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What are the SST-exempt, CKD cars you can buy in Malaysia in 2021?

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However, other rivals such as the Mazda 2 Sedan (RM 76,670 – RM 94,670), and Volkswagen Vento (

Take advantage of the 100% sales tax cut, here’s a list of CKD cars

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Volkswagen burning through RM 9.65 billion a week amid Covid-19 crisis

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seater Tiguan Allspace though, it would have a competitive edge over the popular SUV models here.The Volkswagen

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Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is another oversight.When equipped with the 1.2-litre TSI engine, the Volkswagen

Save over RM 9,000 on a brand-new VW!

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is pleased to announce a reduction on the prices of its models

Pay RM 199 at Volkswagen’s Shopee store to receive up to RM 14k worth of rewards

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) launched their special 7.7 mid-year online sale.

Which B-segment sedan offers the best power-to-weight ratio?

Vento galleryThe Volkswagen Vento is the sole turbocharged model in this comparison.Although some may

Frankfurt 2019: Volkswagen unveils new logo

At the ongoing 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show, Volkswagen has unveiled its brand new logo, alongside

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Vento for the now-discontinued Jetta.And that is not a bad thing either, as the Volkswagen Vento is

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Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is ushering in this Chinese New Year with special savings on

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Volkswagen Adds New Aftersales Service - Walnut Blasting Decarbonizer

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has introduced a new aftersales service called Walnut Blasting

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Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia is set to introduce three new models this week - namely the 2020 Volkswagen

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Credits: Rushlane, OverdriveWith news of the Volkswagen Vento finally discontinued in Malaysia out of

VW teases 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The current Volkswagen Tiguan has been on sale here since 2017, and it desperately needs a facelift,

Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

(2016 Volkswagen Vento Gallery | Specifications | Full Review)Volkswagen VentoEnter the Volkswagen Vento

UMW Toyota Motor’s seat manufacturing subsidiary is now making PPE for Covid-19 frontliners

Toyota Boshoku UMW (TBU), the car seats and interior trim parts manufacturing subsidiary of UMW Toyota

Thailand to ban sale of combustion engines by 2035, aiming to be EV manufacturing hub

country aims to sell only electric vehicles (EVs), and establish itself as the Southeast Asian hub for EV manufacturing

Finally, VW Polo Mk5 discontinued, all-new Mk6 coming to Malaysia soon?

The Polo was the oldest model in Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia’s (VPCM) line-up and while

VW Announces VIP – Volkswagen Insurance Plan

yearsVolkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) today announced the launch of its insurance programme, the Volkswagen

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volkswagen vento manufacturingvolkswagen vento manufacturingvolkswagen vento manufacturing
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For Sale - Manufacturing Year: 2013, Brand/Model: Volkswagen Vento TDI Highline, Kilometres Driven:78000, RC:... https://t.co/2oXlbq4KXk

RT @BestMediaInfo: Volkswagen Vento TVC Shows Passion In Manufacturing #VW #Volkswagen #Vento

@VW @UKVolkswagen @volkswagenindia @VWGroup I need help, I purchased Volkswagen Vento TSI on April 27th 2019. Facing problems like water coming inside the car, bad smell through air condition vent, blur screen of stereo sound. Manufacturing defect confirmed but no replacement.

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How safe are Volkswagen cars?

Volkswagen makes good quality cars, of international standards, safest build among other car manufacturer's, Above is a famous pic of Volkswagen vento sandwhiched between two trucks, all the passangers were safe, moreover Volkswagen cars have a crumple zone, This crash is a perfect example of ,how crumple zones work during accidents,. The Vento in question may be a total-loss due to the impact it has taken, but the front and rear crumple zones of the car have done their job of absorbing the impact and deforming. This deformation is what prevents the force of the impact being transferred to the occupants of the vehicle. The other, great bit about all the VW cars is its solid body structure, that stays intact even during massive impacts, protecting its occupants. A solid/stable body structure or passenger compartment isolates the passengers from the crash. Along with seatbelts and airbags, a solid body structure is one of the reason why the passengers in the Vento escaped this crash without injury. A lot of car makers compromise on the body structures of the car by using lower strength metal, and lighter chassis designs. They do this to reduce the cost of the car (both to manufacture and sell), and to increase fuel efficiency. However, many automakers such as Volkswagen, Skoda, and Ford are known to build cars in India with strong and stable body structures that can protect passengers during big accidents I myself own a Volkswagen Ameo and it's make quality and driving dynamics are much better than other brands I own. Belive me safety is the first thing a buyer should look for while purchasing a car. As your life safety should not be compromised for a few more thousand rupees. Thanks.

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

Volkswagen Vento. Eyes closed. Firstly, The latest gen Vento has a lot of bling to it, if features is what you're looking out for. Plus the VWAG cars have a LOT of aftermarket options to suit to your liking. Secondly, VW owns 10 companies such as Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini, Bentley, Man, Ducati etc and believe it or not there's a lot of parts sharing in the VAG group. I own a Vento and a Polo too. Both TSI 7DSG and the TSI engines are manufactured by audi. That can only mean good. Thirdly, TSI engine and DSG (Dual Clutch Gearbox) are the latest technology you can get in today's market. The Honda City is far behind compared to Vento in terms of drive ability, refinement and quality standards. Fourthly, if you're thinking of a diesel let me tell you Europeans make the best diesels. I've driven the Homda City diesel and it is highly underpowered and begs for more power. You'll not only get bored but will not feel like driving it. Lastly, reliability and maintenance is a question many people raise against VWAG cars. Let me tell you that VWAG cars need servicing just once a year which doesn't cost more than 6-10k for VW and Skoda. Honda will need servicing more than once a year and costs equivalent if not more. Yes. 1.75L kms and still going stronger than a brand new Japanese vehicle. Finally, think about it. If you were sitting in a Honda and the Vento passes by. Would you even once feel that you should've been in that car? Think with your heart too. For the head I can help you out. P.S. - I'm not affiliated with Honda or Volkswagen in anyway except have been a customer to both and I speak from my knowledge and experience only.

What's the highest total mileage you've ever gotten in a car? What make and model was the car? What do you believe led to the car lasting as long as it did?

Well the car is actually my cousins not mine though The highest milage he got was around 302,000 kilometers it was a Volkswagen vento 2013 manufactured Well the car had good life because my cousin took care of the car just like his baby and moreover it was a german car so yeah this the reason it happily lasted 302,000 kilometers after that he sold it Here is the beauty have a great day ahead ❤️

Is Skoda Rapid made or assembled in India?

Škoda Rapid is a subcompact car subsidiary of the Czech manufacturer Škoda Auto, exclusively for the Indian market, Škoda resurrected the Rapid nameplate for its similar version of the Volkswagen Vento made in India. Rapid is similar to VW Vento except for the grille, headlights, bumpers, taillights and some interior and exterior trim. The car is produced by Škoda Auto India Private Limited in Pune. The car started its production at the company's Chakan plant in Pune.

Can anyone share their personal experience with Volkswagen Vento? Does the maintenance is really high in case of Volkswagen?

My dad has been using Vento since 2010(when it was first launched). Its been 6 years and maintenance cost is still 9.5K yearly. Unless you opt for DSG variants, service is only yearly unlike other manufacturers (like Hyundai, Honda, Maruti etc) who recommend 2 yearly services each of the which costs approx 4.5K, hence it is only INR 500/year dearer in service costs than other manufacturers, which is negligible. With 6 years of extensive usage of Vento, the parts replaced were ABS sensors(costed 5K), Set of 4 tyres and the battery, other than this we didn’t spend anything for parts replacement. The parts are slightly more expensive than other brands, but its negligible. I have been using 2011 Honda City and noted following points between the two: Honda City wobbles a lot due to cross winds in highways at high speeds(90+KMPH), but Vento is very steady in the same situation. Ride and Handling is excellent in VW Vento compared to Honda City. Honda City sometimes understeer a lot while turning, which makes me quite nervous. Honda City always have issues with ground clearance (even with small humps) whereas Vento has no such issues. But I have heard that this has been rectified with new 2013 Honda City. Fit and Finish is excellent. No rattling issues or annoying sounds at all. Hope this helps. Don’t worry too much about the maintenance costs, just go and buy it.

In terms of sheer ride quality and build quality which sedan is better, a Honda City or Volkswagen Vento?

Ride and Build - Definitely Vento. Vento has great build quality when compared to any other sedan. Reliablity is also good in manual transmission Vento cars and not in automatics of Vento as they are still improvising the DSG gearbox. Coming to Honda - When compared to German car manufacturers Honda’s build quality is slightly low. But Ride Quality will be great in Honda’s as well, as they comes with good spacious cabin and more reliable engine’s as well. And Automatics are good in Honda technology with most proven engine of iVTec which is improvised from decades.

Which one is better: New Skoda Rapid or VW Vento?

It’s like choosing for two medicines of same formula from different companies, which would give you same results. Since skoda being a part of vw group in india, it manufactures the same cars from diifferent brands. Volkswagen despite being a late entrant in the market does not suffer from any serious setback since, it is without doubt a more renowned and well-known brand in comparison to Skoda. But you should choose by deciding the exteriors you like from both of them. See the on-road price. Both have different multimedia features at different variants. Thus personally I would prefer VW , for its higher re-sell value than rapid. Good luck.

Which Indian cars have passed the NCAP crash test?

According to the latest NCAP, here are the crash test ratings of some of the hottest-selling cars in the Indian market: Toyota Etios Liva 4 Stars Global NCAP For starters, Toyota has been offering dual airbags as standard across the Liva range, which is something we really appreciate. In a test conducted by Global NCAP, a 2016 Liva was crashed & it scored a good ,4 stars ,for adult protection & 2 stars for child protection. Volkswagen Polo 4 Stars Global NCAP When the first lot of Indian-made care were tested by Global NCAP, the Polo scored 0 stars as the model that was tested wasn’t equipped with airbags. However, after receiving that result, VW immediately took action and equipped all the Polo variants with dual airbags. The car was then tested & it recorded a ,4 star ,rating. Volkswagen Vento 5 stars ASEAN NCAP The VW Vento has 2 different star ratings based on the variant. The ones without ESP score 4 stars and those with ESP (1.2 TSi) score 5 stars. Hyundai Creta 4 stars Latin NCAP The Hyundai Creta is a successful compact SUV in the Indian market. India is also an export base for the Creta. The Latin NCAP recently tested an Indian made Creta & the vehicle scored a 4 star rating. Mahindra XUV500 4 stars Australian NCAP The XUV500 is the first monocoque car from Mahindra. The vehicle is available in various international markets as well. Australian NCAP has tested the vehicle to find that it comes up with a 4 star rating. The reason why most Indian manufacturers don’t provide safe cars for India is due to the fact that the regulations aren’t strict enough and they don’t demand stringent crash tests. Abroad however, they cannot getaway with the same. Things will soon change with the introduction of the Indian NCAP (BNVSAP) in 2017 & it will set down strict guidelines to provide the country with safer cars. Indian manufacturers have already begun getting their cars crash tested ahead of the new regulations that are going to come in 2017. Information Source: Google

Why is the exact same model of a "Made in India" car costlier in India than in the US?

When you talk about cars from international manufacturers sold in India, you need to understand only some of them are manufactured in India. For instance, Honda makes its City and Jazz in India and for Indian markets. These are relatively cheap, while a Civic that is no longer manufactured in India would be quite expensive. In the same way, not all Volkswagen cars are manufactured in India. Among those that are manufactured in large volumes - Polo and Vento, the prices are in the range of $9000-$11000 and you cannot get any new car in the US for that price. Volkswagen sells Polo in UK for upwards of 11k pounds (,New Polo : Volkswagen UK,) that is nearly double of its price in India (,Instant Free New Car Price Quote,). On the other hand, it doesn't manufacture Jetta in India and thus its prices will be significantly high. When you select a car that is not manufactured for India, it gets quite expensive for a variety of reasons: Some or all of the car parts might be imported. That would make it quite expensive. For instance, even if Accord is assembled in India, most of the parts for it is made outside. On the other hand, Honda's other car that is mostly made in & for India - Jazz goes for less than a fourth of its price. The car might not have enough volumes even if manufactured locally. When volumes are low, it increases manufacturing and retail costs dramatically. By looking for a model that is not made for India, you tell the car maker that you are a rich person from whom they would love to make the highest margins. In the US, only entry level buyers buy a Civic while even the middle class go for a Camry or an Accord . Thus, a Civic sold in the US would have lower margins than the one sold in India.

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