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volkswagen vento lightvolkswagen vento lightvolkswagen vento light
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2015 #Volkswagen #Vento Facelift Gets LED Tail Lights @volkswagenindia http://t.co/wtO3W2s0pn

Vheelocityin Super Bright Stick on Car Fog Light/ Car Fog Lamp For Volkswagen Vento https://t.co/4vJcDf7Ssb

P = Parking #volkswagen #vento #jetta #mkv #R5 #20valve #5cylinder #cargeek #parking #light @… https://t.co/20hbXpLFpe

#Automobile Battle Between Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Vento: In the light of the same, a com... #Volkswagen #cars

TIL that the #Volkswagen #Vento has one reverse light. Wonder if they are switched depending if it is right or left hand drive

@volkswagenindia #Worstserviceever #ATTENTION Volkswagen buyers I was about to Die all thanks to Volkswagen. We purchased a car( Volkswagen Vento) Delivery Date: 12th November 2020 From : Vapi Gujarat Then the displayed show a Alert Light (EPC) i took the car to

volkswagen vento filete..!!! me lo presto #salazarisrael por 2 dias por que @esteban_light me recomendo para usar el testcar..weeeena

the volkswagen vento audio ad in today's ToI is played back by a light activated device pasted on a page. Can be quite irritating.

@volkswagenindia Volkswagen vento..3 years of great drive..post that design issues come to light..clutch box, thermostat, coolant fan...be ready to spend at least a lakh or more on repairs..

Volkswagen vento 2014 very very poor light at Indian road condition and compare any maruti suzuki model

volkswagen vento light Q&A Review

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I’ve owned both The Honda City AT for 7 years and Vento TSI HL Plus with DSG since the last two months. I think I can answer this question with my experience. Here are the points. Reliability. In my 7 years of ownership of Honda City it never I mean NEVER failed to start. Just turn the key and the engine comes to life. Vento is new one for me but the way it sounds and drives it seems pretty solid. I am sure if maintained properly it will turn out to be pretty reliable. Engine. I drove the city for.. well see it yourself, over a period of seven years and it still drove like new. The engine was absolutely silent and No vibrations or sound can be felt at a red light. Pretty powerful and peppy engine of the city. Vento on the other hand has a smaller engine but it is Turbocharged!! Resulting in great power and amazing torque which the city lags. Overall the Vento’s TSI engine Is far more advanced than Honda’s I-VTEC decades old engine. Drive quality. Both cars have entirely different character. City on one hand is a super relaxed car with a feather touch steering. Vento has a speed sensing EPS which makes the steering hard as the speed increases. This increases the control giving confidence to the driver. Ever wondered what will happen if you suddenly turned the steering at high speeds? It would be difficult in a Vento to do so compared to City. Transmission. Vento has the best system, the DSG with lightening fast shifts, and the smoothest shifting experience. The city has CVT which is smooth and relaxed not the best way of transferring power to the wheel in case you want acceleration. The manual mode in DSG is superb and takes only a few milliseconds to complete a shift giving a feel of a sports car. City’s CVT could have been better to use the Engine to full potential. Mileage. Contrary to the beliefs that VW cannot give high mileage, mine give excellent mileage see image…. Owing to a smaller engine of 1.2 L it is frugal in traffic compared to a city which owing to a bigger 1.5 L engine consumes more petrol. (BTW the new Audi A4 has a 1.4 L TSI engine ) Safety: both cars are safe the top spec City has 6 airbags while mine has 4 however its not just airbags which make a car safe. Vento has ESP and Traction control which should have been there kn City as well. Overall Vento is safer than a Honda City. Tyres: Vento has wider tyres than city making it more in control compared to the city. Price: top spec variants of both cars are almost 2 Lakh apart. Vento with all discount schemes is cheaper than a city. But lacks a sunroof and leather seats. Maintainance cost is comparable and is around 1 re per Km. Looks. Vento with its DRL looks beautiful compared to a city whose DRL’s do not shine as bright. City is slightly longer than a Vento due to its long bonnet. Overall if you were to choose between the two, it is a difficult decision to make. Test drive both cars and then make your choice. Update. I took the Vento from DELHI to Chandigarh clocking an average of 18.5 ,kmpl, using 93 octane fuel. It Drove super smooth, max speed I could test was 157 kmph. During return the temperature was 45degrees but the AC made the cabin super cool. No fatigue at all. Overall I’m really pleased to buy the Vento.

How do you activate Rear fog lights in a Volkswagen Vento?

Actually, the manual says to pull the headlight switch out when you have the headlights on. That turns on the fog lights with the headlights. And the fog light indicator turns from red to green. And it has to be done with the key in the ON position, or the ignition started, in order for the lights to come on. I tested it this morning because I was curious how they came on. ;-)

Will fitting current generation Volkswagen Vento's LED headlights to Polo GT void the warranty of Polo?

Yes it might void as you will be changing the stock lights with the other one. In case of a damage the company might get a chance to say that its your fault if its a case of any electrical damage. Dont change the configuration of the lights as bulbs or leds have nos. and wattage according to the battery capacity, alternator etc. yes you may replace the bulb with a led but not full headlight. Though its not a big deal but AVOID

Why is Volkswagen Vento showing engine light malfunction after showing pickup is very less?

It seems one or more sensors have detected some issue. It could be related to engine temperature, failure of lubrication system, failure of after treatment system, failure of some other sensor and so on and so forth. Only a proper computer with an appropriate software program can tell you the exact reason. Please visit your nearest VW service centre for remedy. I think you are more worried about cost of repair, so let me clarify, if it is related to failure of emission control system and vehicle is in torque limitation mode, cost could be high. Cost should be lower for other smaller failures.

What is the most innovative advertisement you have seen?

“A talking newspaper ad” It was the 21 September,2010 issue of The Times of India. On the morning of 21 September,2010 as I went to grab the newspaper lying at my doortep. I could hear a muffled voice of a man coming from the inside of the newspaper. It was the last page of the newspaper which had an advertisement of the new Volkswagen Vento. There was a light-sensitive speaker stuck to the page and would start playing the audio as soon as you unfolded the newspaper. Link to the video : It had been the most discussed topic at school. I have seen newspaper advertisements giving out shampoo sachets but had never seen anything like this before. This was a very innovative idea and a unique one. I’ll probably remember this for a long time. Photo credits: Google Images Thank you so much for the upvotes. This was my first official answer on quora. Regards, Sharath

Is Ciaz really underpowered?

Yes, it was underpowered. But the new facelift isn’t. Now, it gets a 1.5L K15 petrol engine which can produce maximum power of 103 bhp and maximum torque of 138 Nm. It now competes well with its rivals like Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento. The diesel engine is 1.3L DDiS 200 Multijet Diesel engine which produces maximum power of 89 bhp and maximum torque of 200 Nm. This also doesn’t feel underpowered due to its light weight but still lags under 2000 RPM. Hope this helps. Thank You!!

Is the VW Vento any good?

The Volkswagen Vento is a fantastic car. It's simple and elegant design tends to age well. With regular updates VW has ensured that it is able to keep up with it's competitors. Both Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Honda City have a more spacious cabin as well as boot. They also have a more modern design. Where Vento loses out on space and design, it more than makes up for it in the build quality and performance departments. Everything from the bonnet and doors to the switchgear inside feel like they are built to last. My father's Vento has completed nearly five years now and everything is still as good as new, not even any rattles anywhere. That's German engineering. Apart from this it has a quite good diesel engine powering it. With the new larger turbocharger, it now generates 110 PS of power and 250Nm of torque. This engine might be a little unrefined at low revs but it ensures that it puts a smile on your face when you floor the accelerator pedal. It is pretty fuel efficient too. Even in terms of refinement it is better than Honda's 1.5L diesel. The gearbox is also good with short and precise throws. If you're considering getting an automatic then nothing beats VW's DQ200 dual clutch transmission. It is a gem of a gearbox though it has some reliabililty issues which VW claims they have dealt with. Apart from this it is also feature rich. Highest variant gets touchscreen infotainment system with mirror link, auto HVAC, electrically adjustable and foldable ORVMs, Cruise Control, Rain Sensing Vipers, Auto-dimmimg inside rear view mirror, cooled glove box, rear AC vents, dual front airbags, ABS etc. If you're considering buying the Vento, I would suggest you to wait as a new variant with LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights is in the works. It is expected in the first quarter of 2017. You should also take a look at Skoda Rapid. Being a sister car it has all the things mentioned above at a lower price point. Skoda is also working hard to improve it's after sales service.

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