volkswagen vento drawbacks

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volkswagen vento drawbacksvolkswagen vento drawbacksvolkswagen vento drawbacks
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Which is the best sedan car in India, Hyundai Verna, Volkswagen Vento, Skoda Rapid, or Suzuki Ciaz?

If you want a tension free ownership , features , powerful diesel, service network ,good resale value, safety of 6 airbags ,the new gen hyundai verna is the best out of the list you have mentioned.Only drawbacks being the rear seat space and thirsty petrol unit. Suzuki ciaz isnt the safest car around considering the light build of suzuki cars in India. Skoda rapid with 4 years warranty is worth considering but keep in mind that the volkswagens arent as reliabke as a honda or a hyundai. If you want an allrounder, look no further than honda city.

Why did Maruti Suzuki launch SX4 and suddenly close its production?

Before writing about the question, I would like to share a little known fact from 2007 coming to the Indian automobile market. It is that Maruti Suzuki were the leaders in whichever segment they used to operate back then barring the C-segment or in simple terms the mid-size sedan segment. This was because the Baleno was unnecessarily dragged forward and was obviously feeling to look dated in the face of growing competition. Maruti Suzuki on the other hand were on a roll with the runaway success of the Swift. Hence it made sense for them to wipe out the deficit that existed in the mid-size sedan space with a new and modern offering. This gave birth to one of the most fun to drive sedans ever to be launched in our market in the form of the SX4. It was one plucked right from the international markets and looked contemporary as well as classy. In fact, I still drool over the fact that it has SUV like design cues on the front, which made it a unique product in our market. The cross version of the SX4 was also slowly gaining recognition in the tough US market, so it was safe to say that the game was playing in the hands of Maruti Suzuki during the initial months of the SX4. Coming to the competition, the Honda City was the undisputed king of it and the Ford Fiesta had just managed to replicate the success of the josh machine. In addition to that, there was the capable but underrated Chevrolet Aveo and the affordable Hyundai Verna. This meant that the SX4 had its task cut out in order to emerge at the top of the segment. Did it manage to do that? Well yes and no. Yes in the sense the car found a lot of initial demand owing to the freshness it offered in a pretty much bland segment. The SX4 was absolute value for money at that time, getting features such as ABS, dual airbags, integrated stereo, steering mounted audio controls and 16-inch alloy wheels in a package costing less than Rs.8 lakhs! Keeping all that in hold, the SX4 didn't quite dispatch the Honda City in terms of sales and was in competition with the Ford Fiesta instead for the second spot. This could be due to drawbacks such as the car offering less rear seat space and lesser mileage figures as compared to most of its competition. Despite all that, the car kept going steady for some time which further inspired confidence amongst those associated with Maruti Suzuki. Sales crossed the one lakh unit mark in a span of 22 months to be precise, which in many ways is a pretty impressive start for the SX4. But the emergence of competitors from the period between 2008-2012 left the SX4 in an intense swordfight, in which it emerged as second best. Those include the Fiat Linea, Volkswagen Vento and Skoda Rapid hinting at the fact that the segment had upgraded back then and by good measure. The launch of the new City in 2008 and the duo of the Hyundai Verna and Ford global Fiesta in 2011 meant that the SX4 became an outdated product just four years after it was introduced here. In fact, the market back then, particularly this segment had revolved to such an extent that Maruti Suzuki were offering heavy discounts at the time when most of its rivals were counting down their demand to supply ratio. A couple of years after enduring losses from it, Maruti Suzuki finally pulled the plug on the SX4 in early 2014 as I can remember. This was also to make way for their then secret project, which went on to be known as the Ciaz. The Ciaz still remains although the segment has taken a drastic dip in sales due to the emergence of a few flexible ones in comparison. As for the SX4, it is still being used in rally circuits across the country, which is a big proof of both its performance and reliability. It has also not completely vanished from our roads, with a few well maintained examples of it still seen running with as much gusto as earlier. Anyways, the SX4 was an outstanding attempt from Maruti Suzuki to get a grip on the mid-size sedan space here back then, which in return did not deliver on the expected lines. Picture Credits: BS Motoring, Concept Cars and Quikr India. Thank you.

If you’ve owned a Volkswagen for more than 5 years, how reliable has it been?

This is a very reliable car. I purchased the Volkswagen Vento car in 2011 and sold the same in 2018. more than 7 years I used this vehicles, but never gives a trouble even for single day. Now question can come why sold after using 7 years. that is the mistake I made for which I am still repenting. such a driving comfort, safe and robust car, good mileage(this sedan car in local gave the average of 13 km and highway 20–21 km. only it’s drawback is the parts cost and availability of Service center. But if your driving is safe and Good, you can reduce your maintenance cost.

Which is the best to get: Honda City, VW Vento, Hyundai Verna Fluidic, or Renault Duster?

Looking at the cars that you specified for comparison, I can see only one possible reason that you included the Duster. The price range (although it is higher than the sedans). There is nothing else that can be compared since it’s an SUV while the other three are sedans. That said, here are some inputs on the cars you shortlisted. ,Honda City: Image courtesy: Google. The Brand value:, Honda has always been known for its high quality of engines. Be it the i-VTEC or the newly launched i-DTEC diesel motor, it has always been engines that had the driver’s raw appeal. High revving, a linear power delivery & a peppy nature have defined Honda’s engines. To back it up is the Japanese carmaker’s engineers. ,The Car:, Honda cars have set a benchmark when it comes to the overall car in a given segment. The City is no exception. Having held the crown for the best mid-sizer for years, its position was intermittently challenged by the revamped Hyundai Verna. The Fluidic Verna as it is best known. However, this changed when the next gen City was launched a few months ago, especially since it now had a diesel motor. It set the charts flying when it came to raw numbers. 7216 to be precise for the month of May, 2014 as compared to the 3,334 of the Verna!! Pros:, Peppy engine. Benchmark in its segment. Refined & Efficient motors. Class leading rear legroom. , ,Cons:, Diesel motor is noisy. Not as refined as that of the Vento’s. Spares & services are costly as compared to the Verna., Skinny tyres. Loses out on confidence when in cornering especially in the monsoon season. ,Hyundai Verna: Image Courtesy: Google. The Brand Value:, No surprises here. Hyundai has become the second largest car manufacturer of India. It has dethroned the home grown Mahindra & Mahindra as well as TATA Motors to acquire the second spot after Maruti Suzuki India. Great customer service, good after sales value & availability of spares has helped it gain strong market in India. The South Korean car maker is also known for making cars that have endless equipment list & are best bang for the buck. ,The Car:, It was the only car that took away the game away from segment leader Honda City. The Fluidic style is crisp, sharp & has a ‘nature inspired’ design, as the company claims, has been well received all over the world. The built quality is at par with most cars but where it trumps is the features that it comes bundled with. Some are segment first, some feel upmarket while others were never imagined in a car of this segment. Add all this with the good service & resale value, it is an obvious choice for most customers. Pros:, Good after sales service. Resale value. Looks stunning from every angle. Big bang for the buck. Endless equipment list. ,Cons:, Engines aren’t as refined as the City’s or the Vento’s. Softer tuned suspensions result in a bumpy ride. Highway stability, thus, becomes a major issue. The car continuously bobs over undulations. The steering is suited for city driving. At high speeds, it doesn’t weigh up considerably resulting in disconnected feel. The Fluidic styling is radical & does not go down well with some. Limited all round visibility due to high dashboard & kinked up rear windows. ,Volkswagen Vento: Image Courtesy: Google. The Brand Value:, Undoubtedly, the best automotive engineering in the world comes from the German car makers. VW is the biggest of them all with owned subsidiaries like Skoda, Lamborghini, Audi etc. These cars have been the marquee of excellence of build quality & refinement ever since. The only drawback is their costly repairs & somewhat poor resale value. ,The Car:, True to its VW credentials, it is solidly built, has a high level of engine refinement & a unique German feel to it. It has comparatively bland interiors & less equipment levels but scores high on ride quality. Pros:, German brand value. Best in class engines & transmissions. Solid built quality that is built to last. ,Cons:, ,Subdued styling. Not as good looking as the City or the Verna. Less equipment for a car that's pricy than its rivals. After sales service, spares are costly. Renault Duster: Image Courtesy: Google. The Brand Value:, Renault, the French giant is known for its European car appeal, success in Formula 1 & Motor Sports. It is also famously known for its aggressive pricing that has won accolades all over the world. ,The Car:, It is a full sized SUV, unlike the compact SUVs. Its high ground clearance, low maintenance, acres of space (as compared to the compact SUV Ford EcoSport) & good overall on road- off road capabilities have made it the global best seller for the company. Pros:, Rugged in built. High ground clearance (especially suited for Indian roads) Good off road abilities. Low on maintenance. ,Cons:, Decent level of equipment Interiors are too plain & simple. After sales service is still not up to the mark due to lesser dealer networks. According to a report, the company along with its alliance partner Nissan is planning to set up nearly 200 dealerships all over India by this fiscal. ,Conclusion:, From the above, it’s easy to comprehend that, if you don’t care much about the styling, equipment list but want a more driver focused car that’s built to last & if you are willing to shell out some more (even for the after sales & spares) for the same, the VW Vento is the one for you. If styling, endless equipment list, great after sales service & a great bang for the buck feature as your top priorities, look no further than the Hyundai Verna. It’s beautiful, good all round performer & has better resale value. If you are still unable to decide between the above, there’s a safer bet. Go with the Honda City. Its styling features & especially the high revving engine will bring a smile to your face every time you get behind the wheel. Plus it’s a segment leader! Customers have been using Honda cars & have little to complain. And still, if for some reason,you plan to shun out all these sedans & opt for a SUV rather, there won’t be any problems with the Renault Duster. You’ll be another happy customer with the Renault Duster!

Why don't Indians buy Volkswagen cars despite providing high quality, safety, and services at such competitive prices?

The brand is established worldwide and also provide competitive price cars in indian market but its not enough! If you take VW Polo it's the same car from the day it was launched to now with some basic updation and BS6 norms and the majority of features remain same The same happens with vento and ameo (expired model tho) Now the above cars are from budget segment , then comes the premium models such as T-roc , tiguan , tiguan all space , Jetta , Passat Well the best-selling models in VW is the Polo and vento and they haven't seen any major facelift since their initial launch which is a major drawback than its competitors !! The service network of VW isn't well in some places that I know , the cost of spares isn't on cheaper side tho , then it stays further back from the other competitors Other than above factors the be cars are a gem to drive and their high-speed stability is great and the cars are enthusiastic ones too A modified Polo Happy driving:)

Why do you think Volkswagen cars are not as popular as Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai in India?

Quality in India is expensive and considered premium as compared to developed countries. So first off in VW’s is asking price. For example, Polo is exceptionally built, well finished and even after 7 years in the market, there is no small car that can match Polo for its quality and overall strong build. Polo doesn’t even look old while those snazzily designed high selling small cars start to feel old pretty much in 5 years time. Example : Hyundai Getz, first generation i20. Secondly, you pay peanuts, you get peanuts. Polo’s service cost is high as compared to Maruti and Hyundai. And getting well qualified service personnel isn’t easy. Hence the price to service quality ratio is not good. At the same time, most likely VW Polo’s buyer will have higher expectation as he/she is paying more than others. This becomes drawback again, extending upto the segment where Vento competes. Third, VW appointed dealers and service center’s dont have a very good image, an image which was tarnished early on. Recovering from that image blunder is very, very difficult. Fourth, spares availability. Considering low volumes and less number of dealers, the spare part availability isn’t good with VW. Some parts take quite a while before being available, and this thing logically disappoints customer. Fifth, due to image of high maintenance, no so good service network, spares issues, resale value of VW cars take a hit. All these factors overlook brilliant engineering, high quality and excellent build quality offered by all VW cars.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

It depends if you are looking for diesel or petrol variants. If you are looking for diesel variant then eyes closed go for VW Vento. I work for VW cars at my org, but their primary drawback would be maintenance expenses in the longer run. They charge extremely higher in your longer run. on the other hand if you look for petrol variant, HONDA CIty is the best in class, i am owner of it. it has got the best engine and transmission compared to others, also returns good fuel economy around 15kmpl in city/20kmpl on highway. THe latest 2017 model offers a lot more than previous ones did, and the other brands do in the segment. hope this helped

What is the best car between 9-10 lac? I currently own a 6.5yrs old Swift, which I plan to sell. The car should be fun to drive. No specific preference to sedan or SUV. However, as for everyone in a metro, a longer car means tougher parking.

Hey, so as your question specifies that the car should be “Fun to drive”, here are a couple of suggestions that would fit well within your budget Ford Ecosport - In my opinion, this care offers a phenomenal combination of features and drivability. It's big enough to accommodate 5 people with ease but at the same time small enough to be parked at tight spots. It's 1.5 litre engine is peppy and offers a pretty good average of 15–20 km/l. Skoda Rapid - The Rapid again is a good option for you considering your requirements. It's compact has a slick gearbox and a powerful engine. The biggest drawback of the car is that it lacks on features that now most competitors offer. Volkswagen Vento - The Vento offers the same driving experience as the Rapid and is better in my opinion as it offers more features. Vokswagen Polo - The Polo is the most exciting to drive as it has exceptional handling couples with an exciting-ish engine. It's quite compact too and can easily fit into most places Hyundai Venue - the Venue is possibly the most compact out of all the cars listed here, the 1.4L CRDi engine is quite fun on this car. The handling is a tad bit better than the Ecosport and however the engine is less peppy. This car is feature laden and probably has on offer more features than any other car listed here. Ps - please do check out and follow my blog ,Allaboutcars, :-)

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