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Top 5 best-sounding in-car audio system we’ve tested

According to Waze data, Malaysians spend an average of 1 hour and 12 minutes per day on the road. More likely than not, most of us will be listening to our favourite tunes on the go. Some of us are a little more particular about audio quality than others, which is why we’ve rounded up the top 5 best-sounding in-car audio system we’ve tested at each price range. 1. Under RM 50k - Proton Saga There’s no contest in this category, the 2019 Proton Saga has the best sounding audio system by a comforta


Dec 19, 2020

UMWT's Toyota Corolla Cross launch will be streamed in 8D audio, but what is it?

UMW Toyota (UMWT) has uploaded yet another teaser for the launch of the Toyota Corolla Cross, but this time they also teased that the event will be the first car launch in 8D audio in Malaysia. What is 8D audio? Also read: Top 5 best-sounding in-car audio system we’ve tested According to our research, 8D audio is a surround sound system that is currently all the rage for audiophiles across the world. 8D audio uses the principles of binaural recording to trick our brains into thinking that sounds


Mar 23, 2021

Speaker audio kereta perlu dipanas macam ‘panaskan enjin’?

Untuk kebanyakan orang, berada di dalam kereta dapat menenangkan jiwa. Ia diibarat seperti berada di dalam ruang peribadi. Perkara ini lebih melayan perasaan apabila dimainkan dengan musik kegemaran. Setiap daripada kita mempunyai senarai main (playlist) yang melayan dan menghiburkan jiwa kita. Tidak mengira ketika kesesakan lalu lintas atau mengembara secara bersahaja melalui jalan kegemaran, tiada apa yang dapat mengalahkan alunan musik yang mengasyikkan. Menariknya, beberapa pengguna gemar me


Nov 11, 2020

Put your headphones on! UMWT teases sample of Toyota Corolla Cross launch’s 8D audio

In case you missed it, UMW Toyota (UMWT) will be launching the Toyota Corolla Cross with an 8D audio experience. Now they’ve uploaded a sample video of the 8D audio experience to give us a taste of how the launch will be like. Also read: UMWT's Toyota Corolla Cross launch will be streamed in 8D audio, but what is it? The Toyota Corolla Cross launch in 8D audio will be the first car launch in Malaysia to be recorded in a binaural recording. 8D audio, simply described, is surround sound on steroid


Mar 24, 2021

Top 5 sistem audio kereta paling boom dan padu yang pernah kami uji

Kami pasti yang selain daripada pemanduan memuaskan dan keselesaan tip-top, para pemilik kereta di luar sana juga pasti mahu nikmati sistem audio yang nikmatnya lebih lagi dari kereta lain. Sesi karok dalam kereta anda pasti akan rasa sangat berbeza di dalam kereta-kereta yang kami kumpulkan untuk anda dalam senarai ini – merangkumi pelbagai julat harga. Sistem audio yang bagus dengan ‘booming bass’ dan ‘surround’ yang padu pasti mampu naikkan adrenalin anda untuk hadapi hari-hari mencabar dan u


Dec 27, 2020

Owner Review: Old Faithful Merdeka Special - A Review of My 1996 Proton Wira 1.6 XLi

** This article is the personal experience of a 1996 Proton Wira 1.6 XLi owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Eugene Teoh About the Proton Wira The Proton Wira is Malaysia’s second national car after the Proton Saga, after it was unveiled to the public in 1985. The Proton Wira, its name translated into the word “Hero” in Malay. The Proton Wira produced from 1993 to 2009. It was basically a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer from the ‘90s and shared the same platform as the Lancer

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Sep 9, 2020

Proton Saga 1989 kualiti eksport ada bumbung suria? Imbau kembali kehadiran Proton di UK!

Proton Saga Proton Saga sudah mencecah umur 35 tahun sejak kelahiran model ini. Sebagai sebuah produk watan yang cuba menembusi pasaran UK, Proton tentunya memberikan sedikit sebanyak penambahbaikan terhadap kualiti produk eksport mereka. Oleh hal yang demikian, mari kita imbau sedikit sebanyak sejarah Proton di UK melalui Proton Saga. Kehadiran Proton di UK bermula ketika Pameran Kereta Britain (British Motor Show) di Birmingham pada tahun 1988. 9 model Proton Saga sedan dan aeroback telah dipa


Sep 6, 2020

Owner Review: Stand out or Get out? - FIRST Owner Story of 2020 Proton X50 1.5T Flagship

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic Information Model: 2020 Proton X50 1.5T Flagship Time of Booking: May 2020, way before the official announcement for booking Dealer Name: Proton Cahaya Segambut Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: Rm 103,300 excluding insurance The price I Paid: Rm 103,000 excluding insurance Vehicle Delivery Time: 30th October 2020 Reasons why I bough

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Nov 10, 2020

Owner Review: My dream car is a Hyundai - My story of my Hyundai Elantra

** This article is the personal experience of a 2019 Hyundai Elantra owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Vijay Saravanen I always loved the sleekly, sexy, and sporty design of Hyundai Elantras I see on the road. I told myself my next car change would be a Hyundai Elantra. I was already driving the Hyundai Accent 1.5 (Aeroback) 2007 Model. Over the years, I have owned Proton Saga 1.3 (Aeroback), Proton Wira 1.5 (Sedan), Proton Satria1.3, Exora 1.6(MPV), and befor

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Sep 7, 2020

Used car buying guide: ZC21 Suzuki Swift – Which variant to get, what to look out for

If you're in the market for a fun-to-drive hatchback that won't cost an arm and a leg to maintain, truth is, there aren't many options out there. One such car is the Suzuki Swift. History of the Suzuki Swift in Malaysia The ZC21-generation Suzuki Swift made its Malaysian debut way back in 2005, fitted with a run-of-the-mill 1.5-litre petrol engine that does 100 PS and 133 Nm, mated to a four-speed automatic. Suzuki Malaysia also offered the sportier Swift Sport, powered by a high-revving 1.6-lit


Oct 18, 2020

Owner Review: Perfect daily car for the family - Our story with the Proton Persona

** This article is the personal experience of a 2009 Proton Persona 1.6 Highline owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Afiq Bazli What is it? The Proton Persona is a compact sedan that was launch back in August of 2007. My car that you see here was bought in April of 2009. Originally the Proton Persona was powered by the carried-over 1.6L DOHC 16-valves CamPro petrol engine from the Proton Gen2 hatchback. Eventually, it was replaced by the newer 1.6 DOHC 16-valves

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 13, 2020

Why your next car should come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay

I remember the first time I tried Android Auto – it was back in 2016 with the debut of the all-new tenth-generation Honda Civic. I plugged my phone via USB into the Civic, went through a few confirmation screens on my phone and started Android Auto itself. Android Auto, as how Google envisioned it, is their answer to bridging smartphones and in-car infotainment, allowing drivers to enjoy a tailored Google experience while driving. In case you’re wondering, Android Auto is strictly limited to And


Sep 27, 2019

Used car buying guide: GM2 Honda City - Which variant to get, what to look out for

Honda Malaysia just took the covers off the all-new 2020 Honda City, priced from RM 74,191. With the launch of a new model, prices of used City models will also dropped further, making a used Honda City a viable option for some. A little history on the GM2 Honda City The GM2 Honda City, also called the third-generation City, was introduced in Malaysia in late-2008. It replaced the controversial-looking GD8-generation model, which was the poster child for bad CVTs. Instead of a CVT-type automatic


Oct 15, 2020

Buying guide: 5 things to lookout for when buying a used car

Want that dream car of yours but can’t afford to buy new? The used car market is one solution. If you are shopping for a used car, here are the list of things that you should look out for. 1. Check paintwork, body panels, engine bay, and underneath of the car First impression matters. The outlook of the car is what makes you attracted to it in the first place, so naturally, this will be the first thing you should look at. Always inspect the car in daylight, because the sun's reflection can tell

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

May 15, 2020

Owner Review: Alternative to Uncle's Car? - My Process of Owning & Refining the BMW 320i

** This article is the personal experience of a 2016 BMW 320i Sport Line owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar Facebook: Andrew Chum Prior to Purchasing the BMW 320i This is my current daily, a 2016 BMW 320i LCI Sport Line. I purchased this car back in early 2017 from Premium Selection after considering a numbered of cars in the same segment as well as a different segment with a similar price range. The survey started more than 6 months before settling down with this unit. S

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jun 26, 2020

New Proton Iriz - Is It Finally A Better Car Than The Perodua Myvi?

The Proton Iriz was conceived back in 2014 as Proton’s effort to counter the ever-popular Perodua Myvi. Back then, the Iriz offered considerably more safety equipment than the Perodua Myvi, but response from the market remained lukewarm at best. Proton updated the Iriz a couple of times, with the latest update being introduced earlier this year. Five variants are available in total, up from the four variants from the 2017 update. Specifications for Proton Iriz 1.3: Engine: 1.3-litre VVT four-cyl


Aug 5, 2019

Used Peugeot 308 (T7) for RM 20,000; Save cost on the car for the repairs?

Peugeots, unfortunately, are plagued by bad reputation. Low resale value being one of the worst rep it has, but these French babies are actually very comfortable and fun cars to drive. Probably the most popular model from Peugeot in Malaysia is the Peugeot 308, which is now on sale in the used car market for RM 20,000. Should you buy one? For this used car guide, we will focus on the Peugeot 308 T7 generation. The 308 is classified as a C-segment hatchback, but Nasim, the distributor for Peugeot


Feb 21, 2021

Rebiu Pemilik: Proton Persona Elegance Facelift H-Line 2010 kereta idaman saya

**Artikel ini berkisar tentang pengalaman peribadi pemilik Proton Persona Elegance Facelift H-Line 2010 dan ia tidak semestinya mewakili pandangan WapCar. Facebook: Hatim Kamarul Zaman Jentera ini merupakan kereta pertama saya dan kereta yang masih saya gunakan sehingga artikel ini ditulis. Didaftarkan pada Februari 2011, kira-kira 5 bulan selepas saya mula bekerja di sektor awam. Kini, ia telah berusia 9 tahun 4 bulan, sudah habis edah dengan bank dan semestinya geran ada di tangan. Lama sebelu


Jul 13, 2020

Sony is not going to build cars which is why it built the Sony Vision S concept car

If you grew up in the 1990’s Sony wasn’t just “that company that makes PlayStations”. Sony was that rich kid who brought every imaginable gadget to school. They built radios, televisions, cameras, computers, phones, its own compact disc format, and even owned Michael Jackson. If that wasn’t enough, the Japanese giant revealed its first car earlier this year, the Sony Vision S. Billed as a concept, the Vision S looked like a Tesla, is said to be able to accelerate like one, and drive itself too.


Aug 19, 2020

Why I Buy: The Perfect Car? This Comes Really Close — My 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan

** This article is the personal experience of a 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan new owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Car Info Car Info : 2020 Mazda 3 Sedan High Plus 2.0 Sonic Silver Order Date : 18th August 2020 Delivery Date : 23rd October 2020 Price : RM154,679 Reason To Buy Let’s face it. 2020 hasn’t exactly been the best year for everybody what with the Covic 19 pandemic and the economic downturn. But for us car enthusiasts, we had a small reason to rejoice. The government’s a

Why I BuyWhy I Buy

Nov 5, 2020

Owner Review: So Proud of Getting a National Car! My Journey with the Proton Persona

** This article is the personal experience of a 2019 Proton Persona 1.6 Premium CVT owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar Facebook: Louis Lim My white 2019 Proton Persona 1.6 Premium CVT was bought about 4 months ago at a price of around RM55k. As I was still a student going for internship soon at that time, I needed my first car to travel to work every day. Due to budget constraint, I had to choose a local car that fits my budget. Therefore, I was left with a few choices an

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jun 19, 2020

Deal breakers: No Bluetooth connectivity for Perodua Axia Style

Perodua Axia The Perodua Axia was given an update last year with a couple of new features, namely the inclusion of stability control from the GXtra variant and above and ASA 2.0 for the range-topping Advance variant. The Axia Style was a bit of a surprise as it stood out from the rest of the range. It gets unique front grille and bumper design with black cladding all around for that crossover/SUV look. How to connect USB to Axia? It fits the global trend of rising SUVs and crossovers but what’s


May 12, 2020

Quick Review: 2019 Proton Saga Facelift 1.3L Premium, The True People's Car

(2019 Proton Saga Price & Specs | Gallery) New 4-speed automatic elevates the driving experience Significantly improved build quality and perceived quality Turn the cabin to a nightclub with the other-worldly 4-speaker set up When the first Proton Saga came into reality in 1985, its affordable price tag, Japanese technology and made in Malaysia pride quickly propelled the car to unprecedented success. Almost every household in Malaysia has had a story to tell with the Proton Saga. Throughout the

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Dec 2, 2019

Owner Review: A 20-year-old car with all the modern equipment you need - My 2000 Mercedes-Benz W202 C230 Kompressor

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Saiful Azzam Khairummuzammil Basic information 2000 Mercedes-Benz W202 C230 Kompressor Reason why I bought this car For the past 5 years, I have been driving a Mercedes-Benz W126 300SEL as a daily commute to work. The reason was simple, I needed a car with a big boot, spacious interior for my children and goods, comfortable on long journey, sta

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Nov 30, 2020

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios

** This article is the personal experience of a 2020 Toyota Vios new owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Detail about car - Car Info: Toyota Vios 2020 1.5 AG(AT) - Colour: Dark Metallic Blue - Order Date: 1 September 2020 - Delivery Date: 26 September 2020 - Price: RM 86,132 - Cash Rebate: RM 5,400 - Accessories Rebate: RM 2,800 Reason to buy Exterior: Headlamps Projector Halogen Read Combination Lamps LED Front Grille Color + Plating Front Fog Lamps With Daytime Running

Why I BuyWhy I Buy

Oct 5, 2020

Court says car park operators liable for car thefts!

The Court of Appeal has upheld a lower court ruling that the management of a car park is liable of negligence rendering disclaimers of exemption clauses posted by the car park non-viable. Sunway Parking Services Sdn Bhd was ordered to pay about RM 117,000 of damages to Euro Rent A Car Sdn Bhd in the case where the rental car company’s vehicle was stolen from the premises. This means that car park disclaimer notices posted at various locations of a parking lot informing visitors that the manageme


Dec 8, 2020

Volvo XC60 T5 vs T8 – Should you consider a hybrid?

There are 3 variants available for the Volvo XC60 – T5, T8 Inscription, and T8 Inscription Plus. Volvo XC60 T5 – RM 298,888 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription – RM 333,888 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription Plus – RM 343,888 The T8 variants are plug-in hybrid models while the T5 is solely powered by a combustion engine. Volvo XC60 To recap, the Volvo XC60 T5 is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine producing 254 PS and 350 Nm of torque. Drive is sent exclusively to the front wheels via an 8-speed


Aug 29, 2020

Owner Review: My "Abah-Abah's car" – A pilot feeling being in a Honda Civic FB

** This article is the personal experience of a 2015 Honda Civic 2.0S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Mat Nasir ↓↓↓ Press Here To Share Your Story ↓↓↓ About my Honda Civic If we story about Honda’s car, I’m pretty sure what crossed in our minds was the Civic. The Honda Civic is not the first model of Honda but Civic makes Honda become famous. Almost 20 million units sold worldwide and this C segment Sedan become number 1 in Malaysia. Now I drive a 2015 Honda

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 27, 2020

Drive-in cinemas are back in trend in the UAE, GSC please do this for us in Malaysia

With the need for social distancing, Vox Cinemas came up with a safe way to enjoy the cinema experience by setting up a carpark at the Mall of Emirates as a special drive-in theatre. This means movie lovers wouldn’t miss out on the latest movie they want to watch. Drive-in cinemas used to be all the rage in the USA. They were the ultimate date night plan back in the 80s, as is seen in many movies from that era. Unfortunately, the trend was never popular in other countries. And it also quickly ph


May 20, 2020

120 units of Mitsubishi Tritons got knighted

Mitsubishi Malaysia jacks up the Triton Adventure X variant with special accessories. The Mitsubishi Triton Knight is limited to only 120 units and has an asking price of RM 137,900. The Triton Knight is distinguishable with a grey coated front bumper garnish, an aggressive hood protector and side window deflectors further complimented with Knight body stickers. On the inside, the Knight sports unique scuff plates and exclusive red-stitched carpet mats with Knight embroidery. Other than that, th


Dec 10, 2019