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5 features that makes the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander awesome! 1 the ladies will love

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has opened bookings for the highly anticipated 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander. The 7-seater B-segment SUV will come to town to face stiff competition like the Honda BR-V and the Perodua Aruz. But we think that these 5 features make it a winner above all its 7-seater rivals. All Round Monitor (ARM) – bird’s eye view around you Other than the Toyota Rush, the Xpander is the only other 7-seater B-segment car that comes with a 360-degree parking camera. The Honda BR-V, Pero


Oct 23, 2020

Watch: Styrofoam box skilfully bounces back into the truck bed

While parcels and boxes falling out of truck beds are rather common occurrences, a box falling out and then somehow managing to bounce back into the truck is a rare sight indeed. This road user encountered a very interesting scene when driving on a bridge. As you can see, a Styrofoam box fell out of the truck ahead and skilfully bounce its way back into the truck, not just once but multiple times! And it looked like the box continued its adventures bouncing back into the truck even after the vid


Jun 10, 2020

Pros and Cons of installing a roof box or roof rack on your car

A roof box is handy for increasing storage space in in your car. You can install a roof box on your car by yourself, or you can get the shop to do it for you. If you're planning to install a roof box, there are several types of factory-fitted roof mounts: raised rails solid-type rails fixed mounting points no mounting points Some cars come with roof rack mounting points, while some don’t. Having factory-fitted mounting points makes installing the roof box easier. Not having them just means you n


Mar 6, 2021

Volkswagen offers rebates on the hottest hatchbacks in town

The Merdeka celebration is not over for Volkswagen fans, as Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is now giving exclusive RM 2,000 rebates on the two hottest performance hatches in town, the Golf GTI and Golf R. The iconic Golf GTI features a new 2.0 TSI turbocharged engine paired with a 6-speed wet clutch direct shift gearbox (DSG), with output being an impressive 230 PS with 350 Nm of torque. Apart from its unmistakable honeycomb trimmings, the Golf GTI comes with GTI ‘Vienna’ perforated l


Sep 13, 2019

Mitsubishi Motors teases new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

In a blink of an eye, it has been 3 years since Mitsubishi dusted off an old sports car name and plastered it onto a new compact crossover to create the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The car is now due for a facelift and Mitsubishi has released a teaser of the upcoming reveal on their official Instagram page. All that we know for now is that Mitsubishi has redesigned the front and rear design while the company has also promised a more upscale and energetic overall look. With the SUV scheduled to go


Sep 17, 2020

Mitsubishi Xpander: Honda BR-V and Perodua Aruz rival, coming soon!

Later this year, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia will be returning to the MPV segment with its first-ever budget MPV – the Xpander. The last MPV that Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia sold here was the Grandis. Breaking the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia’s duopoly Since the Xpander’s introduction in Indonesia - the world's largest budget MPV market - back in 2017, it has proved to be a rather significant model for Mitsubishi – it is the first car ever to break the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia’s duopol


Mar 17, 2020

Mitsubishi Xpander AP4, kereta rali MPV pertama di dunia dengan enjin Evo X!

Mitsubishi Xpander Jika anda seorang peminat sukan permotoran rali, anda mesti mengenali jentera lagenda dari Mitsubishi iaitu Lancer Evolution. Kereta ini telah meletakkan jenama Mitsubishi di mata dunia, merangkul kejuaraan Kejohanan Rali Dunia (WRC) dari tahun 1996 sehingga 1999. Sayangnya, Lancer Evolution telah melabuhkan tirai produksinya pada April 2016 dengan model Evolution 10 (Evo X), sekaligus mengakhiri lagenda kereta sedan bercas turbo dengan sistem pacuan empat roda dalam barisan M

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Sep 29, 2020

5 perincian Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 yang pasti buat anda dan si gadis jatuh cinta!

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) sedang menerima tempahan untuk Mitsubishi Xpander 2020 yang ditunggu ramai. SUV segmen B 7 tempat duduk ini akan tiba untuk menyaingi SUV lain seperti Honda BR-V dan Perodua Aruz. Tapi, kami pasti yang 5 perincian ini akan menjadikannya pilihan popular berbanding pesaing kenderaan 7 tempat duduk yang lain. All Round Monitor (ARM) – sudut pandang keseluruhan dari atas Selain daripada Toyota Rush, Xpander ialah salah satu antara dua kereta segmen B dengan 7 tempat


Oct 30, 2020

2020 Mitsubishi Xpander open for booking in Malaysia: Nov launch, bigger than BR-V and Aruz!

We have another much-awaited car to talk about this week as the locally-assembled (CKD) in Pekan 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander is now open for booking in Malaysia. Due to be officially launched in November, only one variant of the B-segment SUV is offered and prices aren't revealed yet. Only one variant to choose Only one variant of the Xpander is offered, but it comes with a host of features including: LED head and tail lamps 360-degree camera Android Auto and Apple Car Play support We'll cover the f


Oct 22, 2020

Nak pasang roof box dan roof rack - apa kelebihan dan kekurangannya?

Pernah lihat kereta yang ada rak dan kotak plastik di atas bumbungnya? Kotak bumbung (roof box) ini cukup berguna untuk meningkatkan kapasiti ruang simpanan di dalam kereta anda. Anda boleh pasang sendiri kotak bumbung ini ataupun pergi ke kedai aksesori jika anda malas nak pasang sendiri. Jika ada merancang untuk memasang kotak bumbung, ada beberapa jenis pelekap bumbung (roof mounts) yang dipasang dari kilang kereta itu sendiri: Rel yang dinaikkan (raised rails) Rel jenis padat/padu (solid) Ti


Mar 21, 2021

Launching in 2020, the Mitsubishi Xpander is a comfortable, practical 7-seater

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has confirmed that it will be launching its first affordable seven-seater – the Xpander – next year. What does it compete against? Set to go up against the Toyota Rush, Perodua Aruz, and Honda BR-V, the Mitsubishi Xpander uses a similar 1.5-litre capacity engine like its rivals, naturally aspirated. However the Mitsubishi Xpander’s dated engine (paired to a 4-speed automatic) pushes out just 105 PS, identical to the Toyota Rush and Perodua Aruz but nowhere near the Hon


Nov 14, 2019

Used Proton Inspira for RM 20k! This or the Mitsubishi Lancer?

It has been 5 years since Proton has discontinued sales of the Proton Inspira, but demand for the car has yet to wane and finding a good used unit is like looking for a needle in the haystack. But for RM 20,000, should you still get a used Proton Inspira or should you just opt for the Inspira’s donor car, the Mitsubishi Lancer instead? The Proton Inspira has always been an interesting product. It came years after Proton has proudly moved on from just rebadging Mitsubishi vehicles and started pro


Dec 17, 2020

This is how a 340 PS, 4WD Mitsubishi Xpander AP4 is built

Toothpaste! Most of you will instantly have the red and white colours of Colgate pop in your head. Likewise when I say rally! Your mind snaps to the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. It's hard to blame anyone for that. It's just heuristics. The Lancer Evo has become synonymous with rallying - flying through forests, exhaust going off like a machine gun - and it's no surprise they won the World Rally Championship (WRC) with Tommi Makinnen four times consecutively from 1996 to 1999. For all its history


Sep 29, 2020

Same price, more seats, 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander vs City vs Almera vs Vios

Now that Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has introduced the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander in Malaysia, the question on some people’s mind is: should you get the Xpander over a B-segment sedan like the Honda City, Nissan Almera, or Toyota Vios? Before you point out that they don't compete with each other as they belong to different segments, keep in mind that potential buyers will end up cross shopping as these models are priced very close together. Let’s dive in and see which model suits your needs better.


Oct 31, 2020

Review: Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X – Great to drive, but smaller than the Hilux

You can't daily drive a pickup truck in Malaysia. Or at least that's what I thought before I tried the Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X. Pickup trucks are purely meant for work, right? They are supposed to be hard to manoeuvre, reek of diesel, have immense body roll, and be uncomfortable to ride in. Well, I'll give you a heads up – the Triton drives like a crossover. It is surprisingly nimble and comfortable. We tested the Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure X, which is the only variant with Mitsub


Jul 25, 2020

9,300 bookings for Mitsubishi Xpander, pushes Mitsubishi ahead of Nissan

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has collected over 9,300 bookings for the Mitsubishi Xpander since its launch in November 2020, of which 2,742 units have been delivered. “Due to the overwhelming positive response for the new Xpander, we are progressing to increase our production volume to cater for higher production capacity to fulfil all booking demands,” said Tomoyuki Shinnishi, Chief Executive Officer of MMM. The 7-seater Mitsubishi Xpander is locally-assembled (CKD) in Pekan by a joint vent


Apr 6, 2021

Berinteraksi dengan lebih dekat bersama Mitsubishi dengan aplikasi MITSUBISHI CONNECT!

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) telah melancarkan aplikasi mudah alih MITSUBISHI CONNECT untuk pemilik kereta Mitsubishi di Malaysia. Aplikasi mudah alih ini boleh dimuat turun melalui Google Play Store dan Apple App Store secara percuma. Aplikasi mudah alih MITSUBISHI CONNECT menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan digital yang berkaitan dengan kenderaan, antaranya: membuat temu janji dengan pusat servis MMM pilihan menyemak rekod penyelenggaraan kenderaan menerima notifikasi untuk tarikh servis kere


Jun 26, 2020

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia launches its official app called MITSUBISHI CONNECT

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) introduces its first-ever MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile application for Mitsubishi car owners in Malaysia. The mobile app is available for download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free. The MITSUBISHI CONNECT mobile application offers a range of vehicle-related digital services, allowing Mitsubishi owners the convenience of scheduling a service appointment with their preferred MMM service centres, keep track of vehicle maintenance history and get remind


Jun 25, 2020

Mitsubishi Triton serba baru sah hadir untuk tahun 2020. Mitsubishi sasar pasaran Malaysia?

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) telah mengumumkan bahawa ia akan memperkenalkan sekurang-kurangnya 9 lagi model baru mulai tahun kewangan 2022, termasuk Mitsubishi Triton serba baru dan Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid baru. Semasa pembentangan perniagaan syarikat untuk tahun kewangan 2020 - 2022 syarikat semalam, MMC mengulangi penekanannya untuk memberi tumpuan kepada blok ASEAN kerana unjuran pertumbuhan yang bagus. Asia Tenggara adalah pasaran terbesar MMC, dengan blok perdagangan ASEAN menyumb


Jul 29, 2020

Rebiu: Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 4WD. Ini apa yang boleh dijangkakan untuk Mitsubishi Xpander?

Mitsubishi Outlander Mitsubishi Outlander mungkin bukan dalam senarai pilihan SUV 7 tempat duduk tetapi jangan ketepikan dahulu SUV ini. Selain itu, kita bakal menerima sebuah lagi kenderaan 7 tempat duduk daripada Mitsubishi iaitu Mitsubishi Xpander. Oleh itu, apa yang boleh kita jangkakan tentang Mitsubishi Xpander melalui pengalaman pemanduan ‘abang’nya, Mitsubishi Outlander? Mitsubishi Outlander adalah sebuah SUV segmen C 7 tempat duduk yang bersaing dengan Nissan X-Trail, VW Tiguan Allspace


Sep 15, 2020

Mitsubishi Triton Athlete - pelapis L200 Storm, model trak pikap gaya hidup pertama dari Mitsubishi!

Mitsubishi dengan rasminya melebarkan sayap ke Malaysia melalui Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia yang dilancarkan pada tahun 2005. Seiring dengan pelancaran tersebut, model pertama yang dibawa masuk oleh Mitsubishi adalah trak pikap Mitsubishi Triton, atau lebih dikenali sebagai Mitsubishi Storm pada ketika itu. Mitsubishi Storm pertama kali hadir ke Malaysia pada tahun 2001 melalui pengedar rasmi United Straits Fuso Sdn Bhd (USF). Tidak dinafikan, gaya Mitsubishi Storm yang ranggi ketika itu mencetus


Apr 7, 2021

Ratings: 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander - A better family car than the Honda BR-V?

Joining the field of budget people-carriers this year is the 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander, challenging the Honda BR-V and Perodua Aruz. To look at the Mitsubishi Xpander objectively, we shall put it through our standardised WapCar Rating system. Will the Xpander pass with flying colours? Let's see. 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander: Driving Performance - 28/50 pts, Not the most powerful in its segment 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander - Facts and Figures Engine 1.5 L 4-cylinder MIVEC Transmission 4-speed automatic Power


Jan 1, 2021

New Japan-Malaysia Mitsubishi JV for a higher quality CKD 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) have taken the covers off the 7-seater 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander. Prices have yet to be announced (like many other companies, MMM has to deal with a very fluid situation in this Covid-19 period) but the company expects to release the price lists to dealers within November. Competing against the Perodua Aruz and Honda BR-V, the 1.5-litre naturally aspirated Xpander is locally-assembled (CKD) at its local partner’s DRB-Hicom’s facility in Pekan. This is a different a


Oct 22, 2020

Mitsubishi Xpander已收获9,300笔订单,Mitsubishi一举超越Nissan

大马Mitsubishi汽车公司(MMM)自从在2020年11月推出Mitsubishi Xpander以来,已收到了超过9,300笔预订订单,其中2,742辆已经交付。 MMM首席执行官Tomoyuki Shinnishi表示:“由于新款Xpander取得了十分积极的市场反馈,我们正在逐步提高产量,保证更高的生产能力,以满足所有的预订需求。” 7人座的Mitsubishi Xpander由MMM和日本Mitsubishi汽车公司的合资企业在Pekan进行本地组装(CKD)。该公司名为MMC Manufacturing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.,在DRB-Hicom汽车制造综合体内经营一家Mitsubishi汽车公司专属的汽车组装厂。 推荐阅读:New Japan-Malaysia Mitsubishi JV for a higher quality CKD 2020 Mitsubishi Xpander MMM最畅销的车型依然是Mitsubishi Triton,上一财年(2020年4月-2021年3月)MMM共销售了7,568辆,比上一财年增长32%。 加上Mitsub


Apr 10, 2021

Choosing the right engine for your needs - Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu D-Max, Toyota Hilux

Performance figures published by car manufacturers are a two-sided coin, as figures alone don't dictacte the vehicle's overall driving experience. Instead, factors such as the vehicle’s weight should be factored in as well, as having a high output vehicle with a heavy weight would penalize its performance. Do keep in mind that having the most powerful engine does not necessarily equate to being the most durable or reliable. Ford Ranger - The most powerful pick-up truck money can buy In the case


Apr 16, 2020

Quick Review: New 2020 Toyota Hilux Rogue - best RM 150k jack-of-all-trades truck?

This is the new 2020 Toyota Hilux Rogue - the top-dog in the newly-facelifted Toyota Hilux range. Priced at RM 146,880, the Hilux Rogue comes with a meatier 2.8-litre turbodiesel and a box of bells and whistles. But is it all just bright lights and metal bars? On Monday, we spent an entire day with it, and this is what we think. Exterior - chunky and tough The facelift brings about visual changes throughout the range, but the Rogue gets exclusive touches: a different front bumper and grille, hoo


Oct 8, 2020

120 units of Mitsubishi Tritons got knighted

Mitsubishi Malaysia jacks up the Triton Adventure X variant with special accessories. The Mitsubishi Triton Knight is limited to only 120 units and has an asking price of RM 137,900. The Triton Knight is distinguishable with a grey coated front bumper garnish, an aggressive hood protector and side window deflectors further complimented with Knight body stickers. On the inside, the Knight sports unique scuff plates and exclusive red-stitched carpet mats with Knight embroidery. Other than that, th


Dec 10, 2019

Mitsubishi ASX tamat pengeluaran, tiada model pengganti?

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia telah mengesahkan kepada Wapcar.my bahawa Mitsubishi ASX telah ditamatkan pengeluaran sejak Januari 2021. SUV kompak segmen C tersebut telah dilancarkan sejak tahun 2010 lagi. Ketika ini, tiada model lain yang dilaporkan akan menggantikan Mitsubishi ASX. Bagi pembaca yang tertanya-tanya mengenai Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, maklumat awal yang diterima adalah model ini juga tidak akan ditawarkan di Malaysia atas faktor harga. Eclipse Cross juga ada ditawarkan di Indonesia.


Apr 12, 2021

Mitsubishi Motors’ yearly Merdeka promo starts now

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) kicks off the Merdeka month with some special deals so interested buyers can enjoy more savings on top of the special SST exemption prices. Interested buyers of the Mitsubishi ASX can opt to trade-in their current cars to get an RM 8,888 top-up support from MMM’s authorised dealers. MMM will also throw in a 5-year free maintenance and 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage when you purchase the B-segment SUV. The Mitsubishi ASX 4WD goes at RM 125,182 while the AS


Aug 14, 2020

Nissan nafi spekulasi jual pegangan dalam Mitsubishi

Baru-baru ini, terdapat khabar angin yang bertiup kencang mengenai langkah Nissan yang sedang mempertimbangkan untuk menjual pegangan dalam Mitsubishi. Nissan mempunyai pegangan sebanyak 34% dalam Mitsubishi. Dalam usaha untuk bertahan dalam industri automotif, perikatan Renault - Nissan - Mitsubishi dilakukan bagi perkongsian platform, teknologi dan juga modal. Ketiga-tiga syarikat tersebut mempunyai kepakaran tersendiri dalam pasaran masing-masing. Penjualan pegangan saham Mitsubishi tersebut


Nov 17, 2020