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If you are shopping for a Toyota Alphard or a Vellfire, you would’ve noticed by now that it&rsquo

Still want a recond Vellfire? All-new Hyundai Staria debuts from RM99k in Korea

mm in height, 5,253 mm in length, and 1,997 mm wide, with a wheelbase of 3,273 mm - bigger than the Toyota

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UMWT recalls 10,350 units of Toyota and Lexus models for potentially faulty fuel pump

UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd (UMWT), distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in Malaysia, announced a Special

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Book your new Toyota from just RM 250 on Lazada!

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In Brief: Toyota Alphard – Luxury on wheels

Toyota Vellfire pictured; its essentially the same as the Alphard(2020 Toyota Alphard Price and Specs

Rumour: Toyota Vellfire to be killed off in 2022, merge with Alphard

The Toyota Alphard and its sporty-looking twin, the Vellfire have been the mainstay of Malaysian roads

2020 Toyota new models – What’s coming soon

Having just introduced the new 2020 Toyota Alpbard and Vellfire, UMW Toyota Motor isn’t slowing

Toyota Alphard, used units from RM 40k, here’s some tips for buying one

At a glance, the Toyota Alphard (and its Vellfire sibling) may look like breadboxes on wheels, but that

Buying a recond Toyota Vellfire is going to get harder, here’s why

Looking for a recond Toyota Vellfire?

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Toyota Harrier is Japan’s No.1 premium SUV for 2020, Toyota Raize tops all SUV sales

Alphard, which costs about the same price as a Mercedes-Benz C-Class / E-Class there (depending on variant

Why couldn’t the Toyota Voxy/Noah sell well in Malaysia?

That said, the market hasn’t really gone extinct with models like the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins

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Everyone’s favourite pair of breadboxes on wheels, the Toyota Alphard/Vellfire twins have been

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Since its launch, the radically different 2019 Toyota Vios facelift has been spoiling us with the latest

New upgraded Toyota Alphard / Vellfire launching in May 2021, for Malaysia too

Sales of the current AH30 generation Toyota Alphard / Toyota Vellfire twins will end next year in 2022

A recond Toyota Alphard/Vellfire is nearly RM 44k cheaper than UMW Toyota's official import, should you buy the recond?

Theres no doubt that the Toyota Alphard (and its Vellfire twin) is the best luxury MPV on the market.

Toyota Vellfire/Alphard’s ADAS is rated best in Japan

The Toyota Alphard and Vellfire have been awarded the highest rank awards in JNCAP’s safety assessment.JNCAP

2020's top 10 most popular cars in Japan, Toyota Alphard is No.5

This puts it fifth behind the Toyota Yaris, the Toyota Raize, the Toyota Corolla, and the Honda Fit.

2020 Toyota Alphard and Vellfire adds Toyota Safety Sense, new infotainment, price up by over RM 20,000

Malaysia’s (and the rest of Asia’s) most loved status symbol wheels – the Toyota Alphard

100 units of Tommi Makinen-developed Toyota GR Yaris allocated for Malaysia, about RM 300k

UMW Toyota Motor has secured about 100 units of the World Rally Championship-bred Toyota GR Yaris.

Toyota Vellfire February Used Car Offers

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about toyota vellfireabout toyota vellfireabout toyota vellfire
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if y'all wondering about the type of car: it's either a toyota vellfire or a hyundai strarex https://t.co/mKy9ahS9YZ

Forge ahead with confidence in the all new Toyota Vellfire which is packed with superior craftsmanship, comfort and cutting edge safety features. To know more about the Ultimate Luxury Lounge click to know more. #SustainableLuxury #SustainableMobility https://t.co/rHoXALCbkf

Toyota Vellfire Indian version Information came out know all about https://t.co/qPPM5yn9hc

Maxus G10. Price about 100k mote cheaper than Toyota Vellfire. Distribute Exclusively by… https://t.co/2zjhkOmuLo

Thinking comfort and think Toyota Vellfire Luxury for now it's all about comfort and safety on #ZuriLaunch

The latest version of the Toyota Vellfire has been launched. Find out more about the Japanese luxury MPV here: https://t.co/GWOOo5BoIR #toyotaindia

Say something about This !!!!! 06-762 5922 06-762 5922 06-762 5922 TOYOTA VELLFIRE 2.4Z GOLDEN EYES ~ NAVI... https://t.co/tyOBdW6dJV

How about Toyota Vellfire 3.5 ZG (2012) from RM370,000? Call 0162116666 or 0172668000 for the first deal in 2014! http://t.co/epAJKfNBYu

Dreaming about huge golden Griffins and black Toyota Vellfire. Meaning?

The Toyota Vellfire. Everything about that car screams “big bully”!

about toyota vellfire Q&A Review

How can a Toyota Vellfire, which is such a big car, have power of just about 120 HP?

The 118 HP is generated by the onboard IC engine only. In addition to this, there are two electric motors rated at 105kW (~140 HP) and 50kW (~70 HP) mated to the front and rear respectively. So the total power of the Vellfire is 118+140+70= 328 HP. Which is really enough for a people mover.

What is your opinion on the Toyota Vellfire?

Designs opinions are always personal, so this is a personal opinion. If you want to sound bit different and use another synonym for ugly, you can use the word Vellfire. Some samples: “Oh that is so Vellfired” (Oh that looks so ugly). “Oh, you are a Vellfireian” (Oh, you have zero taste). [Source - Google I think Toyota dismissed all the designers for non-performance and hired plastic surgeons to do a frontal lift. Look at the lift job they have done to the front. As usual a liposuction gone very wrong. [Source - Google] And Toyota decided to jump into the “My Car, My Body” movement and thinks ugly is the New Cool,. All the talk about proportion, symmetry are patriarchal concepts you see. So we will go with the design language that shows the middle finger to patriarchy. But one thing though - with rumored on-road price of 90 lacs in India, you can be rest assured of bragging right, i.e. “most expensive ugliest looking car”. On the other hand, it will likely offer supreme comfort and reliability of other Toyota cars. More importantly, this car is meant for people who already have lot of nicer looking cars in their garage. In Tamil Nadu, we generally use this to ward off evil: [Source - Google] These masks are meant for normal people like us. Rich people of course can go for Vellfire. But you have to appreciate Toyota though -no need to spend money on chilli and lemon string either. Vellfire’s frontal design is enough to scare off all evil spirits. In other words - Vellfire is the Jackson Pollock of MPVs.

How do I know whether it's a China product or not?

This is my car that was made in China. It is a fantastic car for my family. This is comparable to the Toyota Vellfire but at about half the price. This is very much like the Apple iPhone. It is really top quality because all the parts are superb and this car is so stable at high speed that my children just love it. I have driven Mercedes, BMW, Japanese and American cars before and this compares very well against them. This applies to my phone, which is an Oppo phone, too. It is really good and it charges much faster than my older Japanese sony Xperia. My 65 inch TV costs me S$850 which is superior to most TVs in its class. The ones which have the same picture quality cost a few times more. My previous one was a Korean made TV which was not as good. When you talk about Chinese made products, there is a distinction whether they are old products or newer products. The newer products are really world-class. The old products may be a bit shoddy and not well made. In conclusion, from a quality point of view, Chinese products are getting as good as the best in the world., ,However, there are also many old products that are not so good quality. Made-in-China is not necessarily a shoddy product anymore.

What is the best value Japanese luxury car?

*Disclaimer: I am talking about cars, specifically made for the Japanese market and majority if them never exported, or modified for foreign markets. Toyota Celsior Thats hands down, best luxury car Japan has made until today. Toyota Crown, series are also great, especially the new, hybrid vehicles. The ,Toyota Vellfire, vans are my personal favorite:

What is your first look opinion about Kia Carnival? Will it beat other models in the segment?

Good product. Frankly speaking, in the price range in which it comes, there is no competition. If want to spend less, you can look at the Toyota Innova. If you want to spend more, you can look at Mercedes V class or Toyota Vellfire.

When is the Toyota vellfire launching in India? What is your first look opinion?

Seems you are asking a very old question to me but here’s the Answer:- Toyota Velfire was Launched in 26th February 2020 with a price tag of around Rs 80 Lacks Ex-Showroom India. It’s available in only 1 variant i.e Executive Lounge. And I guess it’s price got hiked recently. Talking about the Exterior, Its design looks too overdecorated with a large ampunt of Chrome used around everywhere, However, It looks sharper and Boxy. The interior is also very good with less plastics and soft cushioning on every region except the lower one. The Vellfire is a chauffeur driven vehicle and it is more concerned to it’s Middle Row. It’s an absolute comfortable. It’s so comfortable that one will not want to get off from it. Those Reclining Captain Seats are finished in cushy, high-grade leather which offers excellent support all around and gets many adjustments. even the third Row space provides a great leg room and even a 6 foot Adult can sit comfortably. The overall boot space is also descent even if all the seats are unfolded. The Third Row seats can be folded just like Innova henceforth offering more space. Overall a longer, wider. ground clearance is a major issue. Overall a great competition to Mercedes Benz V-Class. Hope you like the Answer, Kindly Upvote and Follow.

What do you think of a hybrid electric vehicle?

Hello Friends Before I go in depth about Hybrid electric vehicles, let me tell you what it is first So let me explain to you through an example what is a Hybrid electric Vehicle? While you are going on a long drive / you are going somewhere your vehicle doesn’t have fuel. In hybrid electric vehicles you will be having electric charge which runs in Eco mode that supports your vehicle to make it run till you refill petrol/ diesel. As of now in India, you have electric cars and scooters with fewer brands. In some cities electric vehicles are not available. Initially at this stage I would suggest you to get hybrid electric vehicles like Toyota Camery. Lexus LS. Toyota Vellfire. Some of the advantages of hybrid Electric vehicles are Environmentally Friendly. Financial Benefits. Less Dependence on Fossil Fuels. Regenerative Braking System. Built From Light Materials. Assistance From Electric Motor. Smaller Engines. Automatic Start and Stop. As I have seen in India these days the petrol /diesel prices have gone up right? So, i think Hybrid Electric cars are best for Indian roadways. This is what I think about hybrid Electric Vehicle, I hope you find the above content informative. Note: - All this is my personal opinion and totally depends on your comfort zone.

What is your favorite Toyota?

Hello, I really like Toyota recently Toyota launched its new car Vellfire in the Indian market. But in India, the Toyota Build quality is not much good which is in other foreign countries and we all know that ,Toyota Motor, Corporation entered ,India, in 1997 in a joint venture with the Kirloskar Group. Over the years, the Japanese car manufacturer has introduced a wide range of products in ,India, which includes popular sellers like the Innova Crysta, Fortuner, Etios, Yaris, and the Glanza, etc. Due to the poor build quality, therefore, I always give my first preference to TATA motors & Volvo India. But if you ask me to choose any Toyota car then I go with ,Toyota Innova,. Thank You.

What is the difference between Vellfire and Alphard?

Toyota Vellfire vs. Alphard: Understanding Both Creations Toyota is back with its revolutionary creations- the new Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard. Both vehicles represent a premium class ride for business people who want it to be luxurious all the time. Well, being the multipurpose vehicles MPV, both these vehicles are suitable for any family. Today, we are going to review both of these models based on different aspects, so you get to know which one to buy. Let’s continue towards ,Toyota Vellfire vs. Alphard ,to get our answer today. Toyota Vellfire Vs. Alphard: Comparing Various Aspects Well, both of the models were introduced years ago as the first production. The Vellfire first took place in May 2008, and the Alphard was first introduced in 2002. Since then, both models have seen many upgrades in terms of exterior, engine, interiors, and overall driving experience. Let’s head to knowing each car and what these models feature for you this time. 1. The Exteriors Both Toyota Alphard and Vellfire are designed with precision and under extreme supervision. Alphard features a thick grill design on the front near the hood that bestows it with a sporty look. There is clean formatting for the number plate and lights such as headlights, daytime, and fog lights. They are designed with precision and under extreme supervision Continuing the ,Toyota Vellfire vs. Alphard,, the Vellfire features a uniform front look near the hood. The pearl white crystal clear look is a part of the Vellfire’s front instead of the grill design. It brings you the efficient LED headlamps, cornering, and daytime lights. 2. Interiors Justifying the sporty look, Alphard is fitted with leather seats with premium finishing for every corner. You find seven to eight passenger seats with ample space for the ,ultimate comfort,. There is lighting inside with various shades that you illuminate as per your For the ,vellfire vs. Alphard difference,, the Alphard introduces power sliding doors and power back door. You can even recline your legs in the captain seat and take a nap to wake up all rested. The Vellfire introduces an interior instrument panel with the illumination feature that lets you choose from 16 shades. It is comfortable for up to 7 passengers with flexible seat arrangement where the seats can move as per your comfort. 3. Performance The Vellfire adds up a 2400 cc displacement, 16 cylinders engine along with four valves to produce 167 horsepower. Both models feature blind spot monitoring, brake hold, and airbags for each seat On the other hand, Alphard carries the 3500 cc displacement, 24 valves, and 6 cylinders to produce 276 horsepower as per the ,difference between Toyota Vellfire and Toyota Alphard,. Read out more about different cars and how do they differ here ,Car Comparison. To make the driving experience smooth, both models feature blind spot monitoring, brake hold, and airbags for each seat. There are sensors for front and rear parking, traction control and hill start assist in both of the models. Conclusion In terms of performance and comfort, both of these models are amazing. The Alphard, however, charges you more that is RM443, 000 as compared to Vellfire that charges you RM362, 000. Hence, when it is about selecting one of the models, you should have a check with your budget and purchase accordingly. Both of these models are amazing with performance and comfort, As the Alphard is costly, it is undoubtedly more premium in terms of features and overall looks. But when it comes to price-friendliness and pretty innovate features, Vellfire wins the place. So this was all about ,Toyota Vellfire vs. Alphard, that we consider you will find helpful. Matsumoto Naoki is senior car blogger at Car From Japan. Having background in mechanical engineering, he has a unique perspective on a lot of new car innovations. Prior to Car From Japan, Matsumoto was Mechanical Design Engineer at Yajima Plant, Subaru Corporation. His articles provide detailed DIY instructions and how-tos to help you get your new car on the road. If you want to save money and feel more confident when working on your cars, you should not ignore Matsumoto’s sharing posts. He presents driving tips and tricks for everyone through easy-following steps and mechanically but friendly writing. Off-road vehicles are booming in popularity, and Toyota is a heavy hitter in the market. The automaker has been producing cars for over 80 years and built a reputation on their SUVs being durable and reliable. A Land Cruiser or 4Runner can be a significant investment for many families, so it’s important to know ,how these vehicles will perform, in off-road conditions. A comparison between ,4Runner vs Land Cruiser, will help you make a decision quite easily. Between ,Toyota Land Cruiser vs 4Runner,, which one is better for off-road performance? These two are two of the most popular SUV-type vehicles out there but there are still some unique differences. Looking at design and pricing, we can see that each vehicle has its own unique attributes that make them a good fit for different purposes. 4Runner vs Land Cruiser: A Brief Side-by-Side Comparison Comparing ,Land Cruiser vs 4Runner,, you will see that both are high-quality vehicles designed for slightly different purposes. So, let’s take a look at what makes these two cars stand out. Looks and Interior Features The Toyota 4Runner offers compactness and practicality with its smaller size. It also provides an easy off-road exploring capability for those who like to explore nature. It has moderate comfort features with SofTex-trimmed seats, Bluetooth feature, 8-inch touchscreen, and a few other features. Higher trims have some better features, including an auto-dimming rearview mirror, floor mats that are all-weather compatible, and a few other things. The Land Cruiser is more luxurious. But if you want a larger SUV with more luxurious features, the ,Land Cruiser, should be your first choice. It’s bigger, has more features, and can seat up to eight passengers compared to the smaller 4Runner that seats five people. The big and deluxe Toyota Land Cruiser has seats, a steering wheel, and a shift knob made of high-quality leather. There is also a center console and four-zone climate control. If you want to ensure the highest comfort while on your off-road adventure, the Land Cruiser is the right choice. Engine Performance Between ,4Runner vs Land Cruiser,, the second is the bigger vehicle, so it’s obvious that it will have a larger and more powerful engine unit. The latest model has a V8 engine that can generate up to 381 hp. On the other hand, the latest ,4Runner, can crank up 270 hp with a 4-liter V6 engine. Despite being bigger and heavier, a Land Cruiser can speed up from 0 to 60 in 6.7 seconds. A 4Runner takes 7.5 seconds to accelerate at that rate. However, as the Land Cruiser is almost 1,000 pounds heavier, it just guzzles down fuel. Its mileage is only 17 mpg while a 4Runner can cover up to 19 mpg. Drive Train A Land Cruiser version comes with a standard 4WD but there is no 4Runner trim that has this drivetrain. The system in a 4Runner is only part-time. When driving on an unpaved surface, the driver of the 4Runner needs to switch gears, so that power can be distributed to all four wheels. The Land Cruiser can distribute its power to all four wheels without any intervention by the driver. SEE MORE What Are the Important Functions of Ford Trail Control? Off-Road Technology Comparing the ,Land Cruiser vs 4Runner off road, technology, the first one is the clear winner in this category. Both vehicles have Multi-Terrain Control (MTC), which means they can easily navigate off-road surfaces along with the capacity to dominate hilly areas. But Land Cruiser models have an underbody camera to spot obstacles in the road ahead. It makes traveling over rough terrain smoother and safer. Also, the Land Cruiser has a self-leveling KDSS adjustable suspension that allows for on-the-fly control of ride height. On the other hand, only the TRD and TRD Premium trims of 4Runner have this suspension. Verdict: Which One Should You Buy? Comparing ,4Runner vs Land Cruiser,, it’s clear that both are off-road vehicles designed to take the driver through most terrain types. The Land Cruiser has a more luxurious feel and many high-end features come to it as a part of the standard pack. You have to choose a premium trim of 4Runner to get all these features and options. That being said, the price plays a significant role in making the decision between these two vehicles. Even a well-equipped 4Runner high-end trim like the TRD Off-Road Premium costs almost half of a Land Cruiser’s price. Also, a 4Runner is the better choice if you want an off-road vehicle that is suitable for both city driving and rough terrain. Its smaller size is perfect for maneuvering in narrow roads and parking on tight corners. If you don’t mind the price, the Land Cruiser is a better option for a bigger family that wants to do their off-road adventure without sacrificing comfort. It has bigger cargo space, a better engine, and offers a smoother driving experience

What is the best car coming out in 2020?

Tata Altroz Tata Gravitas (7 seat version of Harrier, name may be changed) Next gen Hyundai Creta Citroen C5 aircross Audi e tron Audi A8 Audi Q8 BMW X1 facelift Mercedes GLS (new one) Mercedes Maybach GLS (there are chances of this car launching in India) Honda City (new one) Sedan version of Hyundai Grand i10 Nios VW T-ROC Skoda Octavia vRS (245 hp) Audi A4 (facelift) Kia Carnival (chances of launching in India are strong) Toyota Vellfire (strong chances of this launching and going against Merc V Class) Land Rover Defender ( I am hoping this will come to India next year, subject to change) VW T-cross Mahindra Scorpio (new gen) Hyundai i20 (next gen) Skoda Kamiq Skoda Karoq Honda Jazz (next gen) Hyundai Verna (facelift)

  • Does Toyota Vellfire has Navigation?

    Yes, Toyota Vellfire has Navigation, which are: 2020 Toyota Vellfire 2.5.

  • Is Toyota Vellfire available in Rear Airbags?

    No, Toyota Vellfire isn't available in Rear Airbags.

  • Tell me the Costs of Toyota Vellfire.

    The Costs of the Toyota Vellfire are as follow:

    Variants2020 Toyota Vellfire 2.5
    InsuranceRM 10,304
    Road TaxRM 874
    Monthly PaymentRM 6,894