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New 2020 Mercedes-Benz C200 AMG Line debuts in Malaysia, now with Mercedes Me Connect

complete the sporty look.Inside, the C200 AMG Line is fitted with Artico leather upholstery, galvanised paddle

RM 2,000 rebate for 2020 Honda City E and S variants during Honda’s 12.12 sale

safety equipment like Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and 4 airbags.The mid-spec E variant will also get paddle

Proton X70 CKD: Will the dual-clutch transmission be reliable?

dropped slightly – from 7.8-litres/100 km to 7.5-litres/100 km.Note the steering wheel-mounted paddle

2021 Hyundai Elantra N Line debuts – 204 PS, 264 Nm

It also comes with paddle shifters and Drive Mode Selector system.The Elantra N Line is equipped with

In Brief: Mazda 2 Hatchback, the entry level 'sports car'

variant.Other than that, the top spec Mazda 2 is equipped with head-up display, reverse camera, and paddle

Paddle shift in automatic cars, pretty useful or practically useless?

An increasingly common feature in automatic transmission cars nowadays is paddle shifters. 9 times out

Daihatsu Rocky and Toyota Raize to be exported to 50 countries, no luck for Ativa

Indonesia is also offering the Toyota Raize with a GR Sport variant, offering an all-round bodykit and paddle

4 variants of the 2021 Toyota Vios in Malaysia, but which is the better buy?

MID (GR-S, G, E) Analogue, no MID (J) Steering wheel Tilt adjustable Leather with paddle

All-New 2021 BMW 4 Series (G22): Here's the M Performance parts catalogue

Carbon fibre trim is featured prominently in the steering’s spokes and paddle shifters.

Ready to deliver! Isuzu Malaysia is working to make sure all new owners receive their new D-Max

Now that the government has partially lifted the order, Isuzu Malaysia is working hard to make sure these

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Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky announced for Indonesia – Ativa’s twins going global

The Raize GR-S also adds paddle shifters.Also Read: Leaked: Want this for your Ativa?

Daihatsu Indonesia invested RM 480 million in its plant to build the Rocky

These include a GR-S variant for the Raize which comes with paddle shifters and a manual transmission

New 2020 Honda BR-V gets over 1,400 bookings in its first month on sale

To top it off, the BR-V is now fitted with paddle shifters (V variant only).This 7-seater SUV also comes

Owner Review: Reasonable maintenance cost and low fuel consumption - My 2021 Toyota Yaris 1.5 E

Can be more fun if I install paddle shifters.

All-New Renault Megane R.S. 280 Cup Launched In Malaysia – Priced From RM 279,888

acceleration and deceleration.The 6-speed EDC-equipped Megane R.S. comes with aluminium steering wheel-mounted paddle

What does the local-assembly Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4L bring us?

equipment unchanged, including the 2.4 gettings LED headlights, an electric parking brake, a sunroof, paddle

Leaked: All-New 2020 Toyota RAV4 full specifications revealed before launch!

variants get an 8-way power-adjustable seat with memory functions only on the driver’s seat, paddle

New 2020 Honda BR-V facelift comes with paddle shifters, priced up RM 9k

facelift is now available for those looking for a more aggressive looking BR-V that even comes with paddle

2020 Mazda CX-3 Limited Edition is RM 14k more expensive, but we want one!

standard CX-3 - LED headlamps, 7.0-inch MZD touchscreen infotainment system, 10-way powered drivers seat, paddle

Deal breakers: 2020 Peugeot 3008 – Love the car, wished it came with AEB

It is not lacking in convenience features either with the digital instrument cluster, paddle shifters

Used car buying guide: GM2 Honda City - Which variant to get, what to look out for

Honda City introduced a number of segment-first features, including a two-step reclining rear seat, paddle

All-new 2020 Honda City debuts in Singapore: New 1.5L DOHC engine, from SGD 93k

Sportier front bumper LED front fog lights Combination suede and fabric seats 8-speaker audio system Paddle

Naza Kia Malaysia working towards resuming sales of 2020 Kia Sorento and Kia Sportage

regarding the specifics behind the supply disruption.A company spokesperson says Naza Kia Malaysia is working

New Lexus RX launched in Malaysia – priced from RM 399,888

Apart from that, the new Lexus RX also receives paddle shifters, a phone holder in the centre console

Leaked: Want this for your Ativa? Indonesia-spec Toyota Raize GR Sport gets paddle shifters!

activate its fierce sideInside, the only telling difference that this is the GR Sport variant is a pair of paddle

2021 MG HS – What is it and can it challenge the Proton X70?

of the MG HS have intensified recently, hinting that the company behind the iconic British brand is working

Top-5 best-looking new car interiors that belong in an art museum

Every little detail such as the angle of the steering wheel, the feel and position of the paddle shifters

2020 Toyota Vios facelift launched in the Philippines, Malaysia to get it in 2021?

variants also have keyless entry and ignition, power-folding side mirrors, Eco and Sport driving modes, paddle

Mazda MX-5 RF facelift launched; now with BSM, RCTA, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

7,000 rpm and 205 Nm at 4,000 rpm. 2 transmissions are on offer a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle

Live Photos: 2020 Honda City Turbo RS at the Bangkok International Motor Show

and Android Auto, as well as automatic air-conditioning.Besides paddle shifters, the multi-function steering

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Jesus this is complex. Working gear box and paddle shifters 🤯 https://t.co/8YOVcd6H86

The #F12019Game stream begins now w/ the launch of our career. Suited up, just going to do a quick repair on the wheel to start the stream. Want to get one of my paddle shifters working again if I can. https://t.co/2RbuUGA4Gn https://t.co/Y7v7ZWUgRr

The build continues on the @Porsche RS 3 model by l@LEGO_Group. This is amazing with working PDK & paddle shifters. https://t.co/3A1eILLf8x

The paddle shifters working perfectly. The engineering in this model is mind blowing. https://t.co/s1xJNoRd0Q

voila over the course of two nights and one afternoon the technic Bugatti Chiron is complete with working -steering column -w16 engine -adjustable rear spoiler -doors -8 speed transmission w/ paddle shifters https://t.co/VjfYxBFeqI

Quick business trip to Davos, shame to leave the bike at home, having a blast anyway tho, paddle shifters working overtime 🤘 https://t.co/wEV5NNMAkN

Working paddle shifters of the GT3 RS. Very satisfying, @MaloneMaurice was right. https://t.co/qcBlpiyuEe

Announced this morning, Vantage 007 Edition developed by the #QbyAstonMartin team pays tribute to the V8 Vantage seen in The Living Daylights and is set to appear again in No Time To Die. Features include Cumberland Grey paint ctd...... #NoTimeToDie #LicenseToThrill #AstonMartin https://t.co/IpRFnyv6LW

Mitsubishi Montero Sport GLS 2017 Automatic transmission (+/- paddle shifters) First owned (Under our name) Registered Keyless entry Push start Stock headunit w/ working GPS LED interior lights Super fresh exterior Org 2keys Complete documents Fully paid P1,350,000 Slightly Neg https://t.co/tTYoRHaCXx

Just had first service on new Honda. The DCT is working out nicely. Shifting is very smooth. I do use the paddle shifters sometimes. https://t.co/UdTv7GkFF5

paddle shifters working Q&A Review

When a car has paddle shifters does it still have a manual clutch?

No, the clutch is automated if you have paddle shifters. However the way those paddle shifters work (and the type of transmission they control) can differ widely. The best use of paddle shifters is with a modern “dual clutch” automated manual transmissions, because in most applications it provides instant shifting, and faster than a human could do it with a clutch/shifter combo. However these days manufacturers are pairing paddle shifters with all sorts of transmissions such as regular torque converter automatics, and the worst….CVT’s. (which don’t even have gears to shift)

Why is it so hard to down-shift to 1st gear unless at dead stop?

The ratio difference between 2nd and 1st gear is large, so to shift into 1st the synchronizer needs to do a lot of work to speed up the input shaft of the transmission. First gear synchronizer is generally also not as strong as 2nd gear synchronizer, making the effort larger. To get into 1st at 'high' speeds (>10mph), try double clutching into 1st gear with a rev match. This will lessen the load on the synchros and make it easier to move into 1st. In a vehicle with DCT or paddle shifters, there is no direct mechanical connection between your shifter and the gearbox, thus there is no extra effort. Most DCT/paddle shifter transmissions will blip the engine to perform a rev-match to get into first.

Are there any Ferrari cars with automatic transmission?

Since the mid 90’s, no Ferrari has a clutch pedal. Most cars, if not all, have paddle shifters, which can be “"turned off” so you are just driving an automatic. I work at Ferrari, and we do actually want to sell some cars, so thats part of the reasoning. (Of course, I work in the design department, so that's not my specialty) I personally would rather drive a car with a full fledged manual.

Do you have to shift gears when in sport mode or does it still work as an automatic?

Sport mode in my particular car still shifts as an automatic except if you engage the paddle shifters (more on that). Sport mode changes the gas pedal reaction to be more aggressive, the shifts are at a higher RPM, and they are harder. It will also hold gears if you feather the throttle, or level out your acceleration. If you engage the paddle shifters in sport, you drive it as a manual. It will not shift for you, other than not allowing you to harm the engine by overrevving or lugging. If you engage in the paddle shifters in normal mode, it will also drive as a manual, but it will return itself to full automatic within a few seconds. That usage is good if you want to downshift a gear or two to overtake, or enjoy a winding road.

Are all Lamborghini's automatic or manual?

NO NO they manual…………….they have automated clutch system………………….but the paddle shifters works according to us

What made you purchase Jazz instead of Baleno or any other similar priced hatchback?

I was all set to buy the Baleno in 2017. It was sleek, sexy, good features, etc. I did not like the Jazz in the earlier avatar. I was so prejudiced that I did not even look at the new one. Baleno is all and one that I was looking at. So I visited the NEXT showroom. I took a test drive. I was bit disappointed that some of the features were available only in the top variant and it was not automatic. However, I was ready to compromise. Then the showroom salesman dropped the atomic weapon. I will have to wait for 6 months. It was that heavy back ordered. Some colours were even more so - up to 8 months. I was bummed. I wanted a car immediately because I wanted to lease it (,Prasanna Bhalerao's answer to How does leasing of car to IT companies work in Bangalore?,). So reluctantly I was forced to look at other options. I looked at Ford Ecosport, Ford Aspire, Hyundai Creta, Honda Jazz, and VW Polo. The Creta was far too overpriced in my opinion (it was not a question of affordability). The EcoSport was nice and quite acceptable but features were outdated. Did not find the Aspire to “aspire”. The VW Polo was superb to drive. The best of the lot. But After Sales Service was reputed to be bad. The Jazz was not the best at everything but ticked all boxes. It had huge space and nearly as spacious as Creta, it was good to drive with the paddle shifters, and generally pleasing to look at. So had it not been an availability issue, I would have been driving the Baleno which I think is inferior to the Jazz in quite a few respects. My opinion, of course.

How are paddle shifters supposed to work when you have an automatic CVT engine?

In general, CVTs (when used with a paddle shifter setup) are programmed to imitate a geared automatic transmission (DCT or torque converter type, for the purpose of imitating by a CVT, they're almost the same). There'll be a certain number of pre-programmed gear ratios and the transmission will quickly and smoothly swap between ratios based on input by the paddles; the computer will ignore invalid input i.e. requests to put the engine outside of its safe operating RPM range. This also means it'll probably automatically simulate shifts when changes in speed would push the engine below minimum or above redline (maximum) RPMs. Note, many modern CVTs are already programmed to do simulated shifts when operating at high load (high noise levels) because it just sounds annoying to have an engine rev to its power peak and noisily stay there. Drivers like it better when the engine pitch goes up and down instead of droning at a high volume and high pitch

How do paddle shifters work on a CVT?

I guess would = length of time paddle pressed = how much gearing changes by.

How do paddle shifter work and why do only high end sport cars have them?

A paddle shifter is most useful on an automated manual transmission, also known as a dual clutch transmission. These are extremely fast shifting and efficient transmissions. In race mode, they can be driven on a track competitively, using the paddle shifters to shift up and down, or you can actually leave it in drive and it will put you into the correct mode (at least on a Porsche this works very well). In the future, I wouldn’t be surprised to find them in most fossil fuel vehicles. They are super efficient. The draw back is that, for some purists like myself, they aren’t as much fun to drive.