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Owner Review: The heritage hot hatch - My Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk. 7

** This article is the personal experience of a 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mark 7 owner and does not necessarily

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Volkswagen Vento discontinued in Malaysia, what will replace it?

Following Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) axing the Mk5 Polo from its local line-up, the title

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The generation of Golf (MK7) has been around for seven years, and its pretty much a textbook step to

Owner Review: From touge monster to highway cruiser - My Volkswagen Golf GTI MK6

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All-new 2021 Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 debuts – 320 PS, 420 Nm

Volkswagen has launched the all-new 2021 Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 to the world and it is the most powerful

In Brief: VW Vento – Still worth comparing against the Toyota Vios and Honda City?

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Mk8 Volkswagen Golf Country – a jacked up 4WD Golf

What you’re seeing here is not an official variant from Volkswagen, but rather a rendering of what

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Review: Volkswagen Vento TSI – Turbocharged efficiency, but at a cost

Vento for the now-discontinued Jetta.And that is not a bad thing either, as the Volkswagen Vento is

2021 VW Golf Mk8 for Malaysia to drop DSG for 8-speed torque converter?

A recent report from Australia mentioned that the upcoming 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 will drop the famed

Should you buy the Volkswagen Golf now or wait for the all-new model?

The Volkswagen Golf, in its current 7th generation form, may be a couple of years old, but it is still

This Volkswagen Golf R makes more power than a Lamborghini Aventador!

Ask anyone who has ever driven a Volkswagen Golf R and they’ll tell you that it’s no slouch

VW Golf Mk8 to launch in more RHD countries, Malaysia by 2H 2021

Although sales of the Volkswagen Golf Mk8 has already started in Europe since December 2019, sales in

Hybrids make up 1 in 3 Mk8 VW Golf sold in Europe, CKD Golf GTI coming to Malaysia

The Volkswagen Golf has once again proved to be a hit with buyers in Europe and Germany last year.

Volkswagen Tiguan overtakes the Golf as VW's best-selling model

The production of Volkswagen Tiguan just broke six million mark globally, making it as the best-selling

The Volkswagen Arteon is a Golf R with a boot, estimated prices: RM290k – RM310k

Only one CBU (from Germany) variant available – 2.0 TSI 4Motion R-Line- Powertrain shared with Golf

Future VW products to follow Golf Mk8's cue for meter design

Volkswagen Golf GTIIt looks cool, doesn’t it?

Finally, VW Polo Mk5 discontinued, all-new Mk6 coming to Malaysia soon?

The Polo’s sister car, the Vento sedan however, is still on sale.VW Polo Mk5VPCM have yet to confirm

You only need three words to know about the 2020 VW Golf MK8 Volkswagen Golf

allowed to steal the spotlight from the ID 3 electric hatchback at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the 2020 Volkswagen

Renault Clio overtakes Volkswagen Golf as Europe’s best-selling car

Jato Dynamic’s monthly report, the Renault Clio, with 24,915 units registered, has dethroned the Volkswagen

More savings mean bigger angpow with Volkswagen

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is ushering in this Chinese New Year with special savings on

Spied: Volkswagen Virtus caught testing in India, Vento replacement for Malaysia?

Credits: Rushlane, OverdriveWith news of the Volkswagen Vento finally discontinued in Malaysia out of

All-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk8 unveiled, 245 PS/370 Nm, 7-speed wet DSG

Golf GTI Mk8?

Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased to announce a reduction on the prices of its models

B-segment sedan resale values: City and Vios lead, but Almera is worse than Vento?

Before it was the Vento, it was called the Polo SedanStalwarts of the B-segment sedan scene - the Toyota

2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 is out! More digital than ever

The most popular hatchback in the world – the Volkswagen Golf – has debuted in its eighth

All-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8, not expected in Malaysia until 2021

The all-new 2020 Volkswagen Golf Mk8 was unveiled back in October, and sales in Germany has only begun

Volkswagen Golf Mk8 - When is it coming to Malaysia and should you wait for it?

The eighth-generation (Mk8) Volkswagen Golf was introduced globally late last year but before markets

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volkswagen golf ventovolkswagen golf ventovolkswagen golf vento
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On my blog is: Volkswagen Golf, Polo, Vento, Jetta, Corrado, Scirocco Colour Workshop Manual http://bit.ly/ae8XZG

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How does Volkswagen name their cars?

Volkswagen currently likes to name its passenger car model range after winds, or sexy-sounding names for wind. Marketing people pluck these things from obscurity so before you start bantering the names around, it might be a good idea to know what they mean. Here are some of those names explained: Polo - ,Named after the northern Polar wind. Golf - ,From German) Gulf stream. A warm ocean current running along the Gulf of Mexico and the North American eastern coastline, running at around 35 degrees North latitude until it reaches the southern end of the English Channel. A branch of the current passes by the Iceland on the way to Spitzbergen. Jetta - ,The Jetstream. An upper-tropospheric band of winds in the sub-tropic to middle latitudes. Frequently used in aviation to gain significant ground speed. Vento - ,Italian for wind. Passat - ,A significant trade wind (German). A constant, perennial wind in the sub-tropics on both sides of the equator. The wind reaches to an altitude of about 2km, above which forms an inversion leading to the formation of cumulus clouds. The Passat is part of a global circulation system, especially evident above the oceans. Source- ,http://members.iinet.net.au/~felsche/Bernd/trivia/vwcars.html,

What are the problems of Volkswagen Vento?

VW Vento owners sometimes experience issues with improper ,operation of the brake booster,. If you hear your vehicle creak and crack, or notice it pulling left or right while braking, these are symptoms of a brake booster malfunction. It also becomes more difficult to engage the brake pedal. You can replace the brake booster without assistance using the Volkswagen repair instructions and the step-by-step operating instructions. Other models have problems with the body. In some models such as the Golf, there is occasionally sticking of the doors to the roof molding. The reason for this is the shape and the production material of the moldings. To solve this problem, put a special protective layer on the door frame where it touches the roof, and use auto silicone spray regularly. Source: ,Volkswagen Dealers in New jersey

Does a VW Vento have CarPlay in India?

Only these models of vw have carplay Volkswagen 2016 Jetta 2016 Passat 2016 CC 2016 Beetle 2016 Beetle Cabrio 2016 Golf 2016 GTI 2016 Golf R 2016 e-Golf 2016 Tiguan 2016 Golf SportWagen 2016 Fox 2016 Polo 2016 Scirocco 2016 Sharan 2016 Spacefox 2016 Touran 2016 Lamando

What do young people in Iran think about India and Indians?

I know a lot of Indian people will hate my answer. I want to give a mature and honest answer. Once upon a time, I loved Russia and all things Russian. Thought Russia was a great friend of India and so many Russians loved india. Same thing about Japan. This kind of fan-dom comes from ignorance and predijuice . We know nothing about the country and its people. And we have a false image about the country and its people. Truth is that most Russians don't know anything or very little about India or indian people. Same thing about Japan. India is seen mostly as a poor country, full of slums and desperate poverty. See Dharavi in Mumbai. I have personally seen desperate poverty in places like Kanpur. Go to Meerut, Bulandshahar and numerous places across India, you will see desperate poverty. Even in places like Delhi and Mumbai, there is widespread desperate poverty, people have died of starvation. Bangalore, Delhi or Mumbai are small islands of prosperity. Even here people are just showing off with Big cars and apartments , just to impress others. I live in a perfectly middle class apartments in Bangalore, similar to MiG flats in Delhi, even here people don't buy milk, bread, ghee or Butter, everyday. People don't have money. But they all have cars like Volkswagen golf or vento, just for show-off. They only pretend to have money. Believe it or not, India and Bangladesh don't look dis-similar , desperate poverty and teeming millions. Let me tell you, this is a image of India all over the world. Middle class - Indian people don't like accept poor people living in slums as their own. They only want to associate themselves with rich and wealthy people. Just like politicians, people in India only want to think of rich people. Fact is that india has more poor people, than Sub-Saharan Africa. You just have to open your eyes. Chandrayaan or Mangalyaan are super costly adventures for a poor India, when have to feed millions of desperately poor people in India. It's more like ego boosting misadventure. What if Russia or Japan were desperately poor countries like Bangladesh, will Indian people have same affection for those countries. Small number of prosperous IT companies or some super rich individuals from the country, don't change the overall image of a country. My opinion is that, most Iranian people don't know anything about India and would only see India as another poor country like Bangladesh. You might get politically correct answers, but they might not be telling the truth. Foreign tourists ( including Iranian people ) in India, have been conned by touts, hassled by shopkeepers, and desperately poor people alike. And they have their own tales to tell. Remember every country has its dark side, Japanese, Chinese or Koreans are hardest working people in the world, that I simply don't envy them, any longer. Iran is moderately rich country in comparison to India, so are many countries and I don't think they have any interest in India except for some individuals. Culturally, India is much closer to Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Which one is better, German or Korean car?

Since some people have a serious misconception about Hyundai, I’d like to add a few details. Germans make Volkswagen Polo in the supermini class, Koreans make Hyundai i20 Germans make Volkswagen Vento in Saloon class, Koreans make Hyundai Verna. Germans make BMW 3 series in premium saloon class, Koreans make Hyundai Sonata Germans make BMW 6 series in luxury saloon class, Koreans make Hyundai Azera Germans make Mercedes S class in Ultra-Luxury saloon, Koreans make Hyundai Equus Germans make Volkswagen Golf in coupé class, Koreans make Hyundai Veloster . . . Germans make Porsche 991 in performance class, Koreans make Hyundai N Germans make almost nothing in autonomous class, Koreans make Hyundai Ioniq. This means that comparing both is futile as both have a different demography to cater, that also means that both are equally good.

How do I add an AUX cable to a Volkswagen Vento with an RCD 310?

This link maybe? AUX CABLE For RCD510 RCD310 RCD300 VW GOLF MK6 Bora SagitarTiguan | eBay,? There are plenty of options available for adding AUX and USB for the RCD 310. Looks like the connectors are the same for RCD510, RCD310 and RNS510. You can also check with your VW dealer; they could have some as after-market fittings and throw in free fitting.

How do expensive car manufacturers get so much money, even though they have fewer buyers?

These companies, do not make profits, from making luxury cars. Instead ,they earn from regular cars, which they they produce and sell in collaboration with other companies or by their own. For example, the car manufacturer Volkswagen which is known for producing daily use cars owns the cars companies like ,Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and SEAT and Skoda,. It earns profit by selling cars like Golf, Polo, Vento, etc. Cars like Gallardo, Aventador and Carrera do not earn profits. I read about it on Quora itself.

What car brand has the best naming scheme for its vehicle line-up?

Traditionally, Ford has named their cars after birds and horses, like Falcon, Thunderbird, Mustang, Pinto, Bronco. Dodge names their cars after medieval terms such as Royal, Dart, Charger, Coronet, Diplomat, Lancer and Challenger. Chevrolet sometimes just makes names up from nothing or from astronomy like Corvair, Camaro, Chevelle, Vega, Astro and Nova. Some use alphanumeric nomenclature, like BMW, Mercedes, Mazda or Tesla. Nissan sometimes uses music terminology such as Stanza, Versa or Note. One of my favorites is Volkswagen, which has traditionally used weather and wind. Names such a Scirocco, Golf, Atlas, Santana, Passat, Jetta, Vento and more… It’s a pretty imaginative way of naming a vehicle, especially when you use various languages.

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    How many length(mm) does Volkswagen Vento has?


    The length(mm) of Volkswagen Vento are 4384.

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    What is the Rpm at Max torque of Volkswagen Vento?


    Here are the Rpm at Max torque and variants of Volkswagen Vento:

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    How many width(mm) does Volkswagen Vento has?


    The width(mm) of Volkswagen Vento are 1699.

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