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Launched in 2019, should you buy a Toyota Vios over a 2020 Honda City or Nissan Almera?

2020 has been quite the rollercoaster, hasn’t it? It was a quiet first half - no thanks to Covid-19 - and now we’re getting a barrage of cars we’ve been waiting for: the Nissan Almera and Honda City, among others. If you’re in the B-segment sedan market, you may have noticed a distinct lack of news on the Toyota Vios. Last we heard of it was during its refresh in the Philippines but it got completely eclipsed by the City and Almera after that. That was until recently, when UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT


Sep 12, 2020

Toyota Vios GR (Gazoo Racing), pengganti Toyota Vios TRD bakal hadir tahun 2020?

Toyota Vios Sebelum ini, terdapat khabar angin yang mengatakan bahawa Toyota Vios bakal menerima facelift ringkas pada hujung tahun 2020. Tidak mahu diketepikan dari saingan Honda City 2020 serba baru dan Nissan Almera Turbo 2020 serba baru, Toyota Vios dikatakan bakal mengenakan facelift berdasarkan Toyota Yaris Ativ di Thailand. Sehubungan dengan itu, Toyota Vios 2020 facelift tersebut turut dilaporkan bakal menerima varian GR (Gazoo Racing). Gazoo Racing adalah lencana prestasi Toyota yang me


Oct 21, 2020

Pros and Cons: Toyota Vios - still can fight the 2020 Nissan Almera and Honda City?

October is about to be the hottest month yet - not in terms of weather, but in new car launches. The B-segment will be particularly busy, since we'll see the all-new Honda City and Nissan Almera coming into play. This leaves the Toyota Vios (alongside the VW Vento) as the only ones without the shiny 'all-new' tag then. Two words that seemingly make a ton of difference, but is that really the case? Pros - Drives better than you think Say what you want, but the Vios is a nice car to drive. Gentle


Sep 19, 2020

Intipan: Toyota Vios facelift baru?

Toyota Vios Kami telah melaporkan sebuah imej render Toyota Vios tidak lama dahulu. Nampaknya, imej gambaran tersebut adalah benar! Carguide dari Filipina telah menerima beberapa keping gambar intipan yang mengukuhkan lagi gambaran tersebut. Pasaran Filipina bakal menerima Toyota Vios facelift ini pada 25 Julai 2020. Ada yang tak sabar-sabar rupanya di sana! Daripada apa yang boleh dilihat, perumah lampu kabus (fog lamp) di sebelah bawah telah direka lebih kecil dengan sisipan udara (air vent) y


Jul 17, 2020

Nissan X-Trail goes to X-tremes with accessories

The Nissan X-Trail received a facelift earlier this year with four variants. Now you can have the X-Tremer or the Aero Edition accessories package for all variants. To recap the 4 variants: 2.0L 2WD 2.0L 2WD Mid 2.5L 4WD 2.0L Hybrid The X-Tremer package comprises a two-tone paint job with many items blacked out including the roof, roof rails, grille, spoiler, side mirrors, Tomei front and rear bumper, and 17-inch wheels. Aero Edition is basically the opposite without two-tone scheme and everythi


Nov 1, 2019

These Gear Up accessories on the 2021 Perodua Ativa activate its fierce side

The new 2021 Perodua Ativa is set to blaze the Malaysian roads on fire with its appealing price and equally appealing features. But for those who think the SUV needs a gruffer and sportier look to match its active-inspired name, Perodua also offers Gear Up accessories for the Ativa. The Ativa starts from RM 61,500 and the Gear Up accessories are offered on all three variants. These accessories include a bodykit that gives the Ativa a sporty look to challenge other cars on the road, including the

CY FoongCY Foong

Mar 3, 2021

Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Volkswagen Vento – which B-segment sedan is for you?

Honda City is Honda’s volume leader in the non-national B-segment market, having sold a total of 31,357 units last year. The popularity is attributed to a well-rounded package and specification that people have come to expect from the H brand. (2017 Honda City Gallery | Specifications | Full Review) Honda City Trailing behind with 23,986 units is the original B-segment favorite, the Toyota Vios. Having launched early last year, it is the best Vios on sale yet as it is well-equipped now. (2019 To

Zamil SyaheerZamil Syaheer

Apr 7, 2020

What's the Toyota Vios' fuel consumption in real-world driving?

The 2019 Toyota Vios is powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder Dual-VVTi engine with a codename 2NR-FE that produces 107 PS and 140 Nm of torque. It is linked to a CVT with 7 virtual ratios. Toyota claims improved fuel consumption compared to the previous powertrain, but by how much? Read on to find out the 2019 Toyota Vios' fuel consumption. The current powertrain combo was first introduced in the updated Vios in 2016, which replaced the ancient 1NZ-FE VVT-i engine with a 4-speed auto that was alrea


Jan 27, 2020

Spice up the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo with these accessories!

Here at the WapCar office, some of us are pretty divided on whether the 2020 Nissan Almera Turbo looks better than the 2020 Honda City but one thing is for certain, one has more affordable road tax than the other. Besides, while Honda has released some Modulo accessories for the all-new City, Nissan has also a few accessories of their own. No, they aren’t by Impul or Nismo, for now. Let’s start with the first accessory package which is the Interior Styling Package which costs RM 400. This packag

CY FoongCY Foong

Oct 15, 2020

MIROS: Ban the sales of dangerous car accessories

The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has urged the government to ban the sale of car accessories that could pose a fatal risk, especially in the event of a crash. According to Berita Harian, one such item is the dummy buckle, which was originally meant for plus-sized individuals, but has since been misused by people who refuses to buckle up while driving. By inserting the dummy buckle into the seat belt buckle, these drives can avoid the annoying chimes a modern car emits when


Jul 9, 2020

Spyshot: Penampakan pertama Toyota Vios GR Sport 2021!

Toyota Vios Sebelum ini, kami ada melaporkan bahawa varian Toyota Vios GR berkemungkinan besar akan ditawarkan bersama-sama dengan kemaskini Toyota Vios terbaru ini. Nampaknya, ramalanku benar belaka. Seorang pengguna Facebook, RiderAth telah berkongsikan beberapa keping gambar yang dipercayai Toyota Vios GR. Seperti yang kita sedia maklum, Toyota Vios GR merupakan sebuah model Toyota Vios dengan tambahan aksesori lambang GR sahaja. Tiada talaan enjin yang lebih berkuasa dibuat pada model Toyota


Nov 20, 2020

Toyota Vios 2019 - Naik taraf yang dialu-alukan!

Toyota Vios Toyota Vios adalah model utama yang menjana pendapatan bagi Toyota disebabkan harganya yang paling berpatutan dalam pasaran sedan segmen B ketika ini. Toyota Vios terbaru tahun 2019 ini diperbaharui dengan sejumlah ciri-ciri keselamatan, menjadikannya pilihan yang paling disyorkan untuk kebanyakan pembeli. Berapakah harga Toyota Vios 2019? Tiga varian yang boleh dibeli sekarang dengan harga bermula dari RM 77,200 untuk varian 1.5J, sementara bagi varian pertengahan 1.5E berharga RM 8


May 23, 2020

Review: Toyota Vios - This over the Honda City?

(2019 Toyota Vios prices and specs | Gallery) To begin with, a full disclosure – my daily is a 2014 (third generation pre-facelift) Toyota Vios and some bias may be involved in this review, but not in the way that you think, it's actually against the Toyota Vios. Personally, the Toyota Vios has never been appealing because to me, it is merely a means to avoid our national brands. And when my family decided to get one back in 2014, needless to say I wasn't particularly thrilled by the news. But p


Feb 10, 2020

New Toyota Vios – This Or The Honda City?

UMW Toyota Motor introduced the new Vios earlier this year, refreshing its popular B-segment sedan with a completely new look and a generous dose of equipment. But does the updated Toyota Vios range have what it takes to lure buyers away from the popular Honda City? Specifications for Toyota Vios Engine: 1.5-litre, naturally aspirated, port injection, Dual VVT-i Power: 107 PS @ 6,000 rpm Torque: 140 Nm @ 4,200 rpm Transmission: CVT-type automatic, front-wheel drive Safety: 7 airbags, ESC, TRC, B


Aug 13, 2019

In Brief: Toyota Vios 2019 – Adding More Value

(Toyota Vios 2019 Model | Gallery) The Vios is Toyota’s bread-and-butter model, as the Vios (and the Yaris) are Toyota’s most affordable models on sale right now. The Toyota Vios was recently updated with a host of safety equipment, making it an excellent choice for many. What Is the Toyota Vios 2019 price? Three variants are available, with prices starting from RM 77,200 for the 1.5J variant, while the mid spec 1.5E costs RM 81,200. The range-topping 1.5G costs RM 87,300. All variants of the To


Aug 30, 2019

Why I Buy: Say Yes To Vios

** This article is the personal experience of a 2020 Toyota Vios new owner and does not necessarily reflect the views of WapCar. Detail about car - Car Info: Toyota Vios 2020 1.5 AG(AT) - Colour: Dark Metallic Blue - Order Date: 1 September 2020 - Delivery Date: 26 September 2020 - Price: RM 86,132 - Cash Rebate: RM 5,400 - Accessories Rebate: RM 2,800 Reason to buy Exterior: Headlamps Projector Halogen Read Combination Lamps LED Front Grille Color + Plating Front Fog Lamps With Daytime Running

Why I BuyWhy I Buy

Oct 5, 2020

Toyota Vios vs Honda City; How do they compare?

The hottest car segment is undeniably the B-segment sedans. You can’t talk about the Honda City without mentioning the Toyota Vios and likewise. But have you ever compared the two cars’ equipment list side by side? For this comparison, we compare the range topping Toyota Vios G variant against the Honda City V variant and City Hybrid as well. Toyota made a huge mark when they debuted the Vios in 2003, but the third generation, unfortunately, let the model down allowing the City to take home the


Jan 29, 2020

Toyota Yaris dan Toyota Vios dominasi pasaran segmen B bantu penjualan Toyota bulan Oktober!

Toyota Yaris Toyota Vios UMW mengumumkan bahawa anak syarikat mereka UMW Toyota Malaysia telah berjaya menjual sebanyak 6,468 unit kenderaan pada bulan Oktober, meningkat 15.4% daripada 5,605 unit yang dijual pada bulan September. Dalam sebuah pengumuman dari pihak mereka, penjualan kenderaan yang tinggi ini dipacu oleh bantuan pengecualian cukai jualan untuk kenderaan yang diumumkan. Kenyataan tersebut turut menjelaskan bahawa penyumbang utama penjualan pada bulan Oktober adalah Toyota Vios, To


Nov 4, 2020

MCO 2.0: Car accessories shops allowed to reopen

The National Security Council (MKN) has announced that effective 10 February 2021, the rest of the Malaysian small businesses will be allowed to reopen. This will include car accessories shops across the country. Here is the complete list of businesses allowed to reopen during the Movement Control Order (MCO): Other than that, MKN has also announced that dine-in at restaurants will be allowed starting 10 February 2021. All diners will have to adhere to social distancing rules and one table is on


Feb 9, 2021

Render: Toyota Vios nampak macam ‘baby Camry’

Sebelum ini, kami pernah muatnaik imej rendered dihasilkan oleh Indian Autos Blog yang menonjolkan visi mereka tentang Toyota Vios facelift yang akan dikeluarkan tak lama lagi. Kini, ada lagi seorang artis konsep popular di YouTube yang menghidupkan imaginasi mereka tentang rupa bentuk Vios melalui rendering. Daripada mengambil inspirasi dari Toyota Corolla Altis, artis ini sebaliknya memberi Vios gril hadapan yang tampak lebih canggih dan lampu hadapan LED yang lebih tajam. Selain dari itu, bah


Jun 17, 2020

Rebiu Toyota Vios: Naik taraf yang memecahkan dominasi Honda City

Toyota Vios Ramai dalam kalangan generasi X yang mempunyai tanggapan yang kurang enak terhadap pengeluar kereta tempatan. Pengeluar kereta dari Jepun, Toyota mengambil peluang daripada tanggapan ini dengan memasarkan kereta entry-level yang memaparkan kualiti kejuruteraan Jepun dengan harga yang rendah. Antara kereta yang berjaya mendominasi pasaran segmen B sudah tentulah Toyota Vios. Beberapa orang penulis kami menggunakan Toyota Vios model sebelum ini. Namun begitu, rebiu ini bukanlah sebuah


Jun 6, 2020

Spied: Is this the new 2021 Toyota Vios facelift?

Remember the new 2020 Toyota Vios facelift rendering from a month ago? Well, it turns out that the rendering is quite accurate as the actual car has leaked on CarGuide.ph. Seen here are three variants of the updated Toyota Vios, which have been leaked ahead of its 25-July debut in the Philippines. The revised front-end is far more aggressive-looking than the outgoing model, featuring a massive black one-piece grille design that looks like it was lifted off the Toyota Corolla Altis/Camry. It also


Jul 17, 2020

VIDEO: Pemilik Toyota Vios 2020 ‘marah’ sebab fungsi penjimatan minyak!

Toyota Vios Toyota Vios 2020 memang sebuah kereta yang jimat minyak. Reputasinya dalam aspek penjimatan minyak memang diakui oleh ramai pengguna Toyota Vios. Selain itu, Toyota Vios 2020 juga sarat dengan pelbagai teknologi yang terkini pada harga mampu milik. Fungsi paling menarik sekali tentulah maklumat penjimatan minyak yang dipaparkan secara berperingkat pada panel instrumen. Fungsi ini dipanggil fuel-efficient podium display. Lebih menarik lagi, fungsi ini akan mengira kadar penjimatan and


Jun 17, 2020

Video: Why is Zerotohundred racing in a Toyota Vios?!

Zerotohundred.com is an automotive enthusiast site most popularly known for its automotive forum in the early days of the internet. Look up ZTH on Instagram and YouTube, you’ll be treated with adrenaline-pumping content from the all-new Toyota GR Supra to Ferraris. However, this weekend (9 – 10 November 2019), founder of ZTH, Tom Goh will be behind the wheel of a Toyota Vios for the Season 3 Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival Toyota Vios one-make series. We caught up with Tom to find out why are big n

Adrian ChiaAdrian Chia

Nov 9, 2019

Toyota Vios 2021 facelift sah hadir ke Malaysia, pelancaran Disember 2020?

Toyota Vios Beberapa minggu lepas, kami menjangkakan bahawa Toyota Vios facelift 2021 akan hadir ke Malaysia sebelum 2020 menutup tirai. Nampaknya, ramalanku benar belaka. Selain daripada Toyota Vios, Toyota Yaris facelift juga sah bakal hadir sebelum 2021. Menurut laman Facebook rasmi Toyota, bukan 1 tetapi 2 model akan dilancarkan oleh UMW Toyota Malaysia hujung tahun ini. Toyota Vios dan Toyota Yaris, kedua-duanya merupakan model terlaris Toyota di samping Toyota Hilux. Dengan kehadiran Honda


Nov 16, 2020

Jaga-jaga Honda City, Toyota Vios 2020 bakal tiba Disember ini!

Berikutan pelancaran Honda City dan Nissan Almera pada tempoh hari, Toyota Vios 2020 bakal berentap semula! Toyota Vios yang sedia ada telah habis dijual Berdasarkan sumber yang sahih, Toyota Vios yang sedia ada telah habis dijual. Dengan itu, pembeli yang telah lulus pinjaman akan mendapat Toyota Vios yang dikemaskini (facelift) apabila ia dilancarkan pada Disember ini. Selain itu, kami diberitahu bahawa penasihat jualan Toyota kini sedang giat menjalankan latihan produk untuk Toyota Vios facel


Oct 21, 2020

Rebiu: Toyota Vios GR-Sport 2020 - juara kendalian pemanduan dalam kelasnya!

BMW ada M Sport, Mercedes-Benz ada AMG Line, Volkswagen ada R-Line dan Toyota ada Gazoo Racing (GR). Akhirnya, UMW Toyota Malaysia telah memperkenalkan Toyota Vios GR-Sport 2020, sebuah sedan yang bukan sekadar kit badan tetapi turut dikenakan talaan GR. Untuk rujukan, Toyota Vios GR-Sport adalah tambahan terbaru Toyota dengan talaan GR minor berbanding model seperti Toyota GR Supra dan Toyota GR Yaris yang diberikan talaan GR yang lebih menyeluruh. Talaan GR pada Toyota Vios GR-S ini adalah ber


Mar 14, 2021

The Toyota Vios hasn’t been around as long as you think!

The Toyota Vios has its ups and downs but there is no denying that it is still a hugely popular car. You can’t walk 10 steps without stumbling over one in a parking lot. The Vios seems like it’s been around for years, 18 years to be exact. Wait what? But it feels longer! It’s true that the Vios started life only in 2002. It was a car created specifically to be sold in the Asia-Pacific market taking over the small sedan segment baton from what ASEAN regions know as the Toyota Soluna. Never heard


Jan 27, 2020

Pelancaran Toyota Vios 2021 facelift di Filipina, 25 Julai, 6 PM

Sedan segmen B popular, Toyota Vios facelift bakal dilancarkan di Filipina pada hari Sabtu ini, 25 Julai 2020. Pelancaran digital tersebut bakal memperlihatkan Toyota Vios 2021 facelift yang diberi nafas baru dengan beberapa perubahan kosmetik. Yang pasti, Toyota Vios 2021 facelift kali ini akan menonjolkan rupa hadapan baru yang tampak lebih ‘sporty’ berbanding Toyota Vios 2019 yang tampak lebih mesra dengan ‘senyuman’ pada bahagian grilnya. Ia juga akan memaparkan perumah lampu kabus yang mene


Jul 22, 2020

Honda City: Masih boleh bersaing dengan Toyota Vios baru?

Honda City Pada tahun 2014, Honda City telah dilancarkan di Malaysia. Ditawarkan dengan fungsi Stability Control dan 6 beg udara, Honda City laku keras dan sinonim sebagai kereta pilihan anak muda. Sedikit mengecewakan apabila Honda City menggunakan transmisi CVT berbanding kotak gear 5 kelajuan automatik sebelum ini. Selain itu, penggunaan drum brake pada tayar belakang berbanding disc brake juga merupakan satu lagi kekecawaan pada Honda City. Honda City tidak lari dengan perbandingan dengan pe


Jun 5, 2020