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New 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross unveiled - TNGA-B, 1.5L NA & Hybrid

Toyota has just taken the covers off the new Yaris Cross, its latest B-segment SUV.The new Yaris Cross

Malaysia to launch new Toyota model soon – 2021 Toyota GR Yaris or Toyota Vios GR Sport maybe?

the shared IMV-platform Toyota Hilux.Could it be the new updated Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris then?

New Toyota Yaris Ativ facelift (Malaysia’s Vios) launched! ADAS and Apple CarPlay

Toyota Motor Thailand has launched the new 2020 Toyota Yaris Ativ 1.2L facelift.

Can you save fuel by doing aero modifications?

Most Civic EG enthusiasts would disagree with the modifications done on the Aero-Civic.

TNGA-based Toyota Yaris SUV rumoured to launch tomorrow

The new Toyota Yaris-based SUV was initially scheduled for a debut at the 2020 Geneva International Motor

2020 Toyota Yaris – What’s the minimum salary to get a loan?

The Toyota Yaris nameplate isn’t exactly new in Malaysia, as it was first introduced here back

In Brief: Toyota Yaris 2019 - A Welcomed Rival

(Toyota Yaris 2019 Model | Gallery)The Toyota Yaris 2019 is a B-segment hatchback, aimed squarely at

Leaked! Patent images of the Toyota Yaris facelift

Images of a black and white patent filing of a hatchback that looks like the Toyota Yaris has surfaced

New Toyota Yaris facelift launched in Thailand; ADAS, automatic LED Headlights

Behold the new 2020 Toyota Yaris facelift!

CVT in the 2020 Toyota GR Yaris, wait...what?

Prior to the model going on sale in Japan, Toyota has announced the full line-up of the 2020 Toyota GR

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Review: 2019 Toyota Yaris – the best of both worlds in 1 interesting package

Yaris InteriorThe Toyota Yaris does not have the most stylish interior if compared to the likes of the

Vietnam-bound Toyota Yaris Cross trademarked, 2021 launch possible?

in Vietnam, with the Toyota Yaris Cross being one of them.Judging from the trademark filings, the Toyota

Toyota Yaris is Thailand’s best-selling B-segment hatchback for Oct 2020

is definitely heating up.Topping the B-segment hatchback sales chart for the month of October is the Toyota

How fuel efficient is the Toyota Yaris?

The 1.5-litre naturally aspirated heart of the 2019 Toyota Yaris is a familiar unit.

2021 Toyota Yaris vs Honda Jazz - Ageing Jazz still worth buying?

Set to launch at the end of 2020, the facelifted Toyota Yaris is already generating tremendous interest

Spyshot: All-new Toyota Yaris leaked ahead of debut, one face for all?

Well ahead of its official debut, spyshots depicting the next generation Toyota Yaris have surfaced on

2021 Toyota Yaris starts from RM70k, this or the City Hatchback?

The official prices of the 2021 Toyota Yaris are out and the prices are looking good.

In Japan, Toyota Yaris Cross has a 6 months waiting list, more popular than Perodua D55L/Toyota Raize

Within Toyota’s model line-up for Japan, the two B-segment Toyota Yaris Cross and Toyota Raize

This is the all-new TNGA platform Toyota Yaris for Japan, to replace Vitz

Fit in Japan), the all-new Toyota Yaris will only go on sale in Japan in February 2020.As such, details

Pros and Cons: Toyota Yaris – this over the Honda Jazz?

Fun fact: The Toyota Yaris shares the same engine as the Perodua Myvi 1.5L.

The TNGA Toyota Yaris (and Yaris Cross) may not come to Malaysia. Here’s why

The recently-introduced TNGA-based Toyota Yaris Cross (and its Yaris hatchback sibling) has garnered

2021 Toyota Yaris Cross to make ASEAN debut in Singapore later this week

Malaysia is missing out), Singapore is set to be the first market in ASEAN to get the all-new 2021 Toyota

GR Yaris too expensive? Here's a cheaper, track-focused Toyota Yaris Cup Car

Over the past couple of weeks, the Toyota GR Yaris stole much of the Internet’s limelight and rightfully

The Story You Don't Know About the Toyota Yaris

Today we look back at a few stories from the Toyota Yaris.The first generation of YarisThe first Yaris

Toyota pulls the plug on the Mazda 2-based Toyota Yaris in the US

Toyota has confirmed that the company will discontinue the Mazda 2-based Toyota Yaris in the US by this

Toyota GR Yaris crowned 2021 UK Car of the Year

The Toyota GR Yaris is a hoot to drive.

2020 Toyota GR Yaris teased, Malaysia debut soon?

in the near future, as Toyota Malaysia recently posted a lone photo of the 2020 Toyota GR Yaris on their

The smaller Toyota GR Yaris costs more than a Civic Type R

The Toyota GR Yaris is not a cheap car by any means, as it is priced from JPY 3.96 million (~RM 148k)

Facelifted 2021 Toyota Yaris teased - Toyota Safety Sense, December launch, from RM 71k

Now, Toyota has set off another ticking timebomb by teasing the facelifted 2021 Toyota Yaris.

UMW Toyota Motor makes final call for last few units of Toyota GR Yaris

Just like everywhere else in the world, the Toyota GR Yaris has received heaps of praises even here in

Toyota Yaris January Used Car Offers

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toyota yaris modificationstoyota yaris modificationstoyota yaris modifications
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La Toyota Yaris s'offre un restylage, avec de nombreuses modifications autant à l'extérieur qu'à l'intérieur. #car https://t.co/ICfwxRvj81 https://t.co/kLqvOxk79D

#Toyota #Yaris Commissioned for a special client. The owner wanted some modifications to their existing vehicle. Looking for a gift idea? Get a timeless piece of art for your loved one. Contact me for more details! 🎨 #commissionart #tuning #art #design #Automotive #wide https://t.co/xtpOVN8nFu

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toyota yaris modifications Q&A Review

How much do auto makers spend making a left hand drive and a right hand drive car (versus just making a left hand drive car)?

Judging by my Toyota Yaris the amount spent is very little. I drive in the UK with a Yaris with the steering wheel on the left. Looking at the gaps in the dashboard the entire wheel and foot well of the Toyota could be transplanted to the other side of the car with very little modification. The gear stick and hand brake would stay the same in the middle. But the console is in the middle so this wouldn’t need to move. It does however lean towards the right hand side. I’d think the wipers would need to be reversed as would the the headlamp dip direction.

What factors made you decide to purchase a truck as opposed to a car or vice versa?

I'm kind of an oddball. I purchased a truck because I needed a truck! I use my truck to haul firewood, tow a trailer and plow snow. It is not my everyday commuter vehicle. It's a Chevy 2500 4wd. Does everything I need a truck to do. My everyday car is a Toyota Yaris. Great milage, and very low maintenance. Both vehicles are white with no custom wheels or other modifications. I want my everyday vehicles to be reliable and to perform their intended jobs well.

Why are European cars such as BMW higher maintenance than Japanese cars like Toyota?

Well, before I begin lemme point out that some Japanese cars are actually more expensive to maintain, think Nisan GT-R, Lexus LFA, Honda NSX… All the high end performance cars… when you look under the hood they kinda resemble a German car like this M5: Nisan GTR: Notice how everything’s covered and buried… if you needed to access something in the engine bay (clutch, battery, cam belt etc) then it would take a hell of a lot of work just to get to the damn thing…. this is the main factor that drives up servicing costs, more hours per service when the actual work done is the same. Also it’s harder to ‘put everything back where it was’ which is why a lot of generic garages will refuse to service such high-end cars and recommend you see a BMW, Porche or whatever specialist. The covering-up of components is good for longevity but a nightmare for modification, kind of like Apple’s laptops. There is also the argument of *higher quality components*, whether this is true or not it doesn’t impact the servicing cost nearly as much as the servicing-difficulty does. Sometimes components can be worth more than the labor needed to install them, i.e carbon ceramic brakes or 21″ alloys but these components rarely come standard, even with German cars. So if you want a car that’s cheap to service, make sure the engine bay isn’t cramped, if it looks like you could find each component yourself, then a mechanic definitely can. Behold, a Toyota Yaris: Notice how everything’s in plain sight? This is a mechanic’s fantasy. They can diagnose most problems just by looking at it. Battery replacement in this thing looks far easier than the previous 2… you can see all the valves coming out of the engine and there is plenty of room to stick your wrenches in. The time and effort needed to change the clutch in this thing is less than half of the above examples. The only trade-off is longevity, like before. The fact that these components are more open and spaced out makes them prone to rattling & bumping and feeling the throws of G-force which over time can make something break or come loose.

Is it OK to use 185/65R15 tire at the rear and 185/60R15 at the front of a Toyota Yaris hatchback car?

The one thing that matters is the total circumference of the original tire. Larger circumference on the drive tires require more torque. Any change in factory circumference can change the speed indication up or down from the actual travelled speed. This means you can be ticketed for speeding even though your speedometer indicates you were not speeding. Good luck with any modification and do your due diligence prior to any mod. Good day.

How could rally racing be made more popular in the US?

Rally racing has been trying to impose in the US market with growing investment from brands like Subaru. Therefore, as US market works with own sports (NASCAR, Indy, Baja Desert, and others) rallying has been find hard to impose. The cars that are used to rally racing in the US have a low kind of development or modification when compared to the ones used in FIA championships across the rest of the world. This kind of racing can also suffer from less popularity because the cars that are sold in the US market are not available for the US market. This quits the interest of car brands in investing in the sport. For example Toyota Yaris, Ford Fiesta, Skoda Fabia, Hyundai i30, Citroen C3 are not sold in US soil.

Have you ever had a car that was very special to you? Why was it special?

It was and still is… I have owned a 2006 Toyota Yaris since new, and it’s been with me through thick and thin. Not the most exciting car, but over the years it’s had so many modifications done to make it more powerful and agile. It’s special because it’s the first car that I’ve owned, so that has sentimental value :D But also because back in 2009 or so, I went through some very tough times financially and mentally, and the only thing that let me hang on to a thread of sanity was to drive the thing and just forget about my troubles for a little while…

Do fuel efficient cars really save on gas?

They can, yes. A lot of it is engineering, and a lot of it is down to your driving habits. I can speak of my own experience driving different kinds of efficient cars: 2006 Toyota Yaris (1.5L engine with 5-speed manual) 2013 Asia-spec Yaris (1.2L engine with CVT) 2014 Prius (1.8L Hybrid engine with auto transmission) The 2006 Yaris was my first car, and even after modifying it quite a lot, and often driving like maniac, I could get between 28–32MPG (US) from it. The newer Yaris is my current daily driver, it technically belongs to my girlfriend, so the only modification is a bobblehead on the dash! It has nearly everything you could want for a non-hybrid to save fuel: a small, fuel-sipping engine, a CVT to keep the engine RPMs always low, low-friction tires… But we are averaging only 31MPG out of it, with many more highway miles than my old car. The GF does have a heavy foot, and I still need to teach her some hypermiling techniques! The Prius really surprised me. I only actually drove it for a week, babysitting it for a friend while she was out of the country. Being a total techno-dweeb, I did my best to keep it driving in EV or ECO mode as much as possible, make maximum use of the regenerative braking. But I also had the occasional sprints in Power mode, the car has some decent hustle for a fuel-saver! At the end of the week, checked the on-board computer and ended up with an average of about 45MPG, all city driving. As a point of comparison, for a couple of weeks we swapped our car with my gf’s mom’s SUV, a Toyota Fortuner with a petrol engine, I believe 3.0L. Despite my gentlest footwork, I could not get much better than 16MPG out of it. It literally cost twice as much to fill up, for the same distance covered. So, to answer your question, yes, modern fuel efficient cars can save a lot of gas, but a lot of it will come from your driving technique. And as some other posters mentioned, if the “efficient” car like a Prius costs twice as much as a “normal” Corolla, it might take a LOT of driving to make up the difference with fuel cost savings!

What are some of the most important features of BS VI?

What are some of the most important features of BS VI? There are a lot of misconceptions about BS VI fuel so here is a run down of all you need to know. BS VI is an upgrade to the fuel emission norms. BS VI aims to reduce emissions by around 25%. BS VI Petrol fuel is relatively unchanged by almost all the pollution reduction happening in the car’s engine and exhaust. BS VI Diesel fuel is altered a but to reduce the sulfur content by 80%. This is a huge issue for existing BS IV Diesel vehicles since they use the sulfur to maintain smooth running of the engine. Now this part is entirely my personal opinion but I suspect BS IV Diesel fuel will be sold at least for the next 5 years since all the trucks which handle the logistics of our country run on BS IV Diesel. Now coming to some important figures. For the end consumer, BS VI won’t have any advantage other than having a huge effect on saving our environment. BS VI engines will be outputting around 5 Horsepower less than what the BS IV vehicle made. The Toyota Yaris is the only car till now which has been able to maintain it’s old power figures. The fuel efficiency of BS VI engines will also be lower and the prices of the fuel are also expected to be higher owing to the modification of the existing pumps to serve BS VI and BS IV fuel for the coming years.

Which automobile companies accept solutions from others and pay them?

None of them. If you were to buy a new Toyota and took it apart and saw that if they re-designed their brake system, they could get the same stopping power for 20% less cost and weight, there is nobody in Toyota that would be interested. If you want to work for an automobile company providing solutions, you have to get hired. The best way to get hired is to work for a sponsored team. Find a Toyota sponsorship of a solar car. Go to that uni. Get on the solar car team. Then convince the team to use the brakes from the Yaris/Echo, then perform your modifications. Publish in the technical documents what you did and how, and you essentially give it away to Toyota for free. But, Toyota would see it, and see who did it, and would consider hiring them when they complete their engineering degree. If your ideas work in an actual car. So many people have ideas that won't work. Look at all the water-powered vehicles out there, and things like that. Because of that, and IP issues, they simply don't listen to anyone who isn't an employee (or contractor).

  • Is Toyota Yaris available in Screen?

    Yes, Toyota Yaris is available in Screen. The available Screen variants are: 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5E, 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5G.

  • What is the Assembly of Toyota Yaris?

    Here are the Assembly and variants of Toyota Yaris:

    Variants2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5E2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5G2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5J
  • Is Toyota Yaris available in Security Alarm?

    Yes, Toyota Yaris is available in Security Alarm. The available Security Alarm variants are: 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5E, 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5G, 2019 Toyota Yaris 1.5J.