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honda city idsi problem

Rebiu Pemilik: Honda City i-DSi Wira Hidupku

**Artikel ini berkisar tentang pengalaman peribadi pemilik Honda City GD8 dan ia tidak semestinya mewakili pandangan WapCar. Facebook: Muhamad Rizal b. Mohd Abd Wahab 12 tahun sudah usia salah satu kereta kesukaanku untuk pemanduan harianku. Honda City GD8 atau SEL i-DSi 2008 dengan kemasan warna Sparkle Grey Pearl telah memukau peminat-peminat Honda City pada era itu. Ini bukanlah kereta pertamaku, tapi ia adalah yang ketiga. Sebelum membeli Honda City IDSI ini, aku menggunakan Proton Wira 1.6

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 17, 2020

3-cylinder engine vibration, noise, and reliability: Still a problem?

In the recent years, we have welcomed some new three-cylinder engine cars to the world – the Nissan Almera 1.0 turbo, Honda City 1.0 turbo (Thailand), Proton X50, and more excitingly, the Toyota GR Yaris. Even Christian von Koenigsegg has channelled his genius into developing a 600 HP three-cylinder engine. With these developments however, some of us still remain very sceptical of them. We will never forget the underpowered three pots in tiny cars like the Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa. Sure


Jan 24, 2021

Japan too has a problem with cars driving against traffic

The problem of motorists riding/driving against traffic is not unique to Malaysia, although your Facebook feeds will give you that it’s a growing problem confined only to Malaysia. Yesterday, a 35-year old man in Japan was killed when his Honda N-Box was hit head-on by a Toyota Crown driven by a 78-year old man who was driving against traffic. The incident happened yesterday 6-January, at 12.40 am at the Nishimeihan Expressway in Yamatokōriyama city, in Nara prefecture. The younger driver died o


Jan 7, 2021

SEA countries dropping Honda Jazz for City Hatchback, except Singapore, why?

To date, Singapore remains the only country in the region to launch the all-new fourth generation (chassis code GR) Honda Jazz. All other countries in the South East Asia (SEA) region will be dropping the Jazz nameplate once the current GK5 generation Jazz is discontinued, to be replaced by the Honda City Hatchback. Thailand and Indonesia have already launched the City Hatchback. The Thailand market City Hatchback is powered by a low emission 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbocharged 122 PS / 173 Nm eng


Mar 12, 2021

Outgoing (old) GM6 generation Honda City – Is it still a good buy?

The outgoing generation Honda City will soon be replaced with an all-new model. Honda Malaysia have since released a teaser image for the all-new 2020 Honda City, which is expected to be launched in Malaysia within this quarter. To make way for the new model, dealers are offering discounts of at least RM 4,000. Don't expect the all-new Honda City to maintain the current price though. We have already explained why here. In short, removal/reduced EEV incentives by the government and our weakning R


Jun 27, 2020

2020 Honda City – What’s the minimum monthly salary to get a loan?

A couple of weeks ago, Honda Malaysia finally launched the all-new 2020 Honda City, replacing the GM6-generation model that was introduced back in 2014. Unlike the aspirational Honda Civic, the Honda City is aimed a more price-conscious crowd. In this article, we will take a look and see how much you need to earn before you can buy and maintain a Honda City. How much do I need to make? Take for example the entry-spec Honda City 1.5 S (RM 74,191, on the road, excluding insurance), the monthly rep


Oct 18, 2020

Launching in Malaysia, 2021 Honda City Hatchback – No more Jazz, but who cares?

We might not be seeing the good old Honda Jazz in Malaysia anymore come next year. In 2019, the name “City Hatchback” popped up, indicating a new Honda to arrive in Malaysia soon. With such an obvious name as the Honda City Hatchback, the car is derived from one of the most popular B-segment saloons in Malaysia. Q: So, what about the Honda Jazz then? A: The Honda Jazz will likely be replaced by the City Hatchback in Malaysia. It will still be available for the European and Japanese markets. The


Nov 13, 2020

Honda opens Malaysia’s first hybrid vehicle battery assembly plant, for 2020 Honda City RS

Honda Malaysia has opened Malaysia’s first high voltage battery assembly plant in Melaka, to support the world debut of the first ever Honda City RS with i-MMD. You can read our review of the City RS here. Production of the full-hybrid Honda City RS with a two-motor intelligent multi-mode drive (i-MMD) has already begun at Honda Malaysia’s Pegoh plant. It is the fifth Honda hybrid model to be produced there. Assembly of the GP1 Jazz Hybrid (IMA) started in 2012, followed by the GP5 Jazz Hybrid (


Sep 25, 2020

Has the 2021 Honda City Hatchback already won the cool factor against the Yaris?

Look, we get it - cool cars are nice to look at and in most cases, just as great to drive. Except there’s one problem - they’re usually just out of reach for the average Malaysian. But a certain Japanese carmaker is adamant to bring back the cool factor with the 2021 Honda City Hatchback. So what’s good with the City Hatchback? It made its world debut in Thailand in November, effectively bringing back a name that was last seen 27 years ago in 1994. But where this name is reignited, we wave goodb


Feb 1, 2021

Spyshot: Honda City 2021 e:HEV, Honda City Hatchback 2021 pelancaran Thailand esok!

Honda City Penafian: Honda City hybrid dan hatchback sudah dilancarkan. Honda memang sukakan Malaysia tetapi Thailand juga masih dekat di hati Honda. Nampaknya, Honda City 2021 e:HEV hybrid bakal dilancarkan di Thailand pada 24 November 2020. Honda City 2021 e:HEV lebih dikenali dengan nama Honda City RS di Malaysia. Varian paling tinggi Honda City 2021 ini belum diumumkan harganya atas sebab-sebab tertentu. Model Honda City hybrid ini melakukan debut dunia melalui pelancaran di Malaysia. Selain


Nov 23, 2020

2021 Honda City Hatchback and Honda City e:HEV to launch in Thailand tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will see the launch of the Honda City Hatchback and Honda City e:HEV in Thailand. While the Honda City e:HEV may not differ much from the previewed version in Malaysia, we are curious how the Honda City Hatchback will look like. Several renderings of the Honda City Hatchback have circulated the internet. It is most likely that the Honda City Hatchback will the replace the Honda Jazz in Malaysia. Several spy shots of the Honda City Hatchback have also been shared over social media. Wh


Nov 23, 2020

Think the 2021 Honda City Hatchback looks weird? There’s a good reason why

The 2021 Honda City Hatchback made its global debut less than three months ago in Thailand. Honda’s latest B-segment hatchback will replace the Honda Jazz in nearly every South East Asian market except for Singapore, and will follow a similar one model, two body styles formula used by Toyota for the Vios sedan (Yaris Ativ in Thailand) and Yaris hatchback. Analogous to the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios, the City Hatchback is visually identical with the City sedan except for its hatchback rear-end.


Feb 4, 2021

Owner Review: No turbo, no problem - My Honda Civic 1.8S

** This article is the personal experience of a 2018 Honda Civic 1.8 S owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of Wapcar. Facebook: Jia Cherng Introduction The Honda Civic, a car that I always thought was gorgeous, even from the Civic EK, Civic EG series I thought it looked amazing! As I have been a grease monkey since the day I was born, the only ever toys I had were cars. My parents would just give me a 1:64 model GTR and that would be enough for me to last the day without crying or w

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 11, 2020

Honda City 1.0L Turbo, engine review: Should Malaysians demand for this new engine?

As you might have already know, the latest fifth generation Honda City has just gone on sale in Thailand earlier this year. Honda's B-segment sedan will now one-up its chief rival the Toyota Vios with an all-new 1.0-litre turbocharged engine. The latest Honda City is not expected to be launched in Malaysia until 2021. Thailand remains the only market in the world to sell it, to be followed by India in the second half of 2020, and the rest of world starting 2021. This means that we can't give you


May 26, 2020

2020 Honda City: Bodykit Modulo 1.0, dashcam dan beberapa tambahan aksesori untuk Honda City!

Honda City 2020 Honda City baru sahaja dilancarkan semalam dengan tawaran harga yang sangat menarik. Sedan segmen B terbaru dari Honda ini ditawarkan dalam 4 varian dengan harga bermula dari RM 74,191 sepanjang tempoh pengurangan cukai jualan. Dengan 5,000 unit telah ditempah, Honda City generasi GN ini ternyata masih lagi mengujakan peminat-peminat Honda di Malaysia. Bukan sekadar itu, tawaran tambahan aksesori 2020 Honda City juga agak menarik dengan harganya. Berikut adalah senarai pakej tamb


Oct 14, 2020

COTY 2020: Which is more comfortable, the 2020 Nissan Almera or the 2020 Honda City?

Facts and figures are nice to talk about: an insanely-good fuel-efficiency figure is just as nice to brag about as fast 0-100 times. But what about non-facts and figures stuff, like comfort? That's what we want to measure today between the 2020 Nissan Almera and the 2020 Honda City. 2020 Honda City Much can be said about the list of equipments in Honda's latest B-segment sedan - it's certainly not lacking in any aspect. But this article is mostly concerned about how comfortable the car feels. Of


Dec 22, 2020

2020 Honda City Hatchback rendered; might replace the Honda Jazz

The Honda City Hatchback is about to make its official world debut and the IndianAutosBlog.com decided to make a rendering what the hatch would look like. The City Hatchback will most likely be replacing the Honda Jazz in emerging markets, Malaysia included, once it makes its debut. In the rendering, IAB’s digital artist Shoeb Kalania envisioned the City Hatchback as a 5-door hatch that will share the same styling cues as the new generation 2020 Honda City Sedan up until the B-pillar and is comp


Apr 16, 2020

Review: Driving the world's first 2020 Honda City RS with i-MMD in Malaysia

Before we go any further, we need to establish two things. First, the all-new fifth generation 2020 Honda City RS e:HEV hybrid (GN series) is yet to be launched in Malaysia. Second, prices have not been announced. However, we were given an early preview drive in the all-new 2020 City, in its range topping RS guise, on the condition that we don't mention anything about City's interior – that will have to wait until the car is launched. We were only given a two-lap drive around the Melaka Internat


Sep 25, 2020

My MPV sliding doors are not working, what is the problem?

So, the sliding doors on your MPV decided to fail on you. It could be a Toyota Alphard, Toyota Estima, Toyota Sienta, Nissan Serena, Hyundai Starex, or a Kia Grand Carnival. Manual sliding doors are a lot easier to fix, but power sliding doors are a little bit trickier. Before you rush to any nearby workshop, you might want to check a few things. The solution is usually a lot cheaper than you think it is. 1. Sliding doors hard to open or close? Could be dirty tracks The sliding doors of an MPV m


Jan 29, 2021

2020 Honda City: 5,000 tempahan sudah diterima!

Honda City 2020 Honda City baru sahaja dilancarkan hari ini. Sedan segmen B yang menjadi kegemaran rakyat Malaysia ini dikemaskini dalam pilihan enjin i-VTEC DOHC dan e:HEV i-MMD, di mana enjin i-MMD hibrid membuat debut pertama di rantau ini pada 2020 Honda City RS. Dipromosikan sebagai ‘Raja Tork’ dengan 253 Nm tork tersedia pada varian RS, 2020 Honda City tidak kurang hebatnya kerana telah menerima 5,000 unit tempahan sebelum harga rasmi diumumkan. Sambutan yang menggalakkan ini merupakan kes


Oct 13, 2020

Owner Review: A love-hate relationship with the CVT -  My experience with the Honda City 1.5E

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Honda City 1.5 E owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar Facebook: Akmal Faiz Shahadan Nice Bargain I drive a 2014 Honda City 1.5 E, pre-facelift model from GM6 generation. I bought it second-hand a year ago with the price tag of RM 55,000 on the road. Making it one of the cheapest in the market back then considering it only clocked 41,000 km mileage. After I managed to negotiate the price from RM 58,000 to RM 55,000, I fina

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Jul 1, 2020

Honda City Hatchback 2021 bakal ke Malaysia, pengganti Honda Jazz?

Anda pasti tertanya-tanya kenapa Honda ingin menggantikan hatchback Jazz dengan City Hatchback ni, betul tak? Honda City hatchback bukanlah sesuatu yang asing (baca: Honda Jazz) akan tetapi, persoalannya lebih kepada posisi Honda City Hatchback baru ini dalam keseluruhan barisan produk Honda. Dalam usaha menambah portfolio model keretanya, Honda telah mengklasifikasikan kedua-dua Honda Jazz dan Honda City hatchback terbaru ini dalam segmen yang sama. Tetapi laporan Autocar India mempunyai berita


May 26, 2020

All-new 2020 Honda City: Should you get this over the Proton X50 or Perodua D55L?

Now that Honda Malaysia has officially launched the petrol variants of the all-new 2020 Honda City (i-MMD variant to be introduced in January 2021), should you get the Honda City now or wait for prices of the Proton X50 or for Perodua to launch the Perodua D55L in 2021? On paper, both the Proton X50 and Perodua D55L look to be winners, as car buyers are gravitating towards SUVs these days. But for all intends and purposes, we believe that there is a lot going on for the all-new Honda City – more


Oct 17, 2020

Malaysia confirmed to end Honda Jazz with City Hatchback – wise move or foolish?

Although Honda Malaysia has yet to make any official announcement, we can reliably confirm that the fourth generation (4G) 2020 Honda Jazz (known as Fit in Japan) will not be launched in Malaysia. After 2021, the Honda Jazz will be no more, ending a 3-generations run, since 2001. Instead, the Honda City Hatchback, which made its global debut in Bangkok yesterday, will fill the void left by the Jazz. In case you are wondering, no Honda Malaysia didn’t have much say in this, neither did their coun


Nov 28, 2020

Honda acah imej lampu baharu Honda City 2020 serba baru

Honda City Seminggu selepas menggegarkan sosial media dengan hantaran model kereta baharu, Honda telah mengacah sebuah lagi imej lampu hadapan rekaan baru. Semestinya, lampu hadapan baharu ini adalah daripada Honda City 2020 serba baharu yang telah dilancarkan di Thailand awal tahun ini. Mengikut spesifikasi Thailand, ini adalah lampu hadapan LED dengan rekaan serba baharu daripada Honda. Model Honda City yang ada dalam pasaran Malaysia adalah model yang hadir pada tahun 2017. Namun begitu, umum


Jul 30, 2020

Honda City hatchback 2021 sah hadir ke Malaysia, tiada lagi Honda Jazz!

Honda City Hatchback Penafian: Honda City Hatchback 2021 sudah dilancarkan. Rakan media kami dari Thailand, Autofun, baru sahaja melaporkan bahawa Honda City hatchback bakal melakukan debut global di Thailand pada 24 November 2020. Semakan di laman MyIPO mendapati, tanda nama 'City Hatchback' telah pun didaftarkan di Malaysia justeru menguatkan lagi ura-ura kehadiran Honda City hatchback di Malaysia tahun depan! Sebelum ini, Honda City hatchback telah diintip di negara jiran kita, Thailand. Mela


Nov 13, 2020

2020 Honda Jazz or Honda City Hatchback – Which do you prefer?

Honda Jazz There has been rumors circling around that our current third-generation Honda Jazz will not be replaced with the recently launched fourth-generation Honda Jazz in Japan. Instead, we will be getting an entirely different car altogether, in the form of Honda City Hatchback. Patent drawings of the City Hatchback posted by canalcarros have been out in the internet for quite some time now, including a screenshot of the name trademark at Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO)

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 18, 2020

Honda Jazz vs 2021 Honda City Hatchback, which do you prefer?

The first ever 2021 Honda City Hatchback made its global debut in Thailand earlier today. Following the same formula as the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios (sold as Yaris Ativ in Thailand), the City Hatchback will have an identical front-end as the City sedan, and will replace the Honda Jazz, which has been sold in this region for three generations. The fourth generation Honda Jazz however, will skip markets in the South East Asian ASEAN trade bloc, and is only limited to Japan, Europe, and China.


Nov 24, 2020

Honda extends 12.12 City sale until 31-Dec!

If you haven’t decided on getting a brand-new Honda City from Honda’s 12.12 sale, then you’re in luck. Honda Malaysia has announced that it is extending its All-New City 12.12 Special Sale to 31-December 2020! This sale entitles customers to get a rebate worth RM 2,000 by booking and registering their new City by 31-December. This special rebate only applies to the S and E variants of the City. Honda has stated that there have been 11,000 bookings received for the all-new City and 5,800 units ha

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 11, 2020

Honda in India teases Alexa in all-new 2020 Honda City

When we last wrote about the fifth-generation all-new 2020 Honda City, we mentioned that the sedan will also come with Alexa Remote Capability. But we didn’t elaborate on it and many were left wondering what does Alexa Remote Capability entail? The Alexa Remote Capability in the Honda City is similar to how Alexa works at home. This means owners will be able to remotely control certain functions in the car, such as turning off the air-conditioning and using predefined voice commands. However, no


Jun 30, 2020