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The Polo was the oldest model in Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s (VPCM) line-up and while

New 2020 Volkswagen Passat – what’s new?

The new 2020 Volkswagen Passat facelift (B8 generation) made its local debut last week with less power

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Volkswagen Polo in PekanWhen asked about the impact of the revised Open Market Value calculation

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Thanks to a slew of slow demands for new cars, disruptions in supply chain and COVID-19 pandemic, Volkswagen

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Earlier this year, the NPM (National Platform Future of Mobility) predicted 400,000 car industry jobs in Germany

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Enter the Volkswagen Polo.

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The all-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 was unveiled back in October, and sales in Germany has only begun

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Volkswagen Passengers Car Malaysia rolls out the new facelift 2020 Volkswagen Passat, priced at RM 189,012

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After five years of being placed behind the Volkswagen Group, Toyota Motor Corp has managed to reclaim

The Volkswagen Arteon is a Golf R with a boot, estimated prices: RM290k – RM310k

RM290k – RM310k- Only one CBU (from Germany) variant available – 2.0 TSI 4Motion R-Line-

More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is ushering in this Chinese New Year with special savings on

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(2016 Volkswagen Vento Gallery | Specifications | Full Review)Volkswagen VentoEnter the Volkswagen Vento

What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

CapturSubaru Subaru XVToyota Toyota Yaris Toyota Vios Toyota Innova Toyota Rush Toyota FortunerVolkswagen Volkswagen

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Volkswagen Vento to launch on July 6th | C: Volkswagen India, an Indian subsidiary of Germany based auto giant, wi... http://bit.ly/9k9lfb

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Volkswagen Vento Konekt Limited Edition Sedan in Indian Road!: Aug 19, 2014: On Monday, Germany based car manu... http://t.co/pE1u3FRlYL

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What is so bad about SKODA services in India?

Having 5 years of ownership experience of Skoda Rapid in Bangalore, I am qualified to answer this question. My experience hasn't been so bad with service. Once, despite my appointment, I was made to wait almost for an hour to be attended by a Service advisor. And when I got a call from Skoda Mumbai for Service feedback, I told the same. After that the service center made me a VIP Customer and made sure they took extra care of me and my car. Things have changed considerably in Skoda service centers since 2–3 years. At least in Bangalore, the service centers look premium (talking about Tafe Access). Their staff keeps changing, that's one issue and most service advisors are not so experienced of late (earlier they used to be). But I won't complain about bad workmanship, or job not done, or overcharging for spares etc. I didn't deal with any major engine/gearbox issue though. In fact even before they made me a VIP Customer, except for that one time delay in attending to me (it was a Monday morning and there were too many vehicles as some campaign was running), I didn't face any issues. Their protocols are quite rightly placed for a premium car. They have a good lounge for waiting customer and customers are treated quite well there. Never faced any billing issue either. One thing to note is, the German Brands offload their entire service to dealer and it's service center. The company doesn't seem to have a high degree of control on these dealers and service centers, unlike Honda or Hyundai. So basically you are only as well served as the dealer wants to serve you. Also these cars don't seem to have a centralised service history across dealers, which is terribly shitty, almost stone age. Also, most Skoda parts are priced similar to other cars in this segment, except the ones that belong to Engine and Transmission (the costly ones are imported from Germany etc). So unless you have an engine or gearbox problem, you won't spend a fortune to maintain these cars. And yes, as others have mentioned, their network in North is very small. And they are bad in marketing. Even down south, their sales representatives don't look as motivated their Hyundai or Honda counterparts. If you can shell out a bit extra, you can for for Volkswagen which has almost everything same (every Skoda car has an equivalent Volkswagen car. Like: Rapid => Vento ; Octavia => Jetta; Karooq => T-Roc ; Kodiaq => Tiguan All space). You get the same quality for a much better dealer and service network. Although in terms of looks, Skoda makes lot more beautiful cars and slightly more highyway worthy). However, for my last 1.5 years of owning Volkswagen Vento, I can say that Tafe Access Skoda provided better service than all the 3 service centers of Volkswagen I went to. So yes, number of service centers is a problem in Skoda. But otherwise in South and West India, I doubt if there is any other generic issue.

How much of a hassle is it to have a foreign car in the US? I plan on bringing a car to the US which is a Volkswagen Vento (I don't think this model exists in the US). How much of a hassle would it be in terms of car maintenance?

I would advise against bringing a foreign car into the US if its just a mass produced, medium priced car - cars are relatively cheap in the US so paying a premium to bring in a used car might not be such a good idea. Anyway, there are many VW’s here in the states, your car might be a US model under a different name, I’d do some research there. Likely the parts are available if you know the right model number - the problem with ordering parts from a store is that they normally work with the US based models and have no idea about foreign models, this can be a problem since there are slight differences in parts for different years, so it might be an issue to get a replacement part. Alternatively, you can order the parts from overseas (Germany?) but that might be expensive for heavier items. Other problems you might experience would be the computer controlled parts of the car, engine, transmission, etc - can you be sure that these are compatible with the average equipment in a US repair shop? Does your car comply with the local/state emissions standards? If you are intending to settle in California, that can be a huge problem which will prevent you from registering your car when you get here. Depending on where you settle, there are foreign car shops over the country, especially in the states of Florida, Texas and California ( in the more populous areas). You might have to pay dearly for certain services since the mechanic will need to learn on the job if he’s not familiar with the problems you are presenting to him. So, unless you have a strong emotional attachment to the particular car, I’d say you are heading for a world of hurt.

Why is the Volkswagen Vento still a great car?

Ask the person who owns a VW Vento with the manual transmission not working at 10,000 miles. It has been at the car dealership in India for over 2 months. They cannot give a time estimate when the car is going to be fixed. Another person has the same car and the turbo charger is defective at 10,000 miles. Internet search “A case of unreliable Volkswagen Vento’s (2010 - 2012) …”. Internet search “Here’s why Volkswagen cars are so popular”. Plastic door handles inside some VW cars are constantly breaking and need to be replaced several times. I personally would never buy any Volkswagen vehicle in the USA. The ones made in Germany are better made.

How do I protect car tyres from theft in delhi?

I have a Volkswagen vento. It is the top end model with the alloy wheels. So I was worried about the wheel thefts. the attendant at the showroom told me about four lock nuts that are made specifically on the base of the engine and chassis number by the company in Germany. I agreed to go for it and they sent my engine and chassis number to the company against which they delivered to me 4 customised nuts, one each to be secured in each wheel. These nuts cannot be undone by any spanner or any tool except the one given to me by the company. If somebody tries a fresh act of stealing my wheel, he will not be able to open at least one nut in each wheel. And if I happen to lose the special spanner even I will not be able to able to undo the wheels. Those 4 nuts cost me upwards of 3000 rupees, but they are worth it. Just that I have to keep the spanner very secure so I don't lose it.

We pronounce Volkswagen as “folkswagen,” so why not Vento as “fento”?

I pronounce “Volkswagen” as “Volkswagen” without any shame. If and when I go to Germany, I may pronounce it as “Folkswagen”. Follow the rules of the land, otherwise a proper noun can be pronounced as you please. So coming back to your question, we pronounce Vento as vento because it's predominantly an Indian product from Volkswagen. Most Germans wouldn't have heard about it. If it were available in Germany, maybe it would have been called Fento

Which one is better of the two, Suzuki Ciaz vs VW Vento, for safety, reliability and comfort?

Having a Ciaz Alpha Diesel and a Vento Highline TSI, i guess i am qualified to answer this question. Coming straight to the point, Safety: Both the cars comes with dual airbags, ABS and EBD as standard. So, you can say there isn’t any difference but, the braking of Vento is more sharp whereas, its linear in case of Ciaz. So, its hard to choose one among them in terms of safety. Reliability: Everyone is familiar with the dominance of Maruti Suzuki in our country and the easy availability of parts and service. Volkswagen service network is growing and the reliability is a question here. Eventhough the parts are of high quality, the costs are on the higher side during the service. The DSG gearbox is a straight import from Germany. Normally there are no chances of breakdown as such but in worst case something happens, you know what to expect. So, Ciaz is a winner here in this segment. Comfort: Here, i classify it as city comfort and highway comfort. The Vento TSI being automatic, you get a hassle free drive amidst heavy traffic also, the TSI engine coupled with DSG transmission is super responsive wherein, Ciaz will make it tough having a manual transmission and also, being more longer and wider than Vento. Also, you can expect turbo lag till 2000rpm. Coming to Highway comfort, this comes to personal decision since, Vento makes the long rides seamless having automatic transmission, cruise control and speed sensitive steering, it makes it far easy to drive but, the stiff suspension is a let down whereas, Ciaz with enormous space and super soft suspension setup, makes the long drive comfortable. Hence, i’d pick Ciaz as the winner in this ,segment. ,My mom and granny prefers Ciaz over Vento for long travels since, only thing they could compare of is in terms of comfort. Also, Ciaz gives a great high speed stability than Vento. At 150kmph, Ciaz feels more stable than Vento which becomes bumpy. Well, i have added a rear spoiler for my Ciaz which i think contributes for the stability. Adding to this, the average fuel economy i get based on my driving in a mix of city and highway is 21.6kmpl for Ciaz and 13.8 for Vento. Here, performance is not mentioned in the question. Well, if Performance is also considered then Vento TSI is a clear winner. The turbo charged petrol along with sport mode in the DSG, the performance is outstanding compared to that of Ciaz. I hope this will give you better insights. I know the comparison has been made between a Diesel Manual vs a Petrol Automatic but still, other than performance and noise levels, there isn’t much of a difference. Thanks

Is Skoda Rapid made or assembled in India?

Skoda Rapid has always been assembled in India since the very beginning. Parts are mostly made in India in Chakan (Pune) Volkswagen facility. Almost all the parts (except maybe the badge! ) Are shared with Volkswagen Vento. However the localisation levels have increased over time. When i bought Skoda Rapid in 2015, it was about 85% localised. Now i hear it is more than 90% localised (means 90% of the parts are made in India) In 2015, Engine, Gearbox and Transmission cable were imported from Germany (again, maybe parts of engine or whole, I am not sure). Rest every part was made in India I hear that cost of some parts like clutch plate have come down after more localisation.

Which one is the best in a sedan car up to Rs. 15 lakhs in terms of safety & otherwise?

There are notable number of sedans available in the given price range - Ciaz, City, Verna, Vento, Rapid. But since you mentioned safety, Vento & Verna would come on the top. Volkswagen Vento: Sturdy car built by a German auto giant. Though it is made in India, it was engineered in Germany. The car is super strong with safety features (ABS, Airbags, EBD) as standard and hi tech features like Traction Control, Cruise control on the top models. It’s also a heavy car cz of which fuel efficiency takes a hit and for us indians always used to asking ‘Kitna deti hai?’ Economy becomes an important factor while buying a car. One major aspect is the owning cost of the vehicle, which tends to be a bit high for the Vento. Your usual maintenance/service bills will range in a few thousands, no surprises there. Skoda Rapid and VW Vento are the exact same car with a different logo - few features here and there, Rapid being more feature rich. You may choose depending on which brand service Center is more accessible to you. Hyundai Verna: Hyundai is a Korean brand and Verna is sold internationally. This car is your next bet. Talking about safety, Verna comes with loads of safety features - ABS, EBD, Traction Control, 6 Airbags (industry first) Overall the car also looks more stylish and contemporary than the Vento, which looks more mature and sophisticated. Verna is more comfortable to drive with soft suspension best suited for our city roads with Fuel Economy slightly better than the Vento. Now comes the most difficult part, choosing one! That I leave up to you. Do take an elaborate test drive, sometimes the car’s personality talks to you better than all the features and that’s a car buying done perfectly. Do consider comfort, service accessibility & costs before booking. All the best!

Why does Volkswagen Polo car became so popular in India?

Volkswagen is a Car Manufacturer of Germany and sell it’s cars in India too. Although ,VW ,doesn’t sell cars like Hot fried ,Samosas, ,but some of their cars like ,Polo, Vento, and ,Ameo ,have gained popularity. In this answer, we are going to know about Polo and understand pointwise that ,“Why does Volkswagen Polo became so popular in India?” Unique Design Language :- ,Look at any other car out in your Apartment /Colony / Locality and look at the Volkswagen POLO . You will definitely understand what I'm trying to say . This car looks stunning , classy, premium all at the same time . Powerful Engine option:- ,This car has an amazing engine options like ,1.5 L, ,TDI Diesel ,producing 110 BHP and ,1.2 L TSI, ,Turbo Petrol ,producing 105 BHP ,( ,These figures are more than enough for a hatchback,),and these two engines are the most selling of the Polo… Automatic DSG gearbox :- ,It is the only car offering, DSG/DCT ,gearbox in their segment.. Tank like Build Quality:- ,Is there any Polo standing nearby you ? If yes then go near the bonnet of the car and punch it with momentum . What type of sound can you feel? Isn't that sound lovely ? Similarly if possible check the sound of the car while closing the door. ,Boom…, That's what I want to say….Like seriously, no other car is made like Polo. Amazing Driving feel :- ,Is there any Polo owner reading this answer ? If yes then Please let me know in comment section about your driving experience with your Polo. I'm saying that co'z it is one of the best feeling car to drive, and having an amazing steering response.. High Quality but Classy Interiors :- ,The interiors of this car are not very modern but design is Robust and classy and at the same time High quality materials are used for interior….. These were my reasons for Volkswagen Polo being popular in India. Note :- ,Any Suggestions, Experience, Edits are Most Welcome……

Are Volkswagen Vento spare parts costlier than the Hyundai Verna?

Volkswagen imports the engine and transmission from Germany and the rest is made in India itself. As far as other parts go there shouldn't be much difference but when you come to Engine and transmission you would be paying up for imported parts. Now you know why Vento parts are more costly.

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