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Want to buy a 2021 Isuzu D-Max? Here’s the minimum salary required

These rates have already factored in an interest rate of 2.27%. 5-year monthly installment

2020 All-new Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S now in Malaysia, 421 PS, RM 11k cheaper than A45 S

Assist.Mercedes-Benz Financial Services also offers its Agility Financing with the new CLA 45 S with rates

2020 Toyota Vios – About RM 4,000 to maintain it over 5 years/100,000 km

oil will also affect the final amount.Photo credit: Laser MotorWe’ve also listed the insurance rates

2020 Honda City – Less than RM 3,900 to service it over 5 years/100,000 km

prices do not include the cost of tyre or battery replacement.We’ve also listed the insurance rates

What's the retail on one of those? Fast and Furious Toyota Supra up for auction

the filming,” and that the car “was built by Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop in El Segundo, CA

Experts call for interstate ban to extend past Hari Raya. MCO could last until next year

of the association, Dr Raj Kumar Maharajah told The Star that MCO should continue until infectivity rates

Getting a 2021 Toyota Vios? Here's the minimum salary required for a loan

These rates have already factor in an interest rate of 2.27% 5-year monthly installment Variant

What’s the minimum salary to get a loan for the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander?

, your car-related expenses should not exceed 30 percent of your monthly salary.That said, interest rates

WapCar Morning Insiders (Oct. 18, 2019)

“The new PMB will offer a 25% discount on toll rates.

2020 Proton Persona: Less than RM 3,100 to service it over 5 years/100,000 km

service centre offers, nor does it include the cost of tyre or battery replacement.In terms of insurance rates

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Government to review the 18% discount plan for Plus Highways

Expressway (JPP)Fadillah also refused to reveal if this will mean an increase in Plus Highway toll rates

2020 Honda City – What’s the minimum monthly salary to get a loan?

to have a net salary of at least RM 4,500 before you sign that dotted line.With that said, interest rates

Applying loan for the 2021 Toyota Yaris? Here's the minimum salary required

, your car-related expenses should not exceed 30 percent of your monthly salary.That said, interest rates

Looking to purchase the 2021 Hyundai Kona? Here’s the minimum salary required

These rates have already factored in a 10 percent down payment and an interest rate of 2.27 percent.

Volkswagen Malaysia offers its 5-Star Service Check for free nationwide

vehicles for the 5 Star Service Check can enjoy discounts on selected parts.The parts and discount rates

2020 Toyota Yaris – What’s the minimum salary to get a loan?

meaning that you’ll need to have a minimum net salary of RM 4,200 a month.With that said, interest rates

Toll rate hike deferment: Gov to pay operators RM 2 bil in compensation

Last week, the government announced that they have decided to postpone plans to increase toll rates on

Mitsubishi Malaysia kicks off year-end sales campaign

, Mitsubishi Malaysia has already kicked off their annual year-end sales campaign with low interest rates

Top-5 cars with the most expensive road tax in Malaysia

for 1,001 cc to 1,200cc, RM 70 for 1,201 cc to 1,400 cc, RM 90 for 1,401 cc to 1,600.From there the rates

What’s the minimum salary to get a loan for the 2020 Nissan Almera?

, your car-related expenses should not exceed 30 percent of your monthly salary.That said, interest rates

Thinking of buying a 2021 Nissan Navara? Here’s the minimum salary required

These rates have already factored in an interest rate of 2.27%. 5-year monthly installment

5 cars with the highest road tax price in Malaysia

RM 880 RM 2.50 RM 882-2,130 >3,000 RM 2,130 RM 4.00 RM 2,134+ There are base rates

2020 Proton X50, what’s the minimum salary to get a loan?

meaning that you’ll need to have a minimum net salary of RM 5,200 a month.With that said, interest rates

2020 Honda Civic – What's the minimum monthly salary to get a loan?

have a net salary of at least RM 6,750 before you sign that dotted line.Keep in mind that the interest rates

Indonesia wants more people to buy EVs, cuts incentives for hybrids

(up from 0%) Full and mild hybrid vehicles 6% - 12% (up from 2% - 12%) Higher rates

Buying a 2021 Toyota Innova? Here's the minimum salary required for a loan

These rates have already factor in an interest rate of 2.27% 5-year monthly installment Variant

Buying a 2021 Mitsubishi Triton? Here’s the minimum salary required

These rates have already factored in an interest rate of 2.27% Monthly repayment for Triton Athlete

Renault Malaysia updates all Renault Subscription plans

The monthly rates under the Fixed Plan still includes road tax, insurance, regular servicing costs, and

Is it true that the Proton Saga is cheaper to maintain than a Perodua Bezza? The answer is not that simple.

you the actual maintenance cost after 5 years/100,000 km.In terms of insurance costs, the insurance rates

Prices for locally assembled Toyota models will maintain, for now

Ravindran Kurusamy, President of UMW Toyota Motor, said, “Factors such as exchange rates and tax

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ca rates Post Review

This is a very telling example of how our elite media manufactures crime hysteria. This woman, Caitlin Flanagan – a writer for the Atlantic Monthly! – is spouting verifiable falsehoods about crime. https://t.co/1IVHZFIvmc

CA slashes mobile call rates after six years https://t.co/k0Z5DrLFUI https://t.co/v5jeLUL5oA

1220am MST/1120pm PST: Light to moderate rain filling in across SE CA & SW AZ tonight. Rainfall rates 1/4" per hour will be common. Slow down driving tonight - numerous accidents already reported on I-10 & I-8. Rain makes it to Phoenix by about 4-5 am. #azwx #czwx https://t.co/3ycRBFK5xT

Happy holidays from the CDE! Watch State Superintendent @TonyThurmond’s full holiday greeting and message here: https://t.co/M4kKIidpi5 https://t.co/5e5rtZtICd

Press Release: Consumers to Enjoy Lower Calling Rates Following Review of Interconnection Rates by CA.@CADirectorGen @ezraCHILOBA @MoICTKenya @ntvkenya @NationAfrica @KTNNewsKE @StandardKenya @TheStarBreaking @K24Tv @citizentvkenya @KBCChannel1 @PeopleDailyKe @mucheru https://t.co/TrPUvSBn61

A moisture plume remains over SW CA early this evening. Widespread rain will continue to move into the area overnight. Rainfall rates are expected to be 0.25-0.50 inch per hour at times, locally to 0.75 inch. Minor roadway flooding will continue. #LARain #cawx #SoCal #LAWeather https://t.co/s1G0BLrZ4o

4 cities in the same CA county. 2 had mask mandates, while the other 2 did not require masks. “The disease rates are higher in the two cities with the mandate” https://t.co/QIRMllb89k https://t.co/krcHVCFZLf

Good news to Kenyans as CA slashes calling rates https://t.co/o25Rqro5A6

When you exhale, the air comes out of your mouth in one direction, forward. When you exhale wearing a mask, the air shoots out in 4 directions. Above the mask, below and through both sides. Maybe this is why mask mandate areas have higher covid rates?!

Kenyans to enjoy lower call rates after CA review https://t.co/xp4QBbLChf

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If I work from home from a no state income tax state during covid while my employer remains located in CA, would I get taxed at CA rate or the new state’s rate?

A2A. Income for services provided for compensation is sourced to the location in which the services are performed. Your employer’s location has no bearing on this discussion - the questions to be answered is where “you” are physically located when you perform services for your employer, and whether “you” have residency in a different location from where you are physically located. California defines residency in two ways. If you are physically present in California for other than a temporary or transient purpose, you are considered a resident for tax purposes. Generally, if you are employed full-time, are required to perform services in the state for an indefinite period of time, and have a physical location in the state in which you stay while working, you are considered to be a resident even if you maintain a home elsewhere and return there on weekends. In addition, if you have established and maintain a residence in the state of California and are absent from the state for a temporary or transient purpose, but have a demonstrated intent to return to the state permanently, you are also considered to be a resident there even though you don’t set foot in the state in a given year. California looks at all of your actions - not what you say, but what you do - in making a residency determination. If you are a California resident, you are required to pay California taxes on your earnings. If you are not a California resident, you are only required to pay taxes on California source income, which in your case would be income that you earned for services that you provided while physically present in California. Now to your specific situation. Assuming that your employer required you to commute from your current home state to California for work prior to the pandemic, the main question to answer is whether you were a California resident before COVID-19 hit. If you were not a resident prior to that time, then once you start working from home in a different state, you no longer have a tax obligation to California. If you were a California resident prior to COVID-19, and your actions demonstrate that you intend to return to California once the virus has run its course, then California is likely to determine that you are temporarily absent from the state, and that you remain a resident subject to California state tax. If your employer has been withholding California state tax for you, as a non-resident of the state, for services that you provided while present in the state prior to the pandemic, your employer should have stopped doing that once you started working from home. If that is your situation, you should contact your employer’s payroll department. There is no single determining factor that will lead the FTB to conclude that you are, or are not, a California resident. Even the 180-day “rule”, cited in a different answer, is not a hard-and-fast “bright line”. The FTB looks to what you do, and the sum total of all of the actions related to your income, not just to what you say about them.

What would happen to websites with SSL certificates having been issued from a Certificate Authority if that CA were to have its CA rating revoked?

If a Certificate Authority violated its Security agreements, it will starting warning alerts in leading web/mobile browsers, mobile platforms, that indicates users are no longer secured which turns an active call for cyber attackers. Leading Web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc...) quits their support on their next update Mobile OS & platforms as well as leading Web servers also quits their support.

Is CA really a good course of study, or is it just hyped?

I liked your question therefore very eager to answer…… I remember when i passed my 12th , someone suggested me ICWAI (now it’s called CMA), which would help me get a fantastic job once i pass-it. When i got into it’s depth, realized that this is same as CA when it comes to the passing process, course & books etc, but in spite of that, people would understand CA but not ICWAI. I still didn’t opt for it due to it’s 3 years of article-ship, wherein you don’t get salary but small stipend and i was so eager to earn, without realising that 3 years training make you an expert by the time you complete your course. Today when i apply for job anywhere, i come to know that their first preference is a CA :( & then i think that if i had to study that hard then why didn’t i go for it instead, however i don’t think there is any difference if i compare myself with my CA friends/acquiescence. These are the reasons that makes it overrated: CA qualification is internationally recognised and respected around the world, than most of the degree’s. Due to the passing % , which is 20–23% (though which is similar to ICWA) they are always in demand. Since they are in demand, they are being paid exceptionally well. Any kind of company structure would always require a good Accounts person, why not a CA who understand the accounting intricacies due to wider accounting policy. One has an option to start it’s own practice, just like an independent business, without any much investment.

If CA's gun laws are effective, why is TX's firearm/murder rate 4.04, and CA's is 3.52, a statistically insignificant difference of just .52?

Thanks for A2A. There are already a a lot of good answers here, however being from Las Vegas, NV, I can intelligently speak only on California’s politically liberal use of gun control laws as I see and interact with a lot of people coming into my fair state from California. We have gun laws that are NOT restrictive, for the most part. However recently, and I believe it is due to the influx of recent Californians moving here, a law was passed stating you have to register a firearm when you purchase it. And it makes me sad, because now we have begun our descent down the slippery slope. Our news media outlets have also been doing their best to help this along by trying to show gun registration is necessary but even the daily and yearly stats prove that our lack of the more restrictive gun laws was working to deter crime. Gun control advocates want to lord over our individual ability to defend ourselves and treat us like sheep, and people buy into like they know what they are doing. When gun control advocates start learning gun control should be about education of firearms, training with your firearm on a regular basis, and letting us as individuals maintain our ability to defend ourselves then we will have gotten Gun Control right. My home was nearly burglarized shortly after I moved back to Las Vegas. When the police arrived from my girlfriend calling them, the officer, God bless him, even told my girlfriend, who was raised in NY, to get a gun because when seconds count they are minutes away.

What is success rate of reverification of papers of CA of ICAI?

I had the same question. I came across a video on youtube, in which the person spoke about the students who has cleared after re-verification. He presented his analysis based on data extracted through RTI application. Students who have, ,applied for varification - Students whose marks altered after verification - You can access the video at ,ICAI Verification Results | RTI Details | Students who cleared after verification Apply for re-verification if you're confident about your performance in exam. Try your luck, it may outplay.

Would a rating site for CA firms work as a tool for CA articles?

Well that’s interesting. Lets think if something like this exists, how will it work ? First of all it will give the parameters of rating. Lets hypothetically think of the possible parameters. Exposure CA’s behavior Permission for classes Departments Leaves Size of the firm Job opportunities post qualification etc. Say I am an article at a firm. I am handling an assignment of Stat audit for a public company and suddenly my CA final first group result comes out which is negative. I now go and ask my Principal for leave, he says no you have to first complete the audit and only then you can go since the work is important. I get all frustrated and give negative to all the rankings. I also come out of the cabin and bitch about him to all my colleague articles. They also relate remotely to such a situation and they also give the same rankings. A student just clears IPCC checks this website, sees poor rating to this firm and rejects it. Now lets see the other side of the story. I was given a decent 4 months off for my first attempt and i didn’t clear it. My anger was also because of the fact that I didnt clear and I was looking for someone to blame. While rating I didnt consider that I was auditing a Public company where leave was not a good idea. Had i not been given this assignment and if I had failed I would still be rating my CA low and crib saying since I dont get the proper exposure hence I failed. Basically I am looking for someone to take the blame of my result. And this poor new student without even knowing the complete story, rejects this firm. I appreciate new ideas but considering the kind of results CA examination has and the kind of work pressure plus the curriculum CA students have, I am a little worried it might not produce ‘True & Fair’ results. Thanks Vaibhav