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Today is the deadline to apply to the Master of Science in Athletic Training program. Beginning this summer, the program will offer a flat rate tuition to both in-state and out-of-state students. To submit your application today, please visit: https://t.co/yOv7oh1c5v https://t.co/PMpcH5BgAE

Renting out the master bedroom in my house, comes with its own private bathroom. San Antonio Tx (410/Blanco) Reasonable flat rate (inquire for price) Looking for someone who is pet friendly, and has no problem signing 6 months-1 year If anyone is looking for a spot, DM me!

Yo, I'm gonna open emergency mix commissions. 4 slots, time/tune/mix/master, £20 flat rate, up to 5 minutes. I'm in desperate need of some extra cash since my dad has failed to put any money into my account this month.

I'll master your EP or album for a low flat rate. Jus sayin

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Why does the international differential fee for a master's degree vary in Canada depending on program type like thesis or non-thesis program though tuition fee is flat fee rate for both?

The tuition per credit hour is same for a thesis or non-thesis option. It’s by credit hours and usually non-thesis has higher required credits so you pay more tuition. A thesis option may have certain credit hours but may take longer. Not an easy answer. Check with each university.

Why did you stop being a car mechanic?

Same answers as other people. I was an AUDI master tech, 25 years, 20 at dealers in California, smog licence, certifications up the wazoo, easy 40 grand in tools. In the 80's I was getting 20 an hour, and 28 flat rate when I left in the late 2010. Constant backflaging, hiring too many techs, warranty times chisled away constantly, handing work I diagnosed to others, and no pay for diagnosis. If you are any good, they will bog you down with electrical and drivability problems that don't pay shit. And give all the gravy work to the lowest paid newest techs there. When I left, I made more in my driveway on the weekends than all week at work. When I asked for more money, I was told I was at the top end of industry standard. Yet I had a line of people at home who were practically begging to hand me 80 bucks an hour to fix their POS German cars. Pick any other trade, elevator mechanic, lineman, plumber, electrician, you will make 3 times as much money with a fraction of the tools. Ask any older mechanic. None of them will have anything good to say about the industry. If you look at the top 20 paying trades, mechanic is not in the there. If you are smart enough to be a competent mechanic on today's vehicles, you are smart enough to do something else. Do something, anything else. I honestly would work at Jack in the Box before I went back to a car dealer.

What is the most difficult thing about being an auto mechanic and why?

The image that is being projected about “today's modern technicians” all working in a shop that looks like a NASA clean room and wearing spotless white lab coats is pure nonsense. If you are going to make an actual living as a repair tech, (I still prefer to be called a master mechanic), you had better not be afraid of grease, dirt, rust and a load of other nasties that have yet to be cataloged by science. Working in a shop that pays a straight weekly salary is going to barely keep you alive when you realize that you will be spending a massive chunk of your income on your tools, for the rest of your life. So the only alternative is to work in shop based on what is called a “flat rate” manual. This method of pay is based on an hourly pay rate which is calculated not in the actual number of hours you work, but on how many hours the “flat rate” manual says that each repair should take. Let’s say the hourly pay rate is 24 dollars an hour. That means that every 5 minutes is worth 2 dollars. So, you are assigned a repair job to rotate 4 tires. The flat rate manual says that job should take 20 minutes. That means the tech will make 8 dollars for that job. Might not be too bad if the car was already on the rack and not 150 yards away in the parking lot. So you jog to the lot and get the car and drive it into the shop and put it up on the rack. That just cost you 10 of your allotted 20 minutes. Now you need to remove all 4 tires and rotate them around the car and then reinstall them. There goes the last 10 minutes of your 20. But you still need to fill in the work order and turn it in and then lower the car and put it back into the parking lot. Another 10 minutes so it took you 30 minutes working as fast as possible to get paid for 20 minutes work. There are lots of “loser” repairs and that’s why the newbies working in the lube rack and tire and detail areas will usually work for a flat salary. Now, the techs that are skilled or specially trained in certain areas of expertise work flat rate. If you were to let’s say get a repair that the flat rate (book) time was 4 hours and you have all the special tools and parts available, you could possibly accomplish the task in maybe 3 hours or even less actual time. Now you are getting paid for four hours labor but only took three. Great, get three of them in a row and you could possibly finish all of them in an 8 hour day and get paid for 12. The “book” times are the average of how long it should take a trained tech to do that repair on a new vehicle. Now bring in one that’s three or four years old, covered in grease, road film and rusted bolts and suddenly that cream puff job turns into a 6 or 7 hour nightmare. Your’re sweating bullets and covered in dirt and god knows what. You had to use a chisel or cutting torch to remove some of the bolts that had rusted a half size smaller and no wrench or socket will hold it. Three of your knuckles are bleeding and hurt like hell and the shop manager is on your ass wanting to know why it’s taking so long. One of those “new and improved” plastic parts disintegrated when you removed it to get to the part you were supposed to replace and now you have to wait for the service writer to contact the customer and get the additional cost approved. When you finally get to the defective timing chain you discover the gear is cracked and oil pan is crushed in where the customer ran over a parking lot bumper and the job just became 2 or 3 times more complicated and the customer still wants it covered under warranty. You realize that this 4 hour job is going to take 2 or 3 days to fix and you now have a disabled vehicle taking up your rack. Maybe another hour and with the assistance of a couple of other techs you manage to toss all the parts into the car and push it off into a corner until all the paperwork and parts are ordered and pray that you’ll at least be able to get a 1 or 2 hour job today so the entire day isn’t a total loss. By now, if you haven’t chucked a wrench through the window or threatened to kill someone, congratulations, you have the patience and skill required to become a mechanic. After spending the first two years of my life taking apart some super nasty parts and cleaning them as a trainee, I was promoted to the level of apprentice. Now, they actually let me take off the dirty parts as well as spend hours disassembling and cleaning them, but the pay was the same give or take 50 cents an hour. Two years later I was promoted to journeyman, and I could now do brake jobs and tune ups and suspension and exhaust work, under the eye and approval of a master mechanic. Since my father was a mechanic, I had been working on cars since I was like 9 or 10 years old, so I was a quick study and two years later I was finally a master mechanic. Total time twisting wrenches was a little over 13 years. I went to every specialty school they offered like carburetion and hydraulics, automatic transmissions, electrical and computer control systems, engine building and diagnostics. I spent another year finally wearing that much prized white lab coat as a diagnostician before I went into engine building. That was the best place to make some serious money. Book time to assemble an engine was between 13 to 16 hours and I could do at least one and a half or two a day. That’s like 2o+ hours pay for every 8 hour day! The dealers loved me and I never had a single engine fail or come back. So at the ripe old age of 24, I was burned out and quit and took a job as a service rep and alternated back and forth between that and as an instructor. So the “reality of being a mechanic is that it is hot, dirty work and until you’ve put in years and years at it and you are recognized as one of the best, then and only then you can have your own trainee or journeyman doing the dirty heavy lifting so you can focus on making some really good money. Because bottom line, no matter how much you love working on cars, if you can’t earn a living, you won’t be doing it for long. PS Oh yeah, being really big and strong is also an advantage, cause working on cars is like an 8 hour weight lifting workout.

I've recently graduated with a degree in computer science and my mother's businessman friend wants me to make a program that helps them keep track of their dumpsters. How much should I charge as a flat rate?

Edit: I am a person who prides himself on knowing when he is beat. ,Scott Welch, offers a master class in how to turn this opportunity into a career-making exercise. If you feel up to doing what he suggests (and the effort is not trivial), and you follow through, you’ll learn a hell of a lot. It’s going to be much more work than it appears, but everything will be valuable experience, and that experience is more valuable than money. You may wish to charge a token amount; this can help convince people that you will do quality work. If you don’t feel up to what Scott suggests (and I wouldn’t necessarily be up for it, if I was having an off day, and I’ve done all of it before), then (as I hope I was hinting below), you should walk away. The one part I do think I got right: buy (well, rent) vs. build. Original Answer: Do you want to do the work, or not? If not, then give them a quote that’s beyond what they want to pay. If you want the work, explain that features will depend on budget, and ask him what his budget is and what the absolutely necessary features are. Also, do NOT write software from scratch. Start with a standard tool: The businessman will need you to help administer and configure the system. If you want to work independently, I highly recommend getting a cheap copy of ,Getting to Yes,, which is THE guide to principled negotiation.

Do auto mechanics realize they are in a dying industry with the onset of electric vehicles?

Yes I am well aware and why I left the trade when I did because I saw the writing on the wall of what was coming and what that meant for my job. The right to repair in the United States is paramount on an automobile producing pollution. Even though electric cars also produce pollution, because electricity has to come from somewhere right? They do not produce emissions out from the exhaust while you are using it, and so car manufactures are no longer forced to provide open access to an ,OBD ,port that we can all tap into by law. Even in ,Right-To-Repair ,states, it only says that if a car has an OBD port it must be accessible to anyone. It doesn’t say a car has to have an OBD port because electric cars are legally different from conventional automobiles. The ,On-Board Diagnostics Port ,is what provides the mechanic with direct diagnostic information in order to measure emissions but also make repairs, and if you don't force car manufactures to keep the emissions laws on electric cars when we phase out gasoline, we are going to completely ban/phase out the independent repair shop or middle man and that is a very scary thing for this industry. There is simply no way around that. In consequence the auto repairman and I saw it with my own eyes, it's becoming more dependent on the dealership for parts and for information, and they have to pay a hefty price and that is eating into the average wage of mechanics and cost to the customers but now I have to factor in the price of information that is no longer shared with everyone for free. Independent repair shops are taking a big hit. Tesla for example can outright say screw you to making your own repairs and even works around dealerships. It also prevents us from using ,aftermarket parts, on everything, even if the aftermarket part is just as reliable or even more reliable than the OEM. We are banned from doing so and we have to charge the customer more and take a pay cut. Update 6/12/2021: Jason Cromarty, in the comments added a great point. He said car manufacturers don't want people to be able to own the rights to the software that runs these cars, and they want to create a subscriber system where you buy the mechanical asset, which depreciates, and you renew the software license and pay for updates. This way the autos capture the secondary market and control asset usage cradle to grave. Modify the car and it won't work, software invalidated. Welcome to the future. Because most of the work that mechanics now do are warranties from the dealership, the mechanic is no longer paid by the hour for the work that they do. We go buy a ,flat rate ,system, but that flat rate system can sometimes come back to haunt you when you are faced with a difficult repair. Then you are bogged down, you're not paid by the hour, you already don't have any overtime anymore, and you're telling us that we have to pay for access to information that should be our right? Or maybe you don’t even allow us to obtain that information at all? It also encourages us to rush on your repair to make any real money. That is one of the largest reasons why I am against push to move our vehicles over to an all electric force, while we raise the gas tax as we lose infrastructure spending and ban gasoline engines. I feel this is only going to raise costs for the consumer, and make it impossible for you to repair your vehicle on your own, while providing a questionable benefit to the environment if you factor in emissions from power plants that produce the electricity that you are using up. We know this is happening because Tesla already does this. In fact John Deer tractors have been doing this for many decades and screwing over farmers. This will be very profitable for the automobile manufacturers but this will hurt the daily commuters like me the worker and you the customer. “I quit being a tech a long time ago due to changes in the industry. When I was hired originally in the 1970’s it was 50/50 of billed labor. By 1983 I was ASE master working at Georgia dealership (no longer 50/50 but great money) making $13.50 an hour, but could turn 100+ hours in a week due to gravy services if I made a deal with service writer to work late a couple of nights a week and handle a few painful warranty jobs no one wanted. Yes some other techs complained about the work I got, but they would not stay late and do the warranty. The world changed around 1990 and flat rate did not keep up with shop rate, warranty times were cut and I was down to mid 40 hour range a week and quit the dealership and went to independent shop and things improved a bit was back to 50 hours a week. Unfortunately the independent shops in the area saw a slow down in work in the mid 90’s so back to dealership and even worse than before. By the time I walked away from the automotive field in 2000 I could not consistently even turn 35 hours a week. I made more in 1984 as a mechanic than I did 15 years later in 1999 and that was in actual money not adjusted, that is how badly today’s blue collar tradesmen are being screwed compared to the 1970's.” — Rick Martin (Atlanta, GA) Just ask any independent mechanic or bodyman, and most of them were making more money 30 years ago than they are making today and there is a very real reason for that. It's been the slow removal of consumer rights over the last decades from big insurance and dealerships when it comes to automotive repair, and some autos manufactures even want to bypass the independent dealership. A lot of people are speculating on whether mechanics should unionize to protect their future rights. Electric cars will be the final nail in the coffin that was the independent repair shop and aftermarket world of automobiles. Should the largest billionaires really be in control and monopolize the cars we drive? Just like the television and refrigerator repairman, electric vehicles are not being made to be repaired. When they die they will die. That’s the way the economy is going in the next decades out. This will naturally eliminate another category of blue collar jobs from the last century. This also goes hand in hand with the Auto Parts stores which are a dinosaur of another era that are about to go extinct. No one buys parts at an automotive store and works on their own cars anymore. Muffler shops and Autozone are a former shell of what they used to be. Why The Auto Parts Retailers Will Slowly Go Extinct Update 7/09/21: Great interview with Steve Wozniak discussing the same issue we face with an ever growing economy based on micro computers. Tesla’s battery system uses coolant, and one particular car it was hit by road debris. The nozzle of the coolant system broke. Unlike on a computer water cooling system you can get for $150, the nozzle is not something modular to the system. If the nozzle breaks you broke the coolant system, the coolant system can’t be replaced so you need to replace the entire battery. $16,000 bill from Tesla. “What are you doing making a $46,000 vehicle you can’t service? A cheap PC water cooling system is more modular than a $46,000 car. I find that ridiculous. How much would it cost to have the nozzle be something that screws in or threads in, when we’re talking about a car that was retailing for $46,000?” “I would seriously be looking to get out of the business, because I don’t see this turning around anytime soon. I don’t believe quality control is all of a sudden going to magically reappear and we can have faith in everything we buy over the parts counter. It’s all sub standard, there’s no quality.” - Uncle Tony

How do music producers typically charge?

Not sure specifically what the rates are for non-dance music producers, but I know in my field it’s usually a flat rate anywhere from 800–5k . I don’t think I’ve ever heard of producers charging by the hour. I’ve heard Ryan Tedder talk about how he used to ghostwrite demos back in the day for $400–500 a piece, but he just did the songwriting portion and not the whole production of the piece. Most producers you talk to, because of their wide range of expertise, are charging these insane prices because they can: Compose, sound design, record, mix and master.

Do Tollywood and Kollywood pay as well as Bollywood?

Depends Top stars in Bollywood get at least ,30%-40%, more than Top Stars in Kollywood and Tollywood but on a percentage basis Top South Indian stars especially Kollywood get more or the same. Salman Khan averages ,100,-,150 Crore ,for a Movie that grosses 600 Crore worldwide which is 16%–25% Vijay averages ,55–65 Crore ,for a Movie which grosses 225 Crore worldwide which is 25%-35% Mahesh Babu averages ,36–50 Crore ,for a film that grosses 250 Crore worldwide which comes to 15% to 20% Mammooty averages ,6 -7 Crore ,per film for a movie grossing 55 Crore worldwide. That comes to 11%-14% So most of the Top stars get roughly between 10%-20% of the Gross of their movie worldwide though Numerically Bollywood is higher because of its huge global market I dont include Ram Charan or Mohanlal or Allu Arjun or Aamir because they work a lot for Home Productions which mixes profits and fees Actresses get paid far more in Bollywood both as percentage and flat rate Deepika Padukone quoted the highest flat fees of ,15–18 Crore ,against ,6 Crore ,of Nayanthara, ,3.5–4 Crore ,of Anushka Shetty and Amy Jackson (Latest fee) and max ,55 Lakhs ,of Malayali actresses like Anupama or Samyuktha Menon Directors in Bollywood get far, far more than Tollywood Amit Sharma a normal.director who directed Badhai Ho took home ,10 Crore Only Rajamouli and someone called T Srinivas and Shankar take home more than 10 Crore but Shankar hasnt taken home such money since 2016 Raju Hirani took home ,40 Crore ,for PK while Kabir Khan took home ,35 Crore ,for Bajrangi Bhaijaan Meanwhile Lokesh Kanagaraj took home a mere 3 Crore for Master while Siruthai Siva gets 1.5 Crore flat per film upto Viswasam In Kerala the average directors get maximum 25–30 Lakhs unless you are Jeetu Joseph while Karnataka directors get 50 Lakhs at the most unless it is KGF Technicians Bollywood pays around 20,000/- a day plus conveyanace for a Mix Technicians services for which Kollywood pays 8000/- and Mollywood pays 3500/- Bollywood stuntmen have a 40 Lakh accident cover plus 1 Crore death cover (Thanks to SRK and Allan Amin). Only Mollywood gives a accident cover (10L) and death cover (20L) Kollywood and Tollywood dont have any such fixed compensations Bollywood pays dancers from 5,000/- to 1.5 Lakhs a day for Foreigners or Shiamaks Lead Dancers while South barely pays 2000/- to 6000/- in all Industries Producers in Bollywood are the best off and make big profits whereas in Kollywood they almost always make losses Tollywood and Mollywood and Sandalwood are OK Conclusion Bollywood pays much more to the Average Technicians, Artists, Mixing Techs, Stuntmen etc Bollywood pays much more to Actresses and Directors So Kollywood and Tollywood are too oriented to Top Stars but neglect the others Music Directors pay is something that since Caller Tunes and Digital music is no.longer industry based but song popularity based. Eg:- Rowdy Baby and Puttabomma earned more for the Music Director than Salim Suleiman earned totally for their latest movie

Why aren’t auto mechanics paid more than they are today? After all, modern cars are getting harder and harder to work on? Why is there a flat rate?

Good Question, Back in the 1980’s the flat rate at the Mercedes Dealership at which I worked was $40 an hour. As a Master Technician, I received 45% of the labor charged on the jobs I performed. Around the end of the 80’s something changed. The technicians no longer were paid based on a set percentage of the flat rate. They were paid a dollar amount for each hour of flat rate time on the gobs they performed. That was the moment that the technicians had the greatest pay cut in recent times. After that, every time the flat rate charge was increased, the technicians rate remained the same. Today in the town I live in the average hourly flat rate is about $100. The pay rate for technicians that I know about is in the $25 to $30 range. So the technicians have lost about 15 to 20 percent of the potential pay as a result. It’s still decent wages for the locality though but like a lot of people it’s a struggle to keep up with the costs of living rising faster than pay.

What are the tuition fees per year at University of Southern California (USC) for an Indian student?

*Updated the answer with more relevant data The ballpark estimate for an Indian Student for a Masters’ program would be anywhere between ,₹,49,50,000 and ,₹,78,65,000. This is not considering a fellowship or other student grants, part time jobs or even summer Co-Ops. Students that begin in Fall 2018, will have Fall 18, Spring 19, Summer 19 (Co-Op/Internship), Fall 19, Spring 20 and you will graduate by the end of Spring 20. Tuition and Mandatory Fees:, For CS or Electrical, you will need 37 graduate units. Most subjects are either 3 or 4 units. So every semester you will take 3 or 4 subjects. And you have 4 semesters in total. Each credit is about $1750. Now if you take between 15 and 18 credits a semester, you pay a flat rate for that semester. Most Indian students take about 3 classes or 10 to 12 credits a semester. This also includes health insurance. DO NOT OPT AGAINST HEALTH INSURANCE. Housing and Food: , This can be as low as $250 if you're sharing a room with friends and $800 if you want your own personal room. Groceries are about $20-$50 every week. Going out for an event or a party is about $25 ish. This is a breakdown of the official cost for last year: I did a Masters program from Dornsife that was not technical and therefore if you have specific Computer Science or Electrical, I may not be the best person to help.

Why is my brake fluid brown after having a brake flush 2 weeks ago by the dealership?

Because it wasn’t flushed properly. Most likely the technician just sucked the fluid out of the master cylinder and re filled it with new fluid. It should have either been pressure bled or Vacula sunctioned from each bleeder port at all 4 wheels. Dealerships are all on flat rate and tend to cut corners so as to make more money. Good luck and hope this helps.