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seater Tiguan Allspace though, it would have a competitive edge over the popular SUV models here.The Volkswagen

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Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

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In Brief: Toyota Vios 2019 – Adding More Value

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Which B-segment sedan offers the best power-to-weight ratio?

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Volkswagen Adds New Aftersales Service - Walnut Blasting Decarbonizer

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Finally, VW Polo Mk5 discontinued, all-new Mk6 coming to Malaysia soon?

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VW Announces VIP – Volkswagen Insurance Plan

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Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

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Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

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Pay RM 199 at Volkswagen’s Shopee store to receive up to RM 14k worth of rewards

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) launched their special 7.7 mid-year online sale.

Free instalments for 6 months with a new Volkswagen Tiguan

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More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

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Spied: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift coming soon?

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From now on, Volkswagen’s most powerful cars will bear a very different looking R.

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2020 VW Arteon, Passat R-Line and Tiguan Allspace to make Malaysian debut on Aug 12!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

Volkswagen Vento discontinued in Malaysia, what will replace it?

Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

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volkswagen vento ecuvolkswagen vento ecuvolkswagen vento ecu
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ഏത് മലയാളിയാ ഫോക്സ്വാഗെന്റെ ഡോര്‍ മോഡ്യൂള്‍ കോഡ് എഴുതിയെ? Major flaws reported for the door module ECU of #Volkswagen Vento

VC POWER - Automotive Software & Hardware Volkswagen Vento CL 1.4, 1996 Reparação da unidade de comando ECU... https://t.co/AeXg514tUq

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Can I convert any automatic petrol car prefer Skoda Rapid or Volkswagen Vento into a CNG car?

Yes you can convert your AMT/CVT car to CNG including the Rapid or Vento. Its one of the most common myth that transmission i.e MT / AMT / CVT /DCT would make any difference on CNG installation. Sorry don’t agree with the answer by Mr. Siddharth Varman. Counter the points mentioned by him as below :- 1)Even after installing CNG tank, you still have 70% space left in Vento or Rapid’s boot or most three box sedans. 2) With modern day CNG conversion systems with OBD autoadaptation and Dynamic Timing advance, performance on CNG is as good as that on petrol you can hardly distringuish the car is on Petrol or Gas. - of course you need to invest in good quality not cheap Chinese products or imitations. 3) Most CNG kits always start the car on Petrol, and switch over to Gas after meeting certain programmable conditions like engine temp, RPM, Gas Pressure etc, to ensure that the Petrol injectors are always wet and no gumming takes place in them. Morever , even while running on Gas, the petrol is always circulated from tank and back. Yes CNG ignites slower compared to Petrol, so some exhaust gases remain trapped in the engine compartment , for this one should invest 1) in ECU with OBD adaptation which meters the fuel fed to the engine, 2) & in a Variable Timing advancer for modern engines, which ensures that ignition timing can be advanced VARIABLY/ DYNAMICALLY to ensure exhaust gases are released out of combustion chamber during the 4stroke process and this device also helps in getting petrol like performance on CNG. 4) Your maintenance remains the same as that on petrol. You need to replace air filter in 10000 kms(as on Petrol) and use Silver electrode spark plugs which have a life of 30000km on Gas (Petrol also you change spark plugs at 20K km) Since CNG burns slower compared to Gasoline for which engine was designed, investing in better quality electronics of car which is not expensive, would prove to be more beneficial in long run specially when you save almost 70% in running costs over petrol. 5) Warranty by VW or Skoda can be an issue within warranty period as they have a way out of the warranty contract - that is true for all car manufacturer. If you install a good quality product, it has a built in OBD scanner on CNG so it can diagnose any car problem also. Morever, there are no wiring cuts or loose end and no check engine lights due to CNG if installation is proper and your calibrator is experienced the amount of CNG/Air going to the engine , would be same as that of petrol /air which means better efficiency, lesser wear and tear or maintenance. Using of JValve Saver lubricants also helps greatly in keeping cars on CNG smoother and enhancing engine life on Gas and keeping maintenance issues at bay. 6) The added weight is max 75 kgs of the tank in the boot - equivalent to one passenger ! As explained above, the performance of the engine not being compromised by using good technology, this additional weight hardly means anything on the pulling power of the car. ! So the point is if you already have a car (not OEM CNG fitted) the similar OE technology is available in aftermarket, but many drivers forget this and try to save in the kit installation costs itself compromising quality, technology and deliverance wherein the problems start. So suggest to go for good quality products and experienced installers do get miles of smiles and savings on CNG. With increasing Petrol pricing, using alternative fuels is the need of the hour and also good for our future and economy.

I want to buy a new car but I don't know the terms related to cars like bhp, lxi . How do I learn those?

Well… if you need to learn these terms so that you can buy a new car, you are a bit wrong. These things are not much necessary(much). But if you need to learn these things, so that you own a car and know everything about your car,then you need to start from few basics. You actually asked two things in a single question. If you want to know about all basic terms related to auto-mobiles(mainly cars),you need to start from basics. Like what is a car,an engine,four wheel,steering wheel,doors windows,headlamps,tail lamps(i bet you know all about these). Then you need to know how they work and in what coordination they work in a car to make it a complete car. A car is a very very awesome piece of machine,being open to let the man in and closed enough to make your journey safe and sound during rain thunderstorm etc. It’s engine is like the heart,which runs the entire car,it is the engine that makes it mobile. All electricals (when the engine is running),fuel pump,alternator,ECU(engine control unit),spark plugs or fuel injectors run by using the engine power every time and every second.The battery power is only used when the engine is not running. Battery is used to start the engine and as soon as the engine is running the battery is put to recharge by the alternator. All electricals works on battery power when the engine is off but works on current provided by the alternator when the engine is running. Now comes the bhp part. Every car belongs to a class or a category(small car,hatchback,sedan,SUV,crossover etc). To compete in it’s class or category manufacturers showcase engine output,features,safety equipments,pricing etc in their best way possible(the BHP and NM you read on paper is before the stress of gears,air drag,tyre’s rolling friction etc). BHP and NM comes in engine output department both to it’s max at a specific RPM(RPM is revolutions per minute,it is the revolutions of engine’s crankshaft calculated per minute). BHP stands for brake horse power and NM stands for newton meter. Both these figures make it easy for manufacturer and customers to see how the engine may perform. Both these figures depend on engine capacity(calculated in CC(cubic centimetres) or Litres ) engine capacity is calculated on the basis of the capacity of it’s cylinders(cylinders contains pistons,pistons move up and down to TDC and BTC during combustion,combustion occurs with a mixture of fuel and air/oxygen,movement of pistons rotates crankshafts which rotates final drives or drive shafts and then the wheels(front wheels or rear wheel or all wheels in AWD car). BHP is the measure of power output of the engine,bigger engines may have more BHP than smaller engines(all depends on performance,1000CC bike may have 200+BHP and 1000cc petrol car may have just 100+ BHP). BHP is calculated using dynamometer and the same is used for calculating the torque of an engine. For normal consideration consider yourself pushing a SUV,the amount of effort you are putting on the car to push it is the BHP and the rotational motion you are getting on the wheel of the car is the torque,you may not be able to make the car start rolling suddenly but once it starts rolling you can continue that motion until you take your hands off the car. You need both BHP and NM to push or say to work. Sudden acceleration is the work of BHP and to continue that sudden acceleration you need torque to continue the rotational motion. Normally petrol engines have a little bit higher or equal or lesser torque than horse power on the other hand diesel engines have way more torque than horse power(heavy duty vehicle have more than double). A AMW truck uses cummins B5.9ltr(5883CC) 6 cylinder engine with 180 BHP@2500RPM and 680 NM of torque @1500RPM, this output may not provide a sudden push to the truck but can push a lot of load but with a slower start. Talking about a petrol car,a swift petrol 1.2 have 83BHP@6000RPM and 115NM@4000RPM,it may provide a sudden push(depends on the weight of the car too) in low gears but will be slow in higher gears on the other hand swift ddis(direct diesel injection system) with 1.3Ltr diesel engine have 75BHP and 190NM or torque,it provides sudden push at the start as well as in higher gears(as compared to petrol car). Now about LXI,LDI,VXI,VDI etc. Car manufacturers provide cars with features based on price,needs,demands and category. They launch several variants of a car in order to provide feature loaded car for demanding customers as well as cheaper variants with fewer features for customers who doesn't want features and want to pay less for the same car. For example LXI is for petrol cars by Maruti-Suzuki in this order LXi<VXI<ZXI and for diesel cars they have LDI<VDI<VDI+<ZDI<ZDI+(in ciaz,brezza,ertiga etc). Volkswagen cars have variants like Trendline<Comfortline<Highline for VW POLO,VW polo cross and VW Vento,they too have POLO GT TDI for diesel and TSI for petrol(both turbo charged). Hyundai have ERA<Magna<Sports<Sports(o)<Asta<Asta(optional) for both diesel as well as petrol cars,for Creta they have S,SX,SX,SX(o),SX plus auto. Ford have Ambiente<Trend<Titanium<Titanium+. FIAT have Active<Dynamic<Emotion etc. Higher variants are normally priced higher as compared to lower variants. Top variants may sell less in few cars,higher variants costs more because they come loaded with features like Alloy wheels,parking sensor/camera,rain sensing wipers,automatic headlamps and many more. My answer may be very huge and long,but i can’t help my self,the world of auto-mobiles is wonderful. More questions are welcome mate! I memorise much of the BHP and torque figures but to be accurate i uses Carwale.com(huge database).

Why do people speak so much negative about Volkswagen cars in India? Is it true that after purchasing a Volkswagen car people face so many problems that that they regret their decision?

“Why do people speak so much negative about Volkswagen cars in India? Is it true that after purchasing a Volkswagen car people face so many problems that that they regret their decision?” Well, I am not sure where you are hearing it from, but Volkswagen cars are really good. They boast one of the best builds available in their price range, one of the best if not best steering with amazing feedback and precision and fantastically tuned engine. It’s a car for enthusiasts. Of course, like any other thing it has its demerits. Usually in India, cars in the price range of Polo and Vento are cheaper to maintain (examples being Swift, Baleno, i20, Figo, Punto etc. when compared to Polo and Ciaz, Verna, Etios etc. when compared to Vento, City being an exception with high maintenance). And most of the people see VW cars being out of league due to high maintenance. Moreover, the inside space on offer in these VW cars is also lesser when compared to its competition. Indian audience is used to “higher price means bigger object”, and VW cars don’t follow it, as they have smaller cabins, cramped rear seats etc. And then it has some problem with its suspension over a period of time. So my guess about why people say so, is, because they are cost conscious audience. And VW cars have comparatively higher maintenance. But then, every other car will have some or the other problem. Those who know about cars, never use them with stock settings. Most of them get some mods done like ECU remaps, after market suspensions, changed or trimmed seats etc. In the end it comes down to priorities and choices of an individual (and sometimes their ignorance about cars and going with the herd). And you bet, if you like cars with good engine that last for many years, you won’t regret buying VW cars. But yes, they need maintenance unlike Suzuki and Toyota and you can’t skip on their scheduled service. Hope you find this useful.

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