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Mazda service centers switches to Petronas Syntium engine oil

Today, Bermaz Motor announced a supply agreement with Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) for the supply of Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil to Bermaz Motor dealership “For customers, Bermaz's agreement with PLMM represents another milestone in our pursuit of enjoyable and hassle-free ownership experience. Petronas Syntium full-synthetic engine oil will replace our current use of semi-synthetic engine oil at our Bermaz Motor dealerships. Beginning next month, the use of full


Jun 15, 2020

Future locally assembled Proton-Geely models will use Petronas engine oil

The Proton X70 is the first model to be introduced to the local market since the inception of the Proton-Geely era. At present, the Proton X70 is fully imported from China while Proton upgrades its existing Tanjung Malim manufacturing facility. Some of you may not know but currently, the X70’s 1.8-litre four-cylinder turbocharged TGDi engine is fed with Shell-branded engine oil. This raised some eyebrows among consumers as to why Proton did not engage its long-time lubricants partner, Petronas f

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 26, 2019

Covid-19: Petronas offers free oil change for frontline workers

Petronas Dagangan Berhad, via its subsidiary, Petronas Lubricants Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has set up mobile workshops at selected hospitals to provide free oil change for frontline workers combating the Covid-19 pandemic. The mobile workshops are located at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKS), Hospital Sungai Buloh (HSB), and Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM). Exclusive for frontline workers, Petronas will provide Syntium 3000 5W30 for cars above 1.6-litres and Syntium 800 10W40 for cars bel


Apr 23, 2020

Are you using the WRONG engine oil for your car?

With complete service packages offered when you buy a new car, you rarely need to make a choice when it comes to engine oils. Buy a brand-new Perodua Axia and Perodua will make sure the car uses the brand’s namesake oil during the warranty period. The same goes for other brands which may officially use Petronas or Shell lubricants at their service centres. Even when you go to your local workshop, they are usually already official distributors of certain engine oil brands. Deciding on what engine


Jun 23, 2020

Should you buy engine oils from hypermarkets?

One of the very prevalent questions I get all the time on car maintenance, is about engine oils. This isn't surprising, seeing that it is the one thing we cannot avoid changing after a fixed interval. Often times you'll see hypermarkets selling brands like Shell, Castrol or other branded engine oils for a far cheaper price than it usually retails. Engine oils sold at hypermarts are cheaper, but its authenticity is hard to verify. If it's the real deal, you save some money. If it's not, you will


Jul 14, 2020

Shell launches new 0W-20 fully synthetic engine oil for compact cars

Compact cars has been the staple vehicle of choice for Malaysian, regardless of the economic situation. In the present day Malaysia, vehicles like the Perodua Bezza and Axia has been the go-to choice especially for e-hailing drivers and first-time owners. Knowing this, Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd has developed a new fully synthetic engine oil dubbed the Shell Helix ECO 0W-20. It is specifically made to cater for cars with engine capacities below 1,200cc. Shell claims the new engine oil will p

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 2, 2020

Is synthetic engine oil bad for older cars?

Besides the viscosity rating of engine oil, we also have the choice of what type of oil we’d like to use in our car – mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully-synthetic oil. While most of us would agree that fully synthetic engine oils are the better choice, some older cars show problems when fully-synthetic engine oil is used. We’ve talked about their differences before, and the main advantages of fully-synthetic oil would be the more consistent molecule size and the longer service interval.


Dec 6, 2020

Oil price is now in negative. US oil producers now have to pay buyers to store excess oil

Believe it or not, crude oil prices have gone down to negative. The West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures, the benchmark for US oil, fell as low as negative USD 37 a barrel today. In other words, the excess capacity is oil supply is now so bad that not only is nobody buying oil in the US, but oil producers are now paying buyers to take crude oil away from them. Elsewhere, the situation isn’t as bad. Europe’s Brent crude oil index is still trading at around USD 25, but it’s down nine percent from


Apr 21, 2020

Mobil has a new engine oil that will protect your turbocharged engines

ExxonMobil has launched the Mobil Super 3000 All-in-One Protection series in Malaysia. The new engine oil will join the existing Mobil Super 1000 and 2000 range in the market. The Mobil Super 3000 All-in-One Protection range is a premium, fully synthetic engine oil formulated with Heat Activated Anti-Wear Molecule to protect the engine oil from high-temperature wear while keeping the engine clean. The product range also meets API SP and ILSAC GF-6A standards, claimed to deliver good fuel economy


Nov 19, 2020

Get RON 95 Euro 4M petrol at ALL Petronas stations nationwide!

Petronas has announced that 24 December 2019 onwards, all Petronas stations nationwide will dispense Euro 4M rated RON 95 petrol. Petronas Primax 95 with Pro-Drive petrol now adheres to the new fuel specifications of Euro 4M with a maximum allowable sulphur content of 50 parts per million (ppm) from 500 ppm of Euro 2M grade fuels. The emissions produced from high sulphur content fuels when mixed with the atmosphere forms acid rain and can lead to medical conditions and environmental damages. Eur

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Dec 26, 2019

Over 30 percent of engine oils sold in hypermarts and online stores are fake

The prices of engine lubricants sold at hypermarts or even various online platforms can be attractive but unless you can verify its authenticity – which is quite difficult if you rely only on visual inspections – it is best to avoid them. The issue of counterfeit lubricants is not new but it remains rampant due to indifference among consumers, as well as weak enforcement. According to lab test by Shell Malaysia, using 12 randomly selected engine lubricant products purchased from hypermarkets and


Sep 17, 2019

Why scheduled oil changes are important for your car

The most “car maintenance” some us have done ourselves have probably been checking the engine oil dipstick, ATF dipstick, or at the very least, refilling the wiper fluid. Popping the hood is an unusual activity these days and is usually a sign of a broken car. Good regular maintenance can extend the service life of your car, and there are many aspects of car maintenance that we can talk about. To keep things short, we’ll be focusing on engine oil changes. Things will get a bit nerdy. We’ve alrea


Jun 26, 2020

Volkswagen offers up to RM 10k discount, 20% off engine oil, and more this CNY

A new year sometimes means a new car for some people and Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) is offering deals and promotions this Chinese New Year including savings of up to RM 10,000 on selected Volkswagen models. Customers who book via the eShowroom will enjoy additional exclusive online savings on top of the ongoing ang pao rebates. Those interested in the Volkswagen Passat range will also enjoy free additional 1-year insurance or RM 5,500 savings. The following models are eligible for

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 6, 2021

Peluang pelumba Malaysia sarung sut Petronas SRT musim 2022 tetap ada -  Razlan

Penantian untuk melihat sut lumba pasukan Petronas Sepang Racing Team (SRT) kembali disarung penunggang Malaysia di pentas Kejuaraan Motosikal Dunia mungkin tidak lama malah paling awal, musim depan. Perkembangan positif itu disuarakan sendiri Prinsipal Petronas Yamaha SRT, Datuk Razlan Razali, baru-baru ini. Sebagai info, pasukan Malaysia yang bersaing dalam ketiga-tiga kategori perlumbaan di Kejuaraan Motosikal Dunia itu, MotoGP, Moto2 dan Moto3 tidak menyenaraikan seorang pun pelumba negara p


Mar 3, 2021

Shell drops the price of their new lubricant!

Shell is proud to drop the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 lubricant into the market for all modern passenger car engines and that’s not the only thing they drop! All motorists can now enjoy the benefits of the new Shell Helix HX8 0W 20 lubricant at a retail price of RM199 for the 4-litre pack while the smaller 1-litre pack will go at RM53.90. Shell promises that the new engine oil will deliver maximum performance while improving fuel economy. The low viscosity oil is also said to help better protect


Nov 5, 2019

Used car shopping: 6 tips for checking the engine

So, you want to buy a used car. Maybe it’s a project car, a unique car model you’ve always wanted, or a car model that’s not sold brand new in Malaysia. If your reason for buying a used car is a tight budget, you might want to consider other options like public transportation or a motorcycle. If you’re still here after reading that, we assume you’re serious about this, regardless of your reasons. Well, there’s a long list of things to look out for when buying used cars. In this article, we will


Aug 15, 2020

Pusat servis Mazda bertukar kepada minyak enjin Petronas Syntium

Pada 15 Jun, Bermaz Motor telah mengumumkan perjanjian pembekalan bersama Petronas Lubricants Marketing Malaysia (PLMM) bagi membekalkan minyak enjin Petronas Syntium full-synthetic kepada peniaga-peniaga Bermaz Motor. “Untuk pelanggan, perjanjian Bermaz dengan PLMM menunjukkan satu lagi pencapaian dalam usaha kami untuk menawarkan pengalaman yang menyeronokkan dan memudahkan. Minyak enjin Petronas Syntium full-synthetic akan menggantikan penggunaan enjin semi-synthetic yang kami gunakan di pern


Jun 17, 2020

Oil-rich Saudi Arabia bans 16 carmakers for failing fuel standards

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest producers of oil in the world and as the price of oil is cheap there, it’s common to see large SUVs roaming the streets of Riyadh and Jeddah. However, even the Saudis realise how important it is to improve fuel efficiency standards and they’re getting serious about it. According to Gulf News, the Saudi General Ports Authority has temporarily banned imports from 16 car companies for failing to submit their supply plan and commitment to comply with new fuel stand

CY FoongCY Foong

Sep 22, 2020

'Rossi mampu kompetitif sekalipun sertai pasukan satelit Petronas Yamaha SRT'

Keputusan Valentino Rossi menyertai pasukan satelit, Petronas Yamaha SRT bagi musim 2021 diakui Jorge Lorenzo sebagai mengejutkan namun tindakan legenda MotoGP Itali itu tidak boleh disifatkan satu 'kelemahan'. Sejurus pelumba muda Perancis, Fabio Quartararo sah menandatangani kontrak pasukan utama, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP awal tahun lalu, persoalan mengenai masa depan Rossi terus menjadi perbualan hangat. Begitupun, ia dinoktahkan apabila juara dunia sembilan kali itu menyertai pasukan sat


Jan 31, 2021

Rossi sarung jaket rasmi PETRONAS Yamaha SRT, peminat makin bersemangat

Sejurus Valentino Rossi sah menyertai pasukan PETRONAS Yamaha SRT bagi musim 2021 tahun lalu, ramai peminat menanti bila ikon MotoGP itu akan menyarung pakaian rasmi pasukan itu. Dan penantian itu berakhir apabila pelumba Itali itu melakukan ucapan selamat Tahun Baru menerusi rakaman video yang dipaparkan di laman Facebook rasmi PETRONAS SRT dengan memakai jaket rasmi pasukan berkenaan, pada 1 Januari lalu. Sebagai rekod, Rossi tidak pernah memaparkan gambarnya di laman-laman media sosial milikn


Jan 5, 2021

Petronas Yamaha SRT tayang jentera 2021. Valentino Rossi, Franco Morbidelli sarung seragam pasukan!

Penantian untuk melihat legenda MotoGP, Valentino Rossi menyarung sut lumba pasukan Petronas Yamaha SRT dinoktahkan, semalam susulan pelancaran pasukan itu bagi musim 2021 yang berlangsung secara maya. Pasukan dari Malaysia itu pada awalnya dijadualkan membuat pelancaran memperkenalkan para pelumba dan jenteranya ketika sesi ujian pra-musim yang dijadualkan di Litar Antarabangsa Sepang, bulan lalu. Begitupun, susulan pengumuman Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) 2.0 oleh kerajaan berikutan pening


Mar 2, 2021

Five launched in Malaysia: AI-powered petrol stations with Petronas-sourced fuels

Five Petroleum Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Five) is a new Malaysian petrol station brand that was just launched earlier today through their Facebook page, Five Petroleum Malaysia. Five's launch was officiated by the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, Dato' Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi. Among other things, Five aims to extend enterprise opportunities to new entrepreneurs by offering smaller and easier station setups. This could mean a lower barrier of entry due to potentially reduced capital, a


Oct 16, 2020

Rossi buat PETRONAS Yamaha SRT tambah teruja - Morbidelli

Legenda MotoGP, Valentino Rossi akan memberi 'keterujaan tambahan' kepada pasukan PETRONAS Yamaha SRT musim depan, kata rakan sepasukannya yang baharu Franco Morbidelli. Morbidelli yang juga anak didik Rossi di Akademi VR46 tampil dengan prestasi mengagumkan pada musim ini apabila meraih tiga kemenangan di kelas elit berkenaan. Ia termasuk meraih tempat kedua keseluruhan MotoGP ketika Rossi mengakhiri kontraknya bersama pasukan Factory Yamaha untuk menyertai PETRONAS Yamaha SRT bagi musim 2021.


Dec 9, 2020

Shell Malaysia is cracking down fake engine oils sold online and in hypermarkets!

Ever wondered why some Shell engine oil are sold significantly cheaper on certain online platform and hypermarkets? Well, that’s because they’re probably fake. Tests by Shell Malaysia found that over 30 percent of engine lubricants sold in hypermarkets and unofficial online stores are fake. Shell Malaysia is working together with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNDHEP) to crack down on parties who are distributing counterfeit and illegal Shell lubricants. The company recen

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 17, 2019

Wapcar Morning Insiders (Sep. 25, 2019)

Today is Wednesday, Sep. 25 Local News Proton launches new logo and tagline, X70 CKD first to receive new logo Two years after partnering with Geely, Proton announced today a new logo today and new tagline to mark a new chapter in the company's growth. The new, almost 'Thundercat-like' logo, is an evolution of Proton's current Malaysian tiger motive design, but has been polished further to emphasize the four core elements of the brand's message - strength, agility, courageous, and pride. Mercede


Sep 25, 2019

Cub Prix 2021 - Nazirul Izzat raih kemenangan pertama buat Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor!

Seperti jangkaan, pusingan kedua perlumbaan Petronas Cub Prix 2021 terus menyajikan episod sama yang menyaksikan penguasaan jentera buatan Yamaha. Jagoan baharu pasukan Petronas Sprinta Yamaha Maju Motor, Nazirul Izzat Mohd Bahauddin paling cemerlang di Litar Sepang Utara apabila menghadiahkan kemenangan pertama musim 2021 buat pasukannya, semalam. Sekalipun petak utama dimiliki pelumba Honda, Azroy Hakeem Anuar dari pasukan Honda Yuzy Idemitsu Team, ia tidak menghalang Nazirul yang bermula di b


Apr 5, 2021

'Jika bukan Covid-19, Rossi mungkin tak bersama Petronas Yamaha SRT'

Legenda MotoGP, Valentino Rossi berkemungkinan tidak menyertai pasukan Petronas Yamaha SRT jika berpandukan kepada prestasi yang ditampilkan penunggang Itali itu pada musim 2020. Perkara itu didedahkan sendiri oleh Prinsipal pasukan berkenaan, Datuk Razlan Razali dalam satu temuramah bersama GPOne.com, baru-baru ini. Ketika ditanya mengenai 'tugas' pasukan satelit Yahama yang sepatutnya mengilap bakat-bakat baharu, Razlan berkata pihaknya mempunyai alasan sendiri apabila memilih Rossi yang juga


Jan 19, 2021

Akibat melakukan aksi drift di stesen Petronas, 2 suspek ditahan

Tular di media sosial apabila sebuah kereta Subaru BRZ dilihat melakukan aksi drift di sebuah stesen Petronas. Kejadian tersebut dipercayai berlaku di sebuah Petronas yang terletak di Perlis iaitu Petronas Jejawi. Difahamkan bahawa dua suspek telah menyerah diri di balai polis Arau termasuk pemilik stesen berkenaan, masing-masing berusia 34 dan 37 tahun. "Pemilik stesen minyak berkenaan mengaku menganjurkan aksi drift itu, manakala rakannya yang juga pemilik kedai aksesori bertindak memandu kend


Jun 1, 2020

Datuk Seri Syed Zainal retires from Petronas Dagangan

Bernama reports that Petronas Dagangan Bhd’s (PetDag) non-independent and non-executive director Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, 57, retired from his position, effective 10 June 2020. PetDag made the announcement in a filing with Bursa Malaysia. Syed Zainal Abidin was appointed as PetDag’s managing director (MD) and chief executive officer (CEO), effective June 1, 2018. He resigned from the positions and was redesignated as a non-independent non-executive director, effective Ja


Jun 12, 2020

Pelumba Petronas Yamaha SRT pencabar utama kejuaraan MotoGP musim 2021!

Bagi sesetengah pemerhati, ramalan yang menyatakan pelumba pasukan Petronas Yamaha SRT, Franco Morbidelli sebagai pencabar utama kejuaraan MotoGP 2021 nampak agak aneh. Tetapi tidak bagi pelumba utama pasukan Ducati, Jack Miller kerana dia menyifatkan jaguh dari Itali itu memiliki kualiti untuk menakluk gelaran elit berkenaan. Kata Miller, pandangan itu bukan omongan kosong malah ia berpandukan kepada kemampuan Morbidelli terutama pada saingan musim lalu yang menyaksikan dia menamatkan saingan d


Feb 16, 2021