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Aston Martin develops a new hybrid 3.0L V6 engine, more than 1000 PS possible

Aston Martin has confirmed the development of a fully in-house designed 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine. It will power a new range of Aston Martin mid-engined cars, starting with the Valhalla that is slated to be released in 2022. The engine will be electrified and Aston Martin claims this new range of hybrid engines, with plug-in capability, will become the most powerful in the Aston Martin range. Final power and torque figures for the new 3.0-litre V6 have not been published, only that it wil


Mar 26, 2020

Scoop: Nissan plans flagship mid-engine sports car with 3.0L V6 for 2024

You're looking at what Nissan's flagship sports car would look like and not only does it look tantalising but so are the specs: Mid-engine, V6-powered, and rear-wheel drive. Are we looking at Nissan's comeback? While last year's Nissan Z Proto brought much excitement to car enthusiasts all over the world, that is clearly an appetiser of exciting things to come from the beleaguered Japanese giant according to Japanese media. The idea of a mid-engine Nissan flagship isn’t brand-new though. More th

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 22, 2021

Proton Perdana 'Accordana' for RM 50k; Proton price for Honda reliability?

Although it feels like the Proton Perdana has been around for a long time, Proton’s flagship sedan has only gone through 2 generation changes. The latest iteration was affectionately nicknamed the ‘Accordana’ and was discontinued back in 2019. The Perdana is now on sale in the used car market for around RM 50,000, should you get this Proton but with Honda reliability? Background The Proton Perdana was the flagship model for Proton for many years, so it sports all the best amenities that were fit


Apr 11, 2021

Say goodbye to the Proton Perdana – potentially replaced as Geely Preface?

Proton Perdana After seven long years run in the market, the second generation Proton Perdana is no longer on sale, Proton confirms. Based on the eighth generation Honda Accord, the ‘Accordana’ as it was famously known was launched in two phases: first for sale exclusively to the Malaysian government with minor exterior and interior change in 2013, and the second phase for the general public in 2016 which saw total redesign for the front and rear fascia. Under the hood, the Perdana’s mechanical

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 3, 2020

Geely Preface teased! Next Proton Perdana to look like a Volvo?

Geely has released teaser images of the soon-to-arrive Geely Preface on their Chinese social media platform. It looks like the previously leaked photos of a mysterious Geely sedan is indeed the Geely Preface and what could be the next Proton Preve or Perdana. From what we can see of the Preface from the teaser photos, the new sedan will bear a very similar silhouette to its Swedish cousins, the Volvo S60 and Volvo S90. The rear-end will feature 2 exhaust pipes while a chrome insert that connects


Jul 8, 2020

Geely Preface unveiled! Will the next Proton Perdana please stand up?

Geely has finally announced the global unveiling of the Geely Preface after posting a teaser last month. The upcoming flagship sedan will be based on Geely’s Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform. The Preface is based on the Preface Concept that was first shown at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The overall design remains unchanged from the concept, apart from the suicide doors and side cameras which are replaced with conventional doors and side mirrors respectively. As we have mentioned in o

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 17, 2020

Mampukah Proton Perdana versi Geely kembali menghidupkan pasaran segmen D?

Proton Perdana Pelancaran sedan Geely Preface baru-baru ini, ditambah dengan pengesahan dua model baharu dalam barisan produk baru Proton telah membuatkan rakyat Malaysia teruja dengan kemungkinan Proton Perdana bakal kembali dengan wajah baru. Proton Perdana adalah produk mercu bagi Proton dan mampu mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan Proton. Bukan itu sahaja, Proton Perdana mungkin juga mampu untuk mengembalikan minat pada pasaran segmen D secara keseluruhan. Tidak dinafikan lagi, segmen D lebih


Sep 14, 2020

Panduan membeli Proton Perdana ‘Accordana’ - kini serendah RM 50k, harga Proton ketahanan Honda?

Proton Perdana lebih sinonim sebagai sebuah model mercu untuk Proton. Semenjak pelancaran generasi pertama, Proton Perdana diposisikan sebagai sebuah model eksekutif bagi penyokong jenama tempatan yang bercitarasa premium. Sebagai sebuah model mercu jenama automotif tempatan, Proton Perdana dilengkapi dengan ciri-ciri terbaik pada harga yang lebih menarik. Ia juga digunakan sebagai kenderaan rasmi sesetengah jabatan awam sebelum ditukarkan kepada model Proton X70. Oleh sebab penukaran tersebut,


Mar 15, 2021

Toyota GR Hilux and GR Fortuner to arrive in 2023? V6, 271 PS, 650 Nm

The Toyota Gazoo Racing name has been making waves in the performance car market with the revival of the Supra name, the absolutely bonkers GR Yaris, and the upcoming Vios GR Sport. But what about a GR-branded Hilux or Fortuner? We have reported that the GR Hilux name has been trademarked in Australia and even made a scoop that a sportier Hilux was in the works. Based on this newest scoop though, it appears that the GR Hilux would be more than just an accessorised pick-up truck. According to Car

CY FoongCY Foong

Nov 23, 2020

How did Tun M’s Proton Perdana ended up gathering dust in the UK?

During the long weekend, as Malaysians were celebrating the 63rd Merdeka Day, we were greeted by a couple of YouTube videos that showed a Proton Perdana gathering dust in an underground car park in the UK. It was later revealed that this Perdana actually belonged to former PM, Tun Mahathir Mohamad. This raised quite a bit of furore around the Malaysian interwebs but what exactly is going on and how did Tun M’s car get there? To answer that, let’s head back to 1996 to a forgotten brainchild of Tu

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 2, 2020

Bakal Proton Preve / Proton Perdana? Geely Preface kini dalam fasa pengeluaran

Tular beberapa keping gambar mengenai Geely Preface yang sudah pun berada dalam fasa pengeluaran. Model terbaru Geely ini mungkin sebuah petanda untuk kemaskini model Proton Preve atau Proton Perdana baru akan tiba. Geely dilihat mengekalkan versi konsep Geely Preface yang dipamerkan pada tahun 2019 kepada versi pengeluaran. Antara rekaan konsep yang dikekalkan adalah gril hadapan dengan jeriji menegak, rekaan bumper depan yang agresif dan rekaan bumper belakang yang kemas. Namun begitu, beberap


Jun 19, 2020

Geely Preface kini dikeluarkan. Kemungkinan jadi Proton Perdana generasi baharu semakin kuat?

Geely Auto (Geely) telah melancarkan Geely Preface, sebuah sedan mercu yang akan dibangunkan berdasarkan platform Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) yang telah digunakan untuk membangunkan rangkaian produk dari barisan produk-produk kereta Geely Holding Group. Konsep Preface pertama kali dipertontonkan di Shanghai Auto Show 2019 dimana ia dipuji secara meluas kerana rekaan badan yang besar, roda lebar dan reka bentuk yang sangat seimbang. Rekaan Geely Preface telah direka oleh Geely Design, rang


Aug 17, 2020

Geely Preface Concept: Could this be the next Proton Perdana?

It is not secret that the current-generation Proton Perdana is a little long in the tooth – it was introduced back in 2016, and the model hasn’t received any significant updates throughout its model lifecycle. One possible candidate to replace the Perdana is the Geely Preface Concept, which was showcased at the 2019 Auto Shanghai. Built on the CMA platform that was co-developed with Volvo, the Geely Preface Concept is set to replace the Geely Borui as the company’s flagship sedan when it goes on


Mar 16, 2020

告别Proton Perdana——Geely Preface可能将取而代之?

Proton Perdana 在市售了7年之后,Proton终于决定:第二代Proton Perdana停售。 基于第八代Honda Accord打造的“Accordana”,以其分为两个阶段的发售而闻名:2013年做对内装和外观做了小改款,且仅向马来西亚政府提供;2016年向公众发售时,车子的前后外观都重新进行了全面的设计。 在机盖下,Perdana的机械部分与Accord基本一致,有两具引擎可供选择:一具2.0升四缸的Honda R20A3引擎和一具2.4升的四缸K24Z2引擎,两者都匹配了一具5速扭力转换器变速箱。 在2018年的年尾,Proton卖出了870辆2.0版本,但2.4版本却仅卖出了90辆;而到了2019年年尾,Proton总共只卖出了540辆Perdana,全部都是2.0升的版本。 现在的问题是,Proton Perdana的下一代会是什么?在2019年Proton Saga改款发布时,Proton的CEO李春荣博士总结了Proton将每年推出一款新车型的计划,而简报图片上的汽车剪影也提供了一些线索。 我们都知道,2020年的剪影就是Proton X50,这款车本来


Oct 22, 2020

Kepada semua pemilik Proton Perdana, sudahkah anda mengganti pengembung beg udara anda?

Proton telah mengeluarkan peringatan kepada pemilik Proton Perdana yang belum menukar pengembung beg udara mereka melalui program penggantian pengembung beg udara. Syarikat itu mula memanggil semula pengembung beg udara Takata sejak Januari 2019. Kereta yang terlibat adalah model Perdana dari tahun 2012 hingga akhir Ogos 2018. Sehingga Ogos 2020, Proton telah menukar sebanyak 5,625 unit pengembung beg udara daripada 6,342 yang terlibat. Ini bermaksud 87.5 peratus telah selesai ditukar namun mala


Aug 25, 2020

Proton Perdana terbiar di Bristol. Adakah Proton masih mempunyai semangat yang sama?

Baru-baru ini, tular di media sosial apabila beberapa ‘peneroka’ telah menemui barisan model-model kereta mewah terbiar di sebuah bangunan lama. Antara yang turut ditemui adalah sebuah Proton Perdana. Lebih spesifik lagi, Proton Perdana ‘Accordana’ generasi kedua. Lengkap dengan nombor plat VK 5231, Proton Perdana tersebut didaftarkan dibawah nama Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad. Bangunan tersebut pula dimiliki oleh Bristol Cars, sebuah jenama kereta mewah yang terkenal dengan kereta buatan tangan. Bri


Sep 2, 2020

Top 4 Proton Limousine dan Executive yang 'rare' dan unik!

Limousine dan executive merupakan kereta sedan mewah yang mempunyai jarak roda yang lebih panjang daripada kenderaan sedan biasa. Selalunya kenderaan jenis begini digunakan oleh Perdana Menteri, golongon kenamaan (VIP), Menteri kabinet, atau orang yang mempunyai status tinggi kerana ia merupakan satu symbol kemewahan dan kekuasaan. Permulaan kereta jenis limousine dan executive bagi Proton bermula pada awal tahun 1990, dimana Perdana Menteri Malaysia ketika itu Tun Dr Mahathir menyeru EON untuk

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Feb 5, 2021

Calling all Proton Perdana owners! Have you replaced your airbag inflators yet?

Proton has issued a reminder to Proton Perdana owners who have yet to bring their cars in for the airbag inflator replacement exercise. The company started issuing recalls to replace the Takata passenger airbag inflators in January 2019. Affected cars include those built between 2012 to the end of August 2018. As of August 2020, Proton has already replaced the airbag inflator of 5,625 units out of the 6,342 affected units. The replacement exercise has now reached 87.5 percent completion but unfo


Aug 25, 2020

Nissan Z Proto sticks it old-school – 6-speed manual, twin-turbo V6

Ever since it was first hinted in the “Nissan A-Z” video back in May, the world has been abuzz with Nissan’s latest Z car speculating that it would be called the 400Z. For now, Nissan has just unveiled the Nissan Z Proto, which signals the next-gen Z car. For now, this model as the name suggests is a prototype and not the actual production car. Nissan doesn’t even call it the 400Z, yet. The overall design of the Z Proto takes inspiration from the past Z cars. The overall design is reminiscent of

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 16, 2020

Geely Preface interior revealed– Next Perdana doesn’t look like a Volvo inside!

Following last week’s reveal of the exterior of the Geely Preface, some people can’t help but notice the whole Volvo connection in the design of the future(?) Proton Perdana. Well, maybe these interior pics might tell you otherwise. The flagship Geely sedan gets a really exquisite-looking yacht blue and light grey colour combo that definitely stands out when you step foot inside. It doesn’t look like a Volvo inside, but it does have an aura of one. Adding on the luxury feel is the floating 12.3-

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 25, 2020

No more V6/V8 engines in 2021 (W206) Mercedes-Benz C-Class, including AMG models

It is all but confirmed – the all-new 2021 (W206) Mercedes-Benz C-Class will solely feature a 4-cylinder engine in all variants, even the AMG models, reports Car and Driver. There will be different levels of electrification to boost outputs, such as 48-volt mid-hybrid variants as well as plug-in hybrids. The engine will be paired exclusively to Mercedes’ own 9-speed automatic transmission. Why no more 6- or 8-cylinder engines? The biggest factor contributing to this would be the ever-increasing


Feb 15, 2021

Proton Perdana “Accordana”只需RM 50k,用Proton的价钱能买到Honda的耐用性?

虽然感觉Proton Perdana已经卖了很久,但这款Proton的旗舰级轿车其实只经历了2次换代。最新一代车型被亲切地昵称为“Accordana”,而它早在2019年就已经停产了。现在在二手车市场上,Perdana的售价约为RM 50,000。这台有着Honda可靠性的Proton,值不值得你入手呢? 背景故事 Proton Perdana是Proton多年来的旗舰车型,所以在它上市时,它几乎采用了当年所有最好的配备。该车曾作为政府官员的公务用车,也是总理的公务用车。 Proton早在2013年就推出了第二代车型,仅供政府使用,而这辆新款Perdana是基于第八代Honda Accord打造的。 因此,两款车型在外观上有大量的相似之处,新的昵称“Accordana”也就应运而生了。 到2016年,Proton也向公众推出了Perdana,其独特的外观造型也源自政府特供的车型。他们还推出了一款排量较小的2.0升引擎版本,与已经上市的2.4升版本一起销售。此前,政府官员的特供车型只搭载2.4升引擎。 由于是基于Honda打造,很多人都感叹该车失去了Proton著名的驾控体验。 本篇购车


Apr 13, 2021

Nissan MID4 was a mid-engine AWD Ferrari fighter that failed to fly

While many car fans recognise the legend of the first Honda NSX and how it beat the mighty Ferrari, it was another Japanese carmaker that first gave the Italian stallion a scare. Nissan produced not one, but two supercar concepts that were ready to fight against the Italian but sadly pulled the plug. With reports of Nissan looking to launch a mid-engine 3.0-litre V6 flagship sports car in 2024, we decide to take a look back at Nissan’s first attempts at a flagship sports car, the MID4 concepts.

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 24, 2021

2021 Hyundai Palisade launching in Malaysia soon – 3.8L V6, 291 PS/355 Nm

Hyundai Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) is looking to up their premium game with the incoming launch of the 2021 Hyundai Palisade flagship SUV in Malaysia sometime this year. This announcement comes alongside the imminent local arrival of the refreshed Kona B-segment SUV. The Palisade is a 7-seater SUV that is as premium as the Germans when it comes to equipment. The Malaysian-spec Palisade is powered by a naturally-aspirated Atkinson-cycle 3.8-litre direct-injected V6 engine that produces 291 PS and 3

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 12, 2021

'Teaser' Lexus IS 2021 baharu, tayangan perdana 10 Jun.

Bersaing dengan sedan-sedan kompak European FR yang lain, Lexus IS berciri mewah telah mengikuti jejak terdahulu seperti Toyota Altezza yang digemari ramai. Kini berada pada generasi ketiga, kali terakhir Lexus IS diberi facelift adalah pada tahun 2016. Tanda ‘IS’ pada kereta ini akan digunapakai pada generasi keempat iaitu Lexus IS 2021 baharu yang akan dikeluarkan nanti. Setakat ini, kita hanya dapat melihat sisi belakangnya dengan lampu brek LED yang melintang penuh gaya. Lexus IS generasi ke


Jun 5, 2020

All-new 2021 Acura TLX teased, a sportier Honda Accord with a 3.0L turbo V6

Acura has just teased the upcoming all-new, second-generation 2021 TLX ahead of its official debut in the US. The new sports sedan from Acura will be unveiled via live stream on May 28. Apart from introducing the all-new TLX, next week’s debut also marks the return of the Type S branding after a 9-year hiatus, as Acura will be introducing the TLX Type S, powered by a new 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 petrol engine. Power figures will be made known when the model is officially launched next week. Whi


May 21, 2020

Can Geely's new Proton Perdana revitalise the D-segment? Or is it too little too late?

The recent launch of the Geely Preface sedan, coupled with the teaser of two mystery sedan models in Proton’s new product pipeline, has got Malaysians excited over the possible return of the Proton Perdana. Not only could the return of the coolest and most beloved nameplates bring back memories of Proton’s halcyon days, but there is also a chance it could revitalise the flatlining D-segment market. It is no secret that the once de facto choice of uncles has seen better days. Though it is hard to


Sep 12, 2020

Maserati MC20 supercar unveiled - 3.0L V6 twin-turbo, 630 PS/730 Nm

The last supercar from Maserati was the MC12, introduced in 2004. Since then, Maserati hasn’t been making supercars. Until now, with the introduction of the Maserati MC20. MC stands for Maserati Corse and 20 for 2020, the year of its premiere. It features 3.0L twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 630 PS (exactly the same as the MC12) and 730 Nm of torque. Power goes to the rear wheels via an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The MC20 weighs just 1,500 kg, allowing a 0-100 km/h sprint time of u


Sep 10, 2020

2021 Geely Preface - next 'Perdana' is bigger than a Volvo S60!

After the shapely 2021 Geely Xing Yue, the next car you love to see from the Chinese automotive giant is this, the 2021 Geely Preface - showcased at the 2020 Guangzhou Autoshow. Like its coupe-SUV counterpart, the Preface is underpinned by Geely's Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform, which was jointly developed with Volvo. The Preface is a large D-segment sedan - even longer than the Volvo S60. Here's how it measures: 2021 Geely Preface dimensions Dimensions Size (mm) Length 4,785 Width


Nov 20, 2020

2021 Geely Preface:下一代“Perdana”比Volvo S60还大!

在看完漂亮的2021 Geely Xing Yue(吉利星越)之后,这家中国汽车巨头带来的下一辆车,便是这辆2021 Geely Preface,它同样在2020年广州车展上展出。 与它的同门SUV轿跑相同,Preface也采用了Geely的紧凑型模组化结构(CMA)平台,这个平台是与Volvo联合研发的。 Preface是一款大型D级轿车,长度超过了Volvo S60,以下是其车身的尺寸参数: 2021 Geely Preface尺寸参数 尺寸 数据(mm) 长度 4,785 宽度 1,869 高度 1,469 轴距 2,800 在动力上,Preface搭载了一具2.0升的涡轮增压4缸引擎,能够输出190 PS和300 Nm的动力,搭配一具7速双离合变速箱(DCT)将动力传递到前轮。 正如你所期待的一样,车子的内装十分舒适,搭载了两款大尺寸的屏幕(仪表板以及多媒体触控系统),这就是全部了,它既简约又优雅。 车子配备了后排冷气出风口,并用双色皮革内装提升了整体的格调。 与其它Geely近期推出的车型一样,很多人都认为Preface将会成为下一代的Proton Perdana,它或许能够


Nov 24, 2020