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5 cars with the highest road tax price in Malaysia

could afford it, but the answer is their obvious large displacement engines and the high progressive rate

Worried about your car battery going flat during MCO? Here's how to prevent it

battery with the connectors and the atmosphere.A battery with come corrosion on the terminals is not flat

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

Halim Mu’adzam Shah Bridge (JSAHMS) Seremban-Port Dickson HighwayAlso read: Gov postpones toll rate

The 1951 Nash Rambler: A car you should know during the Malaysia Day

Besides being the very car Tunku rode in Melaka, the car had been used in The Adventures of Superman TV

Gov postpones toll rate hike plans to 2022 for 3 highways

Top Gear host Sabine Schmitz reveals her cancer battle

racecar.In the meantime, watch the videos below to see why Schmitz is such a legend and well-liked TV

Up to RM 31k in savings when you purchase a brand-new Mercedes-Benz!

Mercedes-Benz.In addition to these savings, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is also offering an attractive low interest rate

Watch: These classic Toyota Unser TV ads give a playful twist on the MPV's spaciousness

ads that played around the Unser’s spaciousness, perhaps their most memorable one would be the TV

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB launched in Malaysia; From RM 269k, 5+2 seating

USB ports to keep everybody connected.When the third-row seats are not in use, the seats will fold flat

This Ferrari 488 GTB is made in Vietnam. Just joking, it's a plexiglass replica!

kapchai’.The creators of this realistic-looking replica are none other than the guys from NHET TV

View More

Volkswagen burning through RM 9.65 billion a week amid Covid-19 crisis

spending RM 9.65 billion ($2.2 billion Euro) a week, said CEO Herbert Diess in an interview by German TV

Spied: All-new 2021 Toyota 86 spotted testing - 2.4L flat-four, 220 PS and 240 Nm!

rendering of how it could look like.The all-new Japanese coupe is expected to be powered by a 2.4-litre flat-four

Proton Satria Neo, Savvy, and Saga make ‘cameo appearance’ in Netflix’s Extraction starring Chris Hemsworth

face it, we all love it when any good bits of our beloved country appears in the international film or TV

Naza offering low interest rate from 1.88% until 15-July for recond cars

Customers are entitled to a low-interest rate from 1.88 percent and a 1-year warranty during this promotional

PDRM declares support to implement number plates for bicycles

ministers, but now The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has declared their support for the proposal in a TV

You’ve been pronouncing Toyota Raize wrong. Here’s the correct pronunciation

A couple of days ago, Toyota released a new TV commercial which features their latest SUV – the

Geely Haoyue debuts, 7-seater SUV with 1.5T & 1.8T, should this be the ‘Proton X90’?

quite a substantial footprint.Geely claims that the Haoyue has an impressive interior space utilisation rate

EV battery swapping by Nio and Geely – A silly gimmick or an elegant solution?

that, we have seen amazing DC fast charging figures like the Porsche Taycan’s 270 kW DC charging rate

This weird Proton Wira limo can be yours for RM 28,000

The extra nets you an LCD TV, ambient lighting, and even a fridge.Powering the Wira Grand Limousine is

Owner Review: 2005 Honda CR-V - The classic hero car on TV

Prior to the purchase, I have spotted it as the “hero” car in some Malaysian TV shows namely

New electric MINI Cooper SE launched in Malaysia, from RM 218,380 only

DC Fast Charging can be done at a maximum rate of 50kW (80% charge in 36 minutes).

If you're a fresh grad, take a look at Proton’s Fresh Graduate Campaign

30 years old, and have a minimum salary of RM 1,500.PCSB also didn’t forget about the interest rate

Are boxer engines overrated? – Pros and cons of boxer engines

The only thing they have in common is the “Flat” or “Boxer” engines that their

GVE Asia takes over Wearnes’ VW dealership in Sg Besi

Customers can enjoy a modern waiting lounge complete with cable TV, Wi-Fi and cafe.Volkswagen Sg Besi

Proton Commerce getting ready for HP volume jump when Proton X50 launches

percent.Despite these external factors, PCSB’s loan assets maintained a Compound Annual Growth Rate

Audi’s digitalised OLED taillights in the 2020 Audi Q5 are basically TV screens

This makes OLED units very efficient, lightweight and flat, which considerably increases design freedom.OLED

RM 1.15 mil for a dolled-up Alphard? 4-seater 2021 Lexus LM 350 heading to Malaysia

See that huge TV-like thing there?

Guy shows why the Toyota Avanza is a cheaper, more practical Toyota 86

Xenia, siblings to the Avanza with a 4,000 cc V8 engine from the 1st-generation Lexus LS400 by Motomobi TV

Run flat tyres, tyre repair kits, or spare tyres. Which is best?

Your car ownership experience isn’t complete without having at least one flat tyre incident.

Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

wagon, and convertible while non-saloon cars are MPV, SUV, Pick-up truck and van.For saloon cars, base rate

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For eg. Will Smith probably still gets paid flat rate in residuals for episodes of the Fresh Prince aired on TV now, depending on the platform. The idea is that with each play, the actor gets compensation. This is why in music, you have many collecting agencies to get your 💰 https://t.co/LQqRxtTFMr

Today we are thinking about pricing schemes in the streaming industry. Although streaming platforms were meant to unbundle the bundled TV content, still today they offer users packages of movies/shows for a fixed flat rate. Read more at https://t.co/OydgD3zsqk https://t.co/qosWsOURBQ

So if a child's toy, for example a Nerf gun, flew at a high rate of speed into a new-ish flat screen TV, that TV would probably be beyond repair, right? https://t.co/oQ6P44JPlz

I'm offering flat rate Kigurumi YCH's to purchase! Rules: - Any Gender or species - Any Character as the Kigurumi (any tv show/movie/video game/fandom, etc.) - Flat rate of $10 will get you something like this https://t.co/qkrCBvJC7U Please feel free to DM me if interested! https://t.co/w7xWbD0ls4

Don't let this be you! Contact us today regarding our FLAT RATE TV mounting prices! #fail #tv #mounting #IT #residential #commercial https://t.co/1RXMYuhwUP

#Disney fans! We're looking for one of you too! A dedicated writer to cover all things House of Mouse -- TV and movies -- on a weekly basis, paid flat-rate. DM for details. https://t.co/VewfHQYZU4

Dogs watch more TV now than they did before because of flat screen televisions which flicker at a rate that dogs’ eyes are actually able to process. 🐕 #FactManiac https://t.co/MUbPEv7aSP

Apple Looking to Bundle Services Like Apple Music and Apple TV+ for One Flat Monthly Rate https://t.co/GdZYVt8Oju by @rsgnl https://t.co/424RGbVuRW

#Subscriptions & #flat #rate models still popular with consumers // 🎥 In a TV interview for mex, hr-Fernsehen's business & #consumer magazine, I was happy to provide @naimakunze & @hrPresse with current market #economics & expertise // Watch tomorrow, dec. 1st at 8:15pm on HR 📺 https://t.co/RlfEOgZzwd

Nearly all Premier League clubs had double digit wage increases last season, despite being in 2nd year of a flat rate TV deal. Profits in the PL overall likely to fall as a result. Other clubs have not yet reported their figures #MUFC #MCFC #EFC #CFC #SCFC #WHUFC https://t.co/otqCoQxKq7

flat tv rate Q&A Review

Consumer Electronics: What is the best refresh rate for an LED flat panel tv?

An LED tv is till an LCD tv, it just uses LED lights to light the tv, rather than a traditional halogen bulb. All LCD tv's have a 60MHz refreshment rate, even though some are advertised as 120MHz and 240MHz. LCD or LED tv's advertised as over 60MHz have a fine print that tells you that it still is a 60MHz refreshment rate. It's just that they use a program that anticipates the next image so it's basically like having a faster refreshment rate, but you will notice a blur in a fast pace scene because the program sometimes can't keep up with the picture. You're best bet, and the highest refreshment rate, would be getting a Plasma TV, they are standard 600 MHz. Best picture and best dark lighting. Don't believe what people say about them going out, if you use anything for a long time it's going to eventually lower in quality.

What is significant about the adoption rate of flat-panel TV sets?

Well it’s been over a decade now since we built a CRT TV. We did have some years of DLP TVs, which weren’t flat panel, but those died over 8yrs ago to. There are still DLP projectors and DLP dominates the digital cinema, they were great TVs but simply weren’t flat and so they got squeezed out of the traditional TV market. So with nobody making TVs that aren’t ‘flat panels’, that means if you want to buy a TV, you either got to go real old school on craigs list to find a CRT (or DLP) TV, or you buy a flat panel which you can get much higher resolution and larger TV for significantly less costs than what CRTs where when they died out. Now, how would this impact the adoption rate. I haven’t looked at it, but I’d suspect that like most things that when they came out were better, and quickly became cheaper, that they went from < 10% adoption to close to full adoption in less than 10yrs. This is known as the S curve.

Would you recommend a visit to Suzdal, Russia?

This is ,NOT, an advertisement! The exact location of the house and the name of the host will remain undisclosed. The material is used only for educational and entertainment purposes only. While driving on the interstate autobahn from Vladimir to Suzdal, my girlfriend Kathy looked on Booking for a place to stay in Suzdal. “I found a ten out of ten rated house!” she said. “How many reviews?” “Ninety six.” “It can’t be ten. The reviews are fake,” I assured her. However, my curiosity was piqued, and since there’s Patriarchy in Russia, I made a unilateral decision to check out the place. The owner of the 10-star property met us on the porch. He immediately agreed for 3.5k ($45) per night in cash instead of paying 4k per night on Booking. He handed us the keys and left for Vladimir. There were two houses on the premises. We rented this one. From the outside, it looked perfect. Too perfect to be true. Just so you understand what I mean by “too perfect,” right outside the fence was Mother Russia in all its wild glory. And this is the other house where our host lives. He allowed to use any of the bikes. A plaque with Booking’s Traveller Review Awards for “a house with a sauna” hung on the wall by the entrance. A flat TV on the wall. A fridge. A couch. A table. The owner didn’t even forget a water bottle with a pump. In the closet, there were a vacuum cleaner, extra chairs, a bucket. There was even a sledge! A fire extinguisher. I began to realise this guy was for real. In the attic, there was a baby cot. My daughter put her IKEA dog to bed there. The owner didn’t forget shower gel and shampoo in both of the bathrooms. Kathy shows detergent powder. There were TWO packs. Three towels and wraparounds for the sauna were neatly stacked. There were a kettle and an iron. The TV remote had a casing ! An air-conditioning, and look at those nice and neat curtains. A really nice flat TV in the bedroom in the attic for my daughter Margo to watch cartoons. Ironed bed linens. The owner was worried silly that we had to make beds by ourselves!… And on and on it went. There were tableware, a brand new kitchen stove, glasses, cups, more than ten types of tea, coffee. There were three cats and a dog for Margo to play with. There was a place to make barbecue with all the necessary tools: a shovel, a poker, two hand fans. And two benches and a table and there was a table cloth on the outdoor table! I called a family council. “There’s something wrong. This place doesn’t look Russian. The owner has taken care of everything. His wife must be German.” “She’s Russian,” Kathy said pointing at the A4 paper hanging on the wall with the names of the host and the hostess with their cell phone numbers. “They are going to wait until we fall asleep. Then they will kidnap us and sell to rich foreigners or local oligarch for organs!” I said. After using sauna, we played lotto. Of course, we didn’t have to bring it with us. I called numbers and made sure that Margo won to avoid a tantrum. And back to sauna. Margo grabbed an oak sauna broom and hit me on the back. Clearly she was enjoying herself! Then it was Kathy’s turn. Oh my, it hurt like hell! Raised in the Siberian wilderness, Kathy didn’t think much of my oak sauna broom application. I couldn't stop thinking that we were being set up for organ donation. Perhaps it could help if Kathy read Jewish bedtime books to avoid lurking evil? I also asked Kathy to pray to Orthodox Christian God to enforce protection from above. I didn’t take any chances and went downstairs armed with an axe. Of course, the axe was kindly provided by the host. Soon, I grew tired and returned to the sauna. Then I decided to go outside as it’s customary to do after sauna in Russia. I couldn't open the door - it was jammed! I panicked and began to cry for help. Kathy came downstairs and managed to open the door. Freedom! We had a peaceful night and nobody tried to kidnap us for organ donation to the rich foreigners or oligarchs. Next morning, the host said we didn’t have to rush and leave by 12pm as per the house rules, and could stay longer if we wished without paying any extra charge. Next day we went for a walk around Suzdal. Suddenly, an outgoing man in his early 50s struck up a conversation with my daughter and then demanded that I handed him my cellphone so he could take photos of us together. “I’m a great photographer and I make awesome photos!” he claimed. I was hesitant to hand him my iPhone, but I did it anyways. The man took many photos telling us where to stand to get the best views of the Kremlin and the river. I tried to give him money, but he refused. “I just want families to be together!” he said. So what can I say. Russia never stops to surprise me. Not for a single day. Why? Because there are so many awesome people here!

How did November 9th's Sunday night NFL game fare against The Walking Dead?

The Bears looked like the Walking Dead with a 42-point deficit in the first half. But NBC still won the night ,TV Ratings Sunday: 'Madam Secretary', 'CSI' & 'Resurrection' Slide, 'The Good Wife' Flat + Football Boosts 'The Simpsons'

What is the custom duty on a 42-inch LED TV from Bahrain to India?

Its on flat rate basis and not in slab basis… eg: FOr your 42 inch tv, Rate is Rs 600 per inch and will be 600 * 42 = Rs . 25200 Detail table is as below.

Why are NFL players still kneeling during the national anthem in pre-season games after causing such a huge decline in attendance and television ratings last year?

Because none of that is actually happening. First off if actual game attendance is down it has nothing to do with kneeling players. It has to do with the fact that it costs $20 to park and $50 for a couple drinks and something to eat and that doesn't even include the cost of actually getting to the game or the ticket itself. Simply stating that it is just easier and more enjoyable to watch at home, especially since most people have flat screens and are watching in HD. As for the TV ratings well those are down most likely because not everyone is watching on TV nowadays. You can watch on a computer, tablet or cell phone and then there are streaming devices such as Slingbox and Amazon Fire and they haven't figured out how to measure those numbers as of yet. Truth is the NFL made a record profitlast year. If ratings and attendance.were down as much as some are claiming that wouldn't have happened

If you left a survey for burglars to fill out the next time they ransacked your home, how would they rate the experience?

Summary : 0.5/10 Totally not worth it. The place looked like it has been already ransacked. Something’s fishy, she has too many suitcases and one drawer was full of used plane boarding passes. She must be on the run. There is a small police station in front of her appartement. Wait for them to go on a break. Don’t forget your masks, after you manage the iron curtain, there are two security cameras downstair. The guard isn’t a big deal, he was sound asleep. Would only recommend for shoe fetish. We got a PS4, an old MacBook Pro with food on the keyboard, a functioning iPhone with a broken screen, a flat TV screen for ants and 3 kilos of small change in several different currencies. ps : the guard has a tons of modern equipment in his room. He’s the one you’d want to target.

Why did the television series "The West Wing" end?

Because somewhere between "Two Cathedrals,”, and "Ninety Miles Away" lies the truth. And, for the first three seasons, the shows were a lot closer to the style of the zenith episode and gradually got closer to the nadir. “Two Cathedrals” is ranked as the most popular episode in most quarters, and with good reason. Plot, acting, cinematography, script, music! A rain-soaked president, an angry wife, the death of a beloved character, ,and swearing in church! “Cruciatus in crucem” indeed! That episode was good. , The show always had great episodes (even in the post-Sorkin era) but no Two, ,Cathedrals. And then it began to show a few less-than-great ones, and quite never reached that incredible work of art. By Season 6, the writers showed us the worst episode, ,",Ninety Miles Away,." Needed an orange juice with 'a little something in it' just to get through that episode. , …where Leo all of a sudden has a love of Hemingway novels. (How does he have time?) We learn Kate Harper once took care of him while he was drunk, and Leo meets Castro. Despite the fact that it was prophetic, I suppose, it was a poorly-written episode that really stretched plausibility. Now, not every later West Wing (post-Sorkin) was a Ninety Miles Away — far from it (dang, Drought Conditions was good) — but as you went past Season 5, the average leaned downward, farther and farther from the promise of Two Cathedrals. Don't take my word for it: as my chart above demonstrates, user ratings confirms it. This chart shows fan ratings (not TV ratings -includes DVD and streaming) of the program from Season 1 to Season 7. The dot (orange) is Two Cathedrals, and the lowest, low, low magenta dot is Ninety Miles Away. The West Wing User Ratings, for Each Episode, From Season 1 (Lt. Blue) to Season 7 (Yellow), Thanks to ,Graph TV - The West Wing It gives you some indication of what TV viewers thought of the show over time. Viewers loved The West Wing, but loved Season 1 and Season 2 more than anything, and got a little nostalgic in Season 7. In the middle, it was up and down. The height was Season 2. The show had momentum, Sam Seaborn (Rob Lowe) was still on the show, Sorkin was writing, and the characters were dealing with some heavy issues, including the President hiding a scandal. User opinion of episodes declines from the highs of Season 1 and Season 2. The trend line is down from Season 4 onward, flat in Season 6 and up in Season 7, the final season, never quite reaching the Season 1 highs. There were stray episodes. I know it's small, but the two green Season 4 episodes were "Commencement" and "Twenty Five" (no surprise). “The Supremes” is that magenta stray star in Season 5. So is "Shutdown." I agree with the ,vox populi, on that. Season 6 saw "2162 Votes" go high, in addition to “A Good Day.” Season 7 actually seemed to move the trendline up a bit. Obviously the two “Election Day” episodes were beloved, as was “Tomorrow,” all hitting Season 1-like heights. Now, some of that Season 7 bounce might be because the show was ending, but I also think it is evidence that ,we need a Season 8.

Does anyone watch television on a box in the living room anymore?

If your definition of a box includes the almost picture frame like flat screen TVs then the answer is greatly yes. While a lot of TV may be viewed in the bedroom the TV rating system still shows millions of people watching both broadcast and basic and premium cable.

What is annoying in Netflix?

Netflix is really a great product as it can stream 4K content seamlessly over Chromecast with Flat TV. Also, its UX is great as it requires minimum number of clicks as trailer plays when we just hover mouse over the posters and also we get to see description and subtitles there itself. It also has great collection of movies, documentaries and web series. Though, it is great in so many aspects it is annoying with its worst “recommendation” engine. Their recommendation engine is so over-engineered that I actually get to see very few content on top page even though they have very good content overall. It is actually frustrating to find “What to watch?”. Ironically, I use Youtube, IMdB ratings and Rotten Tomatoes ratings to find what to watch in Netflix! So, to answer the question in one word, ,Recommendation Engine, is the most annoying feature in Netflix.