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volkswagen vento coolantvolkswagen vento coolantvolkswagen vento coolant
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@volkswagenindia : My Volkswagen Vento Car bought from BU Bhandari, Pune has developed issue with Coolant system second time in less than 6 months. BU Bhandari is not ready to take responsibility. What kind of Customer relations VW is trying to keep? https://t.co/44lKjw7ZtH

@Volkswagen @volkswagenindia @jagograhakjago @irvpaswan Our vehicle Volkswagen Vento TDI Highline registration no. MP-09-CM-0927 for the THIRD TIME has been received in your authorized workshop in Indore, on September 28, 2017, for repair of Oil – Coolant mixing. 1/5

@volkswagenindia Volkswagen vento..3 years of great drive..post that design issues come to light..clutch box, thermostat, coolant fan...be ready to spend at least a lakh or more on repairs..

@volkswagenindia Need an advice! Own a @Volkswagen vento TDi. bought in 2013,just abt to cross 50k.Fuel injector failed 2 weeks back, now Coolant line/pump failed. Service centre has no clue, says VW has to inspect! If this is the level of reliability -1/2

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What is the coolant capacity of Volkswagen Vento 1.6 diesel?

The coolant capacity of volkswagen vento TDI is 5 Litres. however in market u will find 1–1.5 litre coolant bottle just buy two 1.5 litre coolant bottle that equals to 3 litre coolant . and then just add 2 litres of pure water overall u have filled 5 litre coolant capacity.

What has been your experience of buying a used Volkswagen Polo diesel? What does your average service cost?

I am lucky to have got a very gently driven and showroom maintained company leased Diesel Vento (Nov-2015 model bought in Feb-2019 when odometer showed just 26000 kms). It was Vento Highline Diesel Automatic DSG. Vehicle was in mint condition and other than coolant change, i only did one full service in November 2019 for 9000/- (outside. Not at VW service) If vehicle is under 35000–40000 km driven and driven properly, most likely you will just spend about 14–15k per year on service, like a new car. However if clutch and suspension have become harder or weaker, be ready to shell out 30–40k for each. And if steering panel goes off, another 12k. Other than that, i don't think anything more would come as service cost. Prefer to buy 2015 onwards model and go for Top variant diesel automatic having run less than 40000 kms Automatic doesn't have clutch plate and transmission life is at least 100000 - 125000 kms. But when automatic transmission is gone, it will cost you 1.5–1.75 lakhs for replacement. Even then i would recommend to buy automatic, if you really like driving

In my Volkswagen vento auto diesel (2 months old), EGR fault occured. So should I ask for a replacement of whole car or just repairing is okay?

My suggestion would just go for the repairing the part, since repairing the car is time-consuming and even the first service is free of cost, since you have already registered the car replacement won't be an option for the company they won't agree with that, rather they would also suggest the same that they will fix the problem of EGR. The fact it is found that the car exhaust will liberate a white smoke when the problems are constrained with EGR, the reasons might be either the leakage in Coolant, engine oil or Gear level oils. If you find there is no problem in above oils then, simply contact the service center to check the EGR and turbo.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

Anyone needs to tame a Vento. To tame, the driver needs to be trained in many driving habbits. There is a shortfall in driver training, which is why Vento cars have basically failed to gain the repute it desere No clutch driving. Done more than 100,200km , still running healthy clutch. 2.Let engine run at least 2 minutes before cold start. Also let engine run at least 1 minute before and after hot start/stop. 3.Blast purge your engine every fuel refill at 3000–4000 rpm to get rid of carbon deposits for 30 seconds on gear 2. Be sure roads are clear and you don't hurt anyone.This would release carbon deposits from EGR and other areas. 4.Dont drive it like a racing car all the time. 5.Get airfiter, oil filter, fuel filter , engine oil changed from OEM only. Make sure these are changed, don't trust your mechanic or SA. 6. Timing belt replacement is a must around 100,000km, there is wear year in system…you cannot imagine how long these have been stressed out. Also tensioner pulley change is a must. These parts if not changed cause execess engine heat. 7. Make sure you replace engine coolant surely after 100,000km. There is nothing like life long coolant as coolant tends to loose it property. 8. It's a safe and sturdy beast. 9. Get the radiator , AC condenser and intercooler sprayed with lots of water on every wash. 10. Get air cleaned your engine hub to get rid of dust for better heat dessepation. Regards Parvez Kumar

Which is best periodic car service centers in Bangalore for Volkswagen Polo and Vento?

I had experience with Palace Cross(Rajajinagar), Apple Auto (Mahadevpura) and Elite Motors (Singasandra Hosur road). I would say, Elite was the most economical and Apple was the biggest cheat. However in terms of quality of service, all of them are relatively lousy if you compare with Hyundai or Maruti. I still prefer to go to Elite because they are at least not over charging. In terms of quality of work, overall it's fine. Apple Auto seemed the coziest, but the costliest I went for coolant replacement with tank change. Apple Auto gave estimate for 14,000/- Palace Cross: got it done for 8000/- Elite Motors gave estimate for 5000/- (but i had already replaced it with Palace Cross by then)

Does Volkswagen Vento have a rev limiter?

Yes. Engines can be calibrated to have a maximum RPM for each gear or neutral condition. This is done to protect the Engine components from over-heating. As you are aware, the engine in Vento is Water cooled. That is a water based coolant circulates around the engine block, being pumped by the water pump which takes away the heat from the engine. The heated coolant is then cooled back in the radiator where a fan blows air through the fins attached to the hot coolant metallic pipe in the radiator. The direction of air flow is into the car, which means if the car goes at a finite velocity in forward direction, the relative velocity of air is into the car and this further aids the fan. Hence, the higher the speed of the car, the better is the cooling efficiency because more air blows into the radiator. But as you must be aware the speed of the car is a directly related to high a gear the transmission is in. For example the top speed in 5th gear will be higher than 4th and so on. This also means, the engine can be more efficiently cooled in 5th gear compared to 4th gear which allows the engine to rev up to higher RPM in 5th gear compared to 4th gear. The car is put in neutral condition generally in the case of coast-down or stationary condition which means the relative air speed into the radiator is pretty low. Thus, it will be foolish to let the engine rev up to similar high RPMs as in 5th gear because the heat generated will be too much for the delicate engine components. Hence, your car is calibrated in such a way that it doesn’t go beyond a certain RPM in lower gears and neutral.

How long do most Volkswagen Jettas last for?

Pretty long time. The lasting of any Volkswagen will vary as per the quality of your attention towards the regular maintenance of your vehicle. If you try to postpone your regular maintenance because of any reason that scar will be there forever. The scar I mentioned is the cause affected by the postponement. Volkswagen need a clear attention towards them because most of the spares are too fragile, especially when your vehicle is equipped with DSG. I have been using my Volkswagen Vento DSG since 2016, till now I didn't endeavoured any problem. I will schedule my vehicle's maintenance appointment at correct time and I had gathered many information about my vehicle outside from the Volkswagen. All these information gave me a very good picture of the problem that may occur during my journey with a Volkswagen. Things that you required to take seriously. Engine oil quantity Grade of your engine oil ( People will suggest you new brands please don't go for it Castrol with recommended grade is enough) Check your vehicle in every 7500–8000 mileage ABS sensor ( If the warning light is on, it may be because of single ABS sensor, my advice is change four of them in single time. The original will cost you ₹1800–2000 per piece) Disc brake rotors ( Replace it in every 15000 kms ) Tyre ( 195–55 or 50 -R 15 that will be the most you can go) Coolant ( Check it by yourself and keep a bottle of branded coolant within your car itself) Flood ( Please don't move your vehicle, unplug the battery if you can) You don't have to be nervous about your Volkswagen, if you treat your Volkswagen in a good manner believe me you will enjoy each and every time with your Volkswagen.

Is it true that average service cost of volkswagen polo is 12-14k (as told by the dealer)? What are the parts the needs to be replaced/serviced frequently? Thinking from maintenance perspective only.

I own a VW Vento. I can say that the service charges are about 10–12k per year, however you also have to consider that the service interval for most cars is 10000km but for VW cars it's 15000 km.So it evens out in that aspect. You can shrink the service cost to maybe around 9k if you refuse some unnecessary things like throttle body cleaning(can be done once every 2–3 years), wiper washer fluids (DIY) etc. during service. Yes it's parts are expensive to replace but the car is known to not age at all if periodically serviced. My car is 9 years old but there's not a single rattle, noise in the cabin or any effect on engine. VW cars have such a strong and sturdy build. I have seen cases where VW cars have clocked 2.8 - 3 lac km but still running fine. The big chunk of service cost is the full synthetic engine oil that goes in at around 3.8 - 4.5k and then labour around the same amount. Other parts that are replaced during general service are oil filter, air filter, ac filter, coolant top up etc. Keep one thing in mind, in case there is a fault in a part eg. Track control arm- usually the rubber bushes wear out, the service center will ask you to replace the whole arm which will make you about 4000 bucks lighter per piece. If you venture to a reputed mechanic in your area, they can replace just the rubber bushes and it may be done in under 1000 Rs and the part will be perfect again. Hope this helps.

What is the cost of replacement of a Polo 1.2 TDI water pump in a VW showroom in India?

I had a coolant leakage and it was related to water pump and it kind of made the timing belt also wet. It was for my Vento 1.5 TDI AT. And I am told that it is common to replace water pump with timing belt in VW Family cars. So I went for complete replacement of all three: water pump, coolant tank and timing belt at Volkswagen Bangalore (Elite Motors, Singasandra). I requested for some discount and after some goodwill discount or came to 25k including taxes (without discount I was told it would come upto 28–29k). The work took 3 days. The water pump alone part wise costs 2,136/— and it's labour costs 2,411/—

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    Does Volkswagen Vento has Navigation?


    No, Volkswagen Vento doesn't have Navigation.

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    Does Volkswagen Vento has Steering Telescopic?


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