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Spice up the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo with these accessories!

Here at the WapCar office, some of us are pretty divided on whether the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo looks better than the 2020 Honda City but one thing is for certain, one has more affordable road tax than the other. Besides, while Honda has released some Modulo accessories for the all-new City, Nissan has also a few accessories of their own. No, they aren’t by Impul or Nismo, for now. Let’s start with the first accessory package which is the Interior Styling Package which costs RM 400. This packag

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 15, 2020

Hyundai Kona vs Proton X50 vs Honda HRV: Kona low spec harga RM 115k! Fokus pada ciri-ciri?

Hyundai Kona Hyundai Sime Darby Malaysia telah melancarkan Hyundai Kona bersama-sama dengan Hyundai Sonata hari ini. Bakal menjadi pencabar terbaru segmen B secara keseluruhan, Hyundai Kona bakal bersaing dalam pasaran yang semakin hangat. Ada Proton X50, Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos dan kalau nak kira sekali crossover, Mitsubishi Xpander. Jadi kita melihat, kita membongkar, SUV manakah paling berbaloi untuk varian asas. Dengan harga sebanyak RM 115k, nak tahu apa yang anda bayar untuk sebuah Hyundai


Oct 31, 2020

All-new 2021 Honda HR-V gets more expensive in Japan; Malaysia to follow

The all-new 2021 Honda HR-V - or Vezel as it is known in Japan - made its global debut last month. Although prices aren't officially announced by the carmaker, Japanese media have managed to find out its price range. As expected, it's more expensive than its predecessor. Also read: The all-new 2021 Honda HR-V is pretty, but might skip Malaysia How much more expensive is it? Through a dealership, BestCarWeb learnt that there's been a price increase across the board. Here's how they stack up now,


Mar 12, 2021

Hold on, is the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V really as big as it looks?

While the world (well, at least in this part of the world) is reeling from the global launch of the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V, we must say that it looks very drastic and bigger than the outgoing model. Some might say it resembles a Mazda at the front, which must be a compliment. However, according to an interview with Japanese media, the all-new HR-V’s bigger size is merely an illusion. Wait, so it only looks big? Granted, we’re only looking at photos rather than up close, so what’s the deal with

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 19, 2021

Check out how spacious the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V is!

Honda has long been well-known for their class-leading spaciousness and practicality. The newest member in their stable, the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V will continue in the vein of spaciousness and here’s an example of just how much space you get in the back seat. In Wapcar terms, the new HR-V’s rear seats look like you can easily fit 3 tennis balls between the knee and the front seat, for a person of average height. The 2021 Honda HR-V made its debut last week featuring a radically different look


Feb 25, 2021

These Gear Up accessories on the 2021 Perodua Ativa activate its fierce side

The new 2021 Perodua Ativa is set to blaze the Malaysian roads on fire with its appealing price and equally appealing features. But for those who think the SUV needs a gruffer and sportier look to match its active-inspired name, Perodua also offers Gear Up accessories for the Ativa. The Ativa starts from RM 61,500 and the Gear Up accessories are offered on all three variants. These accessories include a bodykit that gives the Ativa a sporty look to challenge other cars on the road, including the

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 3, 2021

Not bold enough? Check out these accessories for the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V!

Malaysians love the Honda HR-V and surely the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V that was just launched in Japan will get many of us excited. Its radically different looks give the all-new HR-V a much more mature and sportier look. However, if you think the HR-V should get a lot more oomph for a crossover of its nature, Honda has also announced two accessory packages for the latest HR-V. For Japan. Sales of the all-new HR-V are expected to begin in Japan from April 2021 where the SUV is called the Vezel. T

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 19, 2021

Nissan X-Trail goes to X-tremes with accessories

The Nissan X-Trail received a facelift earlier this year with four variants. Now you can have the X-Tremer or the Aero Edition accessories package for all variants. To recap the 4 variants: 2.0L 2WD 2.0L 2WD Mid 2.5L 4WD 2.0L Hybrid The X-Tremer package comprises a two-tone paint job with many items blacked out including the roof, roof rails, grille, spoiler, side mirrors, Tomei front and rear bumper, and 17-inch wheels. Aero Edition is basically the opposite without two-tone scheme and everythi


Nov 1, 2019

MIROS: Ban the sales of dangerous car accessories

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has urged the government to ban the sale of car accessories that could pose a fatal risk, especially in the event of a crash. According to Berita Harian, one such item is the dummy buckle, which was originally meant for plus-sized individuals, but has since been misused by people who refuses to buckle up while driving. By inserting the dummy buckle into the seat belt buckle, these drives can avoid the annoying chimes a modern car emits when


Jul 9, 2020

新款2021 Honda HR-V日本价格上涨,大马也将跟上

在日本被称为Vezel的全新款2021 Honda HR-V于上个月正式进行了全球发布。尽管目前官方尚未公布售价,但日本媒体还是推断出了它的标价范围。 和推测一样,它要比旧款车型更加昂贵。 推荐阅读: 全新2021 Honda HR-V很漂亮,但它可能与大马无缘了 它贵了多少? BestCarWeb透过一家分销商了解到,全等级的价格都有所上涨。以下是与旧款车型的价格对比: Honda HR-V 价格对比 车型 全新款 2021 HR-V 旧款 HR-V 1.5 G JPY 2,279,200 (+ JPY 165,774 or 7.84% up) JPY 2,113,426 Hybrid X JPY 2,658,700 (+ JPY 153,145 or 6.11% up) JPY 2,505,555 Hybrid Z JPY 2,998,500 (+ JPY 238,314 or 8.63% up) JPY 2,760,186 从上面的表格可以看出,价格上涨的幅度在6%到8%之间,但这并不意外,因为新款车型也升级了不少配备。 新款HR-V的基础款G车型就已经搭载了LED雾灯和16英寸


Mar 15, 2021

等等,全新2021 Honda HR-V真的有它看起来这么大吗?

新款2021 Honda HR-V的全球发布会已经吸引了全世界(至少我们这一部分世界)的目光,而且必须说,它看起来比即将退市的型号更激进,尺寸也更大。有些人可能会觉得,它的正面看起来有点像Mazda,而这绝对是一种赞美。 不过,根据日本媒体的相关采访,新款HR-V的大尺寸其实只是一种错觉而已。所以,它只是看起来大吗?确实,因为我们看的仅仅只是照片,而不是实车。那么,Honda到底耍了什么小手段呢? 在Car Watch的采访中,Honda研发部门开发经理兼新款HR-V开发负责人——Kojiro Okabe表示,他想让新款HR-V看起来很有科技感,同时又能保持对于各种用户的实用性。 在采访中,Okabe先生表示,新款的HR-V并没有针对具体的消费人群,因为上一代车型对男女老少都同样具备吸引力。 Okabe先生也参与了上一代HR-V的开发工作,他想让车子的设计看起来更有未来感,同时又要延续其紧凑的车身比例。在开发新款HR-V时,他的主要原则就是要确保在乘坐四名成年人后,依旧能够保持舒适。 Okabe先生在采访中说:“所以,在设计的初期阶段,我们就需要决定如何在满足这些需求的同时,让车子的(


Feb 26, 2021

MCO 2.0: Car accessories shops allowed to reopen

The National Security Council (MKN) has announced that effective 10 February 2021, the rest of the Malaysian small businesses will be allowed to reopen. This will include car accessories shops across the country. Here is the complete list of businesses allowed to reopen during the Movement Control Order (MCO): Other than that, MKN has also announced that dine-in at restaurants will be allowed starting 10 February 2021. All diners will have to adhere to social distancing rules and one table is on


Feb 9, 2021

Worth RM 3,500? A closer look at the 2020 Proton X50's accessories package

There's been much ado recently and it's not about nothing - the 2020 Proton X50 has very clearly won Malaysia's popularity contest since its October launch. But popularity isn't the only thing Proton's latest B-segment SUV's got in common with A-list celebrities. As waiting lists extend up to 6 months, the X50 was caught in controversy following allegations that dealers were forcing customers to buy optional accessories. A lot of the hubbub is due to pricing: at RM 3,300 for the Utility Package


Dec 7, 2020

Keep it real: how to know if your accessories are original?

From aftermarket wheels, seats to steering wheels - chances are you can pick out a couple of modified cars just by looking around you. Check when you’re out and about, and you’ll see I’m right. Us Malaysians are a creative bunch, and it’s only natural that trickles down to our cars. As much as it’s cool to make the cars we drive truly our own, there are plenty of enthusiasts who go for low-quality, fake accessories. Sure, there are some people who ignorantly choose to get them, but a good majori


Jul 11, 2020

Video: 2020 Proton X50 review in Malaysia, is it really better than the Honda HR-V?

Much of the buzz in the automotive scene in 2020 was surrounding the Proton X50. The hype for Proton’s latest B-segment SUV is off the charts. So much so that Proton is having trouble to deliver new cars to their customers. We have detailed in full on all the pros and cons of the Proton X50 in a written review. But here is a quick recap if you are short on time. The X50 competes in an increasingly popular segment because buyers love the tall-ish driving position but without the bulkiness of a C-

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jan 23, 2021

Launched in 2019, should you buy a Toyota Vios over a 2020 Honda City or Nissan Almera?

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, hasn’t it? It was a quiet first half - no thanks to Covid-19 - and now we’re getting a barrage of cars we’ve been waiting for: the Nissan Almera and Honda City, among others. If you’re in the B-segment sedan market, you may have noticed a distinct lack of news on the Toyota Vios. Last we heard of it was during its refresh in the Philippines but it got completely eclipsed by the City and Almera after that. That was until recently, when UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT


Sep 12, 2020

From RM 79k, all-new 2020 Nissan Almera launched in Malaysia - pricier than Honda City!

Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn. Bhd. (ETCM) has officially launched the all-new 2020 Nissan Almera in Malaysia today, along with prices that starts from RM 79,906 (sans SST). As we know, three variants are on offer - namely the base VL, mid-range VLP and the range-topping VLT. Without further ado, here are their prices: 2020 Nissan Almera price in Malaysia Variant VL VLP VLT Price w/o SST, until 31-Dec. 2020 RM 79,906 RM 85,715 RM 91,310 Price w/ SST RM 83,888 RM 89,888 RM 95,888 As expected, the pr


Nov 1, 2020

Honda HR-V 2021 bakal guna tombol gear ‘rotary knob’?

Kami pernah melaporkan beberapa intipan mengenai Honda HR-V 2021 tetapi setakat ini, masih belum ada sebarang gambaran untuk bahagian interior. Malah tiada sebarang berita mengenai rupa paras kabin SUV segmen B ini sehinggalah saat ini. Berdasarkan media di Jepun, mungkin terdapat petanda berkenaan Honda HR-V 2021 jika dilihat berdasarkan Honda SUV e:concept yang dipamerkan di Auto China 2020 di Beijing pada September yang lalu. Dengan reka bentuk 3-pintu yang kelihatan cukup moden, ia kelihatan


Dec 14, 2020

In Japan, a Mugen Honda Civic Type R is RM50k cheaper than a standard FK8 in Malaysia

We recently paid visit to famed Honda tuner Mugen’s headquarters in Asaka city in Japan. Behind the walls of this nondescript building bearing the subtle ‘M-Tec’ signboard - the name of Mugen’s holding company - was where many legendary F1 engines of the glorious naturally aspirated V10 era were built. Today, Mugen is no longer in F1, having vacated the spot to make way for Honda’s re-entry into the sport. Instead, it participates in Super GT and Japanese Super Formula Championship (formerly For


Oct 30, 2019

2020 Honda Accord gets all spiced up, JDM style

Honda Accord Honda Malaysia offers the Modulo Package if you want to jazz up your 2020 Honda Accord, alongside other types of packages to suit your liking and need. But if you wanted to complete the look even further beyond what is offered within the Modulo Package, Honda’s Access division in Japan has come out with additional range of accessories that we personally think compliments the overall outlook of the Honda Accord, turning the sedate business outlook to a much sportier looking sedan. Fo

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 21, 2020

Para pembeli di Jepun tak jadi beli Honda Jazz, nak tunggu Honda HR-V 2021!

Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru yang membuat debut global di Jepun bulan lepas sebagai Honda Vezel telah mengancam jualan dalam Honda itu sendiri. Disebabkan itu, jualan Honda jatuh pada bulan lepas sehingga terkeluar dari senarai Top 10 model popular. Menarik kan? Harga pun belum lagi diumumkan kerana HR-V (Vezel) hanya akan dijual di Jepun pada April 2021. Juga baca: Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru - apa yang beza? Masih menawan? Nombor pendaftaran yang dilaporkan oleh Japan Automobile Dealer Associatio

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 11, 2021

Honda HR-V 2021 dilakar, kelihatan lebih matang!

Honda HR-V telah mencetuskan beberapa perbualan pada minggu lalu. Hal ini berikutan kerana ia sudah mencecah tujuh tahun. Pada masa yang sama, tertular gambar Honda HR-V yang agak meragukan melalui jalan raya di Jepun. Pada mulanya, kami menerima maklumat bahawa ia bukan sebuah Honda kerana ia kelihatan berbeza tetapi apabila melihat dengan lebih terperinci, terdapat kamera LaneWatch. Model pertama yang akan dibina pada platform yang baru? Beberapa bulan yang lepas, kami melaporkan bahawa HR-V a


Sep 15, 2020

Bigger, bolder all-new 2021 Honda HR-V debuts, coming to Malaysia in 2022?

Honda has officially introduced the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V in Japan, roughly six months since spyshots of the model first surfaced in September 2020. The new model will only go on sale in Japan in April, with prices set to be announced then. What’s new? The Honda HR-V, which is sold in Japan as the Honda Vezel, gets a completely redesigned exterior. It now gets a sleeker-looking front fascia, which at a glance, looks like a Mazda. Moving to the sides, the new-generation Honda HR-V continues the


Feb 18, 2021

Spyshot: Honda HR-V 2021 sudah tiba di Thailand?

Tidak sampai sebulan sejak ia membuat debut global, kelibat Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru telahpun dilihat di Thailand. Intipan ini dijumpai di perkarangan Ayutthaya dimana terletaknya kilang pemasangan Honda Thailand. Walaupun dengan penyamaran yang penuh, kelibat ini jelas menunjukkan Honda HR-V baru. Malah, penyamaran ini nampak sama seperti intipan pertama yang dijumpai di Jepun beberapa bulan yang lalu. Juga baca: Intipan - gambar 2021 Honda HR-V dengan samaran! Dengan kelibat yang dijumpai di


Mar 8, 2021

Honda plans for Corolla Cross-rivalling SUV, revival of the Honda Crossroad?

With only two SUVs in their current line-up in Japan (Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V), Honda does not have enough firepower to fend off rivals such as Toyota (7 SUVs) or Mazda (5 SUVs) in the ongoing SUV fight. Come March 2021, Honda is set to announce the all-new 2021 Honda HR-V (it is sold as the Vezel in Japan) – one that has been caught on Japanese roads several times now. It has also been digitally rendered, giving us an idea of how it could potentially look like. But that’s not all. If a recent re


Jan 4, 2021

What will Honda Malaysia be launching in 2021? Honda City Hatchback, Honda Odyssey Facelift, and more

After introducing no less than five new models in 2020, including the Honda Civic facelift, all-new Honda Accord, and all-new Honda City, Honda Malaysia isn’t slowing down one bit. With 2021 just around the corner, let’s take a look and see what does Honda Malaysia has in store for us in 2021. 2021 Honda City RS The Honda City RS will be Honda Malaysia’s first debut for 2021. Granted, the company showcased the City RS during the launch of the fifth-generation model, but would only launch the mod


Dec 27, 2020

Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru memang besar seperti dalam gambar?

Dengan kehangatan perasmian Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru pada minggu lepas, pelbagai pendapat telah dihujah di ruang komen WapCar - BM. Rupa paras sememangnya sesuatu yang subjektif. Tetapi yang pastinya, penampilannya nampak jauh lebih besar. Betul ke? Menurut laporan dari media Jepun, ia hanyalah ilusi permainan mata. Tetapi bagaimana mereka melakukannya? Berdasarkan temu ramah dengan pengurus pembangunan R&D, Honda HR-V baharu direka khusus untuk semua, tidak mengira peringkat umur. Untuk maklu


Feb 22, 2021

Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru bakal tiba pada 18 Februari – enjin i-MMD Hibrid, LaneWatch

Pengikut WapCar mungkin sudah tahu bahawa Honda HR-V serba baru akan diperkenalkan pada tahun ini. Menariknya, model ini bakal membuat debut global pada 18 Februari 2021 – lebih cepat daripada jangkaan. Media di Jepun telah mula menerima risalah mengenai butiran SUV segmen B yang terbaru ini. Walaupun hanya siluet sahaja diperlihatkan, gambaran pertama ini sebenarnya sudah cukup untuk memberitahu bahawa ia mirip Honda SUV e:concept. Antara ciri yang dibawa ke produksi ialah bumbung suria yang be


Jan 18, 2021

Spied: Another 2021 Honda HR-V spotted – Tokyo Auto Salon debut in March

The Honda HR-V became a surprise success in Malaysia when it debuted in 2015 when the B-segment SUV market was fairly new. However, the SUV is beginning to show its age and is due for a replacement. While waiting for the all-new HR-V to make its debut, we came across yet another spyshot of the next-gen crossover online. Spotted by the Japanese media, we can assume that the next-gen HR-V will sport a sharper and more angular design in favour of a more elegant look. It also appears that the black

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 2, 2020

Lakaran warna buat paten Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru, debut global minggu depan!

Baru semalam paten Honda HR-V 2021 serba baru tertiris. Sementara menunggu debut global pada minggu depan (18 Februari), kami telah mengenakan warna pada paten tersebut supaya lebih jelas untuk anda bayangkan. Berbanding Honda HR-V sekarang, imej paten ini memperlihatkan rekaan baru yang lebih tajam. Antara perubahan yang bakal kita lihat ialah gril depan yang lebih menyerlah, cermin sisi di pintu, dan bumbung yang lebih landai. Perincian lanjut mengenai trenkuasa masih belum dapat disahkan. Tet


Feb 11, 2021