Fiat managed to sell the first two batches of the Linea by July 2009, which accounted for about 16,000 units. One of the reasons for the decent sales figures of the Linea was the choice of engines it offered. The Linea was available in a choice of a 1.4 litre naturally aspirated petrol motor and a 1.3 litre multijet diesel motor. Both engines received a lot of praise from experts and auto enthusiasts alike. On the other hand, it's diesel motor was seen in many other automobiles like the Maruti Suzuki Swift and the Tata Indica Vista. Fiat also rolled out the Linea T-Jet in 2010. This model came with the same petrol motor, this time being tuned to produce 90 BHP of power. Sales were steady until 2011. The launch of the new fluidic Verna affected the sales of the Linea. There was also the facelifted Honda City, which launched here in late 2011, which pulled the potential customers for Linea towards itself. Fiat brought up the Linea facelift in 2013 and it didn't work much for them. It featured revised front and rear ends and a better interior compared to the outgoing model. As per reports, Fiat sold just 1,400 units of the Linea facelift one year into its launch. Put that in context with the Honda City and the Hyundai Verna, whom managed about 36,000 and 32,500 units respectively around the same time. Add to that, there were new offerings which came into the segment like the Volkswagen Vento and the Skoda Rapid. Fiat delayed in launching the next generation Linea here due to its poor sales here. In 2015, Fiat were averaging just 500 units in monthly sales numbers. The automaker was struggling to keep its head above water and brought its Marquee American brand, Jeep to India that year. In 2017, Jeep launched the Compass which turned out to be an initial success. This prompted Fiat to make Jeep their leading brand here and were banking on the latter. Then in 2018, Fiat decided to discontinue its entire model line-up here including the Linea and exited the country. The Linea was an underacheiving product from the automaker which deserved to sell more here. It's a shame such a product had to face the wrath of Fiat's sales and service network in India, which were very few compared to their rivals. Fiat as a brand struck a chord amongst the auto enthusiasts here due to their great handling cars. Unfortunately, there were very few of them and this didn't result much in sales numbers. Hope Fiat returns here with an even stronger product line-up in the near future. Thank you.

Which is better, the Honda City 2017 Petrol or the Vento Petrol?

Honda city all day since it’s one of the most refined engine in the Indian market for the past 20 years !!It also offers adequate performance producing 118 bhp and 145NM of torque and it can rev up all the way to 7 +k (Redline comes in at 6.8 k actually) while producing power at all rpm and there is no lag in low end pick up and as far as the space is more when compared to the vento. Honda’s reliability,refinement is far more superior Than that of Volkswagen’s but it still has its cons.That is the build quality of these cars are cheap (not like that of baleno though Lol )but when compared to Volkswagen vento it is there.

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