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Top Rank: Ten heroically rare Proton Wira models

The Proton Wira was Proton’s second-ever model right after the Saga and just like the first national car, the Wira sold like hotcakes. In fact, between its introduction in 1993 to its final year of production in 2009, 952,216 units of the heroically-named model were sold. Based on the fourth-generation Mitsubishi Lancer, Proton utilised the platform of the Wira on various other models including the Satria, Putra, and Arena. The Wira was also one of the first widely exported Proton models. The hi

CY FoongCY Foong

Jan 23, 2021

Owner Review: Old Faithful Merdeka Special - A Review of My 1996 Proton Wira 1.6 XLi

** This article is the personal experience of a 1996 Proton Wira 1.6 XLi owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Eugene Teoh About the Proton Wira The Proton Wira is Malaysia’s second national car after the Proton Saga, after it was unveiled to the public in 1985. The Proton Wira, its name translated into the word “Hero” in Malay. The Proton Wira produced from 1993 to 2009. It was basically a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer from the ‘90s and shared the same platform as the Lancer

Owner ReviewOwner Review

Sep 9, 2020

Special edition Geely Boyue gets Lotus ride & handling, but not Proton X70?

Lotus' famed ride and handling prowess - long the pride point of Proton cars - was something not found on the cushy Proton X70. It seems Geely has beat us to the punch on that front as the Chinese-market Geely Boyue Asian Games Edition will be upgraded with Lotus ride and handling! Updated chassis, better handling Built to commemorate the 19th Asian Games - set to take place in Hangzhou, China, next year - the most notable update this special edition Boyue gets is its chassis updates. The Boyue


Mar 8, 2021

Spied: Proton Iriz wearing Saga Anniversary Edition colours, special edition before facelift?

What's that DJ Khaled catchphrase again? "Anotha' one?" He'd be on a roll here if he's covering new cars in Malaysia as we just got a picture of this Proton Iriz wearing a familiar paint scheme. Shared by our friends over at Careta, you'll notice the Iriz is wearing the striking black-and-yellow paintjob of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition, which was built to commemorate the carmaker's 35th anniversary. Looking at the spied Iriz, the obscured wheels hints at a special design unlike those on t


Oct 19, 2020

Top 10 - Proton Wira yang ‘rare’ dan unik!

Nama Proton Wira ini memang sebati dengan rakyat Malaysia, macam nasi lemak. Model kedua keluaran syarikat nasional ini pada tahun 1993 selepas Proton Saga adalah model yang penting pada masa itu, dan sehingga kini masih ramai lagi yang meminatinya. Berasaskan model Mitsubishi Lancer generasi keempat, Proton telah mencipta pelbagai jenis variasi model berasaskan platform Wira ini seperti Aeroback, Satria, Arena, dan juga Putra. Dalam rencana kami kali ini pula, penulis ingin memberi fokus khusus

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Jan 14, 2021

Proton Special Edition - kereta baru logo lama, mana logo Proton thundercat?

Model Proton Edisi Istimewa dilancarkan pada minggu yang sama model Perodua Ativa dibuka untuk tempahan. Lebih menarik lagi, Perodua Ativa sebenarnya dirancang untuk dibuka tempahan lebih awal (menurut sebuah dokumen awal yang tiba ke meja pengarang Wapcar.my) namun telah ditukar tarikh kepada selepas pelancaran model Proton Edisi Istimewa. Kebetulan atau disengajakan? Jika anda tertanya-tanya mengapa secara tiba-tiba Proton melancarkan model istimewa, rujuk artikel kami di bawah. Selalunya mode


Feb 28, 2021

Pelancaran 'Special Edition' buat Proton Saga, Persona, Iriz, dan Exora pada 18 Februari 2021!

Proton telah menghasilkan kenderaan buat rakyat Malaysia sejak 35 tahun yang lalu. Kali ini, mereka berhasrat untuk perkenalkan rangkaian model "Special Edition" yang menampilkan rupa paras dan ciri yang unik buat anda semua. Edisi khas yang akan dilancar secara maya pada 11.00 am 18 Februari 2021 ini juga bakal memperlihatkan kemunculan semula buat model "R3". Model yang akan dilancarkan pada hari tersebut ialah: Persona Black Edition Exora Black Edition Iriz R3 Limited Edition Saga R3 Limited


Feb 14, 2021

Geely Boyue gets Proton X70 Infinite Weave grille in China, Special Edition Model!

Geely has revealed the 2020 Geely Boyue 1 Million Edition and it gets the Infinite Weave grille from the Proton X70! The Boyue 1 Million Edition is to commemorate the sales of the Boyue surpassing the 1 million mark. It gets some minor cosmetic change and enhanced equipment. This special edition model is based on the standard Geely Boyue and not the more upmarket Boyue Pro. At the front, Geely’s Expanding Cosmos grille has been replaced by the Infinite Weave motive grille that was designed by Pr

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Aug 9, 2020

Honda Malaysia Introduces City Special Edition – Priced From RM 75,955

Based on E variant, but cheaper More value-added features added Two colours available Honda Malaysia has introduced the City Special Edition, available in White Orchid Pearl and Passion Red Pearl. Based on the 1.5 E variant, the City Special Edition is marginally cheaper (RM 75,955 vs RM 79,955), but offers more value-added features, such as: Front and rear digital video recorder (DVR) Built-in toll reader Door visors Trunk organizer Apart from these additions, the City Special Edition is mechan


Aug 29, 2019

Proton Introduces Limited Edition X70 Merdeka Edition

Based on the X70 Premium Only 62 units available Priced from RM 126,100 Proton has just introduced the X70 Merdeka Edition, a limited-edition version of its popular X70, designed to commemorate Malaysia’s 62nd Independence Day celebration. As such, only 62 units will be made available, each priced from RM 126,100. Only 2 colours are available, namely Snow White and Flame Red. The X70 Merdeka Edition is based on the X70 Premium variant, but with the addition of these extra kit: Quartz Black paint


Aug 19, 2019

Why is the round Thundercat logo missing on the 2021 Proton Iriz R3 Edition?

Amidst all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Perodua Ativa, Proton tried to divert the attention on Malaysia’s newest SUV with its launching of a quartet of limited-edition models including the Proton Iriz R3 Edition and the Proton Persona Black Edition. However, one thing missing on these models is the round Proton "Thundercat" logo. Recall that the new logo was launched in 2019 and the first production model to receive this was the locally-assembled (CKD) Proton X70. Eventually, this was also

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 23, 2021

2021 Lexus RX 300 Luxury Special Edition - RM 12k bodykit?

If you ever thought the 2021 Lexus RX 300 was a little too sedate for Malaysian streets, this should fix it: the RX 300 Luxury Special Edition. This makes it the fourth RX variant in Malaysia, besides the Premium, Luxury, and F Sport variants. And from RM 421,909.50, it's RM 12k pricier than the Luxury variant. So what does the Luxury Special Edition bring to the table? Well, pretty much only visual enhancements. There's a new multi-piece bodykit that encapsulates a front splitter, side skirts,


Jan 11, 2021

The Proton Putra, Satria GTI and Wira 1.8 EXI - once marvels of Malaysian motoring

Just last week, we saw the 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition made to celebrate the first Saga launched way back in 1985. Some liked it, but there also were critics that poked fun at Proton - thinking that the Saga is merely a cheap cash grab. Whether or not you liked it is another question, but it’s a fact that Proton had even hotter cars in their 37-year history, namely the Proton Putra, Satria GTI and Wira 1.8 Exi LE. Put side-by-side, each of them makes the Saga Anniversary edition look fa


Jul 19, 2020

2021 Proton Persona “Black Edition” and Iriz “R3 Edition” coming next year?

We’ve seen the recent spyshots of the 2021 Proton Persona facelift as well as the 2021 Proton Iriz facelift. Now though, word on the grapevine is that there’ll be special editions of the duo, rumoured to be named the Proton Persona Black Edition and Iriz R3 Edition. Proton Persona black edition Starting with the Proton Persona “Black Edition”, it is speculated to wear the same design theme as the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition, which was known internally as the “Black Edition” as well. The Prot


Nov 24, 2020

Spied: 2021 Proton Iriz R3 Edition spotted on a trailer, arriving soon?

The Proton Iriz might be an aging model, having been launched 7 years ago with a refresh in 2019. Before the launch of a mid-lifecycle update which includes a jacked-up Iriz Active variant, Proton could be launching a special edition of the Iriz which we call the 2021 Proton Iriz R3 Edition. Based on these spyshots shared by our friends at Careta on their Facebook page, we see a car transporter loaded up with a few units of the Iriz R3 Edition. Could this mean that this special edition Iriz be a

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 8, 2021

2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition - all 1,100 units sold out in 5 days!

Compared to our recent scoops on past Proton specials, the 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition has had much better fate - all 1,100 units have sold out within 5 days. Introduced to commemorate Proton’s 35th Anniversary, the Anniversary Edition was priced at RM 39,300 (0% SST). It included yellow highlights on the exterior and interior. Oh well, those who missed it might wait for something come Proton’s 40-year anniversary in 2025. Who knows, it could be a throwback to Proton’s high-performance


Jul 24, 2020

Last 3 special edition Honda 1 Million Dreams models presented to contest winners

Following March’s prize presentation ceremony for the first four winners of the Honda 1 Million Dreams campaign, the final 3 of the 7 units of the ‘1 Million Special Edition’ Honda models have been presented to the respective winners yesterday. The month-long Honda 1 Million Dreams was conducted together with Cuckoo, Shopee, and Watsons. Ms. Megawati Binti Affendi went home with a Honda City, Mr. Muhammed Faisal won a Honda HR-V, while Mr. Mohd Aisamuddin drove home a Honda BR-V. Present at the


Apr 13, 2021

R3 Limited Edition logo leaked: first hint of souped-up Proton Iriz and Persona

With the facelifted 2021 Proton Iriz and 2021 Proton Persona looming ever closer, more details have emerged about the duo. Word on the street is that they'll both receive special editions - and a leaked photo lends further credence to the claim. The photo above - which depicts the R3 Limited Edition badge etched on a leather-like surface - was first found by Funtasticko via Facebook. The logo shares the same black-and-yellow scheme as the 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition and a recently-spied


Nov 25, 2020

Lexus RX 300 Luxury Special Edition 2021 – kit badan bernilai RM 12,000?

Lexus Malaysia, divisyen UMW Toyota baru sahaja melancarkan Lexus RX 300 Luxury Special Edition. Ini bermakna ada empat varian RX di Malaysia selain Premium, Luxury, dan F Sport. Jadi apa yang anda dapat dengan varian baru ini? RX300 ini dilengkapi dengan kit badan yang merangkumi splitter depan, skirting sisi, dan ‘diffuser’ baru di belakang, membuatkannya nampak lebih sporty. Roda depan berukuran 20 inci kekal sama seperti varian Premium dan Luxury. Terdapat empat pilihan warna yang ditawarkan

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Jan 12, 2021

Menangi 7 model Special Edition Honda, frontliners lebih tinggi peluang untuk menang!

Honda Malaysia baru saja merasmikan Kempen “1 Million Dreams” hari ini bagi meraikan perjalanan mereka mencapai jualan kesejuta unit. Oleh itu, sebagai tanda penghargaan mereka kepada pelanggan di Malaysia, Honda Malaysia membuka peluang bagi anda untuk memenangi tujuh model Special Edition iaitu Honda Jazz, City serba baharu, BR-V, HR-V, Civic, CR-V baharu, dan juga Accord! Model-model Special Edition bagi kempen ini didatangkan dalam rekaan istimewa dengan perincian unik, membuatkannya unit mo


Feb 25, 2021

4 cars that look like the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition

With the launch of the Proton Saga Anniversary Edition only a day away, we have already speculated what the car could look like in detail. Based on the images provided by our friends at Funtasticko, we know that it could be black and yellow. And just recently, we have a design rendering of what the Saga Anniversary Edition would look like provided by Philip Choy. Now, I gotta admit, the black paint job really complements the yellow highlights on the grille, front bumper, and even the yellow rims

CY FoongCY Foong

Jul 8, 2020

2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition teased, launching on 9-July

Proton has dropped a teaser of the upcoming 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition on its official Facebook page, hinting that the new special edition model is just around the corner. While the post by Proton did not mention when the Saga Anniversary Edition will be introduced, our friends over at Funtasticko provided some preliminary details, including the launch date and photos. Set to be introduced on 9-July, the debut of the Saga Anniversary Edition coincides with the debut of the very first P


Jul 5, 2020

Leaked: First look at the 2021 Proton Iriz R3 Edition

Proton is very close to launching a mid-lifecycle update for the aging Proton Iriz (and Persona), and this is set of photos shared by reader Amin Yahaya offers us a sneak peek at the 2021 Proton Iriz wearing R3 livery. We still don’t know what this new special edition Proton Iriz will be called so for now we will just refer to it as the Proton Iriz R3 Edition. Outside, the Iriz R3 Edition wears the same yellow-black livery first seen in the 1,100 units only 2020 Proton Saga Anniversary Edition.


Jan 2, 2021

Spyshot: Proton Persona Black Edition bahagian luar, hanya 2,000 unit terhad?

Nampaknya model-model Proton edisi istimewa hanya perlu menunggu perasmian sahaja. Setibanya model tersebut di pusat jualan, kesemua gambar intipan kini bertebaran di media sosial. Terbaru, rakan media Careta menunjukkan model Proton Persona Black Edition namun tiada perubahan yang ketara pada bahagian luar dapat diulas. Tidak seperti edisi R3, model Proton Persona Black Edition menggunakan seragam gelap dengan jalur gangsa-coklat pada bahagian bumper hadapan bawah. Tona warna yang sama juga dap


Feb 16, 2021

Special 2021 Proton Persona, Iriz, Saga and Exora variants to launch online on 18-Feb

Special editions of the Proton Persona, Exora, Iriz, and Saga will be launched in an online event next week on 18-February 2021, which also marks the return of the famed R3 moniker. The four models that will be launched during the event - to be streamed live on Proton's Facebook page - are as below: Persona Black Edition Exora Black Edition Iriz R3 Limited Edition Saga R3 Limited Edition Prospects of the R3 nameplate returning are exciting, and we've covered spyshots of the Iriz and Saga R3 Limi


Feb 14, 2021

Malaysia Boleh – Proton Wira 'Teksi' takes on the Nurburgring

I remember the first time I heard of the Nurburgring was on Top Gear when Clarkson tried to make a lap time of under 10 minutes in a diesel Jaguar. He barely made the time but was outclassed by Sabine Schmidt. Needless to say, I always imagined how fast a Proton would go round the famous “Green Hell”. Well, a pair of Dutch twin brothers did just that with their taxi-liveried Proton Wira! The Gravemade brothers from Dutch DIY Mechanics (DDM), Jochem and Ruben turned a regular Proton Wira into a t

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 7, 2020

Logo R3 Limited Edition tertular: Proton Iriz dan Persona versi ‘panas’?

Dengan pelancaran Proton Iriz dan Persona 2021 tidak lama lagi, beberapa butiran baru telah tertular. Pernah dikhabarkan bahawa kedua-dua model ini akan menerima edisi istimewa. Perkara ini terbukti pada gambar yang tertular sebentar tadi. Gambar di atas memaparkan lencana R3 Limited Edition yang dijahit pada permukaan kulit. Untuk maklumat anda, logo ini memakai tema biru dan kuning yang sama seperti Proton Saga Anniversary Edition dan Proton Iriz edisi istimewa yang diintip sebelum ini. Walau


Nov 25, 2020

2021 Proton Iriz & Saga R3 Limited Edition, Persona & Exora Black Edition launched in Malaysia

Following a surprise announcement on Valentine's Day, Proton has officially brought back the R3 moniker with the 2021 Proton Saga and Iriz R3 Limited Edition, both of which were launched alongside the 2021 Proton Persona and Exora Black Edition. Do they have any other claim to fame other than being your shot at getting a factory-painted black Proton, typically reserved for government use? Let's find out. 2021 Proton Saga R3 Limited Edition - from RM 42k What's new? R3 stickers, window banners, b


Feb 18, 2021

Special edition 2020 Isuzu D-Max previewed, to fight new Toyota Hilux facelift

Not one to take the Toyota Hilux’s threat lying down, Isuzu aired teasers of its upcoming Isuzu D-Max special edition on Facebook. Branded as ‘Mysterious, Supreme yet Stylish’, there’s no prizes for guessing that this is the limited-edition Isuzu D-Max Stealth. Sorry folks, this is not the all-new pickup as you probably may have expected. For what we know, the D-Max Stealth is just a kitted-up version of the current D-Max. Based on the teaser images posted, we can see that the Stealth edition is


Aug 3, 2020

This weird Proton Wira limo can be yours for RM 28,000

Proton is no stranger when it comes to weird models and this Wira Grand Limousine is one such example. Never mind the elongated body (typical of any limousine conversions), the Wira Grand Limousine boasts 6 doors - 2 more than the regular Wira. As seen on Mudah, this particular unit has an asking price of RM 28,000, a tad bit more than a regular Wira. The extra nets you an LCD TV, ambient lighting, and even a fridge. Powering the Wira Grand Limousine is Proton’s tried-and-tested 1.6-litre 4G92 f


Jun 24, 2020