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The Toyota Vios hasn’t been around as long as you think!

The Toyota Vios has its ups and downs but there is no denying that it is still a hugely popular car. You can’t walk 10 steps without stumbling over one in a parking lot. The Vios seems like it’s been around for years, 18 years to be exact. Wait what? But it feels longer!It’s true that the Vios started life only in 2002. It was a car created specifically to be sold in the Asia-Pacific market taking over the small sedan segment baton from what ASEAN regions know as the Toyot


Jan 27, 2020

B-segment sedan resale values: City and Vios lead, but Almera is worse than Vento?

If theres any word that can cause car buyers to think triple before signing the dotted line, its depreciation. Sorry to say but this is just as certain as the sky is blue - the value of the car you drive drops over time. Before it was the Vento, it was called the Polo SedanStalwarts of the B-segment sedan scene - the Toyota Vios, Honda City, and Nissan Almera - are often said to be safe choices when it comes to resale value. But how far is that true? Lets compare them, and well throw in the Volk


Mar 31, 2021

Coming next year, 2021 Toyota Vios - this over the City or Almera?

Toyota unveiled the facelifted 2021 Toyota Vios a couple of months ago in the Philippines, followed by Thailand a month later.Current model picturedSet to be introduced in Malaysia by December, lets take a closer look at Toyota’s upcoming B-segment contender that will be going head-to-head against the all-new Honda City and Nissan Almera.1. When will the 2021 Toyota Vios go on sale?Thailand market model shown. Our Vios is sold there as the Yaris AtivConsidering that the current, pre-facel


Nov 12, 2020

What's the Toyota Vios' fuel consumption in real-world driving?

The 2019 Toyota Vios is powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder Dual-VVTi engine with a codename 2NR-FE that produces 107 PS and 140 Nm of torque. It is linked to a CVT with 7 virtual ratios. Toyota claims improved fuel consumption compared to the previous powertrain, but by how much? Read on to find out the 2019 Toyota Vios fuel consumption.The current powertrain combo was first introduced in the updated Vios in 2016, which replaced the ancient 1NZ-FE VVT-i engine with a 4-speed auto that was already


Jan 27, 2020

New Toyota Vios – This Or The Honda City?

UMW Toyota Motor introduced the new Vios earlier this year, refreshing its popular B-segment sedan with a completely new look and a generous dose of equipment. But does the updated Toyota Vios range have what it takes to lure buyers away from the popular Honda City?Specifications for Toyota Vios Engine: 1.5-litre, naturally aspirated, port injection, Dual VVT-i Power: 107 PS @ 6,000 rpm Torque: 140 Nm @ 4,200 rpm Transmission: CVT-type automatic, front-wheel drive Safety: 7 airbags, ESC, TR


Aug 13, 2019

‘Resale value’ sedan segmen B – City dan Vios ‘king’, tapi Almera lagi teruk dari Vento?

Dekat Malaysia ini, kalau bab nak beli kereta je mesti ramai yang akan persoalkan tentang nilai jual semula (resale value). Maklumlah, harga kereta dekat Malaysia mahal, jadi pembelian kereta yang mempunyai nilai jual beli yang tinggi amatlah disukai serta dihargai rakyat kita.Sebelum Vento, ia dikenali sebagai Polo Sedan.Kalau sebut saja sedan segmen B, pasti tiga nama ini iaitu Toyota Vios, Honda City, dan Nissan Almera merupakan pilihan yang standard di pasaran jika anda inginkan kereta denga

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 4, 2021

Why I Buy: I love my VIOS J

** This article is the personal experience of a Toyota Vios and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar.1. Basic information about my car: Car Model: Toyota Vios 1.5 j A/T.Bought 28/7/2020.Price: 82,599.94Order date 27/7/2020Deliver date: 29/7/20202. Reasons why I bought this carI saw an ad on Instagram and was impressed with the design, comfort and price offered very well. I fill out the form online. within an hour Toyota contacted me for a reservation. I agreed and continued to place

Why I BuyWhy I Buy

Oct 15, 2020

Malaysia to launch new Toyota model soon – 2021 Toyota GR Yaris or Toyota Vios GR Sport maybe?

Typical of such pre-launch teasers, details are intentionally held back but the tone and manner of the communication suggests something youthful, emotional and sporty.So we can safely rule out cars like the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Innova, both of which are also due for an update, following a similar refresh for the shared IMV-platform Toyota Hilux.Could it be the new updated Toyota Vios and Toyota Yaris then? Bookings are opened for both models, both are yet to be launched. The Vios-Yaris twi


Dec 2, 2020

Evolusi Toyota Vios: 3 generasi dengan gelaran ikan! Yang mana paling lama bertahan?

Toyota ViosToyota Vios terkenal dengan ketahanan yang boleh diharap. Beli sahaja mana-mana model Vios, anda tak perlu fikir banyak tentang masalah-masalah yang perlu dihadapi. Tahan lasak, tak banyak masalah dan jimat minyak adalah pemangkin kepada penjualan Toyota Vios di Malaysia.15 tahun di bumi bertuah ini, Toyota Vios turut digelar atau disamakan dengan spesis ikan. Vios ‘Dugong’, Vios ‘Dolphin’ dan Vios ‘Keli’ adalah beberapa gelaran generasi Toyota Vios


Oct 23, 2020

2021 Toyota Vios facelift teased in Malaysia - coming in Dec to disrupt the City and Almera

Here it is - UMW Toyota Malaysia (UMWT) has teased the new facelifted 2021 Toyota Vios in Malaysia! Its just a small tease for now, but we now have a clearer idea of what the all-new 2020 Honda City and 2020 Nissan Almera fighter will bring.The small teaser shows off the Vios new front fascia and LED headlights - good additions because buyers of the new Almera and City will get those depending on variant chosen.Thai-spec car pictured. Our Vios is called the Yaris Ativ there. Note the similarity


Nov 15, 2020

Prices announced for 2021 Toyota Vios facelift - from RM 76k, TSS, new colour

Barely a day after UMW Toyota Malaysia (UMWT) teased the 2021 Toyota Vios facelift, weve now got the estimated price list for the updated B-segment sedan. Estimated prices of the 2021 Toyota Vios facelift 2021 Toyota Vios estimated price list Variant 1.5 J (AT) 1.5E (AT) 1.5G (AT) Price RM 75,701 RM 85,674 RM 89,232 The estimated price list shown above are SST-exempt (valid until 31-Dec 2020), on-the-road sans insurance and road tax.Much like the equally-new 2021


Nov 16, 2020

Codenamed D92A, the next-gen Toyota Vios could be developed by Perodua, to debut in 2022?

Earlier this year, we reported that Perodua will become Daihatsus regional R&D hub, and that it will be developing a new sedan for the South East Asia region. Where it got interesting was the part of the presentation slides that showed four silhouettes of unknown cars of various body types. While Perodua’s CEO Dato’ Zainal Abidin Ahmad cautioned us against reading too much into it, he did confirm that one of it is a sedan and it would be a big project.Fast forward to today we now


Oct 6, 2020

In Brief: Toyota Vios 2019 – Adding More Value

(Toyota Vios 2019 Model | Gallery)The Vios is Toyota’s bread-and-butter model, as the Vios (and the Yaris) are Toyota’s most affordable models on sale right now. The Toyota Vios was recently updated with a host of safety equipment, making it an excellent choice for many.What Is the Toyota Vios 2019 price?Three variants are available, with prices starting from RM 77,200 for the 1.5J variant, while the mid spec 1.5E costs RM 81,200. The range-topping 1.5G costs RM 87,300.All variants o


Aug 30, 2019

Toyota Vios 2021 facelift sah hadir ke Malaysia, pelancaran Disember 2020?

Toyota ViosBeberapa minggu lepas, kami menjangkakan bahawa Toyota Vios facelift 2021 akan hadir ke Malaysia sebelum 2020 menutup tirai. Nampaknya, ramalanku benar belaka. (function(d, s, id) { let js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src =https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js#xfbml=1&version=v2.5; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, script, facebook-jssdk)); Selain daripada Toyota Vios, Toyota Yari


Nov 16, 2020

Will the Proton X50 affect sales of Honda City and Toyota Vios?

The B-segment sedan market is a hotly contested segment, ever since the introduction of Toyota Vios back in 2002. It was created specifically to be sold in the ASEAN region, and with a starting price of RM 73,600, it was the cheapest non-national car to be sold in Malaysia, up until the launch of Toyota Avanza in 2004, with a price tag of RM 55,967. Toyota ViosWith the booming popularity of the Vios, it was a matter of time before their closest rival Honda to come up with a worthy

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Mar 26, 2020

Spied: Your first look at the hot 2021 Toyota Vios GR Sport!

This is it - your first look at the upcoming 2021 Toyota Vios GR Sport!In this photos shared by RiderAth, we can see that it bears a passing resemblance to the lunatic GR Yaris, if the gaping, meshed front grille is anything to go by.Complementing its racy intentions are new side-skirts and special wheels.A new bootlid spoiler and aggressive rear bumper with a diffuser complete the look. Checks with our sources reveal that the Vios GR Sport will wear a bespoke bodykit, unlike the Aerokit Package


Nov 19, 2020

Evolution of the Toyota Vios in 3 generations - The best family saloon for the masses?

Bullet-proof reliability and good value for money is how most people would describe a Toyota. The Toyota Hilux, Toyota Corolla, and Toyota Camry are globally popular models that have further solidified the brand’s association with reliability. A less globally-popular car from Toyota would be the Toyota Vios. Not because it’s a bad car, but because it was made primarily for the Asia-Pacific region.Rivalling the Toyota Vios is the Honda CityThe Toyota Vios debuted in 2002. Its close co


Oct 17, 2020

Toyota Vios GR (Gazoo Racing), pengganti Toyota Vios TRD bakal hadir tahun 2020?

Toyota ViosSebelum ini, terdapat khabar angin yang mengatakan bahawa Toyota Vios bakal menerima facelift ringkas pada hujung tahun 2020. Tidak mahu diketepikan dari saingan Honda City 2020 serba baru dan Nissan Almera Turbo 2020 serba baru, Toyota Vios dikatakan bakal mengenakan facelift berdasarkan Toyota Yaris Ativ di Thailand.Kereta sama, pelumba berbeza. Baru betul skil!Sehubungan dengan itu, Toyota Vios 2020 facelift tersebut turut dilaporkan bakal menerima varian GR (Gazoo Racing). Ga


Oct 21, 2020

Priced from RM 74k, the 2021 Toyota Vios facelift is only RM430 more than the City!

Following its unveiling in Malaysia almost a month ago, UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has announced the official prices for the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift. 2021 Toyota Vios facelift price list Variant 1.5 J A/T 1.5 E A/T 1.5 G A/T Price RM 74,623 RM 82,593 RM 87,584 The prices shown above are exempted from SST (valid until 31-Dec 2020), on the road excluding insurance and road tax.At this price, the base-spec Vios 1.5 J is priced very close to the Honda City S variant

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 15, 2020

Watch out Honda City, new 2020 Toyota Vios facelift is launching in December!

Thai-spec model. It is known as there Yaris Ativ there.As the all-new 2020 Honda City romps in the limelight, another long-standing competitor is getting ready to fight back - yes, the facelifted 2020 Toyota Vios is well on its way here!Old Toyota Vios sold outBefore we dive deeper into the facelift, here's what we gathered: sources close to the matter at hand said that the current Vios is completely sold out.Due to this, it is said that Vios buyers who have had their loans approved wil


Oct 20, 2020

Is the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift a better car than the City and Almera?

The B-segment sedan race is heating up for sure with UMW Toyota just only announcing (estimated) prices for the latest 2021 Toyota Vios facelift.Malaysians are pretty much spoilt for choice in getting a brand-new B-segment sedan with rivals like the Honda City and the Nissan Almera also vying to get buyers.However, which of the three would be the right choice? We’ll take a quick look and compare the highest specs (highest petrol-powered variant in the case of the City) of the 3 popular non

CY FoongCY Foong

Nov 17, 2020

Only selected dealers are selling the Toyota Vios GR Sport

The 2020 Toyota Vios GR Sport (GR-S) could be the entry-level Gazoo Racing (GR) model in Toyotas line-up. Starting from RM 95,284 (excluding SST, valid until 31-Dec 2020), it is much cheaper than the GR Yaris but it is every bit as special. 2020 Toyota Vios pricelist (Without SST) Model Price 1.5 J A/T RM 76,623 1.5 E A/T RM 82,593 1.5 G A/T RM 87,584 1.5 GR-S A/T RM 95,284 The performance-inspired Vios isnt available at all Toyota showrooms. This i

CY FoongCY Foong

Dec 18, 2020

​​​​​​​Honda City: Still a better buy over the Toyota Vios?

First launched in Malaysia in March 2014, the current generation Honda City is nearing the final legs of its model life. A mid-life update was introduced in March 2017, and was quickly followed by a full-hybrid variant in July that year.Despite being the oldest model in its class, the City remains the stronger seller in its class, although the updated Toyota Vios have closed the gap significantly. Specifications for Honda City Engine: 1.5-litre, naturally aspirated, port injection Power: 12


Sep 2, 2019

Intipan: Toyota Vios facelift baru?

Toyota ViosKami telah melaporkan sebuah imej render Toyota Vios tidak lama dahulu. Nampaknya, imej gambaran tersebut adalah benar! Carguide dari Filipina telah menerima beberapa keping gambar intipan yang mengukuhkan lagi gambaran tersebut.Pasaran Filipina bakal menerima Toyota Vios facelift ini pada 25 Julai 2020. Ada yang tak sabar-sabar rupanya di sana!Daripada apa yang boleh dilihat, perumah lampu kabus (fog lamp) di sebelah bawah telah direka lebih kecil dengan sisipan udara (air vent)


Jul 17, 2020

Malaysia akan lancar model Toyota baru nanti – Toyota GR Yaris 2021 atau Toyota Vios GR Sport, mungkin?

UMW Toyota akan melancarkan satu model baru pada 17 Disember. Sudah menjadi kebiasaan promo acah pada fasa awalnya, maklumat terperinci belum didedahkan. Tapi, cara dan intonasi iklannya berbunyi agak ‘hip’, ditujukan kepada orang muda dengan gaya.Oleh itu, kita dah boleh jangkakan yang ia barangkali bukannya Toyota Fortuner mahupun Toyota Innova, walaupun kedua-dua model ini sudah patut menerima kemaskini, meniru penambahbaikan yang baru seperti Toyota Hilux yang berkongsi platform


Dec 3, 2020

Evolusi Proton Persona – Bolehkah ia mengungguli City dan Vios?

Pada era 90-an, pengguna lebih menggemari kereta jenis sedan. Maka itu, Proton Wira dibangunkan. Di United Kingdom, Wira dikenali sebagai Persona. Proton Satria pula dikenali sebagai Persona Compact. Model seperti Proton Putra pula dikenali sebagai Persona Coupe.Selama 2 generasi, Persona berada di dalam segmen C. Namun demikian, ia telah diubah pada tahun 2016 dimana ia dibangunkan berdasarkan Proton Iriz yang merupakan sebuah kereta segmen B.Setelah 27 tahun berada di dalam pasaran, Proton Per


Nov 6, 2020

2021 Toyota Innova facelift now in Malaysia: price up RM 2-4k, adds 360-cam, BSM

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) kicks off 2021 by introducing the 2021 Toyota Innova facelift in Malaysia. Prices for the locally-assembled (CKD) 7-seater MPV now starts from RM 111,622, a slight increase from the previous price range of RM 110,034 (E), RM 117,364 (G) and RM 127,126 (X). The E variant is also available for taxi fleet, and that one starts at RM 97,978.00.The Innova breaks cover alongside the 2021 Toyota Fortuner facelift.Mildly refreshed exteriorAs expected, the exterior largely mirrors


Jan 4, 2021

Inilah Toyota Vios GR Sport 2021 sebelum dilancarkan di Malaysia!

Selain Toyota Vios facelift 2021, ramai juga menantikan Vios GR Sport yang lebih hangat. Dikhabarkan muncul pada malam ini, inilah gambaran pertama daripada imej yang tertular di Facebook.Kelihatan cukup mendahagakan, bukan? Bampar yang lebih sporty, kit badan yang unik, dan rekaan roda yang ranggi membuatkan ia kelihatan seperti Toyota GR Yaris 2021.Kredit: Kharazzi Roslam di FacebookBeberapa info yang tertular di sini sebenarnya bertepatan dengam apa yang telah kami laporkan sebelum ini. Antar


Dec 17, 2020

Toyota Vios 2020 facelift dilancarkan di Filipina. Bakal hadir ke Malaysia tahun 2021?

Toyota ViosToyota telah melancarkan Toyota Vios facelift 2020 terbaru di pasaran Filipina. Pelancaran ini dilakukan secara atas talian di laman facebook rasmi Toyota Motor Philippines.Model facelift ini hadir dengan rekaan gril hadapan dan belakang serba baharu. Gril tersebut kini hadir dengan warna hitam berkilat. Selain itu, rekaan lampu DRL turut dikemaskini, lampu LED hadapan kini dengan gaya 3 aras (3 level LED) dan rekaan lampu kabus yang dikemaskini.Bagi aspek keselamatan pula,


Jul 25, 2020

Toyota Corolla Altis GR Sport 2021 – bakal tiba di Malaysia selepas Vios GR Sport?

Sekiranya anda mengikut kami, anda mungkin tahu bahawa Toyota Vios facelift 2021 bakal hadir dengan varian GR Sport yang lebih ‘panas’!Altis GR Sport di ThailandBagi kami, sebuah Vios dengan sentuhan Gazoo Racing agak memeranjatkan. Walau apapun, ia tetap akan dilancarkan. Maka itu, kita boleh menjangkakan bahawa Toyota Corolla Atlis GR Sport 2021 akan turut hadir di Malaysia memandangkan Thailand sudah mula menjual model ini.Dengan inspirasi daripada model GR yang berprestasi tinggi


Nov 29, 2020