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CBU 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8G sold out in less than 1 week, orders to be converted for CKD variants

onwards.Also Read: Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam

All-new 2020 Honda City launched in India, gets LaneWatch and sunroof

engines.That being said, there is a possibility that the Indian-market City’s 1.5-litre twin-cam

Toyota 4A-GE 16V/20V - legendary 'tofu delivery' engine, what makes them great?

nomenclature for the engine code follows this logic:4 - engine block versionA - engine family typeG - dual overhead

Throwback: Proton Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing Edition, R3's final hurrah

goodies into the engine: Proton R3 Engine Management System Proton R3 Camshafts with Adjustable Alloy Cam

What's so special about VTEC?

cam profile to use?

Honda Civic driven against traffic, causes 4 vehicle pile-up in Penang

Owner Review: The underrated Malaysian Icon – My Proton Waja Review

goes I plan to maintain it and modify to be a sleeper try to unleash the max output of the 1.6 single cam

What on earth is VW’s Budack Cycle? It’s certainly not child’s play

With the different cam profiles, several engine cycles can be obtained.Q: Is the Budack cycle the only

The 2020 Porsche Taycan is the world’s most innovative car

reinventing the wheel (those are still round), the boffins at the Center of Automotive Management (CAM

Myvi driver from viral van crash released from custody

Public Prosecutor for further action.Meanwhile, PDRM is requesting for more witnesses and owners of dash cam

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2021 All-new W223 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: Previewing infotainment of all future Mercs

enough, as part of the MBUX Interior Assist, the W223 S-Class also features two laser cameras in the overhead

The legendary vans that Malaysians balik kampung in – Vanette, Liteace, Spectron

vans that really stood out among Malaysians back when an MPV was literally just a window van with an overhead

Dash cams might do more than record accidents, it might fix our behaviour

Just like the rest of the world, we rubberneck at accident scenes and upload dash cam footage to the

Honda HR-V RS, now available in classy Dark Brown leather interior.

Meanwhile, the HR-V Hybrid variant employs a 1.5L Atkinson-cycle twin-cam i-VTEC engine (152 PS, 190Nm

Priced from RM 124k, Toyota Corolla Cross launched in Malaysia, full ADAS, 3D 360-deg cam, TNGA

India’s 2020 Honda City’s gets a new 1.5L DOHC engine, likely for Malaysia

aspirated i-VTEC engine, an engine which we are more likely to get.The new petrol engine adds Double Overhead

Are hatchbacks better than sedans?

Passo-based Myvi dominated the Malaysian market and as a by-product, always appeared in road-rage dash cam

Listen to this hydrogen-burning engine driven Toyota Corolla race car vroom by

Volkswagen Malaysia launches digital aftersales service

taken further steps to digitalise its aftersales by launching the Online Service Booking and Service Cam

Compilation of clueless drivers will make you go WTF!

Malaysian Dash Cam Owners, a website dedicated to compiling and sharing DVR footages from Malaysia has

2021 Kia Sonet 7-seater debuts in Indonesia – Ready to fight the Rush or Raize?

CVT gearbox with 8 virtual gears.Apart from the extra third-row seats, the Sonet 7 also comes with an overhead

This 5-year-old boy is determined to get his dream Lambo

Authorities in Utah, USA, encountered an unusual situation last week when they pulled over a car driven

Are timing chains better than timing belts?

Most engines of today utilise an Overhead Cam (OHC) configuration so a belt or a chain is required to

2021 Toyota Innova facelift now in Malaysia: price up RM 2-4k, adds 360-cam, BSM

The Toyota Sera - The flyest-looking Toyota ever

It was powered by a four-cylinder 1.5 litre 5E-FHE with a twin-cam, 16-valve layout and a redline of

Caught on camera: Malaysian driver makes a near miss from a Molotov cocktail

Cheras-Kajang Highway when someone decided to hurl the cocktail at his car just as he was passing an overhead

Aftersales in the new normal, how Volkswagen is setting a new benchmark in Malaysia

service of free home pick-up and drop-off.The biggest difference with Volkswagen however, is the Service Cam

We pick the 7 best cars driven in 2019

Why did my airbags not deploy in a crash? Is it normal?

Its just a cam with an open circuit. A swing of the cam completes the electrical circuit.

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We were the first to offer chain-driven overhead cam technology in small, air-cooled vertical shaft engines, and our engines continue to be the best. #SmithOutdoor #Abilene #PowerEquipment https://t.co/YTrNauJC0L

Haha 😂 Ahhhh yes kind sir, what nice chop you have! #FridayMotivation #TexasSpeed https://t.co/1uvDvL7djI

Yellow eyed trouble! Here is the Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT, the GTV6 ancestor with a fantastic 1.8L L4 featured a chain driven 8-valve twin overhead cam cylinder head of cross-flow design (it was the nerd moment). More over, it’s Franck Galiffi 's first love. https://t.co/KMqlGdO51x

@JeremyDrakeford they're all nuts and bolts at end of the day lol. Just be aware that they have a belt driven overhead cam. Becomes exxy

We need to know if you’re with us. If you will revel with us… Help us make the call. Should Dodge and MotorTrend bring Roadkill Nights back to Woodward this summer? @MotorTrend @RoadkillShow Tim Kuniskis, CEO of Dodge //

@Dodge @MotorTrend @RoadkillShow That is an all Aluminum 3.3 V6 , with 24 valves, with Overhead cams, and a Chain driven timing along with Variable Valve timing. do not for get to Super charge or at least use and electric powered Turbo charger

BMW S1000RR Valves In Action: Let’s say you had an inline four motor with gear driven dual overhead cams and four... http://bit.ly/aMH9gf

The #Auto #Reviews Channel: Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Road Cars w/ Gear-Driven Overhead Cams #Autos http://bit.ly/a81ZiQ

@shoeracing @RonCapps28 @NAPARacing @Dodge WOW! Thanks. Wish I could do that. Fastest I’ve driven was 125 when the cops were chasing me in my red duel overhead cams 12 cylinder beauty. We were really racing and I won. Was 18 T the time. Loved that car. Got stolen and found broken up....

Ahhh the 2jz from a supra. Inline 6, belt driven dual overhead cams, twin turbo, air inter cooled piece of powerrrrr, and that's stock.