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Volvo rolls out new Android-based infotainment system on more models

Volvo’s Android-based infotainment system that first made its debut on the Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo Malaysia drops teaser for all-new S60

Volvo Malaysia released a special teaser for the third generation S60 on their social media platforms

Volvo S90 sold out in Malaysia, new facelift model to launch soon

A recent check on Volvo Car Malaysia’s website has shown that the pre-facelift Volvo S90 has been

Volvo XC60 T5 vs T8 – Should you consider a hybrid?

There are 3 variants available for the Volvo XC60 – T5, T8 Inscription, and T8 Inscription Plus

Proton was doing the right thing in disposing its old rally and concept cars, here’s why

Mercedes-Benz Museum, StuttgartAs for the setting up of a museum, well my counter-argument would be that

Volvo Car Malaysia adds one more 3S centre in Johor

’s Volvo Car 3S Centre in Skudai is now open for business.Located in the outskirts of Johor Bahru

2020 Volvo XC90 facelift! New reason to go Swede

Volvo Malaysia has just refreshed their best selling large SUV, the 2020 Volvo XC90.

Volvo ramps up electrification with 2021 Volvo C40 Recharge

Volvo is intent on walking the talk when it comes to phasing out internal combustion engines (ICE).

Volvo announces biggest global recall - 2 million cars affected

Volvo Cars have just announced its biggest global recall ever.

Volvo Car Malaysia launches its official used car programme called Volvo SELEKT

Volvo Car Malaysia today paved a new path for customers with the launch of its 360 total-care used car

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Volvo gives the XC40 a zap of Recharge

To recharge or not to recharge, that is the question that all Volvo XC40 buyers will have to answer when

Volvo Car Malaysia opens new 3S centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

There’s a new Volvo 3S centre in Malaysia and this time it is located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Too bad we can’t travel to Japan to see this cool Honda Civic exhibit

Type R, the EK9.Also read: Out of new Hondas to sell, this Seremban dealer is turned into a Type R museum

Out of new Hondas to sell, this Seremban dealer is turned into a Type R museum!

Well, one Honda dealer in Seremban decided to set up a Type R museum of sorts.The dealer is Ban Lee Heng

Volvo Car Malaysia appoints Pekin Auto as its dealer in Skudai

Volvo Car Malaysia, the premium car maker, has appointed Pekin Auto Sdn Bhd (“Pekin Auto”

Are these the best 4 Malaysian police cars ever?

Other than the Civic, other cars used by our Police officers include the Volvo S90, Toyota Corolla Altis

Volvo 480 – a Volvo with pop-up lights & doesn’t look like a brick

wheels; which makes this Volvo 480 just plain bonkers.

We need to talk about Volvo, but not about its safety

Is Volvo a true rival to Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Can Volvo take the spot currently occupied by Audi?

New 2021 Volvo S90 spotted in Malaysia ahead of local launch

Volvo Car Malaysia will be launching the new 2021 Volvo S90 facelift, now wearing the new ‘Recharge

Toyota’s museum restores an R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R

If you are curious about whether does Nissan have a museum, the answer is yes, its called the Nissan

Volvo Car Malaysia extends its factory warranty for free

Volvo Car Malaysia has revised its warranty programme to a factory five-years/unlimited mileage for all

Remember Seremban's Type R museum? Now you can recreate it at home!

The Seremban-based dealer that converted its showroom floors to be a Honda Type R museum now brings you

Have you been to Malaysia’s National Automobile Museum? It’s really small

The Louvre Museum in Paris is a famous example.The Louvre Museum in Paris.

Volvo Cars welcomes ex-Mercedes-Benz designer

Volvo Cars welcomes former Mercedes-Benz designer Claudia Braun and former Facebook web designer Thomas

Volvo Cars and Geely to create standalone engine development company

Volvo Cars and Geely announced that they have plans to create a standalone business focused on developing

CKD 2021 Volvo XC40 PHEV teased in Malaysia, launching after CNY

We previously reported that Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) has plans to launch the locally-assembled (CKD)

Top-5 best-looking new car interiors that belong in an art museum

vehicle, with comfort amenities of a luxury car.Volvo S60Volvo S60The interiors of current generation Volvo

In Thailand, new Volvo cars are protected from the sun

Volvo Cars Thailand (VCT) has taken quality control to the next level with the opening of a new warehouse

Dispose your e-waste properly at your nearest Volvo Car showroom!

Volvo Car Malaysia has partnered with E-waste Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH) to provide E-waste Green

Volvo Cars Malaysia recalls 1,802 units due to faulty autonomous emergency braking systems

Volvo Cars has issued a recall for a total of 700,000 cars globally after the discovery of a possibly

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volvo museum Post Review

Don't you just love vintage cars? The Volvo museum in #Gothenburg is home to some old beauties. #Lufthansa #CityOfTheMonth #VolvoMuseum https://t.co/vnsOcDM8Qi

Time to show your age 😂 https://t.co/cIEvh54NE4

@goblinparties when we visited sweden, my brother had his best moment in the gift shop of the volvo museum, upon seeing this book: https://t.co/dn1L2oMVgS

@MarkHaydock5 I like this one very much too (in Volvo museum) Volvo 1800 ES Rocket https://t.co/GR6eJuifmD

First Volvo bus, where it all began, as on display in the Volvo museum. Amazing how the product has evolved.... https://t.co/Gn1cs16ZpQ

@VolvoBusUK always great to visit the Volvo museum in Gothenburg. At 28hp not quite the power of today's vehicles, but she's a beauty! https://t.co/htcVdKh1PZ

@VolvoTrucksUK RT The final ever FH Classic rolls off the line at Tuve plant in Gothenburg...heading for Volvo museum http://t.co/5vAASl5xuK

Scary stats at Volvo museum. Number of people killed on world's roads every day equal to 8 Boeing 747s! #roadsafety http://t.co/CPmNZhllUP

Everybody lining up at the Volvo museum for some reason https://t.co/SqN4ERvnba

If you like old Volvos I’m gonna post a bunch of cars from the Volvo museum in Sweden to my instagram stories. Also tasteful nudes of me posing with three of the cars. Classy. https://t.co/EO5v3zx1SR


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