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After Indonesia, Nissan is now shutting down its Philippines plant

rsquo;s Nikkei Asia reports that effective March 2021, Nissan Philippines will end production at its plant

In Thailand, new Volvo cars are protected from the sun

Volvo Cars Thailand (VCT) has taken quality control to the next level with the opening of a new warehouse

Volvo ramps up electrification with 2021 Volvo C40 Recharge

Volvo is intent on walking the talk when it comes to phasing out internal combustion engines (ICE).

Hyundai to build Ioniq EV plant in Singapore

Following the launch of the EV-only Ioniq brand, we now have news on that Hyundai plans to build a plant

Explosion at Honda's Suzuka plant; 2 workers hospitalised

Honda’s plant in Suzuka city, Mie prefecture, was hit by an explosion on Sunday.

2020 Volvo XC90 facelift! New reason to go Swede

Volvo Malaysia has just refreshed their best selling large SUV, the 2020 Volvo XC90.

Volvo Car Malaysia to launch V60 and S60 later this year

confirmed earlier this week in an investors’ briefing by MBM Resources (MBMR), the parent company of Volvo

Business as usual for Hyundai's CKD plant in Kulim despite new Indo plant

during their recent global launches,” a Sime Darby Motors spokesperson told The Edge.The CKD plant

New 2021 Volvo S90 spotted in Malaysia ahead of local launch

Volvo Car Malaysia will be launching the new 2021 Volvo S90 facelift, now wearing the new ‘Recharge

Volvo Malaysia drops teaser for all-new S60

Volvo Malaysia released a special teaser for the third generation S60 on their social media platforms

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Volvo S60 CKD launching in 2020, same price & spec as CBU for Malaysia

At Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) annual business review, the company has confirmed that the locally-assembled

More than half of all Volvo cars assembled in Shah Alam are exported

plant in Shah Alam are exported, said Volvo Car Malaysia’s Managing Director Nalin Jain.Speaking

We need to talk about Volvo, but not about its safety

Is Volvo a true rival to Mercedes-Benz and BMW? Can Volvo take the spot currently occupied by Audi?

Sabah to build world's biggest copper foil plant for EV batteries

copper foil producer for electric vehicles (EV) under SK Group, will be building its first overseas plant

Malaysia-bound Volvo XC40 PHEV confirmed to use same powertrain as Proton X50

Volvo XC40 Recharge T5 at the 2020 Thailand International Motor ExpoThe Volvo XC40 Recharge T5 plug-in

Geely confirms next gen 2022 Geely Boyue, to use Volvo XC40’s CMA platform

The current generation Proton X70 only began production in Malaysia at the Tanjung Malim plant in late

Dispose your e-waste properly at your nearest Volvo Car showroom!

Volvo Car Malaysia has partnered with E-waste Recycling Through Heroes (ERTH) to provide E-waste Green

A step in the right direction, Volvo's oldest car plant is now climate neutral

In its mission to have a climate-neutral global manufacturing network, Volvo Cars announced that its

Did Geely just confirmed that Proton X50's engine is not the same as Volvo XC40's?

Is the Proton X50s using the same engine as the Volvo XC40?

Volvo S60 CKD and S90 facelift delayed for Malaysia due to Covid-19

Volvo Car Malaysia (VCM) had a fantastic run in 2019 with a sales growth of 36.1%.

Volvo announces biggest global recall - 2 million cars affected

Volvo Cars have just announced its biggest global recall ever.

Suzuki opens new plant in India, raises annual production capacity to 2.25 million units

important market – has opened a new 250,000 units per year extension to its Gujarat plant.Known as Plant

VW's legendary Zwickau plant to only produce electric vehicles

The last model produced with a combustion engine had left Volkswagens iconic Zwickau plant on 26th June

Volvo Car Malaysia launches its official used car programme called Volvo SELEKT

Volvo Car Malaysia today paved a new path for customers with the launch of its 360 total-care used car

Volvo Cars welcomes ex-Mercedes-Benz designer

Volvo Cars welcomes former Mercedes-Benz designer Claudia Braun and former Facebook web designer Thomas

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Commemorates 15 Years Of Production At Pekan Plant

100,000th vehicle has rolled out from the Pekan plant First CKD left-hand drive C-Class to be exported

Suzuki Myanmar's new plant, 40k/year output, more than country's annual sales

Thilawa Motor will be constructing a new plant.Located in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone, the new plant

No, don’t believe the sales talk, the Proton X50 is not a budget Volvo XC40

ground-up using the BMA platform (B-segment Modular Architecture), which is totally unrelated to the Volvo

Volvo 480 – a Volvo with pop-up lights & doesn’t look like a brick

wheels; which makes this Volvo 480 just plain bonkers.

Naza considers selling stake in Peugeot plant in Gurun

of its Kia and Peugeot distributorship.Of interest here is the Naza Automobile Manufacturing (NAM) plant

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volvo plant Post Review

Late last night, #TeamJCF stopped by the picket line at the Volvo Plant in Pulaski to stand in solidarity with the @UAW Local 2069 workers on strike. These workers deserve better benefits and I’ll always have their backs. https://t.co/pwb1fOf9pS

Big thanks to Maxwell Hall for sharing this photo of the brand new Volvo FH in service with Jet Plant Hire. That livery looks fantastic! 💜 #volvofh https://t.co/Mad0JE9fsf

Target workers at Store 1292 in Christiansburg stand in solidarity with @UAWLocal2069 workers on strike at the Dublin Volvo plant! https://t.co/DTBVc85Iqv

Under this sheet is the Polestar 3 - the next model from the Swedish brand. Such is the importance of the American market to Polestar, the 3 will be built in (among other places) Volvo's plant in South Carolina. Design will be inspired by the 2020 Precept Concept. On sale 2022. https://t.co/AlsrRfAdQM

“We were extremely emboldened by the labor shortage,” said Travis Wells, a forklift driver at the Volvo plant in Dublin, Virginia... “The cost of recruiting and training a new workforce would’ve cost Volvo 10 times what a good contract would have.” https://t.co/6t3BSSvL3K https://t.co/OkvvgRjk5m

Fascinating trip to the Volvo plant in Ghent to see the new all-electric C40 Recharge on the production line https://t.co/k8Nkxsv1Us

⁦@PolestarCars⁩ announce today that the Electric performance SUV the Polestar 3 will be built in South Carolina in the US at the Volvo car plant. Exciting day #polestar3 being built in America for Americans as the Polestar growth story continues to build. https://t.co/xul8X9CuDO

Solidarity with the Volvo workers at the Dublin, Virginia plant as they fight not just their bosses, but their union leadership in the UAW who have constantly tried to undermine their strike actions and force bad contracts on the membership! They just went back on strike today! https://t.co/70HZrxyoO0

Polestar to make electric SUV at U.S. Volvo plant, starting in 2022 https://t.co/2VkhYLUPr4 https://t.co/csWzVSDkOZ

Ruttle plant Volvo FH M6 South Staffordshire https://t.co/vsRrFNjJUZ

volvo plant Q&A Review

Will Volvo's new Polestar car production plant in China go above the Chinese labor rights and follow those of Sweden?

As it’s located in China,and owned by a Chinese company,it will follow Chinese laws. (Volvo is a part of Geely automotive,a Chinese company)

Brexit: Should the British car industry stop importing and selling Europe-born cars (also for Volvo) in favour of strictly Japan-born vehicles? Which could rather benefit Subaru and Mazda by producing its cars within existing UK-based Toyota plants.

It's not that simple, firstly there isn't a British car industry any more, it's all foreign owned. The Mini and Landrover are German owned and just made here (at least for now) Rolls Royce cars are now owned the Bavarian Motor Works (BMW).Cars aren't made in one country, they are started in one and shipped to another for the engine,and back to first country for finishing and then exported to yet another country. We make German owned cars here, Japanese cars here etc.We are just a manufacturin...

Is vegan leather a material that mimics leather, but is created from artificial or plant products instead of animal skins? Is Tesla-inspired vegan leather all the rage with Volvo cars taking an ethical stand for animal welfare in its electric cars?

Here is an article about this that you can read and share with others. The name of the article is: The article says on it this: “,We’ve got a new generation of customers coming through; they’re far more interested in the products they buy and having an ethical story behind them,,” Robin Page, Volvo’s head of design, told ,Reuters, in an interview. “They want to understand where the materials come from.” The impetus behind the move to vegan leather is based in company concerns about animal welfare, — the negative environmental impacts of cattle farming, including deforestation. Livestock is estimated to be responsible for around 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions from human activity, with the majority coming from cattle farming. The above is part of the reason that ,Greta Thunberg, is vegan. She was (she is 18 years old now) ,Time,’s only teenage ,Person of the Year,! So there is an issue of animal rights and climate change. The methane produced by raising animals is very bad for the air quality.

Should I work at an automobile dealership for 1 year to be eligible for recruitment in companies like Maruti, and Volvo? Does dealership experience count in companies like Tata Motors for a good job in the plants? I have a BE in automobile 2017.

Volvo…mercedes….audi.bmw are in the upper league .their requirement criteria is experience from luxury car dealershup of minimum 1-2years. ..and yes,dealership are being counted upon for future growth in plants and other companies..it's an added advantage……I recently joined talwar group-hyundai as an associate and showed my corporates ales experience of 2.5yr and being a automobile blogger and researcher ..had an presales experience of 4yrs . ….so I was in the group now..after 1 or 1.5yr.I ll...

I've completed my BE from automobile branch (2019 batch), so is it good to start as a fresher in a known commercial dealership of TATA Motors in a service role? And after 1 year if i switch in a plant like volvo eicher, will the experience matters?

When you start, no job is too big or too small. Jobs are hard to get presently. If you get something, and it's in your area of interest, take it up. They will teach you skills. But most importantly you must learn to take responsibility, learn to be accountable and learn to be a professional. That's important in all jobs in all fields. And this will be the most important thing in career growth. So go ahead. Whatever you learn will be useful. Specifically about the auto industry, yes, what you learn on a Tata will be useful in servicing other vehicles since the basics will be the same