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Share prices of auto stocks accelerates due to tax slash

Following the announcement of a tax waiver for locally-assembled vehicles, auto stocks are revving hotter as the market anticipates higher demand. As reported by The Edge, Bermaz Auto Bhd’s share price rose by 8.11% or 12 sen at RM1.60 where some 4.1 million shares transacted. Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd, involved in assembly and marketing of motor vehicles and manufacturing of auto parts, had its share price increased 2.59% or 3 sen at RM1.19 per share. MBM Resources Bhd with its associate com


Jun 10, 2020

Hyundai-Kia’s 80% market share worries Korea, Malaysia indifferent with Proton/Perodua

In the first two months of 2021, the Hyundai Motor Group (HMG)’s domestic cars market share in Korea, including that of Kia, reached 78.5 percent. After including imported cars, the combined market share of Hyundai and Kia in Korea stands at 65.4 percent. In 2015, when there was more competition from other domestic manufacturers like Renault-Samsung, GM Korea, and Ssangyong, HMG’s domestic car market share stood 12 percent lower, at 66.5 percent. The Korean government, along with several academi


Mar 16, 2021

Proton’s market share at 7-year high - 27.1 %, 8,141 units X50 delivered

February has proven to be a productive month for Proton, as the company managed to deliver 11,873 units, capturing an estimated market share of 27.1%. It marks the highest market share for Proton since September 2013. Overall, Proton’s sales in February nearly doubled January 2021’s total of 5,964 units. Compared to the same month last year, volume has grown by 19.9%, though the cumulative for the first two months of 2021 is still 643 units (-3.5%) than 2020. Also Read: Less choices for consumer


Mar 2, 2021

Perodua Aruz vs Toyota Rush, the choice is obvious

Rebadging is a common practice in the auto industry, as manufacturers often rebadge different models and selling it as theirs. By now, Malaysians are familiar with rebadging, for better or worse. Enter the Toyota Rush, which is essentially a rebadged Perodua Aruz but with a much higher price tag, both are 7-seater B-segment SUVs, produced by Daihatsu, or in our case, Perodua. The top spec Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV has a retail price of RM 77,900, while the Toyota Rush 1.5G retails for RM 98,000. Both


Oct 21, 2019

Rendered: Perodua GR Axia  - The poor man's GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris has been launched in Malaysia, starting from a staggering price of RM299k. The tiny Toyota GR Yaris is the car we never asked for, but we all love. For those of us dreaming of the GR Yaris (but couldn't afford one), photo manipulator, Theophilus Chin has blessed us with renderings of a Perodua GR Axia instead. Apart from the number of cylinders and the number of wheels, both the Toyota GR Yaris and Perodua Axia share very little in common. The Toyota GR Yaris produces 261 PS


Dec 18, 2020

Indo tax office hints to Perodua D55L’s price in Malaysia – RM 62k to RM 75k

While we wait for Perodua to announce details on prices and specifications of its upcoming Perodua D55L compact SUV, Indonesia’s tax office’s website has uploaded its latest Motor Vehicle Sales Value (NJKB, Nilai Jual Kenderaan Bermotor), which includes the Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky, both are donor cars to the Perodua D55L. NJKB is basically a car’s gazetted before tax value used by their Customs. It is not a car’s selling price but it does provide a rough indication of what’s the Perodua


Feb 16, 2021

Less choices for consumers as Toyota and Honda decline, Proton/Perodua extend lead

Over the next 5 years, the new normal for the Malaysian car market will eventually see less choices for consumers as the Big-3 Japanese car makers – Toyota, Honda, Nissan – retreat and cede ground to Proton and Perodua, whose upcoming range of models are more than a match against alternatives from Toyota and Honda. The Proton X70 has already eroded Honda Malaysia's sales, though it's still the No.1 non-national brand here. The Proton X50 will certainly suppress Honda’s progress even further. The


Feb 8, 2021

Circa RM 60k starting price possible for 2021 Perodua D55L, bookings to open soon

Perodua’s upcoming, yet-to-be named 2021 Perodua D55L compact SUV is set to be launched in Malaysia within the next month or so. Prices have yet to be announced but information trickling out from the grapevine have indicated that prices will start at circa RM 60k, below that of the 7-seater Perodua Aruz but above the Perodua Myvi. More importantly, it could be a lot cheaper than the Proton X50 (ranging from RM 79,200 to RM 103,300). Yes, the two are not exactly direct rivals but consumers are ex


Feb 3, 2021

Proton X50 vs Perodua Aruz – Do you really need that 2 extra seats?

This week saw the media preview of the Proton X50. Some might be tired of all the hype and some might even be tired of waiting for the official price list. Having said that, we predicted that the price of the X50 could range between RM 80,000 to a little over RM 100,000. With that price, it is priced closely to Perodua’s SUV. No, not the D55L, that might be out in 2021. I’m talking about the Perodua Aruz. At RM 77,900 (inclusive of SST) for the top-of-the-range 1.5 AV, should you go for the rear

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 1, 2020

Perodua Prices Updated: Cheaper by 3% and 6%

Perodua will reduce its model prices (on-the-road excluding insurance) by between 3% and 6% via cash rebates until 14 June 2020, after which it will incorporate the new sales tax-free prices throughout the tax reduction period as recently announced by the Prime Minister. “Despite the tax reduction only becoming effective 15 June 2020, Perodua will offer cash rebates between 3% and 6% for the purchase of our vehicles beginning today,” Perodua President and Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Zainal Ab


Jun 10, 2020

Ratings: 2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0 AV – Unbeatable price, but higher fuel consumption than expected

The 2021 Perodua Ativa is one of the most anticipated cars this year and to make things more interesting, we bought one for a long-term review. But that doesn’t mean the Ativa gets any preferential treatment. We treat every car that goes through the Ratings test equally and judge based on its segment. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the Perodua Ativa 1.0 AV. 2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0 AV: Driving Performance – 28/50 pts, decent low-end torque 2021 Perodua Ativa 1.0 AV - Facts and Figures E


Apr 11, 2021

Shell drops the price of their new lubricant!

Shell is proud to drop the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 lubricant into the market for all modern passenger car engines and that’s not the only thing they drop! All motorists can now enjoy the benefits of the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 lubricant at a retail price of RM199 for the 4-litre pack while the smaller 1-litre pack will go at RM53.90. Shell promises that the new engine oil will deliver maximum performance while improving fuel economy. The low viscosity oil is also said to help better protect


Nov 5, 2019

New Perodua Axia 2019, adding value for everyone

(Perodua Axia 2019 | Gallery) New Perodua Axia 2019 is an A-segment hatchback that was introduced in Malaysian back in 2014. Now for 2019, it has been upgraded with electronic stability control and autonomous emergency braking (ASA 2.0) - the cheapest new car in Malaysia these features. How Much Is the new Perodua Axia 2019? Prices start from RM 24,090 for the base ‘driving school’ E manual. Being a ‘driving school’ spec means that this is as barebones as it gets; forget niceties like a radio or


Sep 25, 2019

Perodua aims to sell 240k vehicles in 2021 - Myvi and D55L to lead the charge?

Perodua aims to sell 240,000 vehicles in 2021 - a 9% increase from the impressive 220,163 units sold last year. The company cites sustained strong demand for existing models and the sales tax (SST) exemption as key factors in achieving this goal. Perodua's sales figures last year netted them 41.6% market share of the 529,434 new cars sold in Malaysia (better known as Total Industry Volume, TIV) in 2020. Here's how each model performed for them: 2020 Perodua Sales Breakdown Car Units Perodua Myvi


Feb 3, 2021

2021 Perodua Ativa vs Nissan Almera – which 1.0L turbo is better?

Long awaited since last year, the Perodua Ativa is finally launched in Malaysia. This is the most exciting car in 2021 for Malaysia, and the biggest leap forward for Perodua. Powered by a 1.0-litre turbo engine, the Ativa reminds us very much of the Nissan Almera. One an SUV and the other a sedan, both the Perodua Ativa and Nissan Almera are two very different cars. Body type aside, the powertrain for both cars sound exactly the same on paper – 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbo engine paired to a CVT.


Mar 3, 2021

Deal Breakers: Perodua Myvi – Love the value proposition, not its seats

There is a good reason why the Perodua Myvi is Malaysia’s best-selling car, as no other segment rivals can beat its value-for-money proposition. Couple that with its stellar fuel economy and reputation for rock-solid reliability, it’s hard to topple the Myvi as the nation's best-selling car. When it was introduced back in late-2017, it was the first sub-RM60k car to feature Perodua’s ASA ADAS suite, which includes Pre-Collision Warning and Braking, Front Departure Alert, and Pedal Misoperation C


Jul 24, 2020

Used Perodua Axia: It's already affordable so why buy used?

Considering that the Perodua Axia is already the most affordable car in Malaysia, is there a reason why you should buy the Axia second-hand? The Perodua Axia is well-known for being the entry-level car to get. At its debut, it comfortably succeeded its predecessors the Perodua Viva and Perodua Kancil without preamble thanks to the many built-in features that seem to cater to most Malaysian's needs. Yes, if ever there is an “all-Malaysian-car” it would be the Axia as Perodua has done a good job i


Nov 1, 2020

Perodua D55L SUV confirmed for 2020 launch, not a Proton X50 rival!

During Perodua’s annual business review, Perodua President & CEO, Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad hinted that they will be launching a brand-new Perodua SUV in 2020. Although the company did not confirm (nor deny) the exact model, all signs point towards the Perodua D55L SUV. Perodua anticipates that SUV market share will continue to grow from the current estimation 20% of TIV (total industry volume) to 26% by 2025 and the second national carmaker is placing great importance on SUV models. Currently,

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Jan 21, 2020

Proton wants the No.1 spot, but this is how big their models' gap from Perodua is

Ever since 2006, Proton lost their number one spot in the market to Perodua - a position that they are currently trying to reclaim with the help of Geely. Let's see how is Proton performing in order to close the gap with Perodua. In 2020, Proton managed to shift 109,716 cars, an increase of 8.8% from 2019. In the process, Proton managed to increase its market share by 4.4%, reaching 21.1 percent. While Proton's figures seem impressive, Perodua on the other hand sold 220,163 new vehicles in 2020


Feb 3, 2021

Proton Saga has overtaken Perodua Myvi as Malaysia's best-selling car!

Proton Saga Despite the movement control order’s partial lift, Proton managed to sell 5,676 cars in the month of May 2020. This represents 23.3 percent market share of the month and an improvement of 73.2 percent compared to March and April. The number of cars Proton sold in May might be a huge difference (46.5 percent to be exact) compared to the number of cars sold in 2019 of the same month, Proton is remaining positive. Proton X70 The company believes this is marks the upward sales trend of t


Jun 4, 2020

Toyota Yaris outsells Honda Jazz in Thailand - Captures 31% market share!

In Malaysia, we all know the Perodua Myvi easily outsells every other hatchback (and car) but up north in Thailand, it’s the Toyota Yaris that is dominating the hatchback market. According to sales data by Headlightmag, the Vios-based hatchback sold 2,139 units in June 2020, making its total cumulative figure to 10,679 sold in 2020 so far. That makes up 31.1% of the hatchback market, easily dominating the rest of the competition. Following the Toyota Yaris are the Honda Jazz and Suzuki Swift whi

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 3, 2020

Perodua Ativa's (D55L) 98 PS 1KR-VET turbo engine - what other cars have it?

As anticipation grows over the 2021 Perodua Ativa, lots have been said about Perodua's newest upstart - especially in terms of its powertrain. In case you didn't already know, the turbocharged engine and CVT combo will be Perodua's first, but it's seen reliable use powering other models. What other cars share this engine? Codenamed 1KR-VET, the 1.0-litre turbocharged three-cylinder mill found in the Ativa was first introduced in 2016, and is currently shared by a couple of very toughly-named car


Feb 23, 2021

Perodua Ativa (D55L) with full ASA 3.0, brace yourselves for dumb owners testing its limits

As the Malaysian car market braces itself for the launch of the Perodua Ativa (codenamed D55L), one remarkable highlight stood out for me. The upcoming Perodua compact SUV can be had with the ASA 3.0 ADAS suite, as well as features like Lane Keep Control, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control. For the first time in this price segment, one can purchase a car that possesses high-level ADAS featuring semi-autonomous driving. And yes, I'm all for carmakers introduc


Feb 22, 2021

New 2020 Perodua Bezza vs Proton Saga vs Proton Persona – A bigger option for the same price?

The new 2020 Perodua Bezza is the natural rival to the Proton Saga in the A-Segment sedan market, but with the highest spec Advance (AV) priced at RM 49,980, there are other options that you should consider in the bigger B-Segment – the Proton Persona 1.6 Executive. Take a look at the overview: Evidently, the Premium spec Saga is the cheapest of the lot as compared to both the Bezza 1.3 AV and Persona 1.6 Executive on paper. That being said, let’s compare the specs and equipment levels offered i

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 12, 2020

Perodua Axia dirempuh Bezza di Lebuhraya Federal, ibu habis pantang maut

Seorang wanita yang memandu berseorangan tergadai nyawa apabila kereta Perodua Axia miliknya hilang kawalan sehingga terbalik akibat rempuhan dari belakang yang terlalu kuat oleh sebuah Perodua Bezza yang memandu secara melulu. Kejadian yang berlaku pada waktu tengahari di Lebuh Raya Persekutuan itu berpunca dari pemandu Perodua Bezza yang secara tiba-tiba masuk ke lorong kiri dalam keadaan laju sehinggakan merempuh mangsa yang duduk di lorong tengah. Menurut Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya, ma


Apr 19, 2021

My New Car: I would take this car over the Proton X50 anytime - My story of buying the 2020 Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV

** This article is published on WapCar Community. Click the link below to enter the community for car enthusiasts in Malaysia https://www.wapcar.my/forum Basic information Perodua Aruz 1.5 AV 2020 Time of purchase: 9th November 2020 Price of vehicle: RM73,226.00 Reasons why I bought this car I needed a larger car with bigger boot space to carry around loads to deliver to my customer, which I find it hard to do that with my previous car, the infamous Perodua Axia Standard G 2016 as the boot space

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Dec 5, 2020

MG HS outsold Honda CR-V in Thailand, capturing 30% market share in 2020!

In 2020, a total of 20,267 units (a drop from 21,852 units in 2019) of C-segment SUVs were sold in Thailand but in a remarkable twist, taking the top spot for the year was the MG HS. The British-Chinese C-SUV successfully took the top spot from 2019’s leader, the Honda CR-V. According to data obtained from Headlight Magazine, MG Thailand has sold a total of 6,008 units of the HS in 2020, capturing 29.6% of market share. Even though Honda launched a facelifted version of the CR-V in the Land of S

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 17, 2021

How long did we wait for our Perodua Ativa? And how much did we pay for it?

If you’ve been following our website or YouTube channel, you would know that we have just bought a Perodua Ativa. We’re not the first customer to receive the car but we’ve got it early enough to still be able to turn heads at the traffic light. The head-turning effect will wear out eventually, so we’re enjoying its as much as we can for the time being. In our earlier post and YouTube video, there’s one thing we forgot to mention as pointed out by one of our readers – the chronology of booking, p


Mar 25, 2021

2021 Perodua D55L to be launched soon, when and how much? What will it be named?

It’s been more than a decade since Perodua last sold a compact SUV, last one being the Perodua Nautica. No, the Perodua Axia Style doesn’t count. But the Perodua D55L very much an SUV and here everything we know about it so far. Q: What will it be named? A: D55L is merely an internal code name and as history of Perodua would suggest, it will be given a name. Back in 2018, Perodua registered a few names including Aruz, Impax, and Lasaq. Since Aruz has been taken and Perodua has yet to trademark a


Feb 6, 2021

Could the next-gen DNGA-based Perodua Alza debut in 2021?

With all the attention focused on the upcoming Perodua D55L, one could easily forget that Perodua has another surprise up its sleeves. Case in point is the next-generation Perodua Alza, which could see the light of day sometime in late-2021 or early-2022. Recall that the Perodua Alza is one of the oldest new cars you can buy today, as the model was introduced in Malaysia way back in 2009. Over the course of 11 years, the Perodua Alza received numerous updates, though mechanically, it remained la


Aug 18, 2020