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Coming next year, 2021 Toyota Vios - this over the City or Almera?

Toyota unveiled the facelifted 2021 Toyota Vios a couple of months ago in the Philippines, followed by

Proton Persona Maintenance Cost Versus Toyota Vios And Honda City

3051.91 to maintain a Persona over 5 years/100,000 km Still cheaper to maintain than the Honda City or Toyota

New Toyota Vios – This Or The Honda City?

UMW Toyota Motor introduced the new Vios earlier this year, refreshing its popular B-segment sedan with

Owner Review: Great handling and good features - My 2016 Toyota Vios GX

Vios GX, RM 93KReason why I bought this car Replacement for existing car (Honda City 2012 model).

Toyota Vios vs Honda City; How do they compare?

You can’t talk about the Honda City without mentioning the Toyota Vios and likewise.

Nissan Almera finally outsells Toyota Vios in Thailand in February 2021!

an underrated gem for sure but in terms of sales, it is unmatched compared to the Honda City and the Toyota

Toyota Vios vs Honda City: Which one has better resale value?

It doesn’t matter who you ask – both Toyota Vios and Honda City owners both insist that their

The Filipino-spec Toyota Vios GR-S is missing one key feature

Ever since its world debut in Malaysia, the 2021 Toyota Vios GR-S has been making waves around South

New 2020 Toyota Vios to add Gazoo Racing variant, launching in December

to launch a new 2020 Toyota Vios facelift in December.

How fuel efficient is the Toyota Vios?

The 2019 Toyota Vios is powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder Dual-VVTi engine with a codename 2NR-FE that

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In Brief: Toyota Vios 2019 – Adding More Value

(Toyota Vios 2019 Model | Gallery)The Vios is Toyota’s bread-and-butter model, as the Vios (and

Toyota Vios facelift rendered, do you like the Lexus-esque grille?

Malaysians have only been enjoying the delights of the 2019 Toyota Vios for a little over year.

​​​​​​​Honda City: Still a better buy over the Toyota Vios?

oldest model in its class, the City remains the stronger seller in its class, although the updated Toyota

Only selected dealers are selling the Toyota Vios GR Sport

The 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport (GR-S) could be the entry-level Gazoo Racing (GR) model in Toyotas line-up

Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

Having launched early last year, it is the best Vios on sale yet as it is well-equipped now.(2019 Toyota

Pros and Cons: 2020 Toyota Vios GR-S – Superb suspension, lackluster powertrain

New to the 2020 Toyota Vios facelift is the addition of the GR-Sport (GR-S) variant, sitting on top of

Perodua Ativa (D55L) to hit Toyota Vios/Honda City, not Proton X50 the hardest

Legal liabilities and compliance issues mean that manufacturers have to limit semi-autonomous driving

Video: Why is Zerotohundred racing in a Toyota Vios?!

on Instagram and YouTube, you’ll be treated with adrenaline-pumping content from the all-new Toyota

Spied: Is this the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift?

Remember the new 2020 Toyota Vios facelift rendering from a month ago?

New Toyota Yaris Ativ facelift (Malaysia’s Vios) launched! ADAS and Apple CarPlay

Toyota Motor Thailand has launched the new 2020 Toyota Yaris Ativ 1.2L facelift.

Prices announced for 2021 Toyota Vios facelift - from RM 76k, TSS, new colour

Barely a day after UMW Toyota Malaysia (UMWT) teased the 2021 Toyota Vios facelift, weve now got the

The Toyota Vios hasn’t been around as long as you think!

The Toyota Vios has its ups and downs but there is no denying that it is still a hugely popular car.

Priced from RM 95k, the 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport is launched in Malaysia

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has launched the racy-looking 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport (GR-S) alongside the

RM 15k for a first-gen Toyota Vios - how to buy a good one, maintain and have fun with it

just plonk the cash for an older car thatll still take you around reliably.For that, the 2003-2007 Toyota

Ratings: 2021 Toyota Vios 1.5L G - The best value for money B-segment sedan?

One of the top contenders in the B-segment sedan category is the 2021 Toyota Vios 1.5 G.

Review: Honda City vs Toyota Vios, does Toyota Vios have any advantages?

(2019 Toyota Vios prices and specs | Gallery)To begin with, a full disclosure – my daily is a 2014

Perodua issues fuel pump recalls for 2018/2019 Perodua Myvi

Looks like the Perodua Myvi is affected by the global fuel pump issues as well.

Malaysia to launch new Toyota model soon – 2021 Toyota GR Yaris or Toyota Vios GR Sport maybe?

the shared IMV-platform Toyota Hilux.Could it be the new updated Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris then?

Rendered: Toyota Vios facelift looks like a baby Camry

previously posted a rendered photo by Indian Autos Blog showing off their vision of the soon to arrive Toyota

Evolution of the Toyota Vios in 3 generations - The best family saloon for the masses?

A less globally-popular car from Toyota would be the Toyota Vios.

Toyota Vios January Used Car Offers

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toyota vios issuestoyota vios issuestoyota vios issues
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  • Toyota Vios Issues -13 Common Toyota Vios Problems | Our Daily Drive

  • Madalas Na Problema Ng TOYOTA VIOS At Paano Ito Maaayos | TOYOTA VIOS Common Problems And Solution

  • Toyota Vios Issues -Toyota Vios Cvt Transmission - Pressure Control Solenoid

  • How To Fix Low And Rough Idle On Your Toyota Vios..

  • ECU RESET | Vios / Yaris

  • How To Fix The A/C Problem Of Your "TOYOTA VIOS" ( 2NR ENGINE)

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  • Toyota Vios Gen 1, Issue Rough Idle Servo Body, Iac Valve, And Maf Sensor Cleaning.


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Lots of 1st gen Toyota Vios taxis on the road with hoods slightly open. Does it have engine cooling issues? http://t.co/xgoC8G2ukf

Toyota Vios: Common issues and how to fix them Sure it’s reliable, but day-to-day use will eventually wear it out. Here are the common problems of the Toyota Vios and some tips on how to fix them.  https://t.co/oYE0lGEgwH https://t.co/KSwncG8dU0

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FOR SALE 2012 TOYOTA VIOS 1.3G AUTOMATIC 350K (Negotiable!!) First owned and lady owned Complete papers 60K mileage Cold aircon No overheat history No accident history No issues Fresh inside and out Sasakyan nalang!! Pm if interested

The mechanic did a RCA to BabyVee and it's the fuel pump fault. They said that model of Toyota Vios always has issues with the fuel pump, especially after 9-10 years. Say bye-bye to RM1k++ 💸💸💸.


F/S: Stock head unit for Toyota Vios gen 3. - no issues, mas fresh pa kay Kim Domingo. - never tinanggal yung... https://t.co/f6dLtuCoxS

Toyota Vios J MT Y/M 2012 acquired 2013 (batman) No issues Fuel Efficient All New Tires(GT) Low mileage 300k LastPrice pagusapan

0947 583 8615 Toyota Vios 2016 model Automatic Touchscreen/bluetooth 17k mileage No issues. Well maintained Fully paid na sa bank. 575k slightly nego

toyota vios issues Q&A Review

What are the common issues of Toyota Vios and how to fix them?

The ,common problems, with Toyota Vios include fuel consumption issues, overheating problems, acceleration problems, and clutch problems.

If I change 185/70 R14 tyres with 165/70 R14 of my Toyota Vios, will I get better fuel efficiency because of the lower width? Will it affect to the overall performance of the car (handling, cornering, braking distances, etc.)?

You may encounter handling issues if you go for a ‘narrower’ wheel. The width of your vehicle doesn’t need to change much to start to change how it handles. Your smaller wheel width may also effect the wheel itself. Now you're putting the vehicle's weight on a smaller footprint, which may cause more wear on the rubber treads, making you have to make more frequent groove and alignment checks.

What could be the problem? I accidentally short-circuited my reverse light. I have no reverse lights transmission gear indicator light, and no eco mode light. All fuses are OK according to the mechanic. It is a Toyota Vios 2014.

Not familiar with the Vios but if your indicator, ECO mode and both reverse lights are not working then you might have serious issues . You said u short circuited the revers lights?…. How? The first thing to go would be a 15A fuse . But the ECO light and the dashboard display are not likely to be on the same circuit. If the fuse for that circuit is intact then I would hook up a scanner and look for “U” codes. If it is not a fuse, you will need to see a professional technician .

Why do some Uber drivers not put the AC on when its warm out? Do they still believe the myth AC uses more gas than the windows down?

No myth to it at all here in Manila, with the average temperature around 28C and an average road speed of less than 20kmh (14mph) windows down makes very little difference and the car AC uses gas, end of story. The percentage difference will also be greater for the small engined cars that they use ( Toyota Vios, Mitsu Lancers and Suzuki Ciaz and Swift) Uber has just been bought out by Grab and the service isn’t as good as when there was healthy competition but if I were to get into a cab and the AC didn’t work I would be out within minutes. The biggest problem with our Grab cabs is the drivers appalling choice of music, it’s wailing heartbroken teen stuff, swear filled heavy US rap or happy clappy god rock. Oh, and the non Grab cabs may have serious safety issues, such as no lights….

My family is in the market for a new car. Then we read this article and now we're torn between the Toyota Vios and the Mitsubishi Mirage G4. What do you guys think?

Greetings: There are (obviously) a few ways to answer your question. One way is not any better than the other given that you are buying, and not selling, a car. When you are buying, you must be careful over your wants and needs over options, advertising, biases, and ignorance that play on judgments that come back to haunt one on occasion. For this reason, I have chosen ‘reliability’ as the most important criteria when buying technolog-on-wheels. This does not answer your issue, but I have indirectly pointed to one car over the other. The question is which of the two cars is most reliable? To start, your buying concern should be to identify the priorities for the type of car you are seeking. Both cars you have identified have advantages (and disadvantage) depending on your wants and needs. Whereas I cannot speak to the later, the former, the Toyota, comes with a reliability badge of honor. In my opinion, Toyota cars are quite simply the most reliable cars being built these days. Were you to value reliability, over say driving fun, your best to stick with the Toyota. There is a partial answer, and now the question is ‘why?’ In fact, Toyota is so reliable that its automized system of car manufacturing has been adopted by every comercial car making company in the world. Moreover, I speak from experience - from having owned a 2004 Toyota Highlander - since new. With 138,000 original miles, and a lengthy list of parts that are still original, I do not forsee buying another vehicle (knock on wood) for several years. Granted, you are interested in a different Toyota, and not the Highlander to which I have referred. Toyotas, however are family vehicles for the long haul. Save with a few spotscars, and some SUVs, Toyotas may even last long enough to hand down to your children. Moreover, I encourage you to do a little more study before making up your mind: go to Toyotanation.com, and enquire from other Vios owners their opinion of your dilemma. With that said, I will stop as I have addressed your question to some objective degree. Now, should you change your mind, again (which is completely understandable), and decide you want to know how to tell which are the best Toyotas to own, I will happily share this best kept secret with you. Cheers, D.

Why do Filipinos like smaller vehicles?

I think that many Filipinos would like an American Truck or something Hummer sized, but most are not rich and those who are tend to pick cars that reflect their status, although there are a lot of SUVs. Most Filipinos have large families so the number of people in the vehicle often far exceeds the number of seats. This isn’t much of an issue as they are used to being in close proximity. Big vehicles cost more, are more costly to run and take up more space. A small vehicle is cheaper and will fit into smaller gaps. That leaves the most common vehicles that you see on the road here. Excluding specials like the owner (locally built mini jeep lookalike)you have a lot of the following: The Toyota Vios and Wigo and the Mitsubishi Lancer and Mirage plus the Honda City. There are also many small people carriers like the Innova and Avanza. Other very popular bigger vehicles are the Mitsubishi Montero and the Ford Explorer plus their pickup truck versions. The bigger van based people carriers like the Toyota Hiace are also hugely popular, but you never ever see the panel van version. In fact you will not see any of the small, car based vans that are popular elsewhere in the world here. They only exist in the people carrier version with windows and seats. I have no idea why this is, maybe something to do with vehicle classification!

Is Honda City outdated in India?

Current Honda City in India is the latest generation that is being sold in the international markets. So it is not outdated in any aspect. The brand Honda City has been around since a lot of years now, but so is Hyundai Verna. A car which appears to be younger is subjective. There are a lot of options in the segment you are looking for. Honda City, - The new refreshed (face-lifted) version in my eyes is the most beautiful car in this segment. It is fresh, stylish and has all the features you need plus a trusted first name “Honda”. It is reliable for sure and not very hard on pocket compared to others in the segment. The new Honda city with all the bells and whistles (Diesel and automatic) will cost you around 15 lacs i believe. It is a great overall car to own. You will be satisfied with the money you will spend. ,PS,: I drive the latest gen pre-facelift City. Driven it for 53k already. Hyundai Verna, - I do not like the looks of the latest Verna 4s. A new generation is going to be launched soon somewhere around August. To me it will be a very good looking car. It will get styling similar to the recently launched Elantra. Search for Hyundai Solaris 2017 or look at the images ,here,. That will be Verna for us. Hyundai offers a lot of equipments. The ride is great. They have beautiful rich looking features. I wish the rear seat comfort is improved. Pricing will be in the City’s range. Volkswagen Vento, - Volkswagen, this month, launched a new trim “highline Plus” for vento. I have driven the TDi (Diesel) for a good few 1000 kms. Taken it up the Himalyas and throttled it on straight National highways. It is a great car. Comfortable ride. You feel cocooned inside a tank. It feels safe. However it does get a bit tiring to drive on long journeys. Hard and long travel Clutch and gear shifts make it bit hard to drive for long. The automatic version is the best option you can get. The DSG gearbox is the best in the segment which no other car can beat. However the design does look “outdated” to many. VWs have a very simple elegant design which may not appeal to all. People say it is costly to own. I spend around 8–10k every 10k kms on my City. My friend who has 2 Polos (1 GT and 1 normal version” spends around 15k every 15k kms. So it basically comes down to Rs 1/km. Skoda Rapid, - It is basically the Czech version of Vento. It has all the benefits of a Vento. It feels lighter than Vento to drive which is a good thing and it results in less fatigue. I was fortunate enough to test all the versions of Rapid back in 2011 when it was launched. Drove it from Mumbai to Pune and back in an event organized by Skoda and Autocar. Skoda’s after sale service was not at all upto the standard with their dealers doing much of the damage. They have greatly improved that part. Increased and well monitored network is a good thing for Skoda owners. I also happened to test the new Octavia. We asked the same issue from their MD and he was very confident a few years ago after making some progress and a good future ahead in terns of after sale service. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, - Ciaz is a Maruti and it sells like crazy in India. Now since it is in Nexa they are also offering the best buying experience that Maruti can. Ciaz is a good car. Its design is simple and clean. It has the best interior space in the class. It sure is comfortable to drive. The engine though is a downside. It is definitely underpowered compared to rivals. 90 hp is the output of the petrol version compared to 117 of City, 121 of Verna, 103 for Rapid and Vento. The interiors do not feel like they belong to this segment. It gives a feel of cheaper Maruti. But it is actually quite cheap. 3 lakh cheaper top version petrol when compared to City’s top version. It sure will give the Indian car buyers “Badi gadi” feel at a great price. Fiat Linea, - I have always loved Fiat. I worked for Fiat for a good period of time. It is their after sales service and parts management that have let them down. Being in the middle of things happening i would never recommend this other wise great car. Toyota Vios, - Toyota is expected to launch Vios in India around Diwali. If that happens then City and Ciaz are going to get a run for their money. Toyotas are known for their reliability. They run for forever and they are very economical in terms of running expenses. If you can wait then you never know “Sabar ka Phal meetha ho sakta hai”. I hope this helps.

Is Nissan reliable compared to Honda and Toyota?

I have driven Nissan cars for almost 10 years. I have also driven Toyota and Honda before. (Comparing Sedans only Nissan Sunny, Latio, Sylphy, Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Vios, Corolla) The clear difference for me in general is that Nissan sedans in general feels heavier and takes a longer time to accelerate. Technically an Altis weigh heavier but Nissan just feels heavier. What that means is the acceleration of Nissan is slower in general. However, Nissan cars are very reliable and stable. I never have any major issues with Nissan cars after 10 years of driving.

Will biofuels replace fossil fuels in the transportation sector? In the future, will all vehicles be electric, or will there be electric vehicles and vehicles that use biofuels, instead of only electric vehicles?

First generation biofuels are not as good as they seem. Second gen biofuels and even better third gen maybe. The only second gen biofuel in wide usage is methane from landfills and animal waste. Biofuels are usually classified as follows: 1. First-generation biofuels are directly related to a biomass that is generally edible. 2. Second-generation biofuels are defined as fuels produced from a wide array of different feedstock, ranging from lignocellulosic feedstocks to municipal solid wastes. 3. Third-generation biofuels are, at this point, related to algal biomass but could to a certain extent be linked to utilization of CO2 as feedstock. The problem with first gen biofuels is twofold. They displace farmland that could be used for food and the mass agriculture needed to grow any plant in large numbers uses large amounts of fossil fuels. From the diesel for tractors and trucks to transport them, to the refineries, to the production of artificial nitrogen fertilizers. The problem with using manure and waste/trash as the sole source of biofuels is that afaik there is usually not enough around. And this can be used to artificially inflate the percentage of your electricity which is “renewable”. Denmark has a garbage addiction. The country depends on burning vast quantities of garbage to generate power, using highly efficient incinerators that scrub the worst of the pollutants from flue gases. The trouble is ,that it doesn't generate enough trash to power its plants. Denmark is Europe's ,top waste, burner. Incineration accounts for about a fifth of ,district heating, and about 5 percent of its electricity. But what just a few years ago seemed like a clever way to deal with garbage has now become a problem. One issue is that the incinerators burn much more waste than increasingly tidy Danes throw away. Denmark has ,23 incinerators, capable of burning 3.8 million tons of waste a year. But the country needs to source more and more trash from abroad. It imported nearly ,1 million tons, in 2018, mainly from the U.K. and Germany. That doesn't square with Copenhagen's climate goals; Denmark wants to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to 70 percent below 1990 levels in the next decade under a climate law adopted last year. “Today, we import waste with a high content of plastic in order to [use the excess] capacity at the incineration plants, with increasing CO2 emission as a result,” said Dan Jørgensen, Denmark's climate minister. Another kind of biofuel that Denmark and Europe uses to greenwash itself Copenhagen ,plans, to be the world’s first carbon neutral capital city by 2025. One of the city’s targets is to produce electricity from wind and “sustainable biomass”. Two weeks ago the ship IDC Pearl arrived at the Amager BIO4 power plant in Copenhagen carrying more than 32,000 tons of wood chips from Brazil. A ,recent investigation by Emil Ellesøe Ditzel at Denmark’s TV 2, reveals that burning wood chips from Brazil is neither sustainable nor helping address the climate crisis. “It sounds crazy,” Copenhagen’s former mayor Morten Kabell ,said, to TV 2. He was responsible for Copenhagen’s climate plan when the decision was made to expand the Amager power plant to burn wood chips. He told TV 2 he was promised that the wood chips would come from Denmark or a neighbouring country. “To transport wood from there [Brazil] to the rich world so that we can heat our apartments – that is simply against any kind of common sense.” … “An accounting error was made so that Brazil could theoretically pave the entire Amazon, and Denmark could import all the wood from the Amazon and burn it off as CO2-neutral energy.” Another problem with biomass energy is that the amount of biomass on the earth is small compared to the amount in fossil fuels which represent a collection of many many millions of years Amount of biomass on earth is around 550 gigatons of carbon amount of carbon in all known fossil fuel reserves = 11,000 gigatons carbon dioxide amount of carbon in all forests on earth = 247 gigatons (billion tons) of carbon amount of carbon emissions in 2018 = 36.2 gigatonnes CO2. There might not be enough biomass on earth to make enough biofuel. If we turned all forests on earth into biofuel with 100% efficiency, just from dividing 247 by 36.2, we get a value of 6.8. So with that crude estimation, all the forests on earth would only be equivalent to 6.8 or so years of world consumption. Again this is a crude calculation but it gets the point across. If you want to live on biofuel alone it is like spending $100k a year, earning $10k a year, and drawing $90k a year from a large safe full of money in our basement, money inherited from our ancestors. Going to electric vehicles, I don’t think a large portion of even just cars will be BEV’s for some time. Decades to centuries The cost of the 2021 nissan leaf in my country is like 4.1 times the price of the toyota vios base model. 1329 cc, 98 hp, Manual, 5 seats. Even if a BEV is less expensive in the long run, initial cost is still a big problem in poor countries. Rates of savings are low and accessible credit or loans to buy a car is not available to all. Only 25% of people in my country have any form of savings and only 20% have a bank deposit account. The percentage of people which would have access to a car loan is much lower Lets say price is no problem. If you have a garage no problem, you can charge at night. But there is a problem in large cities in poor countries. A lot of car owners have no garage. Some illegally park on the street near their apartment. They can charge their EV no problem. But what if you live in a high rise? Good luck stringing an extension cord from the 20′th floor to street level if you dont have a parking spot in the building. The number of legal parking spots in a lot of poor cities is much much lower than the number of cars. You go on your commute, you then look around for a parking spot but sometimes you have to park illegally. When you get home you do not have a garage so you park illegally some distance away from your house. Since it is so far you cannot run an extension cord Let the government build charging stations there you say. Well, the government might be cash strapped or corrupt or incompetent. Let private business build charging stations there you say. Well there may be legal problems in building a charging station specifically catering to illegally parked cars. And there is the problem of big ships and airliners. I seriously doubt they will become electric. They are a minority but still a significant part of CO2 emissions from transport Biofuels might be part of the solution in the transport sectors with BEV’s replacing the largest amount of transport assuming cost is solved. But since cost is such a large problem and there are significant amounts of situations where a BEV is not practical or possible, most likely to decarbonize the transport sector you WILL need to do something else aside from BEV’s and biofuel. Low carbon synthetic fuels can possibly fill the gap Synthetic fuels include but are not limited to hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic hydrocarbons, water splitting catalysts, iron burners, etc.

  • What is the Child Safety Lock of Toyota Vios?

    Here are the Child Safety Lock and variants of Toyota Vios:

    Variants2019 Toyota Vios 1.5G2019 Toyota Vios 1.5E2019 Toyota Vios 1.5J
    Child Safety LockManual for Rear DoorsManual for Rear DoorsManual for Rear Doors
  • What is the Front Air-con of Toyota Vios?

    Here are the Front Air-con and variants of Toyota Vios:

    Variants2019 Toyota Vios 1.5G2019 Toyota Vios 1.5E2019 Toyota Vios 1.5J
    Front Air-conSingle-zone Automatic Climate ControlSingle-zone Automatic Climate ControlSingle-zone Automatic Climate Control
  • Does Toyota Vios has Autonomous Emergency Braking?

    No, Toyota Vios doesn't have Autonomous Emergency Braking.