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New electric MINI Cooper SE launched in Malaysia, from RM 218,380 only

DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes).

MIROS: Only 11% of Malaysians use rear seat belts

Hence the very low rate of road users using the rear seat belts.

Feeling artsy? Here’s some car-themed arts and crafts

Time to get your inner Silver Arrow love unleashed.Find Mercedes-Benz’s colouring-in PDF here!

GoCar Subs to add X50, Xpander, City and Almera - plus 50% discounts on selected plans

valid for the following models monthly plans: GoCar Subs 2021 Promotions Model Normal rate

2020 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series released - 740 PS & 800 Nm!

Affalterbach have managed to pull out an impressive 740 PS and 800 Nm from its newly-designed 4.0-litre flat

If you're a fresh grad, take a look at Proton’s Fresh Graduate Campaign

30 years old, and have a minimum salary of RM 1,500.PCSB also didn’t forget about the interest rate

Are you using the WRONG engine oil for your car?

There’s always a free PDF somewhere on the internet.A hipster car with a hipster engine and hipster

Mitsubishi Motors’ yearly Merdeka promo starts now

interested with the Mitsubishi Triton will be faced with a decision to either take the low-interest rate

Banks to make U-turn, interest charges might be imposed during 6-month moratorium for car loans?

reflect the revised payment terms with borrowers/customers with hire-purchase (HP) loans and fixed rate

5 cars with the highest road tax price in Malaysia

could afford it, but the answer is their obvious large displacement engines and the high progressive rate

View More

Are boxer engines overrated? – Pros and cons of boxer engines

The only thing they have in common is the “Flat” or “Boxer” engines that their

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB launched in Malaysia; From RM 269k, 5+2 seating

USB ports to keep everybody connected.When the third-row seats are not in use, the seats will fold flat

4 “uncool” car features that make life more convenient

Run flat tyresQ: What is a run flat tyre?

Spied: All-new 2021 Toyota 86 spotted testing - 2.4L flat-four, 220 PS and 240 Nm!

rendering of how it could look like.The all-new Japanese coupe is expected to be powered by a 2.4-litre flat-four

Renault offers more savings with new Renault Pre-Owned Subscription

The promotion will offer a monthly rate of RM 599 for the first 6 months of the subscription.

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge (JSAHMS) Seremban-Port Dickson HighwayAlso read: Gov postpones toll rate

Toyota GR Supra, what are your options when you have half a million to spare?

Let us shortlist a few for you.Porsche 718 Cayman 2.0L flat-four, from RM 530,000Launched here a couple

Looking to purchase the 2021 Hyundai Kona? Here’s the minimum salary required

With the factor of a 10 percent down payment and an average interest rate of 2.27 percent on a 9-year

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

battery with the connectors and the atmosphere.A battery with come corrosion on the terminals is not flat

Stupid mistakes with the car jack can ruin your car or risk your life, here's how to avoid them

through mobile apps, there’s no surprise if some modern car owners have never had to change a flat

Gov postpones toll rate hike plans to 2022 for 3 highways

No sales tax exemption for CKD Toyota Hilux and Isuzu D-Max, here’s why

Isuzu D-Max are locally-assembled, both models will continue to be taxed at the current 10 percent rate

Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

wagon, and convertible while non-saloon cars are MPV, SUV, Pick-up truck and van.For saloon cars, base rate

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

At RM 66k, the Proton Exora is the cheapest MPV to feature ESC

) and uses a plethora of sensors to work, get ready for it – steering wheel angle sensor, yaw rate

Singapore banks push for EVs, property developers to install EV charging points

be available to all customers purchasing new and used electric and hybrid vehicles at a low interest rate

Geely Haoyue debuts, 7-seater SUV with 1.5T & 1.8T, should this be the ‘Proton X90’?

quite a substantial footprint.Geely claims that the Haoyue has an impressive interior space utilisation rate

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Up to RM 31k in savings when you purchase a brand-new Mercedes-Benz!

Mercedes-Benz.In addition to these savings, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is also offering an attractive low interest rate

Proton Commerce getting ready for HP volume jump when Proton X50 launches

percent.Despite these external factors, PCSB’s loan assets maintained a Compound Annual Growth Rate

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Patent agents, proprietary software/technicians, manage thorough/efficient patent searching process. Flat rate of $499. PDF Search report.

Or you can pay a flat rate for infinite copies for your choir: most pieces are £10-£25 to print as many as you need from a PDF. Go browse!

#Sprint Nextel Flat Rate Business Plan - PS NEX WIRELESS SVS EQP WEB 8 31 09.pdf by ct.gov - #pdf #searches… #ebook

We just updated the Flat Rate Guide to make sure it operates on Microsoft 365 as well as 2013 and a PDF http://t.co/psYD4sVmA1

Logo Flat Rate Fee. • Unlimited revamps • Professionally finished artwork • PDF camera ready for print $125 #Ottawa #Gatineau #GraphicDesign

we'll be building the menus shortly - get your pdf menus turned into a shopping cart for a flat rate ! e: dan@menuvox.com

Pre-Order Flutter from Jennie Wood and Jeff McComsey and receive a FREE PDF of the OGN and $2.00 flat rate... http://t.co/KOPhvQWS

Does anyone have a copy of Yamaha flat rate manual in an electronic format other than .pdf?

So confusion reigns as I find a pdf that says the bank doesn't take 15%, just a flat rate (which sounds more reasonable) New problems now.

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What is the cost of a single US postage stamp?

As of January 27, 2019, the cost of a 1-ounce First Class Rate “Forever” stamp is 55¢. The cost of a postcard stamp is 35¢. The cost of a Priority Mail Flat-Rate envelope is now $7.35. And there’s lots of other rates, you’ll have to go to usps.com. For a listing of all rates, download the USPS “Notice123.PDF” file, it will give you all rates you’ll ever need to find…

What would be an average cost to replace my laptop keyboard (HP 15-p066us)?

Searching eBay for “HP 15-p066us keyboard” shows the part to be between $16 and $30 USD from a plethora of sellers. The actual process of changing the keyboard isn’t difficult if you are comfortable working on PCs. If I guessed the right manual, you can find your PC’s repair guide from HP here: ,http://www.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04439615.pdf,. According to that PDF the keyboard is held in by one screw, three clips, and a single ribbon cable. That should take less than 10 minutes to change. (If I guessed the right manual.) At CompUSA we charged $119 plus parts for a flat-rate laptop repair. (Fair warning, this was almost two decades ago.) I’m ignorant of today’s repair costs, but that seems like a fair price if you are afraid to do it yourself. The only fidgety part is that you need to be gentle with the clip that holds on the keyboard’s ribbon cable. Breaking that isn’t easy to repair. To the other answer(s) that say this is impossible to repair, you are mistaken. I’ve successfully replaced motherboards, fans, lcd panels, inverter boards, keyboards, touchpads, and plastics on laptops. They aren’t magical relics; they are computers. The tricks to successful laptop repair are: Be gentle Follow the service manual closely Use the right screwdrivers. If the screws strip, you are doing it wrong Most important: ,Every screw goes back in the hole it came from. A screw that is a millimeter too long can break stuff, and that’s no fun at all.

How much do TV commercial directors make?

Depends on if they’re union or not. How many days they work. And their contract. The union says $6,500 per 5 day week and I’ll wager commercials take at least 14 hours so that’s $2,3000 minimum for one day of work at 14 hours. I’ve heard it’s a percentage of the budget. I’ve heard other estimates of $50,000. That’s what TV directors make for a 1 hour dramatic episode which they get 3–4 weeks work on. That’s a flat rate. No over time unless they run over in days allowed by union rules. Here’s the 2019 Rate Card for commercials. These rates are FAR lower than 1 hour Drama TV rates or rates for 2nd Unit Directors in TV and motion pictures. Here’s the full PDF: ,https://www.dga.org//-/media/Files/Contracts/Commercial/DGA191113CommercialRates2019thru2020.pdf

Do freelancers charge hourly rates even when they work from home? How do employers protect themselves from purposely inflated time estimates?

Inflating time estimates is not something you should be worried about if you choose your clients and freelancers right. I mean, the basis for a successful working relationship is trust. So if you enter a contract with a freelancer wondering if they will lie to you - how can this relationship be successful? Sure, you can control the time sheets by asking for a preliminary time estimate as well as say weekly time sheet reports of time spent on different tasks. But end of the day, the freelancer puts their name and reputation on the line if they lie. Freelancers don't really have any benefit of inflating their time estimates. It's in their interest you as a client to be happy with their work; to feel you get good value for your money... lying about time estimates isn't the way to do it. Note that the above is valid for professional freelancers with skills which take years to master - e.g. writers, designers, developers, marketers, and so on. It may or may not be true for more "ordinary" professions like data entry personnel, even virtual assistants... In those areas I have seen both honorable and cheating freelancers. Then your best option is to vet carefully the freelancers you hire - to make sure they are ethical and professional, not the "yes-yes" type of freelancer who will say anything to land the gig and then fail miserably due to their incompetence. Note though - for some professions it is best to charge and pay flat rates - e.g. writing assignments, one time design tasks, some marketing tasks... And it can actually be better to charge flat rates for both sides: On one hand, the freelancer gets paid for their skills, not for the time they spend working. on the other hand, the client doesn't worry about time estimates at all - they just agree on a deliverable with certain level of quality, according to specifications and in a said deadline. that's it. So the freelancer can work whenever they want, however they want, for as many hours as they want - as long as the requirements are met and the deadline is kept. For this to work, the freelancer has to be very good at estimating how much time a certain project takes. Freelancer and client have to also agree in advance on the scope of activities so that you avoid additional work creep in without being paid for. For example, if you are hired to do a website review, make sure you have seen the site in advance and estimated your price quote and turnaround time depending on the number of pages, existing layout and interface, what type of changes you'd recommend (just layout to improve user experience o also copyediting and SEO audit, how you;d submit your website review, etc. So if you give XXX price for YYY timeline for review of 10 pages website with the goal of improving interface, you will submit your review in pdf format and a designer and developer would have to take it to execute; then if the client wants a video website review or decide he or she wants you to also do SEO audit and copyedit of the website content - you will give them another price quote for that. But i digress... Hope my answer helps you make a decision whether to work (or hire) by the hour and how to ensure both sides are treated the way they should be, come pay day.

How much money can I buy a PDF?

in ,US$9.99/mo,. there hasn't been an easy way for a business to earn money from the content it publishes in PDF form. The recently announced Ads for Adobe PDF powered by Yahoo service lets you add pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements to your PDFs at the touch of a button. You earn ,money when readers click on an ad,. PDF Professional pricing starts at ,$29.99 as a flat rate,, as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version. PDF Professional offers a free trial.

How do you ship a package from Poshmark once it is sold?

After making a sale, you’ll receive an email with the mailing label attached as a PDF file. If you can’t find the email, no problem. To ship an item, open the Poshmark app. Select “My Sales” and choose the one you are ready to ship. This will take you to another page with three steps with a checkbox for each. First, “Pack your item,” and check that box. Next, step, “Print Pre-paid shipping label.” At the bottom of the page, you can download the shipping label. You’ll be asked if you’re sure, since you were emailed the label. Go ahead. You can print on regular paper and cut the label to size, or use a 4 x 6 shipping label. This size is “A6” to your printer. Poshmark sales ship via priority mail, and free shipping boxes and envelopes are available through the post office. I order boxes through ,Welcome | USPS,. My post office does not want me to use “flat rate” priority mail boxes. I understand this is probably not true, but I just order the priority mail mailing boxes that aren’t marked “flat rate” or “regional.” You can use your own boxes or mailers. Once you ship the item, mark the item as “shipped.” This will change the status of the item (or bundle) you sold to “pending shipment scan,” which should update to “shipped” within 24 hours or sooner. It’s important to mark something as shipped because the Poshmark app calculates how long it takes you to ship an item on average. Once you’ve shipped an item, check the status of the item you shipped. You can do this via email, or by looking under “my sales” in the Poshmark app. If the sale does not start to track, use the link to report that to Poshmark support so you can catch potential problems early on. Sometimes the Post office failed to scan the package at one point, and it will be scanned at the next point on its way. Tip: Take advantage of the post office’s free pickup service by creating an account on USPS.com. You can schedule a pickup as late as 1:59 am the day you need packages picked up. Some Poshmark sellers have had trouble with this working. I’ve observed that if my regular mail carrier is on the route, I won’t have a problem. If I don’t do that, I take the packages directly to the post office. It it’s after hours, I will drop them off at a post office that accepts package drop offs in the lobby or mailbox if the package isn’t oversized.

Why is JK Rowling so rich when Harry Potter books and movies can be downloaded from internet at zero cost?

A lot of her money comes from selling the rights for publishing, movie rights, etc. I'm going to disagree with some answers here, as ,copying cannot be stealing,. Stealing, by definition, means that the original owner is deprived of the thing stolen. Imagine if you called the police and say "Someone stole my car!", while in reality it's still in your driveway and someone else has the same car as you. They'll laugh you off at best. And trying to stop copying of easily copied digital data is King Canute standing against the tide. The future is not per-copy sales, it's probably services like Spotify and Netflix for flat rates. That being said, a lot of people do place value both on the people who create things like Harry Potter, and on having the genuine article. I enjoyed seeing some of the Harry Potter movies in the theater with my kids. Downloading it and watching them on my laptop isn't the same, even though I have the technical skills to do that. Similarly, downloading a scanned PDF is not the same as holding the book in your hands. And of course, many people ,do, value the people who create things like Harry Potter, and want them to keep doing that. If that's the case, you have to give them some money for it, or they'll have to do something else to put food on the table. That's especially true for artists in a more marginal position than Rowling, and there are a lot of those who nonetheless create great things. It's well worth spending a few bucks to keep them going to me, even though I ,can, just download it for free. Is it to you? Do you like what they're doing? Then put in your part to help fund it. That's even true of open source content and software that runs purely off voluntary donations. Even throwing in a buck or two tells the person/people doing it "I like what you're doing and find it useful, keep it up."

What are the essential iPad apps, March 2012?

My suggestions are: For video - AVPlayer or OPlayer. No need to convert almost any kind on video, but you should consider smaller file sized to save iPad's capacity. Music is ok with build-in player and is loaded by iTunes app from your PC. Or, if you have enabled iTunes store in your country, you can download all stuff fom iTunes via air on device itself) Books: iBooks and iTunes. Or, if you have epubs already downloaded (drm-free) - you can try Stanza (best free reader). For fb2 you need ShortBook, and GoodReader or large PDFs. GoodReader itself is a good choice not only for PDF reading, but for file management (including archive operations). News and social apps: if you have online access (don't try to use roaming with data), then use pack of Internet-powered apps: official Twitter, TweetBot, all official social network's apps. I like Flipboard to read twitter-powered lists for news. Offline maps can be used with OffMaps2 (OSM-powered) with activated flat-rate to download atlases of desired cities and some Wikipedia stuff on map (POIs). Notes can be managed via Evernote app. You can store all kind of stuff (etickets, booking confirmations) as PDFs in offline-enabled album, and have them on your device without online access. Files can be managed via Dropbox app and service, or you can be with Box.net. Then games - just for your choice!)

How do I send a snail mail (letter)? Do I go the post office and give them the letter? I found an online website that says upload the letter as a PDF with an address and use a credit card

Put your letter in an envelope. In the upper left corner put your address. Now middle/right of the envelope write the address to right of where you are mailing it. Start with name, next line street address, next line city, state and zip code. If you don’t have any stamps go buy one (55 cents) at the post office. We are trained to up sell you so don’t be surprised if they ask if your want it overnight ($26.35) or Priority Mail (flat rate $7.75) should be a few days but comes with tracking. If you just want to mail it and not track it just buy a stamp. Stamp goes on the upper right side of the envelope. Leave it with the clerk or drop it in any blue postal mail box.