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WapCar writers’ favourite cars of 2020: Volvo S60 T8 R-Design

know, WapCar held the first-ever Car of the Year awards where you, our readers, get to decide which cars

Volvo cars now get 8-Year hybrid battery warranty at no extra charge

From 1 January 2020 onwards, all Volvo plug-in hybrids sold in Malaysia will be covered with an 8-Year

Volvo Cars to go fully electric by 2030, says no future for petrol engine cars

Volvo Cars has announced its plans to go fully electric by the year 2030.

Why is my tyre shop trying to sell me nitrogen gas inflation?

shop – after the job is done, whatever it may be, the tyre shop will try to upsell you nitrogen gas

Daimler confirms engine partnership with Geely, to include Proton and Volvo Cars

powertrains could be used by Mercedes-Benz and all Geely Holding Group’s portfolio of brands, including Volvo

Volvo 480 – a Volvo with pop-up lights & doesn’t look like a brick

wheels; which makes this Volvo 480 just plain bonkers.

Volvo Car Malaysia sold 1,950 cars in 2020, up 3% despite COVID-19

In a media event by Volvo Car Malaysia today, Mr.

More than half of all Volvo cars assembled in Shah Alam are exported

Close to sixty percent of all Volvo vehicles assembled at the Volvo Car Manufacturing Malaysia (VCMM)

Ratings: 2020 Volvo S60 T8 R-Design - The best sports sedan in class

Having tested the Volvo S60 T8 R-Design last year, we have to say, we were quite impressed.

Volvo Cars Malaysia recalls 1,802 units due to faulty autonomous emergency braking systems

Volvo Cars has issued a recall for a total of 700,000 cars globally after the discovery of a possibly

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Elon Musk calls hydrogen cars “mind-boggingly stupid”, but BMW still believes in them

During the first visit, BMW had its older hydrogen cars display.

In Brief: Volvo XC40, this is how all family cars should be

Model | GalleryWith the hatchback Volvo V40 no more, the taller riding (and higher priced) Volvo XC40

The Volvo S60 T8 does 0-100 km/h in 4.4s, what cars can it keep up with?

From the Twin Engine hybrid powerhouse in the Volvo S60 T8 that makes 407 PS with a twisting force 640

Volvo Cars raise the cabin air quality game with this new tech

Volvo Cars have taken the bid for better air quality in the cabin another step further with their new

Ingress is now also a dealer for Volvo Cars

for its BMW dealerships around the country, is now expanding its reach into the premium sector with Volvo

Electric cars are here, but is Malaysia ready for them?

The populated field of electric cars has now given more choice for those in the market.

Volvo ramps up electrification with 2021 Volvo C40 Recharge

Volvo is intent on walking the talk when it comes to phasing out internal combustion engines (ICE).

In Thailand, new Volvo cars are protected from the sun

Volvo Cars Thailand (VCT) has taken quality control to the next level with the opening of a new warehouse

Volvo Car Malaysia appoints Pekin Auto as its dealer in Skudai

Volvo Car Malaysia, the premium car maker, has appointed Pekin Auto Sdn Bhd (“Pekin Auto”

After Volvo, Renault to cap their cars to 180 km/h, including Renault Sport models

Speedo photo credit: LargusRoughly one year ago, Volvo announced their intention to limit their cars

Volvo Car Group has sold more than 600,000 CMA platform cars since launch

The CMA platform was co-developed by Volvo Cars and Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely) after Geely acquired

Volvo crashes a car a day to keep accidents at bay

From dropping its cars from the air to implementing a 180 km/h speed limit, Volvo Cars has been always

Volvo announces biggest global recall - 2 million cars affected

Volvo Cars have just announced its biggest global recall ever.

Volvo Cars and Geely to create standalone engine development company

Volvo Cars and Geely announced that they have plans to create a standalone business focused on developing

Review: Volvo S60 T8 R-Design – Much better than a Mercedes?

It would be a stretch to call the Volvo S60 T8 astonishing, but having tried it, I must say, it&rsquo

Volvo Cars welcomes ex-Mercedes-Benz designer

Volvo Cars welcomes former Mercedes-Benz designer Claudia Braun and former Facebook web designer Thomas

Mitsubishi Tritons are used to pave the way for gas pipeline works in Sarawak

Tritons are deployed to transport workers of Samling Group around rough roads to carry out work for their gas

A step in the right direction, Volvo's oldest car plant is now climate neutral

In its mission to have a climate-neutral global manufacturing network, Volvo Cars announced that its

No Volvo Cars and Geely Auto merger, but more technical collaborations to come

Last year, Volvo Cars and Geely Auto (not to be confused with Geely Holdings, which owns Volvo Cars Group

Are electric vehicles (EV) truly cleaner than combustion-engine cars?

Information Administratioan (EIA) states that Malaysia uses petroleum and other liquids as well as natural gas

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Ford, Volvo, Audi prove electric vehicles as safe as gas cars: IIHS: Electric vehicles are as safe at withstanding and avoiding crashes as gas cars, and generate fewer injury claims, according to the latest safety report… #hypercars #megacars #supercars https://t.co/lhLffCK5jj

The 2020 Volvo S60 T5 lease for only $495 per month at Bert Ogden Volvo Cars in Edinburg! Call us for more information at (956)348-1128! Dale Gas!!! https://t.co/nf6IfCDlJC

Today: Volvo Cars all electric by 2030 Feb: Porsche 80% electric by 2030 Feb: Jaguar all electric by 2025 Feb: Ford Europe all electric by 2030 Jan: Audi all electric by 2030 Jan: GM all electric by 2035 Nov 20: Bentley all electric by 2030 EVs to outsell gas cars by 2030 #news https://t.co/mXQYyr1GXX

Plug in or start looking for the last gas station... Betting on death of petrol cars, Volvo to go all electric by 2030 https://t.co/xtdHShnYe2

@BestButterCup @showme1176 @NBCNews @NBCNewsMACH Volvo will stop making gas powered cars in 2020. They know it's a car manufacturers dream. No fliuds, belts, hoses in electric vehicles.

"GOODBYE GAS CARS!" Volvo says it will make only electric vehicles by 2030 and if you want one, you'll have to buy it online. https://t.co/MuP1IUeRTt

@spoon9z @RetiredTanker @GrowthEnergy @EPA @Reuters @JarrettRenshaw Last I read, Volvo will stop making gas powered cars by 2020? No belts, hoses, oil, antifreeze or gas. A car production dream?

Volvo CEO Believes Fewer Gas Cars Will Be Bought When Lockdowns End via @insideevs.com

"Tank on empty, whipping my mommas volvo, I spent that gas money on cars with logos" - real Ye!

@BeingProblem @AstonmartinBond @BagpussP @philospeak My childhood cars were '74 Volvo Just Made of Steel gas guzzler, and an Opel Kadett '82, mom succeeded in almost totalling the Volvo, which is nigh on impossible LMAO


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