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Toyota tops list of cars kept beyond 15 years, Prius owners most satisfied

Seven out of the top 10 car models kept by US car owners for 15 years or longer are made by Toyota, according to data compiled by car-focused search engine iseecars.com, which has tracked over 660,000 cars sold in the US between 1981 and 2005 for this study. Top 10 Brands Owners Keep for 15 Years or More Toyota 9.8% Honda 8.1% Subaru 8.0% Acura 7.9% Mazda 6.3% Mitsubishi 5.5% Hyundai 5.5% Chrysler 5.5% Nissan 5.3% Lexus 5.2% The company’s data showed that 9.8 percent of Toyota owners have kept t


Jan 21, 2021

Panduan kereta terpakai: Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Camry Hybrid kini berharga serendah RM 40,000 sahaja?

Toyota Camry Terdapat sedikit jangka masa pendek antara 2011 hingga 2013 ketika pembeli kereta Malaysia menikmati promosi terhebat - duti import dan eksais digugurkan sepenuhnya untuk model hibrid yang diimport sepenuhnya dengan kapasiti enjin di bawah 2,000 cc. Promosi tersebut telah membawa kepada lambakan model hibrid Jepun seperti Toyota Prius, Honda Insight dan Honda CR-Z di sini. Sekitar tahun 2009 hingga 2010, ada pengecualian duti juga tetapi pada tahap yang lebih rendah iaitu pengecuali


Oct 29, 2020

Used hybrids are really cheap, so should you buy a used Toyota Prius, Camry Hybrid or Honda Insight?

There was a short period of time between 2011 until 2013 when Malaysian car buyers enjoyed a too good to be true deal - import and excise duties were completely waived for fully imported hybrid models with engine capacities below 2,000 cc. The Japan-made Toyota Prius, Honda Insight and CR-Z were introduced here. Between 2009 to 2010, duty exemption was also available, but at a lower rate - 100 percent exemption on import duties and 50 percent discount on excise duties. At a time when even the mo


Oct 20, 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross to debut in Thailand next month, coming to Malaysia soon

The first ever Toyota Corolla Cross, a C-segment Corolla-based SUV that’s supposed to a more mainstream, cheaper and more practical version of a Toyota C-HR, is set to make its global debut in Thailand next month. Leaked photos suggests that the Corolla Cross will look like a scaled down Toyota RAV4 – not a bad start. Based on what we know so far, the Toyota Corolla Cross will be based on the Toyota Corolla Altis’ TNGA-C platform, but with a more space efficient (and cheaper) torsion beam rear s


Jun 15, 2020

Toyota Sienta Welcab launched in Indonesia – first outside Japan?

PT Astra Toyota Motor, Toyota’s Indonesian distributor, has launched the Sienta Welcab in Indonesia. This marks the first time Toyota’s assisted-mobility vehicle was offered officially outside of Japan. The Indonesian-spec Sienta Welcab is powered by the same 1.5-litre 2NR-FE engine as the rest of the Sienta line-up as well as the Malaysian-spec Vios and Yaris. That engine is mated to either a 6-speed manual or a CVT. One of the major features that stand out in the Sienta Welcab is of course the

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 17, 2020

Toyota C-HR 2021 akan digugurkan di Malaysia, Thailand beralih ke C-HR facelift hibrid sahaja

Toyota C-HR akan menerima penambahbaikan dalam kitaran-hidup pertengahannya tak lama lagi, tapi barisan model C-HR ini besar kemungkinan akan digugurkan dari pasaran Malaysia. Ruangnya yang ditinggalkan kosong akan diambil oleh Toyota Corolla Cross yang akan datang. Toyota C-HR segmen C ini dilancarkan di Thailand pada awal tahun 2018 (previu pada November 2017 di Pameran Motor Bangkok) dan setelah hampir 3 tahun berada di pasaran, satu facelift dijangka akan dilancarkan pada awal 2021 seperti y


Jul 28, 2020

2021 Toyota C-HR to be dropped from Malaysia as Thailand shifts to hybrid-only C-HR facelift

The Toyota C-HR is due for a mid-lifecycle update soon but the C-HR model range will most likely be dropped for Malaysia. Its vacated slot will be filled by the upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross. The C-segment Toyota C-HR was launched in Thailand in early-2018 (previewed in November 2017 at the Bangkok motor show) and after nearly 3 years on the market, a facelift is due to be launched in early-2021, reports Thailand’s Headlightmag.com. The facelifted Toyota C-HR had already been launched in Europe


Jul 28, 2020

Second Toyobaru twin after BRZ/GR86 is the Toyota bZ4X

Toyota is gearing up for an electrified future with the unveiling of the Toyota bZ4x Concept at 2021 Auto Shanghai. The concept is the first of seven bZ battery electric vehicles (BEVs) the Japanese carmaker plans to introduce by 2025. Toyota once revolutionised the automotive landscape with the Prius back in 1997. It was the world’s first mass-produced hybrid electric vehicle (HEVs) and since its introduction, Toyota has sold over 17 million units of electrified vehicles which include HEVs, plu

CY FoongCY Foong

Apr 19, 2021

Spied! Toyota Corolla Cross’s heavily camouflaged front-end

We’ve previously reported a spy shot of the upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross and determined that the SUV will be coming with a big spoiler on its back. Now we have our first look of the front-end. It looks like Toyota is pulling all the stops to prevent us from even predicting the general shape of the car. As the front-end was heavily camouflaged and came complete with cut-out shapes created to deliberately confuse us. But from what little we can see it looks like the Corolla Cross will have a LED


Jun 19, 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross 2020 - TNGA-C, 1.8 2ZR Hibrid dan Petrol, bakal datang ke Malaysia

Hari ini Toyota Motor Corporation baru saja melancarkan Toyota Corolla Cross secara global di Thailand. Sejak dilancarkan pada tahun 1966, ini adalah kali pertama nama Corolla diguna pakai untuk bentuk badan SUV. Berdasarkan kata kunci “Corolla Meets SUV”, Corolla Cross dibina atas platform TNGA-C yang sama seperti Toyota Prius dan Lexus UX. Sementara Corolla Altis/C-HR menggunakan sistem double wishbone bagi perjalanan dan pengendalian yang unggul, Corolla Cross menggunakan torsion beam yang le

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Jul 9, 2020

2020 Toyota Corolla Cross debuts, coming to Malaysia – 1.8L Hybrid, full ADAS

The first-ever Toyota Corolla Cross has made its global debut in Thailand. All preliminary speculations of Toyota’s latest C-segment SUV have all turned out to be correct, except for its price. More on that later. Toyota has confirmed that the Corolla Cross is built on the Toyota Corolla Altis’ (and C-HR’s) TNGA-C platform, but with a different rear suspension. While the Corolla Altis/C-HR uses a more complex double wishbone setup for superior ride and handling, the Corolla Cross uses a simpler,


Jul 9, 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross akan dilancarkan di Indonesia pada 6 Ogos

Belum lama selepas debut globalnya di Thailand, Toyota Corolla Cross akan dilancarkan di Indonesia hujung minggu hadapan. Indonesia akan menjadi negara kedua di rantau ini untuk melancarkan SUV segmen C berdasarkan Corolla Altis yang terbaru ini. Berbeza dengan Malaysia, Toyota Corolla Cross pasaran Indonesia akan diimpot dari Thailand. Ini juga menjelaskan kenapa mereka boleh memperkenalkan model ini di sana begitu pantas sekali. Dengan mengimpot Corolla Cross dari Thailand, Indonesia boleh men


Jul 30, 2020

Toyota Corolla Cross to be launched in Indonesia on 6-Aug

Shortly after its world debut in Thailand, the Toyota Corolla Cross will be launched in Indonesia later next week. Indonesia will be the second country in the region to launch Toyota’s latest C-segment Corolla Altis-based SUV. Unlike Malaysia, Indonesia’s Toyota Corolla Cross will be imported from Thailand, which also explains why they could introduce the model there so soon. By importing the Corolla Cross from Thailand, Indonesia will be able to maintain a good level of trade balance with Thail


Jul 30, 2020

Why is the Toyota 86 so much more expensive than the VW Golf GTI?

When the 200 PS Toyota 86 was first launched in Malaysia in 2012, its asking price was RM 243,000 for the manual, and RM 249,000 for the automatic variant. For a supposedly affordable sports car, its pricing in Malaysia is hardly affordable at all. The more powerful (220 PS), more practical Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 can be had for about RM17k less, at RM 227,888. Toyota 86 UMW Toyota then introduced the facelifted 86 in 2017. There were some minor upgrades but prices went up further, to RM 257,502

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

May 16, 2020

Toyota GR Sport models to be launched in Malaysia soon?

First GR Garage to operate outside of Japan Genuine aftermarket tuning parts for all Toyota models GR Sport models a possibility for Malaysia With the launch of the all-new 2019 A90 Toyota GR Supra in Malaysia, UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has also introduced the GR Garage concept store. It is a first of its kind, one-stop motorsports inspired outlet to be opened outside of Japan. GR Garage, in a nutshell, is a specialised outlet that immerses the visitors with all things Gazoo Racing (GR). In there

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Sep 25, 2019

Toyota Harrier is Japan’s No.1 premium SUV for 2020, Toyota Raize tops all SUV sales

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) has released its list of top selling models in Japan for Financial Year 2020 (April 2020 to March 2021). Seven out of the top-10 best-selling models in Japan came from Toyota. The Toyota Yaris (including Yaris Cross and GR Yaris) is Japan’s most popular nameplate, with 202,657 units sold in the last year. This was followed by the Toyota Raize, our Perodua Ativa’s Japanese cousin, with 120,998 units, making it Japan’s best-selling SUV. The Raize’s t


Apr 7, 2021

Toyota Harrier adalah SUV mewah No. 1 Jepun tahun 2020 tapi Toyota Raize (Ativa) tapau semua!

Persatuan Penjual Kenderaan Jepun (JADA) telah mengeluarkan senarai model terlaris di Jepun untuk tahun fiskal 2020 (April 2020 hingga Mac 2021). Toyota nampaknya mendominasi senarai ini dengan 7 daripada 10 model terlaris di Jepun berasal dari Toyota. Barisan model Toyota Yaris (termasuklah Yaris Cross and GR Yaris) adalah model terlaris di Jepun, dengan 202,657 unit terjual untuk tahun fiskal 2020. Selain daripada itu, model tunggal terlaris diungguli oleh Toyota Raize, kembar Perodua Ativa, d


Apr 8, 2021

Hyundai Ioniq discontinued in Malaysia – Goodbye fuel and safety king

For many Malaysians wanting a brand-new pure hybrid car, the Hyundai Ioniq is one of the few choices for those wanting to drive green. However, it appears that the model has been dropped for the Malaysian market. A quick search on Hyundai’s website shows that the Ioniq is absent from its model line-up. Though some markets including Australia and Singapore have received the facelift, there has been no news for its arrival in Malaysia. The locally-assembled (CKD) Ioniq was unveiled here back in 20

CY FoongCY Foong

Feb 3, 2021

Toyota announces new TNGA platform for next generation Vios and Yaris

Toyota’s small cars family will be next in line to benefit from Toyota’s much vaunted TNGA platform. Short for Toyota New Global Architecture, the all-new TNGA platform has been the key reason why recent Toyota models like C-HR, Camry, and Corolla have been grabbing the title of best-in-class handling away from Mazda. Currently, there are three variations of Toyota’s TNGA platform (actually there are four if you include the Lexus LS’ GA-L). GA-C was the first of the TNGA platform series introduc


Sep 5, 2019

New generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ confirmed

Toyota Motor Corporation and Subaru Corporation have agreed to deepen their business relationship. Toyota announced on Friday that it will increase its stake in Subaru from 16.8% to 20%. In return, Subaru will purchase 80 billion Yen worth of Toyota shares. Both companies also confirmed that they will continue to develop the next generation Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Apart from the upcoming Toyota 86/BRZ duo, Toyota and Subaru will also co-develop a platform dedicated to battery electric vehicles


Oct 1, 2019

Nissan Note 2021 - pencabar kepada Honda Jazz, tapi Tan Chong taknak bawa masuk Malaysia?

Semalam Nissan melancarkan Nissan Note 2021 baru di Jepun. Hatchback cilik segmen B ini adalah pesaing kepada Toyota Yaris dan Honda Jazz (Fit) di pasaran Jepun (JDM). Berbanding Note generasi terdahulu, model ini hanya ditawarkan dengan enjin siri e-Power hibrid. Berbanding hibrid selari biasa seperti Honda City RS e: HEV ataupun seri selari seperti Toyota Prius, enjin hibrid siri Nissan e-Power tidak menggerakkan roda secara langsung. Sebaliknya, enjin 1.2 liter 3-silinder aspirasi natural han

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Nov 25, 2020

Launching in Malaysia in 2020: The CKD Toyota Corolla Cross will fight the Honda HR-V, Subaru XV

After over half a decade of sitting at the sidelines and watching the Honda HR-V going from strength to strength, Toyota finally has a product to rival the overachieving HR-V, it’s called the Toyota Corolla Cross, and yes it will be coming to Malaysia. Recall that we recently ran a post saying that UMW Toyota will be launching three new SUVs in the near term? The first candidate is obvious, that’s the Toyota RAV4. The remaining two models are less clear but today we can confirm one of it will be


Mar 31, 2020

Model Geely dan Volvo bakal jadi sama, tetapi Proton akan dianaktirikan?

Minggu lalu, Geely Auto (bukannya syarikat induk Geely Holding yang memiliki Volvo Car Group) mengumumkan yang mereka sudah berpisah dengan Volvo Car. Geely Auto dan Volvo Car akan kekal berasingan, cuma masih beroperasi di bawah naungan Geely Holding. Namun, mereka masih akan berganding bahu untuk pembangunan kenderaan elektrik tertentu serta projek-projek berkaitan kereta tanpa pemandu. Dalam erti kata lain, pasukan di Volvo Cars dan di Geely Auto akan meneruskan kerja mereka secara berasingan


Mar 24, 2021

My reverse light, note singular, is working fine!

Let’s paint a scenario, you reverse your spanking new car into a parking lot, hopped out of your car and a good Samaritan came up to inform you that you’re missing a reverse light and strongly advice you to have it changed for safety reasons. FYI, there’s nothing wrong with your car. Because many cars are now equipped with 1 reverse light while the slot for the other light has been replaced with a rear fog lamp. Contrary to popular arguments online (just Google it, it’s quite a heated debate), c


Oct 25, 2019

What Daihatsu? Turn your Perodua D55L into a Lamborghini Urus instead!

While Perodua’s upcoming D55L crossover SUV might be launched in 2021, that doesn’t mean you can’t stop dreaming about how you want to give your future Perodua a makeover. As it is already on sale in Japan as the Daihatsu Rocky/Toyota Raize, this gives the Japanese tuning maestros a chance to show ways to flex on the little crossover. Albermo, a customization house based in Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan, gained some fame online a few months ago as the proud brains behind the Lamborghini Urus-ins

CY FoongCY Foong

Aug 24, 2020

Future Geely models to be closer to Volvo’s, but Proton might lose out – here’s why

Last week, Geely Auto, not to be confused with parent company Geely Holding which owns the Volvo Car Group, announced that it will no longer merge with Volvo Car. Instead, both Geely Auto and Volvo Car will remain separate (but still operating under the umbrella of Geely Holding), but will instead work together on specific electric vehicles- and driverless car-related projects. In layman’s terms, it means that the Swedes at Volvo Cars and Chinese at Geely Auto will continue to do their own thing


Mar 2, 2021

Toyota Indonesia introduces all-new Corolla Altis - hybrid variant debuts

PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM), the official importer and distributor of Toyota vehicles in Indonesia has introduced the all-new twelfth-generation Corolla Altis. For the Indonesian market, three variants of the all-new Corolla Altis are available, namely: Corolla Altis 1.8G (IDR 468,200,000) Corolla Altis 1.8V (IDR 489,300,000) Corolla Altis Hybrid (IDR 566,300,000) Power is derived from a 1.8-litre 2ZR-FE naturally-aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine that does 140 PS at 6,400 rpm and 172 Nm at


Sep 17, 2019

Perodua GR Myvi rendered - Could this be Malaysia’s hottest hatchback ever?

If the Perodua Myvi GT that was showcased at the 2018 Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show isn’t sporty enough for you, perhaps this GR Myvi would suffice? This particular GR Myvi is the creation of The Ajerul, who has rendered a fair number of aggressive-looking Protons and Peroduas in the past. To be clear, this is just an artist's imagination. Perodua has nothing to do with Toyota's GR Sport range, at least not in Malaysia. Unlike the Myvi GT and its large front air intakes, the GR Myvi gets


Apr 22, 2020

The 2021 Nissan Note is a rival to the Honda Jazz, but it’s struggling to reach Malaysia

Nissan today unveiled the all-new 2021 Nissan Note in Japan. It’s a B-segment hatchback rival to the Japanese market Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz (Fit) but unlike the previous generation Note, this model is only available with the e-Power series (full) hybrid engine. Unlike a regular parallel hybrid like a Honda City RS e:HEV, or even a series-parallel one like a Toyota Prius, the Nissan e-Power series hybrid’s engine doesn’t drive the wheels directly. Instead, the 1.2-litre 3-cylinder naturally


Nov 24, 2020

Can you save fuel by doing aero modifications?

The Honda Civic EG hatchback, or “Bullet”, is a good-looking and rather sought-after car in Malaysia. This entry has no intention of offending Civic fans. The contraption you see in the picture above and below is a “Hyper-miler” Honda Civic EG called the “Aero-Civic”. It was built by Mike Turner, an EcoModder from USA. Pictures of his car are obtained from his webite (aerocivic.com) Before we go on, let’s first understand what Hyper-Miling is. Hyper-Miling is the practice of extremely energy eff


Jun 27, 2020