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MIROS: Ban the sales of dangerous car accessories

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has urged the government to ban the sale of car accessories that could pose a fatal risk, especially in the event of a crash. Dr Khairil Anwar Abu Kassim. Photo credit: Berita Harian According to Berita Harian, one such item is the dummy buckle, which was originally meant for plus-sized individuals, but has since been misused by people who refuses to buckle up while driving. By inserting the dummy buckle into the seat belt buckle, these dri


Jul 9, 2020

MCO 2.0: Car accessories shops allowed to reopen

The National Security Council (MKN) has announced that effective 10 February 2021, the rest of the Malaysian small businesses will be allowed to reopen. This will include car accessories shops across the country. Here is the complete list of businesses allowed to reopen during the Movement Control Order (MCO): Other than that, MKN has also announced that dine-in at restaurants will be allowed starting 10 February 2021. All diners will have to adhere to social distancing rules and one table is on


Feb 9, 2021

These Gear Up accessories on the 2021 Perodua Ativa activate its fierce side

The new 2021 Perodua Ativa is set to blaze the Malaysian roads on fire with its appealing price and equally appealing features. But for those who think the SUV needs a gruffer and sportier look to match its active-inspired name, Perodua also offers Gear Up accessories for the Ativa. The Ativa starts from RM 61,500 and the Gear Up accessories are offered on all three variants. These accessories include a bodykit that gives the Ativa a sporty look to challenge other cars on the road, including the

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 3, 2021

Nissan X-Trail goes to X-tremes with accessories

The Nissan X-Trail received a facelift earlier this year with four variants. Now you can have the X-Tremer or the Aero Edition accessories package for all variants. To recap the 4 variants: 2.0L 2WD 2.0L 2WD Mid 2.5L 4WD 2.0L Hybrid The X-Tremer package comprises a two-tone paint job with many items blacked out including the roof, roof rails, grille, spoiler, side mirrors, Tomei front and rear bumper, and 17-inch wheels. Aero Edition is basically the opposite without two-tone scheme and everythi


Nov 1, 2019

Can't afford a GR Yaris? Then grab this GR bodykit for your Perodua Myvi!

As much as we like to have many, many cars in our lifetime, sometimes dreams remain just that - dreams. Case in point is the Toyota GR Yaris - from RM 286k, it's a bit out of reach for most of us. But a Perodua Myvi though? It's something most Malaysians can afford, with the most expensive variant topping out at RM 52k. Unless several thousand Ringgit is poured into one, the Myvi isn't the closest thing to what one terms as a road-going rally car. But JW Bodykit Accessories will at least make Ma


Jan 11, 2021

GR Yaris terlalu mahal? Dapatkan ‘bodykit’ GR untuk Perodua Myvi anda!

Walaupun harga RM 286k agak berbaloi untuk Toyota GR Yaris, ia bukanlah sesuatu yang mampu dimiliki oleh orang ramai. Khusus untuk anda yang memiliki Perodua Myvi, inilah peluang untuk menjadikan kereta anda seperti sebuah model GR. Walaupun ia tidak memberikan prestasi dan karakter pemanduan seperti kereta rali untuk jalan raya, bodykit GR yang dihasilkan oleh JW Accessories ini cukup tepat. Kredit: JW Bodykit Accessories Baru-baru ini, sebuah kedai aksesori di Kajang telah memaparkan gambar se


Jan 11, 2021

Scoop: 2021 Perodua Myvi to feature new Red Mica colour

Old Lava Red shown In 2020, Perodua Myvi was updated with a brand-new colour, Electric Blue, and offered A.S.A 2.0. That doesn’t seem to be enough for Perodua as we have received a scoop that it might be introducing a new hue to the King in the coming months. The updated 2020 Myvi Based on info that was sent to the WapCar team, the Perodua Myvi will receive a new shade of red called Red Mica. The red paint that is currently offered on the Myvi is Lava Red. Whether will the new Mica Red replace L

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 10, 2021

Spice up the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo with these accessories!

Here at the WapCar office, some of us are pretty divided on whether the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo looks better than the 2020 Honda City but one thing is for certain, one has more affordable road tax than the other. Besides, while Honda has released some Modulo accessories for the all-new City, Nissan has also a few accessories of their own. No, they aren’t by Impul or Nismo, for now. Let’s start with the first accessory package which is the Interior Styling Package which costs RM 400. This packag

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 15, 2020

Worth RM 3,500? A closer look at the 2020 Proton X50's accessories package

There's been much ado recently and it's not about nothing - the 2020 Proton X50 has very clearly won Malaysia's popularity contest since its October launch. But popularity isn't the only thing Proton's latest B-segment SUV's got in common with A-list celebrities. As waiting lists extend up to 6 months, the X50 was caught in controversy following allegations that dealers were forcing customers to buy optional accessories. A lot of the hubbub is due to pricing: at RM 3,300 for the Utility Package


Dec 7, 2020

Perodua Myvi awarded best city car by Indonesia’s Gen-Z

The Perodua Myvi is Malaysia’s most popular car but in Indonesia, the Myvi does not enjoy the same popularity. However, the car might have scored a new generation of fans. The King, which is badged as the Daihatsu Sirion in the archipelago, was awarded the best city car award in the Marketeers Youth Choice Brands of the Year 2020. This was a result of a survey conducted by Marketeers with 1,300 Generation Z respondents all over Indonesia within the age of 18 to 25 years old. The majority of the

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 14, 2020

GR Yaris hampir habis dijual? Tak apa, GR Myvi kan ada!

Kalau anda berhajat untuk beli Toyota GR Yaris dengan tawaran diskaun, anda mesti kecewa kerana stoknya hanya tinggal beberapa unit sahaja. Walau apapun, anda tidak perlu terlalu kecewa kerana JW Bodykits Accessories telah menghasilkan imbuhan GR terhadap hero Malaya kita iaitu Perodua Myvi. Sekali dengan rongga udara beb! Sejujurnya, ia kelihatan agak gempak! Gril dan lekuk pada bampar GR ini nampak serasi dengan Perodua Myvi. Untuk maklumat anda, bampar depan dari bahan gentian kaca (fibreglas


Jan 15, 2021

Video: 2019 Perodua Myvi Advance 1.5L review, see why it's the best car ever

The Perodua Myvi Advance is one of the few cars that have the ability to appeal to buyers from all walks of life. From fresh grads to highly accomplished chief executives, the love for the Perodua Myvi knows no bounds. Over 1 million Myvis has left the production floors since the car was unveiled to the public in May 2005. It's not hard to see why the Perodua Myvi Advance can capture the hearts of most, if not all, Malaysians. The Myvi Advance has always offered superb value for its price as wel

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Nov 26, 2019

Perodua Myvi is the favourite model for used car buyers!

We know that the Perodua Myvi has been a crowd favourite since it was first introduced back in 2005. The little hatchback doesn’t just dominate the new car buying scene but also the used car market as the second-hand car market continues its sales high following the month of July. Previously, it was reported that the used car market has hit an all-time high since the country entered the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) with year-on-year sales spiking over 25 percent in July. The y-o-y grow


Oct 13, 2020

Used Perodua Myvi: What do you need to know before buying Malaysia’s favourite car?

We previously reported that used car sales are hitting an all-time high and the favourite choice among second-hand car buyers is the Perodua Myvi. If you’re looking to buy a used Myvi as well, then here’s what you need to know before you purchase one. First generation Perodua Myvi interior It is understandable why the Myvi is still a crowd favourite even in the used car market. Whether it is the first generation or the second-generation car, the little hatch offers an interesting package with it


Oct 17, 2020

GR Yaris almost sold out? Fret not - the GR Perodua Myvi is now a reality!

Say you wanted to get the Toyota GR Yaris on a discount but alas, it's nearly out of stock. Fret not, at least JW Bodykits Accessories is here to pepper some GR-ness into Malaysia's everyday hero, the Perodua Myvi. Functional air curtains too! Just one photo was enough to set our Facebook page's comments section ablaze, and now we've got photos of the front bumper on an actual Myvi. Honestly - it does look quite good! The aggressive grille (complete with 'Functional Matrix' design), slats, and m


Jan 15, 2021

Flying car in 2021 achieved! This is proof that Perodua Myvi can fly!

Social media users were amused by a viral video of a Perodua Myvi stuck in a very unusual circumstance. According to the video, the Myvi had flown over a huge storm drain and landed in the middle of a park! The unusual accident happened in Iskandar Puteri, Johor and the video has since drawn plenty of jokes about the ‘King of the Road’ and about who needs a flying car when we already have the Myvi. (function(d, s, id) { let js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return


Mar 23, 2021

2020 Toyota Hilux gains Gazoo Racing parts, cost as much as a new Myvi!

The Japanese usually jump at the chance to spice up fairly normal cars, and it's especially true for the men and women at Gazoo Racing. Yes, the team behind the Toyota GR Yaris raided their parts bin and dumped some good stuff on a 2020 Toyota Hilux. Lots of tough love GR’s styling package beefs up the Hilux’s already-tough exterior by a notch. For an additional JPY 305,800 (~RM 11,950), buyers will get a silver bumper guard, striking red skid plate, steel side steps and matte-black sports bars


Sep 2, 2020

Myvi driver's frequent loud exhaust testing leads neighbour to shoot car with air gun

We all have that neighbour that loves the sound of a booming exhaust system. But what is worst is when they decide to rev their cars hard just for fun, breaking the peaceful quietness of the neighbourhood. This man in Johor has had enough of his neighbour’s car and decided to shoot at it in retaliation! Iskandar Puteri Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Dzulkhairi Mukhtar told the media that the 21-year-old Perodua Myvi owner made a police report when he found gunshot marks on the driver side


Feb 18, 2021

买不起GR Yaris?那就来一套Perodua Myvi的GR车体套件吧!

我们都梦想着自己能拥有各色各样的车子,但有时候梦想也只能是梦。Toyota GR Yaris就是个活生生的例子——标价RM 286k起跳,这已经超出了绝大多数人的承受能力了。但如果换成是Perodua Myvi呢?这是绝大多数大马人民都能买得起的车,其最贵的顶配车型也不过RM 52k。 不过,如果你想让Myvi也成为公路上的拉力赛车,那么你至少也要再花上几千令吉改装。好在,现在JW Bodykit Accessories推出了一款车体套件,至少这款马来西亚“国民超跑”在外观上也能向疯狂的GR Yaris更近一步了。 图片来源:JW Bodykit Accessories 这家来自加影(Kajang)的改装车商近期po出了一张前保险杠原型的照片,让大家十分惊奇。所有的东西几乎都是完美复刻——模制的风刀(还有看起来真的有用的导气槽!)、煞车冷却风道,甚至还有“Functional Matrix”的前脸造型。 尽管改装套件的材料、价格以及其它细节信息都还没有公布,但我们认为套件上身后的效果,应该与Theophilus Chin制作的假想图十分相似。 正面造型看起来十分到位,不过实际套件会不会


Jan 15, 2021

Myvi driver's attempts to flee high-speed car crash foiled by witnesses

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has arrested a man suspected to be the driver of the Perodua Myvi in the viral car crash circulating on social media yesterday. The suspect could be seen in various videos attempting to run away from the scene but witnesses managed to prevent him from escaping. (function(d, s, id) { let js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src ='https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=


Feb 23, 2021

Pros and cons, 2018 Perodua Myvi: Why is it the best-selling car in Malaysia?

Perodua Myvi Ferrari F8 Spider, McLaren GT, 2018 Perodua Myvi, Lamborghini Huracan, etc. These are some of the finest supercars out there and that's why the Perodua Myvi is so successful. Jokes aside, the Perodua Myvi has been the best-selling car in Malaysia for a while now and Malaysians love it. But every now and again, we do get asked if the Perodua Myvi is a good choice. Well, why don’t we run through the things that make the Myvi such a compelling choice for so many, and talk about some of


May 16, 2020

8 years jail for suspects that caused fatal Aruz-Waja-Myvi cop car crash in Johor

On November 1st, news of a high-speed car chase resulting in the death of a young constable in Johor went viral. The suspects who got away at that time have now been charged with multiple offences with the heaviest penalty being 8 years in jail and a RM 30,000 fine. According to previous reports, the police officers first gave chase when they came across the Perodua Myvi that was driving around suspiciously. During the chase, the Proton Waja patrol vehicle clipped the Myvi and spun before landin


Nov 13, 2020

Gadis ubahsuai kereta jadi ‘Camper Myvi’. Myvi Boleh!

Dalam satu muatnaik di laman Facebook Art of Speed Malaysia, sebuah Perodua Myvi telah diubahsuai menjadi ‘camper car’ dimana kerusi belakang diturunkan untuk memuatkan beberapa keping papan lapis yang dijadikan asas tilam lengkap dengan lampu liplap, bantal dan langsir Cantiknya! Beliau dilihat memandu Perodua Myvi generasi pertama (2005 – 2008) yang memang terkenal dengan ruang dalamannya yang sangat luas bagi kereta hatchback nasional. Tempat duduk belakangnya boleh diturunkan dengan betul-be


Jul 29, 2020

Keep it real: how to know if your accessories are original?

From aftermarket wheels, seats to steering wheels - chances are you can pick out a couple of modified cars just by looking around you. Check when you’re out and about, and you’ll see I’m right. Us Malaysians are a creative bunch, and it’s only natural that trickles down to our cars. Sometimes we get too creative... As much as it’s cool to make the cars we drive truly our own, there are plenty of enthusiasts who go for low-quality, fake accessories. Sure, there are some people who ignorantly choo


Jul 11, 2020

Owner Review: Experiencing the Honda City - A car that is not love at first sight

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Honda City GM6 owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Najib Ar-Rahman Background It was 2014 and I was in the market to purchase my first car. I have just recently started working for around 1.5 years or so and was earning around RM3.5K per month. My daily commute all that while was via public transport but the same year, I decided to get married, which is why I needed to buy a car. The usual choice for someone a

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 8, 2020

2020 Perodua Myvi S-Edition vs Myvi GT: Which is your pick?

In a rather surprising move, Perodua unveiled the 2020 Perodua Myvi S-Edition in Brunei, alongside the regular model. Nope, Malaysia isn't the first to receive this model. Called the Myvi S-Edition, it is heavily inspired by the Myvi GT that was shown at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (2018 KLIMS). However, unlike the Myvi GT that is based on the Myvi 1.5 AV, the Brunei market Myvi S-Edition is based on the entry-level Myvi 1.3G. Let’s take a closer look and compare both the Myvi


Jul 5, 2020

New Proton Iriz - Is It Finally A Better Car Than The Perodua Myvi?

The Proton Iriz was conceived back in 2014 as Proton’s effort to counter the ever-popular Perodua Myvi. Back then, the Iriz offered considerably more safety equipment than the Perodua Myvi, but response from the market remained lukewarm at best. Proton updated the Iriz a couple of times, with the latest update being introduced earlier this year. Five variants are available in total, up from the four variants from the 2017 update. Specifications for Proton Iriz 1.3: Engine: 1.3-litre VVT four-cyl


Aug 5, 2019

Perodua Myvi vs Proton Iriz; what are the differences?

Since its launch 15 years ago, the Perodua Myvi has been holding the top spot as Malaysian’s favourite hatchback. It took Proton a few tries to come up with a competitive product before they came to the Iriz. It’s been 6 years since the 2 cars have been in close combat, now in their latest updates, which car should you pick? Here's a quick comparison between the top spec of each car! When the Iriz was first introduced, enthusiasts were shocked at the high price tag of RM 62,888 for the top spec


Jan 23, 2020

Watch: Perodua Myvi brakes to 'kepochi' Bomba, causes an accident

A video of Bomba putting out fire on a badly burning car caught our attention recently, but it was not because there is a car on fire, instead it was what happened after that. A Perodua Myvi caused another accident on the highway as he slowed down to watch the Bomba put out the fire of the burning car. In the video, the person holding the camera was focussed on the burning car that the fire brigade was already working put out. But “auntie” unwittingly caught the accident between 2 Perodua Myvis


May 27, 2020

Proton Saga has overtaken Perodua Myvi as Malaysia's best-selling car!

Proton Saga Despite the movement control order’s partial lift, Proton managed to sell 5,676 cars in the month of May 2020. This represents 23.3 percent market share of the month and an improvement of 73.2 percent compared to March and April. The number of cars Proton sold in May might be a huge difference (46.5 percent to be exact) compared to the number of cars sold in 2019 of the same month, Proton is remaining positive. Proton X70 The company believes this is marks the upward sales trend of t


Jun 4, 2020