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Mitsubishi Triton Athlete - pelapis L200 Storm, model trak pikap gaya hidup pertama dari Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi dengan rasminya melebarkan sayap ke Malaysia melalui Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia yang dilancarkan pada tahun 2005. Seiring dengan pelancaran tersebut, model pertama yang dibawa masuk oleh Mitsubishi adalah trak pikap Mitsubishi Triton, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Mitsubishi Storm pada ketika itu. Mitsubishi Storm pertama kali hadir ke Malaysia pada tahun 2001 melalui pengedar rasmi United Straits Fuso Sdn Bhd (USF). Tidak dinafikan, gaya Mitsubishi Storm yang ranggi ketika itu mencetus


Apr 7, 2021

Create a storm with this 2021 Toyota Corolla Altis bodykit, if you’re Thai

In an effort to convince Thais over the Honda Civic, Toyota Motor Thailand has cooked up a storm in terms of giving its updated Toyota Corolla Altis a sporty bodykit. While there is a GR Sport variant available in the Kingdom, for those looking to add more spice onto their Corolla Altis, there is the thunderously named Storm Package *cue background thunder noises*. The Storm Package is an official bodykit by Toyota that is available on all variants of the Corolla Altis except the GR Sport and th

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 2, 2021

Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2021 dilancarkan - 2.4L turbodiesel, ADAS, harga RM 141k!

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia hari ini telah melancarkan model Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2021. Trak pikap ini adalah taruhan Mitsubishi dalam persaingan trak pikap gaya hidup yang menjadi trend pada masa kini. Model ini akan menggantikan Mitsubishi Triton Adventure X sebagai varian paling atas. Mitsubishi Triton Athlete dijana oleh enjin 4 silinder 2.4 liter turbodiesel 4N15 dengan gandingan transmisi 6 kelajuan automatik. Kesemua spesifikasi ini menjana kuasa sehingga 181 PS kuasa kuda dan 430 Nm


Apr 8, 2021

3 Kebaikan & Keburukan: Mitsubishi Triton Athlete – begitu selesa dan konfiden di off-road!

Tempoh hari, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) telah mempelawa kami untuk menguji pandu Mitsubishi Triton Athlete, varian tertinggi dalam barisan keluarga Triton menggantikan Adventure X. Pada harga RM 141,500, bezanya hanya kosmetik sahaja, tetapi apa yang menarik kali ini adalah kami diberi peluang untuk menguji betapa lasaknya Triton Athlete ini di gelanggang off-road. Oleh itu, apakah 3 benda yang ‘best’ dan ‘tak best’ pasal Triton Athlete? Jom kita kupas lebih lanjut! Juga baca: Mitsubishi T

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 15, 2021

Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2021 vs. Toyota Hilux Rouge: Mana satu ‘King’?

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) baru sahaja memperkenalkan Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2021. Ia menggantikan Triton Adventure X di tangga varian teratas dan ia disasarkan untuk menyaingi Toyota Hilux Rogue. Kali ini, kami ingin bandingkan bagaimana trak pikap terbaru keluaran Mitsubishi ini bersaing dengan Toyota Hilux yang dikenali ramai. Baca juga: Mitsubishi Triton Athlete 2021 dilancarkan - 2.4L turbodiesel, ADAS, harga RM 141k! Trenkuasa – Hilux Rogue, trak yang amat berkuasa Triton Athlete


Apr 11, 2021

While we wait for the Mitsubishi Triton Athlete, let's pay respect to its forefathers

Speak of Mitsubishi, and voices will come out of nowhere, boohooing about the fate of the Lancer Evolution and Eclipse nameplates. But to just confine the storied Japanese carmaker to just two models is to do them a disservice. Which is why we're looking at their pick-up truck history today, one that started 40-plus years ago and has since culminated in the capable Mitsubishi Triton. 1st Generation - Simple workhorse Things started simple for Mitsubishi, heck even the name is just that - the Ame


Apr 7, 2021

A Remedy for Mitsubishi Outlander: a rear air circulator at RM 1,485

Since Mitsubishi Outlander has been introduced into Malaysia in 2016, the defect without rear air vent has been always the obstacle for consumers to make the purchase. Recently, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) finally finds a solution to this problem. They launched the air circulator as the official accessory for Outlander 2.0L and 2.4L at price RM 1,485. The air circulator works by drawing in fresh cool air from the front, charge it and blast it at the rear passengers. Furthermore, there are t


Jul 20, 2019

Better Mitsubishi products for Malaysia as MMC doubles down focus on ASEAN?

As a company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) have seen better days. Yes, the company still enjoys a strong market presence, especially in 4x4s and it’s still the only brand that’s in a position to challenge the Toyota Hilux's dominance, but it’s safe to say that company have long passed its peak. More than 100 ago, Mitsubishi Motors’ predecessor, the Mitsubishi zaibatsu conglomerate built Japan’s first series production car – the Model A, which was a copy of the Fiat Tipo 3. At its peak, th


Jun 28, 2020

Japan too has a problem with cars driving against traffic

The problem of motorists riding/driving against traffic is not unique to Malaysia, although your Facebook feeds will give you that it’s a growing problem confined only to Malaysia. Yesterday, a 35-year old man in Japan was killed when his Honda N-Box was hit head-on by a Toyota Crown driven by a 78-year old man who was driving against traffic. The incident happened yesterday 6-January, at 12.40 am at the Nishimeihan Expressway in Yamatokōriyama city, in Nara prefecture. The younger driver died o


Jan 7, 2021

Our Ativa’s rattling sound is fixed! What was the problem? - Long-term review #6

It has been about two weeks of ownership with our Perodua Ativa. How have things been? Well, the rattling sound we mentioned previously had gotten really annoying. Every time we drove over abrupt irregularities on the right side, the sound became more and more apparent. We needed to take the Ativa to Sepang on Tuesday to check out some Malaysian-made electric car, so we held off going to the service centre until Wednesday. About two weeks of driving with that sound, we finally checked in at the


Apr 2, 2021

My MPV sliding doors are not working, what is the problem?

So, the sliding doors on your MPV decided to fail on you. It could be a Toyota Alphard, Toyota Estima, Toyota Sienta, Nissan Serena, Hyundai Starex, or a Kia Grand Carnival. Manual sliding doors are a lot easier to fix, but power sliding doors are a little bit trickier. Before you rush to any nearby workshop, you might want to check a few things. The solution is usually a lot cheaper than you think it is. 1. Sliding doors hard to open or close? Could be dirty tracks The sliding doors of an MPV m


Jan 29, 2021

Fix for Proton’s after-sales parts supply shortage underway, IT problem the cause

Proton has been at the receiving end of many angry complaints from customers with regards to its after-sales. Proton dealers are experiencing shortage of not just regular wear and tear replacement parts, but also bigger body and paint parts for collision repairs. You may have read of complaints of customers who have been waiting for months to get parts for their accident-damaged Proton cars. Those complaints are legit but like many things you read on Facebook, the alleged reasons behind the part


Feb 9, 2021

Pros and Cons: Mitsubishi Triton - Cheaper than Hilux, a better buy?

Launched in 2008, the Mitsubishi Triton is the closest rival to the Toyota Hilux in terms of price. The latest iteration is a facelift from 2019 which features Mitsubishi’s prominent dynamic shield up front. 4x2 Quest - RM 79,890 4x4 M/T - RM 100,200 4x4 A/T - RM 105,900 4x4 M/T Premium - RM 113,300 4x4 A/T Premium - RM 121,000 4x4 Adventure X - RM 137,900 *OTR price w/o insurance. SST exemption not applicable to commercial vehicles. Imported (CBU) from Thailand, the Mitsubishi Triton also rival


Feb 20, 2021

Proton acknowledges spare parts shortage problem, reaches out to customers in need

Like any organization experiencing rapid growth and change, there will be growing pains. Proton is experiencing this first hand, not just with supply issues of the very high in demand Proton X50, but also shortage in spare parts supply for its service centres. To Proton’s credit, the company has taken a very brave move to publically acknowledge the shortcomings in its after-sales services. At today’s announcement of Proton’s February 2021 sales performance, Proton said it recorded its highest ev


Mar 2, 2021

What’s the minimum salary to get a loan for the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander?

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia recently released the prices of the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander, a model that will compete directly against the Honda BR-V, Perodua Aruz, and Toyota Rush. In this article, we will take a closer look and see how much you need to make each month before you should apply for a loan to purchase the Mitsubishi Xpander. How much do I need to make? The Mitsubishi Xpander has a starting price of RM 91,358 (on the road, without insurance), meaning that the monthly repayment is rough


Nov 20, 2020

Review: Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X – Great to drive, but smaller than the Hilux

You can't daily drive a pickup truck in Malaysia. Or at least that's what I thought before I tried the Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X. Pickup trucks are purely meant for work, right? They are supposed to be hard to manoeuvre, reek of diesel, have immense body roll, and be uncomfortable to ride in. Well, I'll give you a heads up – the Triton drives like a crossover. It is surprisingly nimble and comfortable. We tested the Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X, which is the only variant with Mitsub


Jul 25, 2020

Launching in 2020, the Mitsubishi Xpander is a comfortable, practical 7-seater

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has confirmed that it will be launching its first affordable seven-seater – the Xpander – next year. What does it compete against? Set to go up against the Toyota Rush, Perodua Aruz, and Honda BR-V, the Mitsubishi Xpander uses a similar 1.5-litre capacity engine like its rivals, naturally aspirated. However the Mitsubishi Xpander’s dated engine (paired to a 4-speed automatic) pushes out just 105 PS, identical to the Toyota Rush and Perodua Aruz but nowhere near the Hon


Nov 14, 2019

3-cylinder engine vibration, noise, and reliability: Still a problem?

In the recent years, we have welcomed some new three-cylinder engine cars to the world – the Nissan Almera 1.0 turbo, Honda City 1.0 turbo (Thailand), Proton X50, and more excitingly, the Toyota GR Yaris. Even Christian von Koenigsegg has channelled his genius into developing a 600 HP three-cylinder engine. With these developments however, some of us still remain very sceptical of them. We will never forget the underpowered three pots in tiny cars like the Perodua Kancil and Perodua Kelisa. Sure


Jan 24, 2021

FAQ: All you need to know about the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander!

The locally-assembled (CKD) in Pekan 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander is now open for booking in Malaysia and as usual with all new cars, we have the complete run down for you right here. Let’s go! What’s the price of the new Mitsubishi Xpander? Prices have not been announced yet. Though we estimate it to be circa RM 100,000, the actual prices should be released as the car nears its November launch date. How big is the Mitsubishi Xpander? Part of what makes the Xpander spacious is its size - it's bigger


Oct 24, 2020

Used Proton Inspira for RM 20k! This or the Mitsubishi Lancer?

It has been 5 years since Proton has discontinued sales of the Proton Inspira, but demand for the car has yet to wane and finding a good used unit is like looking for a needle in the haystack. But for RM 20,000, should you still get a used Proton Inspira or should you just opt for the Inspira’s donor car, the Mitsubishi Lancer instead? The Proton Inspira has always been an interesting product. It came years after Proton has proudly moved on from just rebadging Mitsubishi vehicles and started pro


Dec 17, 2020

The one problem with the G20 BMW 3 Series that BMW needs to fix

There is no doubt that about the BMW’s superior dynamics, which is far ahead of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the Audi A4. We absolutely love the way it drives and sounds, even in the four-cylinder 330i. In terms of evolution of character, the G20 BMW 3 Series is closer to the more driver-focused E90 3 Series than the previous F30 model, which closer to the comfort-biased E46 than the sharper handling E90. The G20 BMW 3 Series is more spacious than the E90, without losing any of the excellent dr


Dec 31, 2019

Review: 2021 Mitsubishi Triton Athlete is the best Hilux that you want to ride in

If you think the title for this review of the Mitsubishi Triton sounds odd, that’s because you are not reading it in the context of an East Malaysian. To the other half of Malaysia, the word Hilux does not necessarily refer to a Toyota Hilux, but a noun that refers to any pick-up truck. Yes, any. Think it’s wrong? Well if you stop calling Cintan or Mamee instant noodles as Maggi, or referring to every plastic food container as Tupperware, maybe the East Malaysians might listen to you. The Mitsub


Apr 15, 2021

Pros and Cons: Honda BR-V – Still better than the Mitsubishi Xpander?

When Honda Malaysia introduced the Honda BR-V back in 2017, many wondered if this new model is an MPV or an SUV. In short, the then-new model from Honda is an SUV, owing to the fact that Honda offers the Honda Mobilio in Indonesia and Thailand, which is essentially an MPV derivative of the BR-V. Furthermore, the Honda BR-V is taxed by the Malaysian Customs as an SUV, not an MPV. The Honda BR-V received its mid-life update earlier in 2020, giving the 7-seater SUV mild styling updates as well as e


Nov 24, 2020

9,300 bookings for Mitsubishi Xpander, pushes Mitsubishi ahead of Nissan

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has collected over 9,300 bookings for the Mitsubishi Xpander since its launch in November 2020, of which 2,742 units have been delivered. “Due to the overwhelming positive response for the new Xpander, we are progressing to increase our production volume to cater for higher production capacity to fulfil all booking demands,” said Tomoyuki Shinnishi, Chief Executive Officer of MMM. The 7-seater Mitsubishi Xpander is locally-assembled (CKD) in Pekan by a joint vent


Apr 6, 2021

Berinteraksi dengan lebih dekat bersama Mitsubishi dengan aplikasi MITSUBISHI CONNECT!

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) telah melancarkan aplikasi mudah alih MITSUBISHI CONNECT untuk pemilik kereta Mitsubishi di Malaysia. Aplikasi mudah alih ini boleh dimuat turun melalui Google Play Store dan Apple App Store secara percuma. Aplikasi mudah alih MITSUBISHI CONNECT menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan digital yang berkaitan dengan kenderaan, antaranya: membuat temu janji dengan pusat servis MMM pilihan menyemak rekod penyelenggaraan kenderaan menerima notifikasi untuk tarikh servis kere


Jun 26, 2020

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia launches its official app called MITSUBISHI CONNECT

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) introduces its first-ever MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile application for Mitsubishi car owners in Malaysia. The mobile app is available for download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. The MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile application offers a range of vehicle-related digital services, allowing Mitsubishi owners the convenience of scheduling a service appointment with their preferred MMM service centres, keep track of vehicle maintenance history and get remind


Jun 25, 2020

60% of Selangor roads passed service life, potholes never-ending problem

According to the state Infrastructure and Public Amenities, Agriculture Modernisation and Agro-based Industry committee, some 60 percent of roads in Selangor has reached its service life and many are structurally damaged. This is the main reason why potholes and cracks are a never-ending problem. Committee chairman Izham Hashim said that most of the roads in Selangor are close to 30 to 40 years old or more and past due for an upgrade. He further explained that roads usually reach maturity within


Feb 8, 2021

Mitsubishi Triton serba baru sah hadir untuk tahun 2020. Mitsubishi sasar pasaran Malaysia?

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) telah mengumumkan bahawa ia akan memperkenalkan sekurang-kurangnya 9 lagi model baru mulai tahun kewangan 2022, termasuk Mitsubishi Triton serba baru dan Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid baru. Semasa pembentangan perniagaan syarikat untuk tahun kewangan 2020 - 2022 syarikat semalam, MMC mengulangi penekanannya untuk memberi tumpuan kepada blok ASEAN kerana unjuran pertumbuhan yang bagus. Asia Tenggara adalah pasaran terbesar MMC, dengan blok perdagangan ASEAN menyumb


Jul 29, 2020

Rebiu: Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 4WD. Ini apa yang boleh dijangkakan untuk Mitsubishi Xpander?

Mitsubishi Outlander Mitsubishi Outlander mungkin bukan dalam senarai pilihan SUV 7 tempat duduk tetapi jangan ketepikan dahulu SUV ini. Selain itu, kita bakal menerima sebuah lagi kenderaan 7 tempat duduk daripada Mitsubishi iaitu Mitsubishi Xpander. Oleh itu, apa yang boleh kita jangkakan tentang Mitsubishi Xpander melalui pengalaman pemanduan ‘abang’nya, Mitsubishi Outlander? Mitsubishi Outlander adalah sebuah SUV segmen C 7 tempat duduk yang bersaing dengan Nissan X-Trail, VW Tiguan Allspace


Sep 15, 2020

Mitsubishi Motors teases new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

In a blink of an eye, it has been 3 years since Mitsubishi dusted off an old sports car name and plastered it onto a new compact crossover to create the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The car is now due for a facelift and Mitsubishi has released a teaser of the upcoming reveal on their official Instagram page. All that we know for now is that Mitsubishi has redesigned the front and rear design while the company has also promised a more upscale and energetic overall look. With the SUV scheduled to go


Sep 17, 2020