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Toyota Alphard, used units from RM 40k, here’s some tips for buying one

At a glance, the Toyota Alphard (and its Vellfire sibling) may look like breadboxes on wheels, but that

Pros and Cons: Lexus LM 350 - A dressed up Alphard? Hardly

Ok, perhaps the Toyota Alphard yes, but there are subtle cues that lift the LM 350s presence above its

Why couldn’t the Toyota Voxy/Noah sell well in Malaysia?

That said, the market hasn’t really gone extinct with models like the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins

Toyota Vellfire gets ‘Goldeneye’ treatment, Alphard gets gold badge – coming soon at your local recond dealer?

Toyota has introduced a pair of unique gold edition variants to the Japanese market Toyota Alphard and

A recond Toyota Alphard/Vellfire is nearly RM 44k cheaper than UMW Toyota's official import, should you buy the recond?

Theres no doubt that the Toyota Alphard (and its Vellfire twin) is the best luxury MPV on the market.

RM 1.15 mil for a dolled-up Alphard? 4-seater 2021 Lexus LM 350 heading to Malaysia

Though it looks similar and shares a powertrain with the Toyota Alphard, the 2021 Lexus LM350 thats coming

Rendered: 2022 Toyota Alphard imagined with inspiration from Transformers?

Following the news that the next generation 2022 Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire will be merged into

Malaysian converted his Toyota Alphard into a Lexus LM!

The owner of this Toyota Alphard couldn’t wait for Lexus Malaysia to bring the car to Malaysia,

Malaysian VIPs get ready; All-new, TNGA-based Toyota Alphard could launch in 2022

For context, heres how the current-gen Alphard measures: Toyota Alphard AH30 dimensions Length

Wait, one of the most stolen cars in Japan is the Toyota Alphard?

Alphard/Vellfire is nearly RM 44k cheaper than UMW Toyotas official import, should you buy the recond

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Is the Toyota Avanza a Toyota or a Daihatsu?

We all know the Toyota Avanza.

Someone in Japan modified a Toyota Alphard to look like a Rolls Royce!

occasionally, you will come across modifications that transform a car to look like something else like this Toyota

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

Malaysia’s (and the rest of Asia’s) most loved status symbol wheels – the Toyota Alphard

The next Toyota Alphard could be launched in 2022 – What to expect?

Everyone’s favourite pair of breadboxes on wheels, the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins have been

Owner Review: Is it a good decision? - My story of owning and fixing a 1997 BMW 728i

** This article is the personal experience of a 1997 BMW E38 728i owner and does not necessarily reflect

2021 Toyota Vellfire updated in Japan – Down to only 3 variants!

Toyota recently unveiled the latest update for the 2021 Toyota Vellfire and Alphard twins which will

Closer Look: The Lexus LM 350, when the Alphard is just another poor-man's car

"Oh but its just an overstyled Toyota Alphard!

New upgraded Toyota Alphard / Vellfire launching in May 2021, for Malaysia too

Sales of the current AH30 generation Toyota Alphard / Toyota Vellfire twins will end next year in 2022

Owner Review: My family own this car since I was born and now it's mine - My 1997 (The JET) Proton Saga Iswara 1.3S

And now I use this car every day for work.Car Selection ProcessWe had a budget of RM45,000 back in 1997

Buying a recond Toyota Vellfire is going to get harder, here’s why

second generation Toyota Alphard was introduced.Once outselling Alphard, Vellfire now sells 10 times

The Toyota Hilux is 52 - here's the history behind Japan's iconic pick-up truck

4Runner, also known as the Hilux Surf in some markets.Fifth Generation (N80, N90, N100, N110; 1988-1997

Lexus LM 350 launched in Indonesia – pimped out Alphard?

The Lexus LM is Toyota’s most favourite MPV in its most luxurious form.

Why is it so hard to buy a Toyota Alphard / Vellfire that’s not in white or black colour?

If you are shopping for a Toyota Alphard or a Vellfire, you would’ve noticed by now that it&rsquo

Rumour: Toyota Vellfire to be killed off in 2022, merge with Alphard

The Toyota Alphard and its sporty-looking twin, the Vellfire have been the mainstay of Malaysian roads

Toyota RAV4's ADAS scored 5-star in Japan's JNCAP test

The Toyota RAV4 has been awarded the highest rating in JNCAP’s assessment in preventive safety

Toyota Harrier is Japan’s No.1 premium SUV for 2020, Toyota Raize tops all SUV sales

Alphard, which costs about the same price as a Mercedes-Benz C-Class / E-Class there (depending on variant

Yema Spica EV is a mini–Chinese Alphard for small businesses

This is the Yema Spica, an MPV from China that gives you Toyota Alphard vibes, especially when you look

In Brief: Toyota Alphard – Luxury on wheels

Toyota Vellfire pictured; its essentially the same as the Alphard(2020 Toyota Alphard Price and Specs

2020's top 10 most popular cars in Japan, Toyota Alphard is No.5

This is shown in everyones favourite luxury breadvan, the Toyota Alphard which became the fifth best-selling

Toyota Vellfire/Alphard’s ADAS is rated best in Japan

The Toyota Alphard and Vellfire have been awarded the highest rank awards in JNCAP’s safety assessment.JNCAP

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toyota alphard 1997toyota alphard 1997toyota alphard 1997
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󾭉ส่งมอบรถ NEW TOYOTA ALPHARD SC 2.5L สีดำ 󾭉ขอกราบขอบพระคุณ "คุณ ป้อม มัลลิกา บริษัท สายปนัดดา (1997)"... https://t.co/tm6Pqybhxq

toyota alphard 1997 Q&A Review

What brands of cars are popular in your country? Are they more or less expensive than the unpopular ones?

I came from China, in my country it depends. SAIC GM Wuling HongGuang Mini EV - best selling EV in the WORLD. Cheaper? Yes. Also smaller, simpler, and cuter. SAIC GM Cadillac CT5 - Simply better then Mercedes or BMW of the same price. More powerful, better looking, and more stylish. At this point we can conclude GM really gets Chinese consumers. Lexus LM - which country’s car buyers have the most Lexus models to choose from? Japan, where all Lexus are built and exported. Wrong! China. Because Toyota built a Lexus version of their very popular Alphard Van for Chinese consumers. How much? 230k USD without dealer markup. Mercedes S-Klasse Maybach - longer LONGER LONGER (somewhere a Chinese billionaire yells) SAIC GM Buick GL8 - more reasonably priced version of Lexus LM, very popular second car or company since it’s introduction in 1997. Cheaper? Not really, but it’s worth the price if you need a comfy car for your parents and kids. SAIC VW / VW Santana (VW Passat B2) - First introduced in 1981 as VW Santana, assembly by SAIC workers with German imported parts. Price at that time? 250k CNY, more expensive then a 1980 Corvette C3. This particular model, known as Pu-sang, or base Santana, among Shanghainese, was improved and built until 2012, a shocking 31 years’ life span with no major changes. In 2010s you can get the same model with only 11k USD. Audi S4 - yes cheaper then any other performance sedan. Nothing else… not to flex but my friends drive Audi starting with R, S who? Is that RS6 for poor people? Actually I drive a glorified Tesla wannabe Camry with white interior and dark wheel so I don’t mind S4 or A4… ^ I mean look at this buddy, isn’t he cute ^ And yes, you can buy one of these brand new in 2012.

  • Is Toyota Alphard available in Seat Features(Passenger)?

    No, Toyota Alphard isn't available in Seat Features(Passenger).

  • Is Toyota Alphard available in Driver/Front Passenger Seat Airbags?

    Yes, Toyota Alphard is available in Driver/Front Passenger Seat Airbags. The available Driver/Front Passenger Seat Airbags variants are: 2020 Toyota Alphard 3.5.

  • Does Toyota Alphard has Cruise Control?

    Yes, Toyota Alphard has Cruise Control, which are: 2020 Toyota Alphard 3.5.