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Vento galleryThe Volkswagen Vento is the sole turbocharged model in this comparison.Although some may

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yearsVolkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) today announced the launch of its insurance programme, the Volkswagen

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What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

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volkswagen vento covervolkswagen vento covervolkswagen vento cover
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...while in India, @VWmotorsportind pulled the covers off the 2015 Volkswagen #Vento Cup: http://t.co/NWHHA3BbE1

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Retina Steering Cover For Volkswagen Vento(Black, Leatherite) https://t.co/p7JPTVEXIU

Double Cross Car Cover For Volkswagen Vento(Silver) https://t.co/JXoE29fhTQ

Done a New Dual Tone Design Leather seat covers for Volkswagen vento. #volkswagen #vento #leatherseatcovers @ M2m Car Care And Accessories https://t.co/IkLdCOEFd6

Vocado® Combo of Mattty Grey Car Body Cover with Anti Slip Mat and Microfiber Cleaning Glove mitt for Volkswagen Vento Type 2 Price: 904 https://t.co/VXKF8S7O5A

Custom Fit Seat Cover for Volkswagen Vento In Leatherette Front https://t.co/9sjGlA0Emg

SnehaSales Premium Quality Water Resistant Car Boby Cover Special Design for Volkswagen Vento (Vshape Grey with Mirror Pockets) https://t.co/IVPn3LXhXJ

Complete Car Cover FULLY TAILORED VOLKSWAGEN VENTO (VN667SF) http://t.co/8Zx8QJUD

24% Off on Speedwav - Car Body Cover - Champion - Volkswagen Vento - 24% Off on Speedwav – Car Body Cover –... http://t.co/FZFDDNQD4p

volkswagen vento cover Q&A Review

Which one is better and why, the Hyundai Verna, Honda City, or Volkswagen Vento (top models)?

I will vote for Vento. Reasons : Build quality ESP- electronic stabilisation program is there in only Vento Best Auto transmission Performance delivered when demanded Check the door frame attached to main body— Vento scores here. Others have weld. To cover this they put rubber strip on top of car at sides of door. For vento it is not required. This gives more integrity to car structure. Of course I am vento user. I have test driven Verna & City.

Which one is better: Maruti Ciaz vs Hyundai Verna 4S vs Volkswagen Vento?

The cars in question have been covered well in other replies so I won't add a similar answer here. Since you seem to be inclined towards petrol, I would say take a good look at Fiat Linea t-jet and then make your choice. The turbocharged petrol engine gives diesel like torque which is very good for pulling this heavyweight car from a standstill. And the quality of sheet metal and overall feel of the car is certainly from a class above. It's very stable on highways at speeds of 140–150 kmph, the hydraulic steering gives true feel of the road and it has a very high ground clearance for it's class without compromising on handling. The linea as such has been in market for quiet a long time and it would be as reliable as any other car from it's class. If I were you, my money would certainly be on linea.

Which is a safer car in India between the Volkswagen Vento and Honda City?

I will vote for Vento. Reasons : Build quality ESP- electronic stabilisation program is there in only Vento Best Auto transmission Performance delivered when demanded Check the door frame attached to main body— Vento scores here. Others have weld. To cover this they put rubber strip on top of car at sides of door. For vento it is not required. This gives more integrity to car structure. Of course I am vento user. I have test driven Verna & City.

Which is the best Indian sedan car with the strongest suspension?

I have driven only sedans <12/13 lacs so can comment only on that. In this segment my personal vote would go to Volkswagen vento. It really handles well and have pretty good suspension too. Also - it is one of few cars which covers suspension in warranty as well. For a lower segment (compact sedans) - try Figo aspire.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I really did not want to answer but when I saw the 12 answers prior to the one I am trying to put together, I just couldnt resist. Ok so some very strong arguments in favor of both brands are already here. So no point in getting into that analysis anymore. Instead as a Honda owner (who truly desired to buy a VW Vento in the first place), I will share the reason why my decision eventually was to buy a Honda City. Hondas just last really long. But then being of German lineage, VWs also tend to be great work horses. The sales team of VW Bangalore just sucked! Apologies in case I am violating BNBR, but I do not hesitate repeating that the VW Bangalore sales team was one of the most pathetic and arrogant bunch of fools trying to sell a car. Also VW was recently in the news for all the wrong reasons. Some emission scandal (I think I read an answer here that has covered it in detail). That has surely hit its reputation. I have a simple logic. If you expect me to spend upwards of INR10,00,000 (Approximately $15000 - Fairly big amount by Indian Standards), you better show me some respect. I tried to book a test drive, not once, but thrice. And every single time, I was made to feel as if VW was doing a huge favor to me. And I never got to test drive the car. Before the test drives, I tried calling them to find out about pricing and other offers and even then I did not get a favorable response. I have friends who went ahead and bought the Vento and I hear from them that the after sales service is also spotty. Around 2004-5, Honda used to be like that in Bangalore. Full of 'take it or leave it' attitude, but then came a time when everybody and their grandmother wanted to buy only Diesel Cars and Honda did not have one in their arsenal. It is then that they developed humility. So during that phase, when I showed up interested to buy a Petrol Car, they were literally willing to bend backwards to make me happy. I got a nice discount on the top end exclusive variant (with full leather interiors and electric sun-roof). I am very happy with the purchase and the after sales service (while not the most perfect) is great and focused on my needs. And being a Japanese car, it is much easier to maintain compared to the VW. So if the OP did not post this just for a discussion and is planning to rely on the answers to this question to make a purchase, my recommendation is to go and drive both the cars for atleast 10-15 kilometers. Thanks to Myles & ZoomCar, you can now rent these and drive them extensively before making your mind. A 10 minute test drive on a showroom car never tells you the true story about a prospective car anyway.

Does the Volkswagen Vento Highline and Highline Plus automatic petrol versions have a hill assist or a hill hold feature? Can anyone give me an idea about the maintenance costs of a Vento?

All VW DCT Gearbox have this function from polo to passat, its really a usefull feature in day to day driving. I own a 2015 Vento Highline AT with 1.5 TDI, covered around 57k km. Its really a hassle free vehicle with Average maintenance, every service costs around 10k for 15k km with is not at all bad. with the right tires you can do around 45k km on a set, fuel efficiency is around 16–18 city, 21–23 highway. Overall its really good car for the money with excellent build and safety features.

I am planning to purchase my first car and made up my mind on Volkswagen Vento. Shall I go for Diesel or Petrol?

All aspects have been covered already. Also note that in case you are buying the car with car loan, either you need to pay a higher down payment to have the same EMI for diesel or if you go for same down payment then in diesel variant you will pay higher interest. This will further offset you break-even time. Hence overall cost wise petrol is better for your usage.

Is it worthwhile to buy a Volkswagen Vento 2014 diesel top model at present considering pollution norms? The car runs around 36,000 km only during six years.

The distance it covered in past years seems to be low. But if you want a Diesel car! Check yourself… Are you going to drive more than 3000km a month? If not, it's not a fair choice. Diesels need more money to maintain. Try a vento turbo petrol! ✌️

Which is the best mid range sedan in india? Honda City vs Volkswagen Vento vs Nissan Sunny vs Renault Scala Vs Skoda Rapid?

It depends on a lot of factors - what you expect from your car, economics play a small part too, distance you cover in a month, etc. One thing you should know is the fact that Honda has only Petrol 1.5L i-Vtec engines for the City at the moment. No diesel option available. My opinion assuming you are looking for a petrol powered car would be the Honda City. It's smooth, silent, good build quality, fairly comfortable, low maintenance, not-so-expensive spare parts and above everything, it's fairly better on the fuel economy as well.

I have to buy a car. How should I choose between a Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Maruti Ciaz or Tata Zest?

Thanks for A2A You haven’t specified your usage patterns and kilometers covered monthly. If you will be mainly driving in the city with lot of traffic, go for automatic transmission. If you drive more than 1200km a month, go for diesel. If you drive a lot on highways and travel out of town a lot, the Vento is the best option due to its safety and highway manners being better than the rest mentioned ( alternative to Vento is Skoda Rapid and Fiat Linea ). If you will be spending most of the time in the city commuting to office and back, the Verna has the best interiors and short dimensions. Between the City and Ciaz there’s not much to choose from, except engines which the Honda is slightly better. Tata Zest is a compact sedan, so a lower segment actually. Its reliability is unproven and it’s not a big seller, so resale value will be less. Most importantly, depending on where you stay, buy the car whose dealership has the best reputation for customer satisfaction, if there is one brand which leads by a big margin.

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    Tell me the Lighting of Volkswagen Vento.


    The Lighting of the Volkswagen Vento are as follow:

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    Does Volkswagen Vento has Engine Start?


    Yes, Volkswagen Vento has Engine Start, which are: 2018 Volkswagen Vento 1.2TSI Highline, 2018 Vol…

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    Is Volkswagen Vento available in Rear Entertainment?


    No, Volkswagen Vento isn't available in Rear Entertainment.

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