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Which is the best diesel sedan within 12 lakhs in India?

The Diesel sedan segment has lost a little of its market after the arrival of Compact SUVs and compact Sedans , however, its still a very practical segment and quite popular. These are the budget diesel sedans available in the Indian market. I am ordering them with respect to popularity 1. Honda City 2. Maruti Ciaz 3. Hyundai Verna 4. VW Vento or Skoda Rapid (Same car different brands) 5. Toyota Etios 6. Nissan Sunny or Renalut Scala (Same car different brands) 7. Mahindra Verito (Earlier Renault Logan) 8. Fiat Linea ,Honda City : , This is the most popular sedan in the country and the diesel version is selling quite high. The vehicle is very spacious and fun to drive. The rear leg room is good and ride quality is decent. The steering is very soft in the city but weighs up well on highways. Its a Honda and reliable till the last letter. Honda service is well known and the Honda City brand has been the segment topper in the C-segment for almost a decade.The Honda City gives a power of 99bhp at a low rpm of 3600 and the max torque of 200nm at only 1750rpm. The power delivery is very linear and you would hardly feel any turbo lag in the car. However, the engine is not as silent as the Ciaz or Vento and you can feel the NVH(Noise, vibration and Harshness levels) to be on the higher side compared to the competition. Maruti Ciaz : , The Maruti Ciaz is one of the rare success of Maruti in the premium segments. The earlier attempts, like Grand Vitara, Suzuki Kizashi and the Baleno had not fare very well. The SX4 did a decent sprint, but still it was not as big a success in terms of Maruti's sales. The Ciaz entered the market and straightaway overtook the segment leader Honda City in terms of sales. However, Honda had reduced the production of the Honda City in that month, for giving more attention to the Mobilio. Honda City came back into the top the next month when they started to produce the Honda City with full capacity. The Ciaz is a great product. It comes with nice space, good interior and decent handling. The car is very spacious and offers good ride quality. The steering is not as light as the Honda city, but it is quite responsive. It comes with the Fiat's 1.3 Multijet engine with a Variable Geometry Turbo. This gives out decent power of 80bhp at 4000rpm and same torque as Honda City, 200nm at 1750rpm even though its the smallest engine in the segment. However, as it has a VGT, it has a distinct turbo lag which is quite noticeable. Due to the sudden boost, some find it bad and some love the boost. However, with the SHVS( Smart Hybrid Vehicle from Suzuki), they have implemented hybrid technology in the car and also the Auto Start-stop technology to save fuel and to make it the segment leader in fuel efficiency. In terms of technology, and NVH levels, the Ciaz is quite good. It is sold by Maruti, which is known for its reach of service centers and to be cheap to maintain. Hyundai Verna 4s :, The Hyundai Verna is available with 2 diesel engines, 1.4 and 1.6. As the 1.6 is a better engine I shall be considering that. The Hyundai Verna 4s has one of the most powerful diesel engines to offer. The 1.6 diesel engine is the most refined engines available in the segment. The car gives the highest power in the segment of 126bhp at 4000rpm and also the highest torque of 260nm at 1900rpm. The car is very smooth and inside you can hardly tell that its a diesel car. It has got superb pickup. It comes loaded with features and has plenty of space. Its quite a looker with its fluidic design language. However, there is a spoiler. The car is one of the worst handling cars in the segment. The steering is too light, and even though its okay inside the City, it becomes very unpredictable on the highways at higher speeds. The steering feels disconnected and is not at all confidence inspiring. This is one of the main reasons that the Verna 4s is not doing great in the market. If you are looking for a car to be driven in heavy traffic, you can go for the 1.6 Automatic, which is quite a good option. The car is very reliable and the Hyundai brand has made its name in the country over the last decade for its reliability. VW Vento and Skoda Rapid :, The Vento/Rapid are based on the same platform and use the same engines and chassis. The cars are under the same parent company and are brand engineered into the two brands Skoda and Volkswagen. Other than the sales, service and the badges, these are the same car under the skin.They handle well and have great power delivery. The VW/Skoda 1.6 TDI engine gives 103bhp at 400rpm and a peak torque of 250nm at only 1500rpm which makes the car amazing to drive in the city. However, these cars are among the ones affected by the Dieselgate scam. VW has not clarified what corrective measures would be taken and regarding the change in power and fuel efficiency after the correction. Also VW and Skoda have one of the worst after sales service in the country. They are known to be expensive to maintain and also have reliability issues, as most of the service centers do not have skilled hands to take care of such complex machines which brings down the reliability. After the latest Dieselgate scam by VW, the resale value for the cars have plummeted and in the present day it would be best to keep away from VW. If you are a risk taker, this would be the right time to buy a VW as they are giving great discounts on their cars. The main advantage with VW Vento/Skoda Rapid is the optional Automatic DSG gearbox which is available with the diesel engine which is not the case with the others. Hyundai Verna also offers an automatic, but its not as good as the DSG on the Vento/Rapid. The cars have superb build quality and nice ride quality and handling. Everything goes for the cars but the brand. Toyota Etios :, The Toyota Etios was the budget sedan launched by Toyota. As they were focusing on the budget part, there is quite a lot of evident cost cutting evident in the car and the design looks way outdated. The interiors have been the same since the first version. The engine is little under powered but it is much cheaper than the premium C segment sedans and offers good boot space. The center placed instrument console, single wiper, integrated head rest and the cheap plastics used in the interiors should cost cutting and shoo away a lot of private buyers. It is a great hit in the taxi segment with its reliable engine and cheap cost of maintenance. The taxi brand image and the lack of enthusiasm shown by Toyota to facelift or replace the old design is what keeps most buyers away from this car. It is good on handling, but not a lot of fun to drive as compared to the sedans from the upper C segment. The Xclusive version of the car added a lot of new features and would be a good option if you are considering one. It has the lower power in the segment as it belongs to the lower C segment giving only 67bhp at 3800rpm but its city driving ability is great considering it gives 170nm toruqe at 1800 rpm. Nissan Sunny or Renault Scala : , The Sunny/Scala like the Vento/ Rapid are brand engineered versions of the same car. The main selling point of the car is the length as it is quite a long car(shorter only by the Premium Honda City and Maruti Ciaz). Being much cheaper than the other two and with the on going discounts, this is a good car to buy on a budget if you are looking for great legroom. The Renault Scala is going on huge discounts and you may get a very good price for the car. The cars are well built and quite robust. However, the plastic quality is quite bad and its not great to drive. If you have a chauffeur and want to be driven around this would be a great option. The engine power is on the lower side and it gives only 85bhp at 3750rpm and a decent torque of 200nm at 2000rpm Mahindra Verito (Renault Logan) : , The Mahindra Verito is a rebadged version of the earlier Renault Logan. The Renault Logan was again built on a budget with a prime focus on fuel efficiency. It comes with a very popular engine which also powers the other cars by Nissan and Renault in different state of tunes. The car also had a lot of evident cost cutting, which kept the private buyer at a distance from the car. The lack of passenger side airbag even in the top end version was the reason some more buyers avoided the car. The size and features are very much comparable to the Etios with the Logan giving 65 bhp at 4000rpm and 1600 nm torque at 2000rpm. The engine is very reliable and the car is very popular in the Taxi segment. However, the dated looks and interiors are keeping the private buyers away from the car. Fiat Linea :, The Fiat Linea is sold by the Manufacturer of the highest sold diesel engine in India. It ironic that Fiat, which made the 1.3 Multijet engine which goes into almost 50% of the Indian diesel cars, is struggling to sell cars with the same engine under their own brand name. The 1.3 Multijet engine is being sold in all Maruti Diesel cars other than the Celerio. Other than that , its also used in Tata Zest, Tata Bolt, Tata Manza and Tata Indica Vista. Chevorlet also uses the engine for Chevy Enjoy, Chevy UVA. However, Fiat is struggling to sell a humble 1000 units a month. The main reason for this is lack of new cars coming and due to bad marketing. The company also made a lot of mistakes by merging and separating from other brands which again harmed its brand image. Talking about the Linea, the Linea uses the same engine as the Ciaz. The 1.3 Multijet with a VGT to give 92 bhp at 4000 rpm and a torque of 209Nm at 2000rpm. The car is built like a tank and is very robust. The car uses a Hydraulic power steering and is superb in terms of handling. However, due to the good quality of the metal used, the weight is also on the higher side, which makes it slower than the Ciaz. To summarize, there are many things to consider. There are some cars that are good but with bad brands and then there some brands that are good with not so great cars. However, there are two cars that shine above the rest the Honda City and the Maruti Ciaz. Going by the numbers the City would look like a winner. it has good power, space, design and brand value. The Ciaz is also equally good in most aspects. However, the engine is a little under powerd in the Ciaz as compared to the City. The City feels more fun to drive. The Ciaz however is more fuel efficient and has better technology packed in. The Ciaz has a longer wheel base and has better legroom than the Honda City. Also the Ciaz is a tad lighter than the Honda City but it does not justify the difference in power in between the cars. Both the brands are reputed and known for after sales and for resale value. If the car is for your own use and if you would be driving it yourself the Honda City would be a good option. It is nice to drive in the city and does well on the highway also. However, if you are not much of a driving enthusiast and would be using a chauffeur or would like more fuel efficiency, the Caiz would be a better option. TLDR:, ,If you are looking for a car to drive yourself and if you are a driving enthusiast, Honda City is the car for you. , ,If you want a comfortable car, with focus on the rear seat passenger comfort with good fuel efficiency, the Ciaz would be better.

Which one is better of the two, Suzuki Ciaz vs VW Vento, for safety, reliability and comfort?

Having a Ciaz Alpha Diesel and a Vento Highline TSI, i guess i am qualified to answer this question. Coming straight to the point, Safety: Both the cars comes with dual airbags, ABS and EBD as standard. So, you can say there isn’t any difference but, the braking of Vento is more sharp whereas, its linear in case of Ciaz. So, its hard to choose one among them in terms of safety. Reliability: Everyone is familiar with the dominance of Maruti Suzuki in our country and the easy availability of parts and service. Volkswagen service network is growing and the reliability is a question here. Eventhough the parts are of high quality, the costs are on the higher side during the service. The DSG gearbox is a straight import from Germany. Normally there are no chances of breakdown as such but in worst case something happens, you know what to expect. So, Ciaz is a winner here in this segment. Comfort: Here, i classify it as city comfort and highway comfort. The Vento TSI being automatic, you get a hassle free drive amidst heavy traffic also, the TSI engine coupled with DSG transmission is super responsive wherein, Ciaz will make it tough having a manual transmission and also, being more longer and wider than Vento. Also, you can expect turbo lag till 2000rpm. Coming to Highway comfort, this comes to personal decision since, Vento makes the long rides seamless having automatic transmission, cruise control and speed sensitive steering, it makes it far easy to drive but, the stiff suspension is a let down whereas, Ciaz with enormous space and super soft suspension setup, makes the long drive comfortable. Hence, i’d pick Ciaz as the winner in this ,segment. ,My mom and granny prefers Ciaz over Vento for long travels since, only thing they could compare of is in terms of comfort. Also, Ciaz gives a great high speed stability than Vento. At 150kmph, Ciaz feels more stable than Vento which becomes bumpy. Well, i have added a rear spoiler for my Ciaz which i think contributes for the stability. Adding to this, the average fuel economy i get based on my driving in a mix of city and highway is 21.6kmpl for Ciaz and 13.8 for Vento. Here, performance is not mentioned in the question. Well, if Performance is also considered then Vento TSI is a clear winner. The turbo charged petrol along with sport mode in the DSG, the performance is outstanding compared to that of Ciaz. I hope this will give you better insights. I know the comparison has been made between a Diesel Manual vs a Petrol Automatic but still, other than performance and noise levels, there isn’t much of a difference. Thanks

Does any one have updates on Volkswagen’s new petrol engine for Polo/Ameo - India launch date?

Hello, German carmaker Volkswagen has launched the anniversary edition of the Polo and Ameo in India. These models have been launched with the commencement of Volksfest 2017 which celebrates the brand’s tenth anniversary in India. These models will be limited in number and will be sold as exclusive editions. Director of Passenger Cars, Volkswagen India, Steffen Knapp said, “This year the celebrations are a notch higher with the introduction of the anniversary edition of Polo and Ameo, Vento ALLSTAR and Polo GT Sport thereby offering a variety of options for our customers to choose from.” The Polo Anniversary Edition features 15-inch two-tone Razor alloy wheels and premium design black seat covers. Additionally, bi-colour stripes cover the length of the lower door panels. The VW Polo Anniversary Edition is priced from INR 5.99 lakh (ex-showroom). Volkswage Ameo Celebration Edition The sub-four metre VW Ameo Anniversary Edition features 15-inch Tosa alloy wheels, black ORVMs, special graphic designs (as dealer fitments) on the bonnet, lower door panels and boot lid, black boot lid spoiler and honeycomb design seat covers. The VW Ameo Anniversary Edition is priced from INR 5.79 lakh (ex-showroom). Since it is the beggining of the Festive season, we can expect many such limited editions to be rolled out by carmakers at attractive prices in the near future. Stay tuned to Exhibit Auto for more such news and updates about the same! Wishing you a Happy Diwali way way in advance !

Which is a better car, Honda City or VW Vento?

I prefer ,Honda City, Since, The 2020 All New Honda City has been dispatched in India. A fifth era for the City, it is being offered in three trims that incorporate V, VX and ZX. There are five tones including brilliant red metallic, platinum pearl white, present day steel metallic, brilliant earthy colored metallic and lunar silver metallic. The costs range from Rs 10.89 lakh to Rs 14.64 lakh (all costs, ex-display area, Delhi). Highlight insightful, the All New City is outfitted with another full LED light bundle, path watch help camera, environment control, sunroof, 8.0-inchtouchscreen infotainment framework with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and tallness change driver seat. All forms get three-point safety belts, head rest for second line center traveler, ISOFIX kid seat mounting focuses, double front airbags and ABS with EBD. The top-spec ZX variation gets six airbags. There are two motor alternatives for this fifth era Honda City. The 1.5-liter I-VTEC DOHC petroleum motor produces 119bhp/145Nm and can be had with a six-speed manual or a CVT. The diesel motor is Honda's 1.5-liter I-DTEC unit delivering 98bhp/200Nm of force and mated to a six-speed manual as it were. The petroleum MT returns an eco-friendliness of 17.8kmpl, while the CVT returns 18.4kmpl. The diesel MT returns an eco-friendliness of 24.1kmpl. Read more While the Volkswagen , The Volkswagen Vento has gotten a midlife update with new arrangement of restorative and highlight overhauls. The new Vento is presently accessible in streak red shading choice, notwithstanding the current shading alternatives like the nightfall red, reflex silver treats white, carbon steel, lapiz blue and toffee earthy colored. Outside changes, which are generally critical for the vehicle include another grille, new front and back guards and a refreshed plan for the combination wheels. The Volkswagen Vento gets another GT Line version that includes a dark rooftop, GT Line side foil and bumper identification, dark ORVM cap and a back spoiler. The lodge stays pretty much unaltered and on best in class models, you get touchscreen infotainment framework, environment control, double front airbags, ABS with EBD and an all-dark shading plan. It gets Volkswagen Connect, an availability suite that highlights trip tracker, trip sharing, driver conduct and measurement following, fuel cost observing and administration breakdown implication to the vendor. The Volkswagen Vento is being offered with a 1.6-liter petroleum motor creating 103bhp/153Nm just as a 1.5-liter diesel that produces 108bhp/250Nm. The 1.6-liter motor is just offered with a five-speed manual while the diesel can likewise be had with a seven-speed DSG. You additionally get a 1.2-liter super petroleum creating 103bhp/175Nm. This motor is mated to the seven-speed DSG. Read more

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