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Ford Ranger is Vietnam’s best-selling car in March 2021, outsells Hilux nearly 4.5 times!

You’re not reading the headline wrongly. The Ford Ranger is indeed the best-selling car in Vietnam for the month of March with 2,171 units sold. That is slightly more than the second best-seller, the Hyundai Accent (2,094 units). In fact, the Ford Ranger has been dominating pick-up sales in the country so far with a combined total of 3,873 units sold during the first 3 months of 2021. March was definitely a month of madness for the Blue Oval as the Ranger took nearly 75% market share in the pick

CY FoongCY Foong

Apr 15, 2021

Renault Clio overtakes Volkswagen Golf as Europe’s best-selling car

According to Jato Dynamic’s monthly report, the Renault Clio, with 24,915 units registered, has dethroned the Volkswagen Golf, which recorded 24,735 registrations, as the best-selling car in Europe in February 2020. Based on the collected statistics, the effect of Covid-19 has yet affected car sales in Europe the previous month. February registered a 7 percent drop in car sales compared to 7.6 percent in January though analysers are anticipating a larger drop in coming months. But the more shock


Apr 2, 2020

Proton Saga has overtaken Perodua Myvi as Malaysia's best-selling car!

Proton Saga Despite the movement control order’s partial lift, Proton managed to sell 5,676 cars in the month of May 2020. This represents 23.3 percent market share of the month and an improvement of 73.2 percent compared to March and April. The number of cars Proton sold in May might be a huge difference (46.5 percent to be exact) compared to the number of cars sold in 2019 of the same month, Proton is remaining positive. Proton X70 The company believes this is marks the upward sales trend of t


Jun 4, 2020

What are some of the best-selling cars globally?

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly put a damper on global car sales. According to data collected from Germany’s VDA, passenger vehicle sales in the largest car markets in the world contracted by 15% last year to 56 million vehicles from 65.5 million in 2019. Still, there can only be one car that represents that country’s best-seller. However, we won’t be filling up this article with one from every country in the world. That would be a pretty long list. Instead, we will select 25 countries sorte

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 21, 2021

Top Rank: 2019’s Top 10 best-selling SUVs in the world

There is no denying that SUVs now dominate the global car market. Competition is tough in the SUV market with more and more manufacturers jumping on the SUV bandwagon. With so many options out there, which SUV trumped the rest of its competition and sold the most in the world in 2019? Based on CarIndustryAnalysis/ Felipe Munoz's charts, here’s 2019’s top-10 best-selling SUVs in the world. #1 Toyota RAV4 While Malaysia is only just getting to know the new and very expensive TNGA 2020 Toyota RAV4,


Jul 26, 2020

Pros and cons, 2018 Perodua Myvi: Why is it the best-selling car in Malaysia?

Perodua Myvi Ferrari F8 Spider, McLaren GT, 2018 Perodua Myvi, Lamborghini Huracan, etc. These are some of the finest supercars out there and that's why the Perodua Myvi is so successful. Jokes aside, the Perodua Myvi has been the best-selling car in Malaysia for a while now and Malaysians love it. But every now and again, we do get asked if the Perodua Myvi is a good choice. Well, why don’t we run through the things that make the Myvi such a compelling choice for so many, and talk about some of


May 16, 2020

Korea’s best-selling car is not the Hyundai Sonata, but something rarely exported

The Hyundai Sonata might be the representative icon of Korean cars but you might be surprised to know that Korea’s best-selling car for 2020 is not a Hyundai Sonata, or any SUV. Instead, Korea’s No.1 selling car for 2020 is the Hyundai Grandeur. Hyundai sold 145,463 units of the Grandeur in 2020, making it the No.1 selling car in Korea, ahead of second-placed Hyundai Porter truck (95,194 units) and third-placed Hyundai Elantra (87,731 units). The Kia K5 (84,550 units) and Kia Sorento (82,275 uni


Jan 25, 2021

The world's best selling MPV in 2020 is the Wuling Hongguang! Say what?

Yes, believe it or not, the best-selling MPV in the world is an MPV from China named the Wuling Hongguang. According to Focus2Move, this is the fourth year running the Hongguang took the crown as the best-selling MPV in the world, selling over 100,000 units more than the second place MPV, the Honda Odyssey in 2020 alone. The Wuling Hongguang is produced by SAIC-GM-Wuling, it is currently in its second generation launched back in 2018 and sold only in China. We’re not pulling your leg. Only the f


Feb 4, 2021

In Brief: New Honda Civic 2019, Best-Selling C-Segment Sedan In Malaysia

(New Honda Civic 2019 Model | Gallery) New Honda Civic 2019 iss Malaysia’s best-selling non-national C-Segment sedan. For young executives and families looking for a sporty, spacious and well-equipped sedan, the new Honda Civic 2019 is an attractive package. What is the price of New Honda Civic 2019? The New Honda Civic 2019 is a five-door C-segment sedan and Honda Malaysia offers three variants priced between RM 108,165 to RM 128,631. There are two petrol engines to choose from, a 1.8-litre nat

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Aug 30, 2019

Perodua Myvi is still the best-selling car in Malaysia in 2019

There is a lot of hate online surrounding the Perodua Myvi for its subpar driving experience and subpar perceived quality. But Perodua’s sales number for 2019 paints a different story. Perodua sold 240,341 cars in 2019 and the Myvi emerged as the company’s best-seller followed by the Axia, Bezza, Aruz and Alza. This is a year-on-year jump of 13,098 units (+5.8%) compared to 2018. Sales breakdown are as follows: Model Units Perodua Myvi 81,966 Perodua Axia 67,267 Perodua Bezza 45,656 Perodua Aruz

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jan 21, 2020

Honda CR-V returns as Thailand’s best-selling C-SUV in Jan 2021

The year 2020 ended very well for the MG HS with it taking the title of Thailand’s best-selling C-segment SUV ahead of the Honda CR-V. However, the first month of 2021 showed a shift in tide with the CR-V taking the No. 1 position. But only just, as the gap between the first place CR-V and the second-placed MG HS is only 20 units. Honda moved 458 units of the CR-V in January while 438 units of the MG HS were moved in the same period. This gave the CR-V 30% market share while the HS got 28.7% mar

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 16, 2021

Geely Binyue (Coolray) is now Philippines' best-selling sub-compact SUV

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic causing the automotive industry to come to a halt in 2020, Geely Philippines' market performance has still been very strong. According to CarGuide.ph, the Geely Binyue, sold as the Coolray in the Philippines (which is essentially the upcoming Proton X50 in Malaysia) has emerged as the top-selling 5-seater sub-compact SUV, selling 154 units in June. Cumulatively, Geely Philippines ranks 10th in overall sales for the month with 184 units combined sales of the Coolray,


Jul 17, 2020

Plot Twist: The MG ZS is the best-selling small SUV in the Philippines, not the Geely Binyue

Two weeks ago, we reported that the Geely Binyue, which is sold in the Philippines as the Geely Coolray, is the best-selling small SUV there, but MG has since clarified that the MG ZS is apparently the best-selling model. According to a report by visor.ph, MG said that they sold 208 units of the ZS in June, putting itself comfortably ahead of the Geely Binyue/Coolray, which only managed to shift 154 units. Trailing behind the Coolray in third place is the Suzuki Jimny (112 units). How did this h


Aug 5, 2020

Volkswagen Tiguan overtakes the Golf as VW's best-selling model

The production of Volkswagen Tiguan just broke six million mark globally, making it as the best-selling Volkswagen model in the world over the Golf. Over two generations have been produced, with the outgoing, second-generation model grabbing the most amount of sales since it was introduced in 2016. According to Volkswagen, a brand new Tiguan rolls of the production line every 35 seconds on average out of its four plants across four different time zones. A total of 910,926 units of current-genera

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 21, 2020

Hyundai Accent surpasses City and Vios as Vietnam’s best-selling B-segment sedan in Jan 2021

While Malaysian buyers tend to prefer Japanese cars over Korean cars, in Vietnam, it seems that the opposite is the case. The Kia Seltos was the best-selling B-segment SUV there in January 2021 and the same goes for the Hyundai Accent in the B-segment sedan category. According to a sales report by Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (VAMA), 1,799 units of the Hyundai Accent were delivered in January 2021. This accounts for 29.5% market share, followed by the Honda City with 25.9% marke

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 24, 2021

Proton sold 11,411 cars in November 2020 - X50 is the best-selling B-segment SUV!

Proton has sold 11,411 cars in November 2020, an 18% improvement from November 2019. In total, Proton has sold 96,410 cars in 2020 - 7.5% better than last year. As expected, the 2020 Proton X50 was rather hotly received, being the best-selling B-segment SUV in Malaysia. Here's how Proton did last month: Proton November 2020 Sales Figures Model Units sold in Nov 2020 Proton Saga 4,279 Proton X70 2,157 Proton Persona 1,942 Proton X50 1,756 Proton Iriz 637 Proton Exora 629 Proton X50 waiting list Y


Dec 2, 2020

Perodua Bezza Is The Best-Selling Sub-1.0L Sedan In Sri Lanka

1,500 units sold since June 2017 debut Sole 1.0L variant offered for sale Roughly 3,000 Axias sold in Sri Lanka since 2015 After two years of being on sale in Sri Lanka, the Perodua Bezza is now the best-selling sub-1.0-litre sedan. As of the first seven months of 2019, the Perodua Bezza leads the sub-1.0-litre segment in terms of new vehicle sales, across all body styles. Unimo Enterprises, the local distributor of Perodua vehicles in Sri Lanka has sold 1,500 units of the Bezza since it was int


Aug 26, 2019

What are the all-time top selling cars ever sold in the world?

It is always exciting to welcome the arrival of a whole new model, but we often neglect the classics that shaped the brand by outselling all its competitors and becoming the best-selling cars in history. Here are the 5 top selling cars in the world. According to Automotive News Europe’s statistics, the top selling car model of all time since its launch is the Toyota Corolla. Launched in 1966, the Corolla has since sold more than 45 million cars in the world. Second in the ranking is the Ford F-S


Mar 25, 2020

Selling your car soon? Here's how to ensure you get the highest price

After a couple years of using your car, the time will eventually come when you will need to sell it off. And when that time comes, how do you ensure that you can sell it off at a higher price? Selling your car? Get the best offer here: Trade in User's Car Form An oil change and servicing would be good First things first, when it comes to selling your old car, it’s crucial to fix it up. Start with giving the car a service, replacing all the necessary oils and fluids. Whether or not you want to se


Mar 30, 2021

Geely Coolray (Proton X50) is among the Philippines' top 10 best-selling passenger cars of 2020

Just like how the Proton X50 is getting the attention among Malaysians, so is the Geely Coolray in the Philippines. The X50’s Filipino twin has sold 2,158 units in 2020 which puts it in the top 10 best-selling passenger vehicles in the country for that year. This was based on a January 2021 report that was released by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI). CAMPI is the Filipino equivalent of the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) in which both compile month

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 16, 2021

Toyota Raize overtakes Corolla as Japan’s No.1 selling new car

Japan’s best-selling car is no longer the Toyota Corolla, but the Toyota Raize. Since it went on sale in Japan last November, the Raize has been climbing up the sales charts. In the first six months of 2020, the Toyota Raize was sold 58,942 times over, surpassing the Toyota Corolla’s 57,235 units and Honda Fit (Jazz)’s 50,029 units. Its sister-car the Daihatsu Rocky, which the Toyota Raize is based on, didn’t sell as well though, with just 17,455 units sold. This is to be expected. Although the


Jul 6, 2020

2020 Honda City is now Thailand’s best-selling B-segment sedan

South-East Asia’s toughest car market is still the B-segment sedan, but yet, according to Headlightmag, the 2020 Honda City managed to reign supreme in the Thai B-segment sedan market between January to June 2020. Based on Headlightmag’s ranking charts, the top-selling B-segment sedans in the first half of 2020 are mostly made up of cars launched at the end of last year. The Honda City, in particular, was launched in November 2019 at the Bangkok Motor Expo. When the all-new fifth-generation City


Aug 3, 2020

What paperwork do you need before selling your car?

It’s time to sell your car. You’ve already figured out how to get the highest price and how to clean the interior, but how do you sell your car without going through a used car dealer? Assuming that you’ve somehow managed to find for a buyer that’s willing to buy your old car, there are some steps to follow before you can sell off your old car. Also Read: Selling your car soon? Here's how to ensure you get the highest price If it’s a cash sale and there’s no outstanding loan, it’s pretty straigh


Apr 6, 2021

Top Rank: What are the worst-selling cars in Malaysia?

Finding the perfect car is the motto here at WapCar but "perfect" can be pretty subjective. After all, sometimes you want a car that fits your personality. Instead of going for the safe option, you would choose an alternative for wanting to stand out. For example, choosing a Kia Picanto over a Perodua Axia, a Citroen C3 Aircross over a Perodua Myvi, a Renault Koleos over a Honda CR-V, or even a Toyota RAV4 over a BMW X1. Wait, that last one is more on price than sharing the same segment but you

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 9, 2020

New car prices are going up not just in Malaysia, but also in the US, why so?

You are not the only one who think that cars are getting a little bit too expensive. Malaysians have long complained about high car prices due to our lopsided tax structure but actually, this is a question asked by consumers from all over the world. Data from USA’s Edmunds.com show that the average transaction price for a new car has gone up from USD 23,900 in year 2008 to almost USD 39,000 in 2019, the last available pre-pandemic level data. This flies against conventional logic. You would thin


Jan 20, 2021

4,345 units of the Perodua Ativa delivered, overtakes X50 and X70 to become Malaysia's best-selling SUV

Perodua confirmed today that it has delivered 4,345 units of the Perodua Ativa in less than 30 days. It also means that the Ativa has already overtook the Proton X50 and Proton X70 to be Malaysia’s best-selling SUV. Proton has yet to announce its figures for March 2021, but WapCar.my understands that total sales for the X50 last month is about 3,400 units, while X70 did about 2,300 units In fact, the Ativa also help bump up Perodua’s year-to-date sales to 57,911 units – 29% more than the same 3-


Apr 1, 2021

Toyota Yaris is Thailand’s best-selling B-segment hatchback for Oct 2020

Unlike the B-segment sedan, the B-segment hatchback isn’t as popular in Thailand. But it is definitely heating up. Topping the B-segment hatchback sales chart for the month of October is the Toyota Yaris which was given a facelift back in August. Toyota sold 2,538 units of the Yaris in the month of October. The Thai-spec Yaris facelift, just like the incoming Malaysian-spec, is equipped with Toyota Safety Sense ADAS suite including pre-collision system (AEB) and lane departure warning. However,

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 5, 2020

Top-3 best value for money pick-up trucks in Malaysia

As surprising as it may sound, it is actually possible for car buyers in Malaysia to purchase a new car cheaper than open-market countries like Australia. In this article, we will be taking a look at the three best 4x4 pick-up trucks in Malaysia. 2020 Mitsubishi Triton – Handsome looks, good prices (2020 Mitsubishi Price and Specs | Gallery) The first is the 2020 Mitsubishi Triton – a surprisingly well-packaged 4x4 pick-up truck that is priced quite close to an open market. In Malaysia, the rang


Apr 8, 2020

Spied: Perodua D55L base car spotted in Indonesia - Malaysia introduction soon?

The upcoming Perodua D55L (it hasn’t got a proper name yet) is based on Japan's best-selling Toyota Raize/Daihatsu Rocky duo. It's another much-awaited model, and here's your first look at its base car testing on Indonesian streets last weekend. In Indonesia, this B-segment SUV will most likely be manufactured and sold by Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM). In an earlier story, we gathered that pre-production of the D55L in Malaysia should commence in mid-September, with mass production beginning someti


Oct 19, 2020

China's No.1 selling SUV, 2021 Haval H6 spotted in Thailand, ASEAN debut soon

This is it - your first look at what is possibly the first-ever right-hand drive (RHD) 2021 Haval H6 caught testing in Thailand, ahead of its launch there next week. Let's jump right into it! Looking at the sole interior image, it seems that the Thai-spec H6 retains the 10.25-inch fully-digital instrument cluster, as well as the 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system found on the China-spec car. Curiously, the funky red-and-black dual-tone interior seen on the China-spec car appears to have g


Feb 3, 2021