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Are you using the WRONG engine oil for your car?

With complete service packages offered when you buy a new car, you rarely need to make a choice when it comes to engine oils. Buy a brand-new Perodua Axia and Perodua will make sure the car uses the brand’s namesake oil during the warranty period. The same goes for other brands which may officially use Petronas or Shell lubricants at their service centres. Even when you go to your local workshop, they are usually already official distributors of certain engine oil brands. Deciding on what engine


Jun 23, 2020

Is synthetic engine oil bad for older cars?

Besides the viscosity rating of engine oil, we also have the choice of what type of oil we’d like to use in our car – mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully-synthetic oil. While most of us would agree that fully synthetic engine oils are the better choice, some older cars show problems when fully-synthetic engine oil is used. We’ve talked about their differences before, and the main advantages of fully-synthetic oil would be the more consistent molecule size and the longer service interval.


Dec 6, 2020

Mobil has a new engine oil that will protect your turbocharged engines

ExxonMobil has launched the Mobil Super 3000 All-in-One Protection series in Malaysia. The new engine oil will join the existing Mobil Super 1000 and 2000 range in the market. The Mobil Super 3000 All-in-One Protection range is a premium, fully synthetic engine oil formulated with Heat Activated Anti-Wear Molecule to protect the engine oil from high-temperature wear while keeping the engine clean. The product range also meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards, claimed to deliver good fuel economy


Nov 19, 2020

Shell launches new 0W-20 fully synthetic engine oil for compact cars

Compact cars has been the staple vehicle of choice for Malaysian, regardless of the economic situation. In the present day Malaysia, vehicles like the Perodua Bezza and Axia has been the go-to choice especially for e-hailing drivers and first-time owners. Knowing this, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has developed a new fully synthetic engine oil dubbed the Shell Helix ECO 0W-20. It is specifically made to cater for cars with engine capacities below 1,200cc. Shell claims the new engine oil will p

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 2, 2020

Mazda service centers switches to Petronas Syntium engine oil

Today, Bermaz Motor announced a supply agreement with Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) for the supply of Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil to Bermaz Motor dealership “For customers, Bermaz's agreement with PLMM represents another milestone in our pursuit of enjoyable and hassle-free ownership experience. Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil will replace our current use of semi-synthetic engine oil at our Bermaz Motor dealerships. Beginning next month, the use of full


Jun 15, 2020

Why scheduled oil changes are important for your car

The most “car maintenance” some us have done ourselves have probably been checking the engine oil dipstick, ATF dipstick, or at the very least, refilling the wiper fluid. Popping the hood is an unusual activity these days and is usually a sign of a broken car. Good regular maintenance can extend the service life of your car, and there are many aspects of car maintenance that we can talk about. To keep things short, we’ll be focusing on engine oil changes. Things will get a bit nerdy. We’ve alrea


Jun 26, 2020

How often should you service your car?

Many people have different theories as to when they should service their cars. Some swears by the owner’s manual, others follow their gut feel. The latter, which we strongly advise against. First, let’s break down the science. A ‘regular service’ includes an engine oil change along with an inspection of all relevant components. There are many factors that affect the interval, or frequency, of your oil change process. Traditionally, it is recommended to change your oil every 5,000 km when using m

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 27, 2019

Perodua Myvi Vs Proton Iriz – Cost Of Maintenance Compared

It costs RM 3,095.22 to maintain the Myvi over 5 years/100,000 km Price does not include optional items Proton Iriz is marginally cheaper to maintain The Perodua Myvi is one of Malaysia’s best-selling models right now, as it offers great value for money, encompassing an extensive list of passive and active safety equipment at an affordable price point. Priced from RM 54,090, the Perodua Myvi 1.5 AV is feature-packed to the brim, as the model includes a range of segment-first features, such as th


Aug 30, 2019

Exclusive Shopee discounts this March, vouchers inside!

Good things must be shared, right?. For two days (March 8th and 9th, 2021), WapCar, together with Shopee are bringing you some irresistable deals for your car(s). From engine oils, race merchandise to even car care products, there's something for everyone. Read on to see what we have exclusively in store for you, WapCar readers. 8th of March 2021 - We Race As One Big Formula One fan? Get a complimentary 7x World Champions T-Shirt when you buy Petronas Syntium 3000 5W-30 engine oil. You can also


Mar 8, 2021

Future locally assembled Proton-Geely models will use Petronas engine oil

The Proton X70 is the first model to be introduced to the local market since the inception of the Proton-Geely era. At present, the Proton X70 is fully imported from China while Proton upgrades its existing Tanjung Malim manufacturing facility. Some of you may not know but currently, the X70’s 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged TGDi engine is fed with Shell-branded engine oil. This raised some eyebrows among consumers as to why Proton did not engage its long-time lubricants partner, Petronas f

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 26, 2019

Volkswagen offers up to RM 10k discount, 20% off engine oil, and more this CNY

A new year sometimes means a new car for some people and Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is offering deals and promotions this Chinese New Year including savings of up to RM 10,000 on selected Volkswagen models. Customers who book via the eShowroom will enjoy additional exclusive online savings on top of the ongoing ang pao rebates. Those interested in the Volkswagen Passat range will also enjoy free additional 1-year insurance or RM 5,500 savings. The following models are eligible for

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 6, 2021

New Subaru XV gets 2.5L engine for USA, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine

Subaru has officially revealed the 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, as the Subaru XV is known in the US. The updated Crosstrek now comes with a more powerful 2.5-litre, 184 PS and 239 Nm engine. New Powertrain- 30 PS and 42 Nm more than the current 2.0-litre engine While the base and Premium trims retain the same 2.0-litre engine as the 2020 model, the Sport and Limited trims will be getting a new 2.5-litre four-cylinder 184 PS and 239 Nm boxer engine borrowed from the current outgoing Forester and Outbac


Jun 10, 2020

Geely’s latest EV is this electric semi-truck that will compete against the Tesla Semi

Normally, we don’t publish news on semi-trucks but this Geely electric semi-truck certainly pushes new elements to a design that was mostly restricted to high-rise blocks on wheels. Yes, there is the Tesla Semi that was unveiled back in 2017 but Geely might beat it to production with the Farizon AD21. Some of you might recall the Farizon name which we’ve featured on the interesting-looking Proton X70-/Geely Boyue Pro-based pick-up truck. Needless to say, Farizon’s first heavy-duty electric truck

CY FoongCY Foong

Apr 9, 2021

Minyak pelincir Mobil Super 3000 boleh melindungi enjin turbo anda!

Syarikat minyak dan gas (oil & gas) ExxonMobil memperkenalkan minyak pelincir sintetik penuh terbaru iaitu Mobil Super 3000. Minyak pelincir ini mempunyai teknologi molekul Heat Activated Anti-Wear yang melindungi enjin anda daripada kehausan komponen disebabkan oleh suhu yang tinggi. Pada masa yang sama, ia berupaya membersih bahagian dalam enjin. Seperti rangkaian 1000 dan 2000, Mobil Super 3000 juga menepati piawaian API SP dan ILSAC GF-6A. Di samping itu, minyak pelincir ini meningkatkan pen


Nov 20, 2020

Berapa kerap anda perlu servis kereta?

Penyelenggaraan kereta atau dalam bahasa mudahnya, servis kereta adalah satu aktiviti yang penting untuk memastikan prestasi kereta anda berada pada tahap yang terbaik. Lain orang lain ragamnya, begitu jugalah keperluan setiap pemilik kereta yang berbeza. Ada yang betul-betul mengikut buku panduan yang diberikan pengeluar dan tidak kurang ada juga yang mengikut suka hati. Ya, memang ada! Kami tidak mengesyorkan kekerapan servis mengikut suka hati. Namun bagi mereka yang patuh buku panduan, kalau


Jul 11, 2020

Shell Helix Power and Shell Helix Protect introduced, specially designed for different driving styles

Shell Malaysia has introduced two new Shell Helix engine oils – the Shell Helix Power and Shell Helix Protect. Shell aims to simplify engine oil buying. Customers can choose the right engine oil based on their driving style and needs. The new Shell Helix Power is designed to cater to highways and rugged terrain conditions that demand more power and acceleration. With performance-focused additives, the Shell Helix Power retails at RM 280 for a 4-litre pack. The Shell Helix Protect is specially de


Jul 15, 2020

Oil price is now in negative. US oil producers now have to pay buyers to store excess oil

Believe it or not, crude oil prices have gone down to negative. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures, the benchmark for US oil, fell as low as negative USD 37 a barrel today. In other words, the excess capacity is oil supply is now so bad that not only is nobody buying oil in the US, but oil producers are now paying buyers to take crude oil away from them. Elsewhere, the situation isn’t as bad. Europe’s Brent crude oil index is still trading at around USD 25, but it’s down nine percent from


Apr 21, 2020

In Brief: Perodua Bezza 2019, financial advisers will approve

Perodua Bezza 2019 | Gallery The Perodua Bezza 2019 is an entry-level A-Segment sedan. Underneath the body panels are underpinnings that’s shared with a Perodua Axia, albeit with a larger 1.3-litre engine option thrown in. So why would some prefer a Bezza 2019 over a cheaper Axia then? For starters, the Bezza 2019’s sedan body type offers the security of separate, lockable boot for their precious cargo. This is important especially for sales people who travel with a lot of merchandises or commer


Sep 3, 2019


在买新车时,商家通常都会为你提供全套的保养套餐,所以你几乎不用为使用哪种引擎润滑油做选择。购买一辆全新的Perodua Axia,Perodua就会确保车子在保固期内都使用品牌认证的润滑油。对于其它品牌的车子也是一样,他们的服务中心通常都会采用Petronas或Shell的润滑油。 就算你去当地的修车店,他们通常也都是某个引擎润滑油品牌的官方经销商。需要去考虑车子该使用哪种引擎润滑油的,通常都是那些车子已经过了保固期的车主、二手车车主,或者是那些更关心车子的人。 Q:那么,你要如何选择正确的引擎润滑油呢? A:这个问题很简单,参考车子的说明书,并购买正品润滑油就可以了,网路上总能找到免费的PDF文件的。 除非你的车跟Mazda RX-8一样搭载了一具新潮的引擎,通常情况下,依照用户说明书来选择引擎润滑油的等级就够了。接下来谈到的,都是对这个话题的进一步阐述而已。 Q:10W-40、10W-30和5W-40都是什么? A:在我们说“W”之前,先来谈谈这些数字吧,它们代表着润滑油的粘度。数字越大,引擎润滑油的粘度也就越高。如果你还不知道粘度是什么,那么简单的说,油漆的粘度就要比水的大。 #


Feb 16, 2021

Owner Review: Just can’t resist the Jinba Ittai - 2014 Mazda 3 Skyactiv

** This article is the personal experience of a 2014 Mazda 3 Skyactiv BM owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Facebook: Zi Xuan Ong It was like 5 years 7 months back since I own my Mazda 3 BM model but it wasn’t my first choice. At the end of 2014, I was thinking to get myself a newer car, as my Hyundai Accent that time was already close to 10 years old. I know I am a pretty OCD person and driving a new car on busy roads in Penang is pretty stressful for me so a whole new

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Aug 19, 2020

Engine mounting: 3 symptoms of bad engine mounts

Thanks to modern day sound insulation, you don’t realise how hot and bothered things are under the hood. Holding the engine in place and absorbing most of the engine's vibration are engine mounts. They take a lot of punishment. Although generally low-maintenance, engine mounts may wear out sooner than you think. Here we will discuss the symptoms of bad engine mounts in your car. A car engine is heavy. Even a small Perodua Axia’s 1KR-VE weighs about 70 kg. A Perodua Myvi’s 2NR-VE weighs about 86


Jul 21, 2020

Pusat servis Mazda bertukar kepada minyak enjin Petronas Syntium

Pada 15 Jun, Bermaz Motor telah mengumumkan perjanjian pembekalan bersama Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) bagi membekalkan minyak enjin Petronas Syntium full-synthetic kepada peniaga-peniaga Bermaz Motor. “Untuk pelanggan, perjanjian Bermaz dengan PLMM menunjukkan satu lagi pencapaian dalam usaha kami untuk menawarkan pengalaman yang menyeronokkan dan memudahkan. Minyak enjin Petronas Syntium full-synthetic akan menggantikan penggunaan enjin semi-synthetic yang kami gunakan di pern


Jun 17, 2020

2019 Proton Saga 4AT Is Cheaper To Maintain Than the Saga FLX CVT and Perodua Bezza

RM683.90 cheaper over 5 years/100,000 km Transmission fluid is less costly to replace Optimised service intervals Proton has put in extensive effort into marketing the benefits and rationale to switching from their punch-sourced Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) to a Hyundai-sourced 4-speed torque converter in the facelifted 2019 Proton Saga. Besides boasting stronger acceleration and improved drivability, there is also another (huge) benefit of switching to the 4AT – lower maintenance. Ove

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Aug 29, 2019

Will we run out of petroleum? If so, what’s next?

In 2018, it was estimated by BP that global oil reserves were at 1.73 trillion barrels – enough to last the world about 50 years at current production and consumption rate. Does that mean earth runs dry by 2070 then? Well, not quite. You see, it makes more economic sense that when oil supply starts to diminish, prices go up and when that happens, people are expected to buy less of it. Eventually prices will be sky-high it becomes a niche product purchased by very few while others will have found


Apr 19, 2020

This guy blew a Koenigsegg Agera R engine by revving it hard at cold start

Koenigsegg Agera R is a very rare and expensive hypercar. Mere mortals who are given the chance to take a seat in one, let alone start-up and rev the 5.0-litre twin-turbo V8, can only consider themselves extremely lucky. But lady luck wasn’t on his side for this popular Chinese automotive vlogger. While documenting his first experience in an RMB 17 million (RM 10.2 million) Agera S, the vlogger was treated to a start-up and rev sequence. After the 1,140 PS engine came into life, he gave a few ha

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jun 6, 2020

Owner Review: My Perodua Kelisa - Great car for those who are thinking of getting their first car

** This article is the personal experience of a 2003 Perodua Kelisa 1.0GXi Manual owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Shermann Jit Singh My small Little Kelisa is a first Generation Perodua Kelisa from the year of 2003 with the 1.0GXi Manual variant. My SLK short for Small Little Kelisa had an engine swap last year due to the standard engine being old and was high in mileage by the previous owner caused it to give way, as the piston rings were the main culprit. I had fitt

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Sep 14, 2020

Shell Helix baru diperkenalkan! Lebih kuasa dan perlindungan untuk enjin anda!

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd telah memperkenalkan dua minyak enjin Shell Helix baru. Shell memfokuskan faedah kepada pengguna bagi memudahkan pengguna untuk memilih minyak enjin yang tepat berdasarkan gaya dan keperluan pemanduan seseorang. Shell Helix Power dan Shell Helix Protect yang baru direka khas untuk memberi perlindungab terhadap dua keadaan pemanduan utama: lebuh raya dan landskap lasak yang memerlukan lebih banyak kuasa dan tork trafik bandar yang membebankan enjin Sesuai dengan sem


Jul 15, 2020

Shell Malaysia is cracking down fake engine oils sold online and in hypermarkets!

Ever wondered why some Shell engine oil are sold significantly cheaper on certain online platform and hypermarkets? Well, that’s because they’re probably fake. Tests by Shell Malaysia found that over 30 percent of engine lubricants sold in hypermarkets and unofficial online stores are fake. Shell Malaysia is working together with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNDHEP) to crack down on parties who are distributing counterfeit and illegal Shell lubricants. The company recen

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 17, 2019

Over 30 percent of engine oils sold in hypermarts and online stores are fake

The prices of engine lubricants sold at hypermarts or even various online platforms can be attractive but unless you can verify its authenticity – which is quite difficult if you rely only on visual inspections – it is best to avoid them. The issue of counterfeit lubricants is not new but it remains rampant due to indifference among consumers, as well as weak enforcement. According to lab test by Shell Malaysia, using 12 randomly selected engine lubricant products purchased from hypermarkets and


Sep 17, 2019

Proton Persona Maintenance Cost Versus Toyota Vios And Honda City

Costs RM 3051.91 to maintain a Persona over 5 years/100,000 km Still cheaper to maintain than the Honda City or Toyota Vios Also cheaper to maintain than the Bezza The Proton Persona exists in a segment that is rather spartan, as it is the only national marque B-segment sedan on sale in Malaysia right now. The other segment rivals that the Persona competes against are from non-national brands, such as Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and Mazda. On paper, the Proton Persona offers superb value for mone


Aug 27, 2019