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Volkswagen Vento discontinued in Malaysia, what will replace it?

Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

Pay RM 199 at Volkswagen’s Shopee store to receive up to RM 14k worth of rewards

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VW Announces VIP – Volkswagen Insurance Plan

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At the ongoing 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled its brand new logo, alongside

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

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More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is another oversight.When equipped with the 1.2-litre TSI engine, the Volkswagen

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Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased to announce a reduction on the prices of its models

Owner Review: From touge monster to highway cruiser - My Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6

reflect the views of WapCar.Facebook: Han EujinAbout my Volkswagen Golf GTIThis is my 2012 Volkswagen

B-segment sedan resale values: City and Vios lead, but Almera is worse than Vento?

Before it was the Vento, it was called the Polo SedanStalwarts of the B-segment sedan scene - the Toyota

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Buy Car Battery For Volkswagen Vento 1.6 Diesel Volkswagen Vento 1.6 Diesel Online at https://t.co/QuAwGGOYd1

#YehDiwaliVWFSwali Friend's this diwali buy a Volkswagen Vento and make it a part of your family. @smojawala

Honda #City, Hyundai #Verna or Volkswagen #Vento? Best buy? #Petrol

@itisprashanth What car did you buy? #Volkswagen Vento ?

@HondaCarIndia Honda Baramati:A lot disappointed with the service and I changed my opinion to buy Volkswagen Vento.Worst service ever!!!

Volkswagen Vento TDI 86809: Buy Vento TDI 2011 Advance (110 HP). The #car is in very good condition, I use it ... https://t.co/oLmq77IPHf

Planning to buy a Volkswagen Vento. Lots of negative feedback on buying experience and After Sales service. Does anyone have a first hand …

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Can I afford to buy VolksWagen Vento with a salary of 35k?

It all depends on the craze you have on the cars, Vento is around 13lac you can afford this considering you opt for a an loan. An EMI will be around 25k(approx) & also assuming your salary won’t be 35K, it will grow with years. If you can manage your lifestyle within 10K then you can surely go but consider this for next 5yrs you will not have any savings considering the maintenance & service cost (not considering repairs if any). So better is invest/save the money for 3years which increase your down payment of the car and by that time you will have an idea of exact investment you can make.

I'm buying my first car: a Volkswagen Vento (facelift 2015) manual. Should I go for petrol or diesel?

Going by your requirement: A diesel is mostly useful if you do lots of highway run and fuel economy is very important. None of these should be a concern for you as ypu said. Also since you will use it for 2 years only, you should not opt for the pricier diesel. In city, petrol will be very convenient and refinement will make you feel good while driving on low RPM.

Which variant of Volkswagen Vento should I buy?

In vento both petrol & Diesel engine have the option of Manual & Automatic. I would recommend you go for Automatic. The 7 speed Dual clutch Auto offers the best driving experience. You can buy the highline trim of the car. this highline have the all the features which car has to offer.

Should I buy the Volkswagen Vento as an automatic or manual in petrol?

I own a Vento Petrol Manual highline version. Its a pain to drive in city especially in bumper to bumper traffic due to its hard clutch, but you will get used to that pain in a while. MPI engine is not for enthusiasts at all because the engine feels very lethargic on acceleration and there is a fair amount of lag in throttle response as well. DSG is one of the fastest and seamless shifting gearbox due to the dual clutch technology where one clutch will always be engaged. TSI is the a turbocharged Direct Injection engine producing high engine power and torque, and is one of most advanced engines in the world. I would always suggest you to buy the ,TSI DSG version, as it is fun to drive in city and highway equally and it has the convenience of an automatic. Downside is that if anything goes wrong with the DSG, VW service centers will replace the entire gearbox unit rather than repairing individual parts, which will cost you a fortune unless it is under warranty. Vento TSI uses ,DQ200 version, of the DSG which initially had some issues due to the use of synthetic oil, but fixed after using mineral-based oil; more details ,here,. Some of my friends using DQ200 version in their Polo GT TSI hasn’t faced any issues as such for the past 2 years. To be on safer side, I would suggest you to always go with ,2 years extended warranty, when purchasing the DSG version.

Is the VW Vento any good?

I own Vento TDI 1.5 AT DSG 2015 model as a second owner since past one year and previously owned Skoda Rapid 1.5 TDI MT. In general i agree with all the points mentioned by people. Yes, it's maintenance cost is higher than its siblings in Maruti or Toyota or Hyundai. If you are a person whose use of car is just going from point A to B, and mostly drive in the city then don't bother about Vento or Rapid. These German machines are for those who are passionate about drive, safety, feel, and that comes at a slightly higher maintenance cost than Maruti and perhaps for some parts like Clutch plate and suspension, lasts shorter than its siblings. But otherwise, just make sure to use the right Engine Oil (5W40 fully synthetic, costing about 4000 to 4500 for 5L) and genuine replacement parts in every service. And for regular service, outide Authorised service station it costs about 8–9k every 15000 kms or 1 year whichever is earlier. If you are looking for an automatic, there is absolutely nothing that matches Vento DSG. It's even better than the DSG gearbox on Kia Seltos or MG Hector as per trusted reviews. Just the very point that Vento is my second car from the VW family back to back should say it all. I just love the quality, the attention to detail, the practicality, the safety. (2012 Indian model was sent to Asian NCap and it got full 5 stars. And there is absolutely no change in the body since then). I have faced two terrible accidents with fully loaded trucks: one was a side impact and another was a rear impact. Both were slow impacts (less than 10 km/h) butbhuge momentum. The cars (Skoda Rapid and VW Vento) survived extremely gracefully, causing not even a shock inside the cabin and minimal damage to the car as well. And both times my entire family including 2 young kids were inside Even the fuel economy in diesel is quite good. I get about 11–12 in city (Bangalore jams) and 18–20 on highways. The stability at high speeds, the pickup, handliy, cabin, engine, transmission: all are just top notch. To me this aspect of quality, safety handling is far more important than slightly higher maintenance costs. I know at least 3 cases of Baleno crashing sideways at slow speed and inspite of airbags opening the driver didn't survive. So you choose what you want. A great quality and safety or just a tin ka dabba which gives great mileage, great resale value but sort of guarantees fatalities in case of even smaller accidents.

Which car is better to buy, a Volkswagen Vento or a Volkswagen Ameo?

Volkswagen vento is a fantastic looking Sedan segment car and car has great exterior looks and design. This car has classy European styling. Interior of this car looks fit and finish. This car has good stability. Build quality of this car is good and it offers good safety features. It is a loaded with features ka. This car has height adjustable seats. Starting price of this car is 8.86 lakh. performance of this car is good and mileage of this car goes up to 18.2 kmpl. Volkswagen ameo is amazing looking Sedan segment car and this car has premium looking interiors. Performance of this car is good and it comes with powerful engine. Mileage of this car goes up to 19.4 kmpl. This car also has adjustable seats. Build quality of this car is good and it has good safety features in it. This car comes with anti theft device. It is a spacious and comfortable car. Starting price of this car is 7.99 lacs. If you are from Delhi Mumbai Faridabad gurugram Noida pune bangalore , then you can book your next car using Ackodrive . They offer the best deals and also you can get instant one day loan approval. This will save you a lot of time and money. Go ahead and book your next new car using Ackodrive and get the best price.

Which one is better: New Skoda Rapid or VW Vento?

Well as everyone mentioned ,skoda, being a part of VW , yes its true and hence the comparison between these two cars will be in-house:-). Both have nearly similar configuration , similar dynamics, almost equivalent engines, good comfort. So it comes down purely to your choice your preferences. i will pick ,skoda Rapid, over ,vento, bcoz of its slightly better looks and road presence than vento and simply because of getting something different. As i feel Vento and Polo have become a house hold name among mid luxury car department. i agree VW vento will have great resale value and good after sale services but Skoda is Not far behind. I feel its more value for money compared to VW. Test drive both the cars.. compare different variant of both these cars according to your demands and then decide. Cheers:-)

I have to buy a car. How should I choose between a Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Maruti Ciaz or Tata Zest?

Thanks for A2A You haven’t specified your usage patterns and kilometers covered monthly. If you will be mainly driving in the city with lot of traffic, go for automatic transmission. If you drive more than 1200km a month, go for diesel. If you drive a lot on highways and travel out of town a lot, the Vento is the best option due to its safety and highway manners being better than the rest mentioned ( alternative to Vento is Skoda Rapid and Fiat Linea ). If you will be spending most of the time in the city commuting to office and back, the Verna has the best interiors and short dimensions. Between the City and Ciaz there’s not much to choose from, except engines which the Honda is slightly better. Tata Zest is a compact sedan, so a lower segment actually. Its reliability is unproven and it’s not a big seller, so resale value will be less. Most importantly, depending on where you stay, buy the car whose dealership has the best reputation for customer satisfaction, if there is one brand which leads by a big margin.

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