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Android Auto boleh dapat harga RM20 je! Macam mana caranya?

Sistem infotainmen yang didatangkan dengan fungsi Android Auto atau Apple CarPlay kadangkala jadi satu titik penentu bagi pembeli kereta baru. Kalau tak ada sistem ini, ‘cancel’. Setakat ini, sistem ini dianggap sebagai salah satu sistem infotainmen yang sangat praktikal dan digemari ramai atas sebab-sebab berikut: Ia membolehkan pemandu mengakses aplikasi seperti Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, dan WhatsApp dengan mudah dan ‘seamless’ terus dari skrin paparan kereta. Kawalan aplikasi tidak perlu di


Jan 22, 2021

Why your next car should come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

I remember the first time I tried Android Auto – it was back in 2016 with the debut of the all-new tenth-generation Honda Civic. I plugged my phone via USB into the Civic, went through a few confirmation screens on my phone and started Android Auto itself. Android Auto, as how Google envisioned it, is their answer to bridging smartphones and in-car infotainment, allowing drivers to enjoy a tailored Google experience while driving. In case you’re wondering, Android Auto is strictly limited to And


Sep 27, 2019

How to get Android Auto on any car for just RM 20!

Trust us when we say Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are make-or-break features when it comes to buying a new car in Malaysia. But not everyone of us can go after a new car in this economic climate, so we'll show you the next best thing - getting Android Auto to work on the car you already own. I installed a relatively cheap (~RM 300) Android-based touchscreen headunit in my 2003 Toyota Vios, and this guide will help you get Android Auto running on something similar installed in your


Jan 17, 2021

A new car with Android Auto from just RM50k? Here's the list of the cheapest cars with it

It is no surprise that I am a strong believer of Android Auto – it encompasses everything you could possibly ask for in an infotainment system, including voice command, navigation, and music streaming. There's no need to fawn over the Proton X70's voice command, which we have to add, doesn't come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. With Android Auto, you use voice control to read/reply WhatsApp messages and enter a destination to Google Maps or Waze, as well as selecting your playlist on Spotify


Dec 5, 2019

2020 Toyota Corolla Altis finally gets Apple Car Play & Android Auto in Malaysia, priced from RM 128,888

UMW Toyota Motor has just updated the Toyota Corolla Altis with a brand-new head unit, giving the C-segment sedan Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support. Yes, the Corolla Altis is the latest Toyota model to adopt this feature, putting it closer in line to its rivals - the Honda Civic and Mazda 3. In the Corolla Altis, the new head unit boasts a larger 9.0-inch capacitive touchscreen, an improvement over the older unit's 6.8-inch display. Toyota has mentioned that the brand new head unit is only


Jun 1, 2020

With Android Auto, these SUVs will obey to your commands

The headlining must-have tech as we enter the new decade is Android Auto. Since its introduction in 2014, the system has received mixed receptions with one country’s antitrust unit actually filing a complaint case against it. Fast-forward to 2019, many car manufacturers are fitting Android Auto in cars as standard. Did you know that the cheapest car you can get with Android Auto is the Kia Picanto? Here are 5 SUVs that you didn’t know come complete with Android Auto: Hyundai Tucson Available on:


Dec 7, 2019

Google updates Android Auto, but biggest bug still remains

Google recently released a new update for Android Auto that includes a number of fixes. Despite that, the most crucial feature of Android Auto remains broken – Google Assistant. Even in the latest update (version 5.1.500644), Google Assistant does not respond to voice input, rendering Android Auto practically useless. At least Google has acknowledged the issue and stated that it is caused by a bug in Google Assistant, not Android Auto, which explains why the latest version of Android auto does n


Apr 1, 2020

There’s a Doraemon Car Driving Challenge game that you can play on your PC

If you are sitting at home, bored with your unproductive life (because your wife is doing all the housework while dressed up pretty and cute?), know that there exists a Doraemon car driving game. The game is pretty old, but chances are, you didn’t know about until today. You can play it here on your browser. It’s a Flash media game so you will need to enable Adobe Flash Player on your browser.The premise of the game is pretty simple. Doraemon drives an open-top truck (because she is done doing t


Apr 1, 2020

Wireless Android Auto is now available on selected BMW models

BMW recently released a new video showcasing the recently-updated BMW 5 Series running wireless Android Auto, roughly 6 months after announcing their plans to include support for Android users. With that in place, BMW models running on Operating System 7.0 now support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both wirelessly. As shown in the video, once the phone is paired to the car, no cables are required for Android Auto to run. Just place the phone in the Qi wireless charging pad and you’re good


Jun 30, 2020

Geely joins the driverless car game with Baidu’s help

Geely Holdings will join forces with Baidu to build a driverless electric car on Geely’s new Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) platform. The strategic partnership will focus primarily on the joint research, development, and production of intelligent and connected electric vehicles. Note, “intelligent” here meaning self-driving cars. The partnership could see the Geely Group roll out their first set of autonomous cars, or better known as driverless cars, as it will feature technology from


Jan 11, 2021

2020 Lexus ES updated in Malaysia - now with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Based on Lexus Malaysia’s official website, the Lexus ES’s infotainment system has just been upgraded with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The 2019 Lexus ES is still quite a new car in Malaysia as the car was launched just last September. But for a RM 300k car, the ES was noticeably missing Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Now the ES joins the Lexus RX and Lexus NX that comes with both connections. The ES's infotainment system will also allow owners to seamlessly connect Apple CarPlay and Android


Jun 29, 2020

Japan to launch updated Daihatsu Rocky, adds Android Auto and aero fins

Since its introduction in November 2019, the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky have proven to be a sales success, with almost 158k units sold in 2020 alone. For the SUVs’ 2021 model year, Japanese media have reported that Daihatsu will be rolling out some minor improvements for the models. Also Read: Toyota Raize/Daihatsu Rocky, see its transformation from concept to production The first update is the addition of Android Auto on the 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system. At the moment, the system


Feb 28, 2021

Toyota Corolla Altis baharu 2020 di Malaysia. Kini dengan Android Auto dan Apple Car Play.

Toyota Corolla Altis UMW Toyota Motor baru sahaja mengemas kini Toyota Corolla Altis dengan head unit yang baru dengan fungsi Android Auto dan Apple CarPlay pada sedan segmen C tersebut. Toyota Corolla Altis merupakan model Toyota terbaru yang diberikan fungsi itu. Dengan langkah tersebut, Corolla Altis dilihat semakin kompetitif dengan Honda Civic and Mazda 3. Head unit baharu itu menawarkan skrin sesentuh kapasitif 9.0 inci yang lebih besar, sebuah peningkatan yang ketara berbanding paparan 6.


Jun 2, 2020

Leaked: All-New 2020 Toyota RAV4 full specifications revealed before launch!

As you know the all-new 2020 Toyota RAV4 will be launched in Malaysia on 18th June 2020. But before the launch, the full brochure of the new SUV has been revealed along with the price. UMW Toyota will be offering 2 variants, but the only difference between the two variants is the engine options. The range-topping variant will be powered by a Dynamic Force 2.5-litre A25A-FKS petrol engine that produces 207 PS and 243 Nm. The base-spec variant will be powered by a Dynamic Force 2.0-litre M20A-FKS


Jun 10, 2020

Volvo Car Group has sold more than 600,000 CMA platform cars since launch

First introduced in 2017 as part of Volvo Car Group’s goal to produce a highly-flexible vehicle platform, the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform now underpins 600,000 vehicles worldwide since July 2020. The number is achieved in less than 3 years! The CMA platform was co-developed by Volvo Cars and Zhejiang Geely Holding (Geely) after Geely acquired the Swedish brand in August 2010. Thanks to its modular design, Geely is able to share the platform across other affiliated car brands like


Aug 4, 2020

Kenapa kereta anda wajib ada Apple CarPlay dan Android Auto? Ini sebabnya

Dengan zaman yang berteknologi tinggi pada hari ini, kita sering bergantung pada telefon pintar. Kini, ia diibarat seperti nyawa kedua buat pengguna. Bukan setakat alat berhubung semata-mata, telefon pintar turut digunakan sebagai sumber hiburan dan maklumat. Malah ia juga digunakan sebagai pemandu arah buat urusan harian anda. Bercakap mengenai urusan harian, sudah tentu ramai menggunakan kereta untuk ke destinasi yang dituju. Seperti yang anda tahu, menggunakan telefon ketika memandu boleh men


Jan 15, 2021

RM 1,055 to upgrade your Mazda with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Good news for owners of older Mazda models with the MZD Connect infotainment system, as you can opt to upgrade the system to support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The upgrade costs RM 1,055, though for Mazda Privilege Card holders, the price is just RM 908.40 - 15% cheaper. Both prices are inclusive of labour. Which models are applicable? This upgrade is applicable to these Mazda models: 2015 to 2019 Mazda 2 (DJ generation, Pre-facelift) 2014 to 2018 Mazda 3 (BM generation) 2015 to 2018 M


Jul 1, 2020

只需RM 20,什么车都能用Android Auto!

相信我们,在马来西亚,Android Auto和Apple CarPlay连接功能常常影响是新车销量的关键因素。但在目前的经济形势下,并不是每个人都买得起新车。所以,这次我们为大家带来了另一个好东西——为你现在驾的车子追加Android Auto功能。 在我自己的2003 Toyota Vios上,我安装了一个比较便宜(~RM 300)的Android系统触控荧幕中控,而只要你的车子上用的也是类似的中控,那么跟着下面的指南做就OK了! 不是所有的Android中控都支持Android Auto吗? 这是一个常见的误区,采用Android系统的多媒体中控与原生搭载Android Auto功能的中控是不同的。一些无良商家可能会用“Android Auto”作为噱头,但只要去制造商的网站查一下,你就能知道真相了。 原生支持Android Auto的中控(也就是不像本次指南一样需要其它app),通常都要比普通的Android系统中控要贵。 在说明了这一点之后,让我们继续下文。 第一步:在中控上安装Headunit Reloaded 将中控联网之后,打开Google Play Store,搜索“


Jan 21, 2021

New 2020 Toyota Hilux facelift, how does it compare with the older model?

About a week ago, photos depicting the upcoming 2020 Toyota Hilux facelift surfaced onto the internet, giving us a look at the new model. As before, the range-topping Hilux gets Bi-LED projector headlights, but for its 2020 update, the design of the LED headlights have been improved over the older model, now with a more angular design. Lower variants will soldier on with halogen headlights, but with a different design. The front-end of the Hilux facelift is inspired by the US market Toyota Tacom


Apr 30, 2020

Lexus NX updated for Malaysia - now with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

The 2020 Lexus NX in Malaysia is now fitted with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard. The revision has also been extended to the Lexus ES. That said, the 8.0-inch infotainment display remains the same, similar to the Lexus ES (ES 250 Premium) and Lexus RX (RX 300 Premium). Upper variants of the Lexus ES (ES 250 Luxury) and RX (RX 300 Luxury, RX 300 F Sport) are fitted with a larger 12.3-inch unit. To recap, back in 2019, the Lexus NX was given a rather comprehensive update, whereby all va


Jun 29, 2020

Powered by Android, looks like Hot Wheels – Polestar Precept EV to enter production in 2023

What you’re looking at is the future. Literally. Polestar, the electric vehicle (EV) joint venture between Volvo and Geely has announced that the Polestar Precept will be seeing production in around 3 years’ time. The four-door electric grand tourer concept was supposed to be unveiled publicly at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show before it got canceled. The Precept was a showcase for the ambitious Chinese-Swedish brand in both design and the use of sustainable materials. The design got so much rave rea

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 28, 2020

Daihatsu Rocky将在日本推出升级款,追加Android Auto和导风翼片

自从在2019年11月上市以来,Toyota Raize和Daihatsu Rocky一直表现得十分亮眼,仅2020年销量就都达到了158k辆。 而据日本媒体的报道,这款SUV的2021年款车型将会追加一些小升级。 推荐阅读:Toyota Raize/Daihatsu Rocky, see its transformation from concept to production 第一个升级,便是为9英寸的多媒体荧幕追加了Android Auto功能。目前,这个多媒体系统还仅支持Apple CarPlay和SmartDeviceLink(SDL)。 推荐阅读:Why your next car should come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay 除了升级多媒体系统以外,据说升级版的Raize和Rocky还将为侧面后视镜追加导风翼片。这些小翼片据称可以提升车子的高速稳定性以及燃油经济性。 这些升级将在3月1日后推出。 回顾一下,Toyota Raize和Daihatsu Rocky是A/B级SUV,我国即将上市的2021 Perodua D55L


Mar 4, 2021

New 2020 Mazda 2 facelift – Price up, from RM104k, adds GVC Plus, Android Auto

Bermaz Auto has opened bookings for the new 2020 Mazda 2 facelift in Malaysia, days after discontinuing the Mid Spec variants of its popular B-segment model. As such, only the high spec variants of the Mazda 2 (with LED headlights) remain. The new 2020 Mazda 2 Sedan and Hatchback facelift will be priced as below: Mazda 2 Sedan: RM 103,670 Mazda 2 Hatchback: RM 103,670 Mazda 2 Sedan (Soul Red Crystal): RM 104,170 Mazda 2 Hatchback (Soul Red Crystal): RM 104,170 Optional accessories for the new 20


Mar 2, 2020

Hyundai Kona Facelift revealed: New mild-hybrid option, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Unlike usual facelift cycles, Hyundai has made quite a huge change to the looks of the new 2020 Hyundai Kona facelift. Not only does the B-segment SUV look radically different, but it also comes with mild-hybrid options, an upgraded interior, a special Kona N-Line variant and even wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. As mentioned, the new Kona looks radically different from the pre-facelift. The most noticeable difference is the location of the Hyundai logo, it is now located on the new wide


Sep 2, 2020

Volvo rolls out new Android-based infotainment system on more models

Volvo’s Android-based infotainment system that first made its debut on the Volvo XC40 Recharge will soon be made available on more models. Volvo will be rolling out the update in phases. The next model to offer users the convenience of Google and other Android products from the Google Play Store will be the recently refreshed 2022 Volvo XC60. The Volvo S90, V90, and V90 Cross Country are scheduled to follow next. The new infotainment system is a product of a close collaboration between Volvo and


Mar 11, 2021

Review: 2020 Toyota RAV4 2.5 – The perfect car for humble rich people

Toyota cars are ubiquitous. The Toyota Vios, Toyota Corolla, and the Toyota Hilux are common sights on our roads. Even Toyota luxury MPVs like the Alphard and Vellfire are seen just about everywhere in Malaysia. However, the same could not be said about the 2020 Toyota RAV4. At a price tag of RM 223,880 (with SST), the 2020 Toyota RAV4 is expensive. And from a value perspective, it doesn't make any sense. The RAV4 doesn't offer much more value over its cheaper rivals, and that further repels pot


Oct 1, 2020

Mazda MX-5 RF facelift launched; now with BSM, RCTA, Apple Carplay and Android Auto

In line with Mazda’s centenary celebrations, Bermaz Motors has also opened the books for the new 2020 Mazda MX-5 RF facelift, alongside the Mazda CX-9 and Mazda2. CBU from Japan, the new MX-5 RF now comes with new gadgets and safety systems with an asking price of RM 266,154. On the outside, the MX-5 RF received minimal changes with only an updated Mazda badging and fonts design to show. Tech lovers would be happy to know that the MX-5 RF’s Mazda Connect Infotainment display has been updated wit


Mar 2, 2020

Android Auto for BMW models in Malaysia will arrive in 2021, details TBA

It’s been a long time coming, but BMW owners in Malaysia can soon look forward to Android Auto support in 2021, complementing Apple CarPlay. During the introduction of the 2020 BMW M135i and 2020 BMW X1 sDrive18i, BMW Malaysia also stated that they will offer support for Android Auto on selected models running on BMW OS 7.0 starting 2021. While the company’s announcement is good news for Android users, further details were lacking, such as wireless support and cost. Yes, cost. Back in 2019, BMW


Jul 24, 2020

Google rolls out new Android Auto update, should fix voice command for some

A couple of days ago, Google rolled out a new update for the Google app, which should fix the voice command bug that plagued users. The new update increases the version number to 11.2.11, though Google did not release a changelog for what’s new. To check and see if Google has indeed fixed this long-standing issue, I updated Android Auto and Google App to the latest available version. Upon plugging my phone to my head unit, the Google Assistant still fails to respond to voice commands, and I stil


Apr 6, 2020

2021 Nissan Magnite quietly launched in Indonesia; 360-degree camera, Android Auto

As we have mentioned a few days ago, Nissan is set to launch its smallest SUV in Indonesia. Sure enough, the 2021 Nissan Magnite arrived in the country without much fanfare and bearing specs similar to the Magnite in India. The Magnite slots below the Nissan Kicks which was also launched in Indonesia earlier this year. The new Nissan Magnite in Indonesia is powered by a HRA0 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine that produces 100 PS and 160 Nm. The car also comes with a choice of 2 transmissi


Dec 22, 2020