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Hence the very low rate of road users using the rear seat belts.

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DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes).

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reflect the revised payment terms with borrowers/customers with hire-purchase (HP) loans and fixed rate

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Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

wagon, and convertible while non-saloon cars are MPV, SUV, Pick-up truck and van.For saloon cars, base rate

If you're a fresh grad, take a look at Proton’s Fresh Graduate Campaign

30 years old, and have a minimum salary of RM 1,500.PCSB also didn’t forget about the interest rate

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could afford it, but the answer is their obvious large displacement engines and the high progressive rate

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quite a substantial footprint.Geely claims that the Haoyue has an impressive interior space utilisation rate

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percent.Despite these external factors, PCSB’s loan assets maintained a Compound Annual Growth Rate

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battery with the connectors and the atmosphere.A battery with come corrosion on the terminals is not flat

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Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge (JSAHMS) Seremban-Port Dickson HighwayAlso read: Gov postpones toll rate

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Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Singapore banks push for EVs, property developers to install EV charging points

be available to all customers purchasing new and used electric and hybrid vehicles at a low interest rate

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I'm going to Chennai in India for work during May, June and August. What should I know?

Firstly, you are talking like a person not living in India or are living either in Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. Some useful tips: 1. Some 95% of the auto-rickshaws [three wheelers] are operated by criminalised individuals - whose insistence on fleecing passengers with fancy rates [night, rain, too hot summer and whatever else] will put you off. The best thing to do, if you can afford it - hire a cab for a day - the ones that use their meters - some of whom charge as less as Rs.11 a km. Do a Google Search, find operators who will run it at that price or a flat rate of Rs.1200 per day - for roughly 12 hours, 100 km [which will include driver batta]. Else, you will be stuck. 2. If you wish to merely sightsee - use India Tourism Development Corporation tours. They are affordable, use air-conditoned buses and their guides speak English/Hindi and Tamil. The money would be well spent. The temples, places of interest, churches, zoo, snake park, crocodile farm - all things will be covered. 3. Stay in guesthouses and/or furnished flats available for as low as Rs.12K/ a month, where you can even cook. Search for them on the net and you will places of your liking. If you have decent budget - Woodlands on Radhakrishnan Road is highly recommended. Others are cruel jokes, with full of cockroaches and piss-poor service. For that matter, even the Woodlands services isn't much to write home about. 4. There are some flat-share offers. Look for them on the net. 5. Chennai will be bloody hot during this period. Carry light cotton clothes and stay in air-conditioned guesthouses that have power back up. Fans will make you sweat more in the heat. 6. The cheapest bottled water is sold by the government - the price being Rs.10/litre. That is trustworthy. 7. If you did non-veg food [I have no experience being a vegetarian], the places with some reputation of cleanliness are in Radhakrishnan Road opposite Chola. The service in Saravana chain has gone piss-poor. Woodlands' food is good. For offbeat veg 'mess' type breakfast - in Mylapore - Arundale Street [of Kutcheri Road] there is Rayar's mess. The best idlis money can buy in Chennai, the medu vadas and the pongal, are the best. Second best is on East Mada Street - Karpagambal Mess. When compared to Saravanas services, Vasanta Bhavan is better. 8. Visit Marina Beach to loiter around, hear the sound of Bay of Bengal during these months after 7 p.m. You would find the going pleasant. Best place is near the Gandhi Statue opposite the state police HQ. 9. Visit the Shirdi Sai Baba temple in Mylapore [Venkatesha Agraharam] if you find peace in the ambience of a secular saint. 10. For more peace, Ramakrishna Math has a secular meditation centre in the road of the same name in Mylapore. 11. The best maintained parks are in T'Nagar and in Luz [Nageshwara Rao]. 12. If you do not like crowds and ill-behaved government bus conductors give the public transport a wide berth. 13. Train connections to reach various parts of the city is almost non-existent. But, for some northern suburbs, it is good. 14, Watch out for con-artist bag-lifters in railway stations and pickpockets in cinemas. Have a pleasant stay. May God bless you and render your sojourn safe.

What Asian city has the best street food?

Most Definitely Chennai is the best place for street foods in any Asian City. CHENNAI,TAMILNADU, INDIA Welcome To Chennai The King of Street food,. Chennai is the place where East and west , North and south meet. You will see people around India come here for business, work and purchase. Street food in Chennai is part of our culture. Let us explore the ,SINGARA CHENNAI ( BEAUTIFUL CHENNAI ) ,Street foods. There are many important places the street foods are famous. In this post we will see places where people meet no they come like ocean. Come let’s go and enjoy the Street foods of Chennai. Dear Quora Readers This post is little big with lots of picture and references . I wanted to bring the culinary street food journey of Chennai. I know people will not get tired of food. Requesting you to read slowly and enjoy the post. In between sure you will get hungry so have some snacks and drinks next to you.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chennai T.Nagar Ranganathan Street ,- This is the business hub where you will find millions of people visit this place for business and purchase. It is the most crowded and congested place in Chennai. Irrespective of the congestion you will see the varieties of street food. Let us explore the street foods from small to big Let us start our street food journey from this famous street of chennai. once you walk in the crowded street you will start finding the snacks SON PAPPDI SON PAPPDI, –,Soan papdi, (also known as patisa, son papri, sohan,papdi, or shonpapdi) is a popular Indian dessert. It is usually cube-shaped or served as flakes, and has a crisp and flaky texture. This is the softest sweet which is made from the sugar. Though the process of making this sweet is laborious the result product is amazing . It melts in your mouth . People who are sweet tooth they love it to the core. Cotton candy Cotton candy, is a spun sugar confection that resembles,cotton,. It usually contains small amounts of flavoring and/or food coloring. Another simple street food where you can buy it for Rs.10. sugar is spunned in hot wheel where the sugar threads are collected and packed softly in the plastic sometimes they give it in stick also. But the taste is amazing and it melts in your mouth. Thengai Poo ( coconut flower ) These are a very special stage of coconuts. Normally when a coconut ripens it's ready to be planted to create a new tree. However, when it's ripe (beyond the traditional use I guess), it can be soaked in water until it sprouts (note the green leaves on the whole coconuts at the bottom). When it's at this stage there's some magic machete wielding that goes on with the coconut sellers, and they're able to lop off a part of the husk and leave a matured coconut meat. It is like a ball of spongy soft.The taste is like mild coconut meat - quite tasty. It's got the texture of a very light pear, but not so juicy. PATTI SAMOSA - When you are walking on the busy streets you will never miss this crispy onion samosa. Hardly you will find small filings of onion. But the taste is amazing . As it is crispy bet you cannot stop eating one. This is little cheap you can get 3 samosa for Rs.10 you are lucky if it is hot, i remember first bite you take in your mouth and feel the hotness you keep saying ,ssh! ssh ! AAh!!. A lovely treat. Nellikkai ( The gooseberry) Not all street vendors make money. There are very elder people who wants to work hard even at the late 50’s and 60’s will sell these Goose berries 5 Rs and 10Rs. When you take it with salt and chilly powder, it salivates even when i was typing a great snack but health guaranteed. They say goose berry has the same health benefit of apple. Monkey pod ("pinzán"', or 'guamá americano ) These are very rare village fruit but traditional, the ripe ones are better. something which taste different GOOSE BERRY , Malabar plum, (Java plum, or black plum),Raw Mango Slice Malabar plum ,Malabar plum, (Java plum, or black plum ), is a very unique fruit it has very historic background packed with high nutrients and health benefits. Those days it was very cheap now it is very costly. The hybrid has taken the original one. i come from village where we go and we pick up the fruit which is on the ground the best tastiest fruit. Fruit cup Fruit cuts – To beat the heat of Chennai the cut fruits are sold on the cup. It will be tongue salivating when u cross and automatically. You will have the confusion to choose whether pineapple , water melon , papaya , equal contenders. The vendors make it interesting as you will see the cut fresh in front of you and you can ask for the combination. MUSK MELON JUICE MULAM ,PAZHAM,(,KIRNI PAZHAM,) JUICE. Cantaloupe Or Musk melon This is very soft creamy fruit juice very good for summer. it is filling aswell healthy STEAMED SWEET CORN These are the latest hybrid street foods, where by the sweet corns are steamed and mixed with butter and spices. people love because of its sweetness and fresh hot. GROUND NUT MIXTURE This is something unique whereby the steamed ground nut is mixed with chopped onion and other spice mixture . very tasty and healthy. Puffed Rice Mix This is very interesting snacks where the puffed rice is mixed with with onions , tomatoes and other spice mix , a treat you will not mix in the evening times JACK FRUIT This is one of the three important fruit of tamilnadu, Very tasty and healthy Paani Poori /Masal Poori stall This cart serves you a ultimate snack of Poori (a small fried bread ) mixed with various fillings A street vendor selling vegetable filled samosa, Masal bars and Medhu Vada. These are kept in hot warmer. One should taste these snacks with spicy chutney.@ Steamed corn , Masala sundal , fried onion pakora samosa and cauliflower 65 vegetable cutlet and bread roll vegetable soup you will see traditional and non traditional soups are served targeting the middle class people. SOFT CONE ICE CREAM These are very simple Italian softy ice cream where you will get a small vanilla Ice cream for Rs.10. or you can have Vanill chocolate ripple. These are very good to beat the heat. SPICY POP CORN Not miss the spicy POP CORN for RS.10. These days you get variety of Butter, Caramel and other flavours. Always loved by the children . Road side Sweet stall selling various sweets and snacks Tea stall at the road side This is famous tea , Chennai people cannot live without tea, this one with milk infused with tea is drunk throughout the day and night. For many low earning people this one glass of tea and a samosa is the breakfasts , even some time lunch or dinner. I remember there was once somebody filed a case in court to declare the tea as food since many Chennai people take only tea in the morning as they run for their work. Later the case dismissed , that was an another interesting story SEEMBAL - COLESTRUM MILK CAKE This is very unique when the cows give birth the first three days milk is heated , it curdles and made as a sweet. As this is was for the young one it has high nutritive value. Health benefits It builds, repairs, strengthens and restores: ~the hormonal system back to levels associated with youth ~the immune system to it's top fighting form ~the digestive system to it's optimal function It is very smooth and tasty. It gives cooling effect. Dinner @ Meals on wheels Chennai people are crazy with the this Moving food cart- ( Thallu vandi) Where most of the food is made in home and final cooking or finishing is done in the cart. Chennai is famous for its, Paratha-, it is a leavened bread which is fried in oil. People are crazy with paratha and curry. It is one of the finger licking foods of the world. People crowd and u will see the happiness in their food just by eating on the road ,standing and chatting. You will see different omelette are made plain, with onion ,the pepper flavoured will forget the whole world. You will see the parathas are made fresh and ready to serve. You need to rush up otherwise it will be over. You will always see there is a big group of people enjoy their food on the street cart Some of the dishes made and served in the food cart Idly with non veg curry Steamed hot Idly with spicy curry The taste is irresistible the steamed rice cake when it is mixed with hot chicken curry . A heavenly treat no one should miss it. Fresh Hot Parathas ready to be served Paratha with Quill curry( Kadai curry) One cannot just say the taste of these street foods, these has to be tasted and felt. Happy people eating on the streets As the it gets darker and darker the crowd gets more and more . Happy people enjoying their street foods at night POORI WITH SPICY CHUTNEY AND POTATO MASALA POORI - The flat bread deep fried in oil which is very soft served as popular food in the cart. NOW Let us move the Marina Beach The most happening and crowded place. Beach road after rain. MARINA BEACH PRWN FRY @ MARINA BEACH FRESH FISH IS MARINATED WITH SPICY MASALA SPICY SAMOSA WITH MINT CHUTNEY Masala Sundal @ Chennai Beach If you are at any of the popular beaches like Marina, Elliots or even Bessy, then you must try these sundals. Sundal is a dish which consists of boiled chickpeas topped with onions and shredded coconut. It is considered to be one of the most popular dishes in Chennai. So move over bhelpuri, dahi-bhalle and phuchka! This chickpea-based snack is great for your health and tastes so good that you might end up at Marina Beach more often just to get a taste. Maanga Sundal A very popular and tasty street food in Chennai, Sundal is found at many beaches. However, the ones found at Marina Beach are considered to be the best. Sundal is made from boiled chickpeas mixed with onions, an assortment of spices, herbs, and topped off with shredded coconut. It is an exotic street food worthy of the exotic city. FRIED FISH ON THE TAWA & PRAWN PEPPER FRY A COMPLETE SEA FOOD MEAL Steamed rice with fish curry with fried fish , prawn pepper fry Spring Potato & More At Bessy No matter which beach you visit in the city, you are most likely to kind almost the same kind of grub. But head over to Bessy, the more aesthetically pleasing beaches in the city and get you hands on interesting eats like Spring Potato or Twistatoes (spring like deep fried potato garnished with mayo and masala of your choice). The basic version of this costs about INR 50 but if you want more toppings it’ll cost more. There’s also boiled sweet corn or roasted corn, sundal (boiled chickpeas topped with onions and shredded coconut) and ice gola (crushed ice lollies dipped in a tangy sorbet of your choice). Fried Chilly/ raw banana Fritters Bhajji, is a well-liked food that can be seen in street-side stalls of Chennai. Some of the bhajji stalls in Chennai have been successfully running for 20 years and the secret an be felt in their tangy chutney and crispy and soft bhajjis that are best eaten on a rainy day. The other famous street foods which you will see around chennai Bombay Lassi Tucked away in a narrow alley, this joint is one of the most famous places in the city that makes piping hot samosas. Located right behind Devi Theatre , this place also has thick lassi, jelebi, rabdi, and kachodi. Bombay Lassi is more of a stall with no place to sit, but people from all over the city throng here to bite into some delicious samosas. Kaalathi News Mart This iconic hole-in-the-wall kind of place serves the best rose milk in the city. On a hot summer day, here’s where you’ll want to head to cool off with a glass of cold rose milk that smells and tastes great. There’s always a great line outside this shop that is a kind of a landmark in the city. Address: ,27, S Mada St, Mylapore, Vinayaka Nagar Colony, Mylapore, Chennai Bread Omelet on T.Nagar and Pondy Bazar What i really like in the bread omelette is bread goes inside and egg pancake comes outside which is very unique you will not see any other places This street food is an absolute joy to bite on, no matter the weather. Be it a hot day, sunny day, or a rainy evening, the bread omelet with the special green chutney served here will surely leave you wanting more. Also try their other sandwiches like the chili cheese toast or the grilled sandwich. Jannal Kadai Jannal, in Tamil means window. This modest place is literally just one window. Located on the narrow lane leading to Kapaleswara temple, this literal hole-in-the wall has been around for decades. Famed for its bajjis and bondas, this place operates for limited hours and is packed whenever it’s open. In addition to the food, you’ll be amazed just to watch how this place works. FOOD FROM “ The Hole in the wall “ Jannal Kadai in Mylapore, is among those most popular bhajji stalls that serve you magic on a plate Second Lane Beach Road Burma Bazar got its name from the number of immigrant populations that moved to the city several decades ago from Burma, now Myanmar. A little away from Burma Bazar is the 2nd lane beach road and on it are several street food stalls selling yummy Burmese food. Try the Athouk, a very popular Burmese salad with an option of boiled eggs and wash it down with Mohinga, a traditional Burmese soup. Address: 2nd Ln Beach Rd, Mannady, George Town, Chennai Atho man Among the most popular street foods in Chennai, Atho Man is originally a Burmese dish, but it has become so popular in Chennai that people have forgotten its origin. Anyway, Atho Man is a plain orange colored noodles dish mixed and served with fresh raw vegetables. You can see small stalls in almost every corner of the streets of Chennai selling Atho Man, and people lined up to buy a plate. Kakada Ram Prasad This place has some of the most extravagant sweets and mouth-watering chaats on display. Their badam milk is the top pick and a favorite among the locals. The place also serves other snacks and Gujarati food items. Address and Phone Number: 348/343, Mint Street, Sowcarpet, Nr Jain Temple, Elephant Gate, George Town, Chennai,, +044 2538 2851 Muruku & Muruku Sandwich Muruku is a crunchy snack made from a combination of gram and rice flour, with salt and cumin seeds mixed into the dough, then deep fried. While Murukus might look like ,jalebi,, they are salty to taste and are served with hot tea, and are very popular among the locals. However, murukus have evolved over time; several restaurants and street food places in Chennai have come up with mururku sandwich. The idea is to replace bread from the traditional sandwich with muruku pieces and add the rest of the ingredients like cucumber, tomato and onion slices between them. Murukku Norukkal Murukku sandwich, which contains tomato, cucumber, and mint chutney, is another street food becoming popular among people. Top Places to eat Muruku in Chennai Links, Purasawakkam Ajanabi Feastinn chennai Kulfi A dense and creamy ice-cream, which is tastes better than the normal ice-cream, Kulfi can be found in almost every city of India. In Chennai, you can see people lined up out small outlets or road-side stalls to try various types of kulfis. From the thick malai flavour to the a bit bitter coffee flavour, you get what you want. A standalone outlet selling only kulfi Night dwellers selling Kulfi at the night Nice Kulfi The Puttu kadai, Chennai, Kilpauk Puttu is a dish made from rice flour and coconut, and a staple for many households in Chennai. The rice flour is mixed with a few spices and then steamed in special cylinders (puttu kutti vessels). Venkteshwara Boli Stall, West Mambalam This boli stall offers a wide range of bolis, sweets and snacks that serve as mouth-watering delights. You can enjoy these savouries at this popular spot at affordable rates. Head here for quick bites with your friends and family. What to have: ,Thenga Boli, Samosa, Vada, Bonda Boli/ POLI Once poor man’s dish, Boli is among the most delicious street foods in Chennai. The aroma of hot-hot boli will surely draw you to a nearby stall. It is basically a sweet refined flour paratha stuffed with masded toor dal, jaggery, charoli, cardamom, nuts, and raisins. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try this yummylicious street dish. Podi dosai Podi dosai is Chennai’s best kept secret. Made fresh and given to customers within minutes, this one is probably the spiciest and most delicious dosai you’ll ever eat. A “Chennai special food”, it is soaked in rusty red podi that’ll make you sweat as you eat it, but it’s worth trying. Royal Sandwich, Royal Sandwich at Alwarpet in Chennai serves a great variety of unique sandwiches.serves some of the quirkiest sandwiches you'll ever taste. You have everything from chocolate sandwiches to Maggi and Lay's combination sandwiches. Sheik anna opened his stall in the year 2000 and is so popular that the crowds flock to him. Though he does serve some 'normal' sandwich varieties, his crazy-combo sandwiches are the real deal. It all depends on how versatile your tastebuds are. If you are ready to experiment then this is the place for you. If not, how will you know what you like if you don't give Royal Sandwich a try? Titanic Food Corner Titanic is a well known eatery in Chennai's Marina Beach, and serves hot sizzling noodles in the evenings. This place has regular customers throughout the week and also attracts a lot of college students because it's pocket-friendly. While this place has never boasted of selling authentic Chinese food, what they serve is one of the best Indian versions of the same cuisine. So if you are going to the beach and want to have something good and filling then this is the food corner you must try out. Kailash Kitchen, Want to relish some Tibetan cuisine in Chennai? Then Kailash Kitchen is the perfect place for you. A small place, it is done up rather typically--with bamboo, a picture of the Dalai Lama, and Tibetan flags--and offers varieties of momos (veg, chicken and beef), thukpas, and a delicious chilly beef dish which is an all-time favourite with college-goers. Also try the Tsow Tse Mein, Thai rice noodles, and Alu Ping She. This place is famous for the most delicious momos served in the city, and here's how to get them: go to the Dalai Lama's photo, ring the bell under it and there will be a waiter at your side before you can say 'momo' out loud! Idli Nothing new about them, but they are as delicious as they’ve always been. The little white, steamed rice cake served with sambhar or coconut chutney on the street is probably the healthiest street food in Chennai. Idli makes a great and healthy breakfast option as there’s no oil required in making them. They are steamed in a mold that are especially made for idlis. Vada Wada, vade, vadai, wadeh and bara, you can call it anything, but it will remain the best street food in Chennai. This snack can be seen in almost every nook and cranny of the city. Made of spices and Bengal Gram, these deep fried donuts may not be a healthy option, but it certainly is a delicious delicacy. The street-side stalls in Chennai sell vadas with either sambhar orcoconut chutney. KOTHU PAROTTA 1Kothu Parotta Parotta is made of refined flour, it’s a flatbread served on the streets of Chennai. It is much like the north Indian Lachha Parantha. And Kothu Parotta is prepared using shredded parotta, mixed with meat, egg, and vegetables. A Chennai special food, this can be found in restaurants too. Thoothukudi Poricha Parotta In Chennai MADURAI JIGARTHANDA IN CHENNAI A Chennai special drink, Jigarthanda, which literally means ‘cool heart’ is a cold and refreshing drink quite popular in Chennai during summer. The drink was originated in Madurai and gradually became popular among younger generation. Served at roadside stalls, these drinks are perfect to beat the harsh Chennai heat. Hope u have enjoyed the chennai, journey .Kindly share your comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!